Scream 4’s Nico Tortorella Spills His Guts

Trevor, as played by Nico Tortorella, is turning out to be one of the most interesting next-generation characters in Scream 4 as he seems to be the least patterned-after an original character. Trevor is a Billy Loomis by relationship to Emma Roberts’ Jill, but the similarities end there.


Before The Trailer interviewed Tortorella, and here are some choice excerpts.

I knew that the audition was coming out for the fourth project and I actually had never seen the first three “Scream” movies until after I had auditioned, which is funny [because] the audition scene for the fourth was the Billy Loomis scene at the end of the first movie when he goes on his killing rampage. So I had pretty much no idea what was going on. So I went in and had my whole own interpretation of the scene, which I guess worked out in a way, and I auditioned five times after that and got the job basically months later. And just walked into this family that was already established and they just welcomed us with wide open arms and were ready just to get to work on the next installment.

Tell us more, Nico.

BTT: Can you tell us about your character and how your character fits into the overall story?

NT: Yeah, his name is Trevor Sheldon and we kind of jump back right into Woodsboro High School with a new crew of kids in this new movie and it’s your basic stereotypes of the high school. I’m kind of alpha male and the kid that everyone loves to hate and the kid that everyone hates to love. He’s a good guy and he kind of masks his heart behind a lot of the aggression that he puts out on a lot of the other characters. I play opposite Emma Roberts and we have a good little thing that’s going on in the movie and that’s about all I can tell you.

The actor is filling in the blanks of the whole rewrite situation yet remaining admirably diplomatic.

BTT: Were you given the full script or were you only given parts to keep the script secretive as possible?

NT: The script kept changing. We were given the full script on day one. By day seven it was just somewhat of a different script, and by the end of it there were so many rewrites and drafts that script that I had was maybe 195 pages with the rewrites and crazy stuff that was going on. I mean to the point that the day we would start shooting there would be some changes on the script, not, you know, huge storyline changes but, you know, relationships and how one would get from A to B or to C or to D for that matter. And that does keep it fresh and that does keep it exciting, because you walk into a scene thinking it’s going to go one way and then it could go a completely different way. But we got the whole script from the beginning and we knew basically what was happening, it was just the means to get there.

BTT: Did you know who the killer was or was that even kept from the actors?

NT: We knew.

Tortorella is a talky cat, so read the full interview for more of his Scream 4 experiences.

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23 Responses to “ Scream 4’s Nico Tortorella Spills His Guts ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Well this just gives it away thanks Nico

  2. Oh Bret.

  3. he better not be I mean it does say new decade new rules everyone knows the 90’s were a time where the boyfriend was the killer.

    I just hope they throw us something good.

  4. thank you, wicked-scribe!!

  5. I think he is the best interviewee yet. Gave us a paragraph of text without actually giving us anything that we didn’t know already (about the plot).

  6. From the original interview article: The part where he said about Scream is beyond his age group, bull.

    I am born in 85, and he’s born in 88. (My sister is born in 87.) My sis and I saw the first two on VHS, and the 3rd one in theater.

    It’s probably more due to the fact that he isn’t a horror fan, if anything…

  7. What is odd if I understand well what I’m reading, is that he knew from the start who the killer(s) was in his script. But everyone is saying they only got the killer(s) revealed script only later… He’ll probably survives until the end or be killed in the end I guess.

  8. Morgentaler, who is “everyone”?

  9. Dude WTF! this sounds like he is the killer. Fuck checking this site before the movie comes out. I don’t wanna be spoiled!!!

  10. Good lord.

  11. Oh come on people! If anything this interview makes him seem less likely to be the killer, they clearly made him audition first like billy loomis because there trying to create the same kind of is he, isnt he mystery they had in the first film, I highly doubt it’ll be the boyfriend again.

  12. He’s never watched ANY of the movies? What a shame to his generation.

  13. Remember wes says theyre planting fake info to throw people off. This may be it. Like the gale clip with the mask.

  14. dee123, he said AT THE TIME.

  15. Nice from nico there but i honestly think your the killer or 1 of the killers. plus i dnt see u being chased by ghostface in the trailer. im probably wrong tho. not long to go now.

  16. @wicked-scribe everyone = the actors

  17. Everyone who read for Scream 4 had to read Billy Loomis’s ending scene. You can search Scream 4 auditions and see some of the videos of various people’s tryouts.

  18. People really need to pay attention to the text and not read so far into things. I don’t mean to be an ass, but let’s get real here.

    Focus your attention to his response of the last question. He says “We knew”. ‘We’ being the keyword here. He’s implying everyone with a script knew who the killer was by the first day of shooting (when they received the script in its entirety). Although there were a lot of script changes (which is worrisome, but I won’t even start getting into that old subject. I will say one thing – it’s pretty damn obvious why Kevin was angry.), the killer remained the same and, as he said, once again, they always knew from point A to point B where the story would begin and end.

    Do you think Nico would divulge that he was the killer using any type of implication? No. He wouldn’t. He’s aware of the consequences and isn’t foolish enough to do such a thing.

    Is Trevor the killer (or one of them)? Maybe. But Nico didn’t give it away here.

  19. Actually, despite knowing of only two characters who die (Not including the opening victims), and having a hunch as to who’s behind the plot this time, I really don’t know who the killer/s are. I really hope it’s a believable reveal, and that the motive has some cleverness to it. Can’t believe it’s just over a month until the release!

  20. Almost veryone casted had to read the Billy Loomis scene, I remember seeing it in the Kirby script side. No big deal. It was barely spoilerish at all. :/

  21. The Billy Loomis scene is given to all the actors and actresses who wish to audition. It does not mean that Trevor/Nico is the killer for Scream 4.

    It’s dangerous to make such an assumption without all the information at hand, guys.

  22. Sorry but thats kind of an insult to Scream fans. Not seeing at least ONE of the Scream movies… He could have at least watched the movies before auditioning like Emma… *sigh* just hope he doesn’t screw up part of the movie.

  23. I might just be changing my mind about this Kid
    He seemed one dimensional in the Trailer(granted there were like 2 scenes starring him).
    I think he might have a Great role here and I hope he does it justice.

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