Scream: The Video Game On The Way?

Here’s an announcement from Weinstein Co. that points to new video games which to be based on any of their current franchises – like Scream, which is mentioned.

The Weinstein Company (TWC) announced today a new initiative in the video game space by launching TWC Games. The TWC Games label will utilize The Weinstein Company and Dimension Films’ strong and recognizable properties, and work with external partners to develop and publish video games for mobile, social, and console platforms. Properties in The Weinstein Company and Dimension Films catalogue include SCREAM, HELLRAISER, HALLOWEEN, SCARY MOVIE, and CHILDREN OF THE CORN, among many others.

TWC CO-CHAIRMAN BOB WEINSTEIN EXPRESSED EXCITEMENT ABOUT THE NEW INITIATIVE. “The video game marketplace is changing at such a rapid rate. With all of the digital platforms, there are so many opportunities to broaden our audience with compelling, high quality, cost-efficient, video game entertainment.”

TWC Games has formed a strategic consultancy with Beefy Media, a video game production company, to foster relationships with publishers and create high quality games. Beefy Media President, Adam Boyes, will work closely with Matthew Signer, TWC Vice President, Production and Creative Affairs, to foster strategic partnerships and oversee all production aspects of the games.

“The Weinstein Company is an incredible entertainment company, and I share their vision for creating very high quality content for the marketplace,” said Boyes. “We plan to combine our extensive video game developer relationships with the impressive catalogue of properties to create and produce content made by gamers for gamers.”

In summary, if the game materializes it could be for any number of systems – Xbox 360, PS3, your mobile phone, or even Facebook – a wide range of possibilities there, for sure.

What do you think a Scream video game should be like?

Source: ShockTillYouDrop

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42 Responses to “ Scream: The Video Game On The Way? ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. ps3!

  2. it should be for the ps3with a good storie line and when it starts you can choose if you want to play as the killer or the next sidney prescott! i would defiantly play it!

  3. I doubt it, they usually make these games to coencide with the release of a new film. so if their still “thinking” about it at this point, then more then likely not.
    It’s pretty sad to because if these companies weren’t so completely out of touch with popular culture they would be utilizing these mediums much more to get people reinterested in their franchises.
    More then likely and unfortunatley they will be using their video game resources to coincide with future as yet to be named projects, that’s what I imagine. I really don’t see videogames popping up for these 15 and 20 year old franchises well into their sequals.

  4. I can imagine a Scream video game involving you playing as a cast of characters. You play the characters in the opening scene attempting to escape the killer – but you die. The way you die depends on the choice you make.

    Then you take control of other characters throughout the game (one major character and then take control of other characters during chase/death scenes). It’d be like a story-driven game, and the choices you make throughout the game determine who the killer(s?) end up being, and who survives.

    I could see it being fun with good replay value — the killer(s) and survivors change everytime, etc.

    But if anything comes of it, I won’t keep my hopes up. Movie-to-games usually suck :(

  5. GOD PLEASE HAVE IT ON PS3! IT WOULD BE AMAZING! LIKE A PROPER HORROR MOVIE! Can you imagine it in 3D. It would either be crap or awesome. Ghostface jumping at you from nowhere. I wanna play Hayden Panettiere’s character!!!

  6. Playing as the killer would be fun but I can see parents raging mad about it, even if it’s an M rated game. I think it’ll be scarier if you play as the victims. Give us Woodsboro, a fresh batch of teens to choose from, a great story, and leave it at that.

    I would love for this to be truly story driven(Won’t happen, lol). Nothing over the top, just a story you’ll be invested in. Maybe the goal of the game would be to try and save fellow victims(But if they die, they die, you shouldn’t be forced to save them), evade Ghostface, figure out the “rules”, and last but not least unveil the killer(s) and defeat him/her. All with brilliant graphics. That would be priceless.

    It’s a dream. I’m sure if a Scream game did happen it’ll have lame controls, little to no story, and horrid graphics.

  7. They should model it like the game Heavy Rain (gameplay wise at least.) Just add more violence and action then that game had, because story wise it was great.

  8. They were initially suppose to make a Scream game back in 1998 after Scream 2 came out for the PS system but I guess they figure it wouldn’t work out so what makes them think it will work out again?

