Scream 5 Looking For A Writer?

Dimension looking for Scream 5 writer?Scream news is a hot commodity these days. It seems like innuendo from anyone involved — be it tweet, talk or text — is quickly posted and dissected for all it’s worth. So here’s the most recent morsel of Ghostface scoop: Shock Till You Drop has learned “Dimension Films still has a Scream 5 writing assignment on the table for a potential writer.”

Have you got your resumé ready yet? There is no source named beyond “Dimension Films,” but the site is among the more reputable out there — and sequel talk shouldn’t come as a shock to anymore. However, it isn’t a done deal; Scream 5‘s future is wholly dependent on the box office numbers that hit Dimension’s desk on the evening of Sunday, April 17, 2011. This news simply shows, as the website also states, “the studio is serious about kicking off a new trilogy with Scream 4.”

If this is true, it turns out they might go ahead without Kevin Williamson despite the fact he’s supposedly contracted for Scream 5 (and Scream 6, though a deal was not yet in place at the time of the linked interview). But he’s a busy guy: he recently signed on to guide another TV series through development – The Secret Circle, starring Scream 4 screamer Britt Robertson.

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22 Responses to “ Scream 5 Looking For A Writer? ”

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  1. Okay you know i’m not even getting upset anymore about Kevin Williamson and the possibility of him not writing anymore of the SCREAMs. it sucks big time but it’s like bad news after bad news with him. I really hope SCREAM 4 is a success at the box office and that it launches off a whole new trilogy. I also hope that Kruger will be able to write them along with Wes Craven IF Kevin Williamson can’t. I hope KW knows how disappointed his fans are. I know he is busy but you can’t just start such a groundbreaking franchise and leave

  2. you’ve got to be kidding… NOT AGAIN!
    I say if this is the case, just LEAVE IT ALONE!

  3. This is ridiculous. He wrote it, so why would he even want someone to ruin his vision of a new trilogy. Im very disapointed and mad about this. He cant quit now :(

  4. Man…..zap2it posted one article about Williamson last July and since then it feels like we’ve all stepped in a giant beehive of speculation and uncertainity. I’m almost afraid we fans should just relax so we don’t put so much strain on the big day which is right around the corner.

  5. I’d hate for Kevin to leave the Scream franchise behind, but if anything, Wes should hire Carl Ellsworth (writer of Red Eye and Disturbia) to pen the script for Scream 5.

  6. Why do another trilogy if kevin isnt going to do it anymore?
    Without Kevin, the scream films are gonna be shit, like Scream 3.
    Sad news…
    Oh well. whats done, is done.

  7. I bet Bob Weinstien is dialing Ehren Kruger’s number as I type. I hope he is. Then it’ll be a fair half/half of the series.

  8. Come on, without Kevin I’m not interested. The Weinsteins need to get their heads outta their asses and get Kevin back…and not screw with his scripts this time.

  9. No Kevin No Scream… I prefer to see Scream 5 in 2013 when Kevin is available to write the script. But, maybe the Weinstein master plan is to produce the 5th and 6th movies every year sequently and that is the reason to cast new writers for the saga.

    This is showbusiness. Everybody is expendable.

  10. Kevin probably left the Scream 4 production because of the Weinsteins want to make changes in the script and he shouldn’t have agreed with the changes, so must have left. I don’t blame Kevin at all. But if he had the courage to deliver the final chapter of his trilogy for any writer because of a disposable project, no doubt he wouldn’t accept to participate upcoming movies :(

  11. I don’t think Ehren Kruger gets enough credit he should for Scream 3 I mean I know its not nearly as good as 1 or 2 but it still will forever be a Scream movie and I love it just the same. We need another Jennifer jolie. (Parker Posey) You can’t say she wasn’t just amazing. (Though I’m still upset he killed her) it was something Ehren created.

  12. If Scream 4 rocks, then Kevin is not necessary, so to speak. As long as his great ideas live on, I am fine with it. A quality film is still what it is, after all.

  13. Oh, come on, when will he talk about all of this?
    If he leaves the saga once more, I hope his new series (Secret Circle) to fail miserably!

    It’s 1999 all over again!

  14. If there is no Kevin, then this will probably be my last Scream film. The dream has died

  15. I think people look up to Kevin way to much, he is great, but scream 1 and 2 are really his only masterpieces, and in my opinion, 3 was great, with wes, neve, courtney, and david, the movie will be great, I want it, it will be fine,

  16. It needs to be his script. It was his creation from the beginning.

  17. @kenneth
    I think most of us are just pissed that he would do this all over again. Scream 3 was the worst reviewed by, not only critics, but the fans themselves, and significantly so. It wasn’t bad, but it definitely didn’t compare. And it took itself seriously, unlike the first two. It tried more to become what it was being satirical about in the first place. It just wasn’t the same. It’s foolish of him to start this franchise up again, go through great lengths to get neve back, and then drop out, only to disappoint his fan base. If he was going to do this, he should’ve left the series alone. My opinion. Don’t go on after Scream 4 if this is so. Besides, it’s not likely that the original three will be present through the duration of this new trilogy anyway.

  18. Kevin is writinf scream 5 he is under contract. Nothing is set for scream 6 yet.

  19. im am so disappointed that kevin just got up and lave the scream5 and all of his fans

  20. Do you have a scream 6 yet?

  21. OMG this is amazin i have a perfect story 4 5cream already written. I would bring back Kincaid :D just fyi n also bring back Tatum via Dewey’s homevideos :D i wish i could actually write it but the chances r slim 2 none

  22. Kevin Williamson, you are the one who pushed sir Wes, The Weinstein Comp., the actors, the actresses and the staff to do SCREAM 4 and you are the one who encourage them to do a new trilogy for the new era, and now? What? Is this some kind of a joke to you? Because for us, as SCREAMers, we are taking this job deeply serious. As a huge fan, sir K. W., please write SCREAM 5 and I strongly say ‘no’ to SCREAM TV series, or else I will ask sir E.K. (Eheren Kruger) to write the said sequel film (SCREAM 5)…

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