Scream Blu-Rays: Menus & Screenshots

The verdict is on the Scream trilogy blu-ray versions releasing this coming Tuesday – being that many fans will already own the movies on DVD, image quality is going to be a substantial factor in these purchases…


The three Scream films have had some rather surprisingly noticeable differences in their Blu-ray incarnations, even though all three are offered with AVC encodes in 1080p and 2.35:1. Scream was fairly soft a good deal of the time, but it sported very nicely saturated color. Scream 2 featured a substantial uptick in clarity and sharpness when compared to the first film, but its color was somewhat pallid by comparison to Scream. Both films suffered from occasional digital noise, moiré and shimmer, though both had reasonably intact grain structure. Scream 3 falls somewhere in between the first two films in most of these categories.

Here are some sample screen captures and menu screens, courtesy of the same website. They are compressed so by no means definitive in representation of quality but should give you a pretty good idea… of what Emily Mortimer’s goofy smile looks like in HD.

Check out‘s full reviews and screens here: Scream, Scream 2, Scream 3

And you wanna hit up Amazon if you’re interested: Scream, Scream 2, Scream 3

When we posted the Special Features list, many of you were contemplating waiting for proper new editions in the future. Have you changed your mind?

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20 Responses to “ Scream Blu-Rays: Menus & Screenshots ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. So…amazon and are listing 2 different aspect ratios? Can anyone confirm if this release will give us the correct one?

  2. Nope.
    I’m waiting for a boxset. A proper boxset with the trilogy, not with Scre4m next year.

  3. I love how the menus all have the same layout and feel.

  4. @JRT, I’m pretty sure the aspect ratio is correct, otherwise It would have been noticed on the reviews.

  5. I am currently downloading the Trilogy in 720p blu-ray rip, so I can watch it in HD prior to ‘S4′. I do own the DVD boxset, but again, first viewing in HD and I want to wait until there is a quality package worth purchasing.

  6. there already was a proper boxset of the trilogy, what more could u want…its just out of print

  7. JRT…All 3 Blu ray are in the original aspect ratio of 2.35.1 SCOPE

    Amazon’s listing is wrong.’s is right.

  8. Yes the screencaps show a 2.35:1 scope – look how narrow they are, just like in the cinema. 1.85:1 looks more the shape of a video cassette box.

  9. I own the 4 disc boxset….is that displayed in the same aspet ratio as the one shown in thwarted? Thanks.

  10. I meant “in theatres”. Sorry. I gotta turn this dumb auto spell off.

  11. Yeah the DVDs were all correct ratio.

  12. I already have the alstralian bluray of 1 but will buy thes anyway, lol,

  13. ‘what Emily Mortimer’s goofy smile looks like in HD’ HAHA
    I thought it was only me who thought that :P

    I’m still waiting for a box with all four movies, with new designs on covers, verses and menu. I found this very simple and lazy.

  14. I’m definitely buying the first one to replace my crappy DVD version. No anamorphic enhancement for DVD? Are they crazy? I’ll eventually buy the other two; their DVD counterparts were fairly good, so I’m not in a hurry to replace those.

  15. I don’t have a Blu-ray player, I know, I know, LOL, but I may just have to get one just for these. I LOVE the Scream trilogy and can’t imagine not having them for my collection.

  16. Can anyone confirm if the menus are animated? Or are they just stills? Thanks!

  17. @wicked-scribe To your knowledge are there any screencaps of the three menus without the water mark? These make sweet wallpapers but that watermark kinda kills it. Otherwise…nice screencaps.

  18. I’ve been using the part one menu as wallpaper, watermark be damned. If you sign up to they have uncompressed 1:1 hi-res copies of the screencaps. Unsure if watermarked, though.

  19. “I’ve been using the part one menu as wallpaper, watermark be damned!” – Wicked-scribe. Lol Wicked, some of your remarks and coments have me literally dying! Btw, I’m also using the same pic as my wallpaper. I love the colors of that menu! Got all 3 preordered and ready for action!

  20. Just watched part II on blu-ray. The goof where you can see the guys head pop up when cici is thrown over the balcony is gone. They cut away probably 1/8 – 1/4 of a second before you see it. Nice little touch guys!

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