    Not that I am hating, I would get it but I just don’t think any of the movies turn to video games would work. I mean come on could anyone see a Children of the Corn game? LOL.

  9. Um to me it sounds awsome to have a game for scream. If they do make the game i bet it will have lots of movie trivia. The character would be able have wepons on finding clues to the next question hidden with in the house before ghost-face finds the. I imagin the combat would be like doging, punching, grabbing, and kicking.

  10. Halloween would be AWESOME! but only if you could be both victim and michael.

  11. WHAT IF you can combine “Heavy Rain” (PS3) and Scream?
    “Heavy Rain” is a brilliant game, and it’s like watching a movie and playing a video game at the same time, because everything you do in the game affects the story line (cut scenes)
    If there will be a “Scream- The game”, they could make a little spin-off with a new story related to the original trilogy, or from the (hopefully) new trilogy by letting you decide the fate of Sid, Dewey, Gale etc.. by controlling GhostFace, Sidney or dewey and maybe all three, depending on the scene(s)..

    That’s my opinions of course :)

    Here’s link to the trailer of the game, if you haven’t seen the game already:

  12. OMG!!
    This week when I played with my friend I said it will be awesome if there will be a scream for PS3..
    He thought that if there will be such thing then the player will be playing as the killer..
    My thinking was to be an investigator/Sidney and try to figure who the killer[/s] is[/are] by clues and stuff..
    I think no matter what, it’s going to be great!!!
    I just wish that they’ll put some effort in the graphic section..

  13. I imagine a player having to choose a character that goes through the entire history of film as a protagonist and have to fight to survive the chases/death and at the end find out who the killer is across the clues during the game.

  14. I think they should have a mini game of being Ghostface, killing people and running after them.
    The beginning of the game should have someone being harassed by the killer and you get to play that character (you have to die because its cameo)
    More, you play as a person known in Woodsboro named James or Krista.
    The ending should be you fighting Ghostface and finding out who he/she is.
    Recommended console play should be XBOX 360, PS3, PC and maybe phone.

  15. OMG, what if they had ONLINE multiplayer?

  16. I like the idea norwegianscream mentioned. I love Heavy Rain. The concept of how that game is could be a good approach for a Scream game.

    My biggest worry is that most video games from movies don’t too well. And as long as it is nowhere near as ridiculous as that cheesy Friday the 13th NES video game. I am all for it. Lol.

  17. It might be a generalization, but games based on movies & vice versa usually suck.

  18. I hope it is on the wii or PC, sont have a ps3

  19. Have it be free roam game similar to GTA where you can travel around town. Where you can play either as the killer or someone chased by Ghostface. Do random killings then continue onto storybased events. That’s what was fun about Jaws Unleashed even after finishing the game. You could still roam around the ocean eating people or sea life. So after finishing the game you can still play as Ghostface killing people.

  20. Imagine if it was on Wii: the controller would ring like a phone, and you hit the “A” button and Ghostface says “I wanna play a game!” coming out of the speaker….

  21. the scream video game should be for the wii and the scream video game should be like the first movie except more bloodier

  22. I think Scream should be like “Heavy Rain” where you are faced with choices and stuff and everything you do effects the storyline and the outcome! I think that’d be sick.

  23. It should be done in the style of Heavy Rain. Quick time button, choice that effect the final outcome, 4 playable character (one of which may or may not be the killer) and include bonus stages/levels where you can play as the killer or victim for bonus unlocks

  24. As long as theres a mode where you can be ghostface!!!

  25. You Should create your own killer and go to school in woodsboro. Make friends and then kill them. You should do free roam like GTA. You should be able to buy clothes and go to paries. They should make big houses so its easier to chase your victims around the house. I think Rockstar would be the only one to pull it off.

  26. i think it should be on ps3 xbox and wii it would be cool i think you should play as ghostface and not just kill sydney and her family and friends but you could be an assassin or hitman like assassins creed and u could have ninja starks or throwing knives machetes razor wire razor knives and mabye even bows and arrows crossbows and nail guns mabye torture weapons not just the knife but no guns

  27. You get the choice to play as The Killer or victim. If you choose the killer then you can create a character male or female with hair cloths name ETC: and that will be the killer. If you choose the victim you get to create a character and that will be you the victim, the victim will be a survivor like Sidney. You can go anywhere like outside or insi8de the house, you can kill anyone and stab anything, you can even kill the police! You can punch stab kick the victim you can pick them up or you can throw them out the window but beware the victim might try to fight back! If you are the victim the killer will call you and when he asks you a question a screen will appear and you get to answer the question. At one point the killer won’t e wearing his or her costume and be at school with his or her trusty knife! if you choose to kill someone at school infront of others everyone in the classroom will freak out and try to escape and you have to kill them all! you can enter and exit classrooms go explore! kill teachers, the principle! you can follow people and kill them.there are no levels when you are done killing people in your costume as ghostface you will take it off and it will tell you where to go next the direction will depend on your actions. When you encounter your final victim the survivor after all these years of killers chasing him or her down trying to kill him or her it’s your choice, when you meet him or her you can reveal who who are and take off the costume, The game will end by either getting killed by him or her or you killing the survivor….If you get killed the screen will go to you showing you dead! if you kill him or her a news reporter will say “The killer has killed The Survivor!”. But, if you are the survivor surviving the killer will keep calling you and toying with you and trying to kill you if he or she kills you then you will have to start over in the scene. After surviving you will get directions depends on your choice, in the school the killer will call you toy with you and you will try escape the school with the killer on the loose! At the end of the game you will either die or survive! if the killer murders you then it will show you dead! but if you survive the news reporter will say, “You have killed The Killer you are a Hero!”

  28. i think it for all system so possilby can be creat a character be urself or creat a fake person so i will play that

  29. I think that will be a tie-in then new story and new characters, but especially new Killer. I don’t know how will be the gameplay. So it won’t release with a new movie.

  30. i hope they do i’m a massive fan of scream, it would be awsome if the done it like a years 1-4 and you did each level and then an extra storyline at the end! :)

  31. I think that if and when they make a Scream video game that at the begining you should be able to make you own charactar (whether it be the victim or the killer) you would be a normal kid at school. Then you could be like GTA and be able to roam the town freely and kill anyone you want as long as nobody see and if someone sees then you would have to kill them as well. You can break into people’s house and kill them. He\she can pick people up and throw them. If you find supplies then you can duct tape them to chairs, couches, etc… You can use any weapon you want and anything and everything you find (except thing like street lights, benches, ect…) You can smash people through things like benches, windows, cars, doors, other people, drywall, fences, ect…

  32. And Online/Offline Co-Op as the survivors

  33. HOW about this, its free roam and when its day time ur a survivor and at night ur the same person but the killer and its a different killer when your the victim

  34. what if its produced by rockstar games and the gameplay is just like gta and another game mode could be playing as a detective just like l.a. noire and you have to chase him and detect on murders and shit and the story mode should be really long cos then ittll be more fun

  35. where i can buy it or download it aaaaah i want that game i have mask i have costume i play his games online i want that GAME !!!!!!

  36. There should be a scream game on ps3 and at the start you should have the option to play either as the killer(s) or Sidney Prescott :) That way you can experience both sides of the story.

  37. They can use the PS3 game cover I created XD

  38. it would be really cool i think people should start making the game and have ready in july or august

  39. It would be awesome but if they do they need to take time on it. like it should have free roaming like grand theft auto and I think it would be better in a city map. don’t make it like the (movies) the opening scene should START off with a man just leaving a bar and gets jumped and stabbed by them and left a bloody mess. and there are 10 guys and ten girls who was watching and laughing. later on you come out of hospital and you meet up with your friends and they joke around with him like friends do, and later the same night he is watching scream and he gets the idea to hunt down them 20 people and anyone in his way. and you should have a hide out house, cars public transport bus and trains its also about fun its a game. and you should have tasks to find out who they all were. and start the games he plays like when he gives them a phone call you have a list of stuff he would say. and when you get the first victim the police start to stay out side the other victims house and you have to sneak in and do the task if you fail and the cops hear you, you have to leave that area really fast. and so on & so on… but so its not all the same like every other game they get boring so give lots of other task’s to do… just a idea :)

  40. i am a fan of every scream the shuld make more screams it will be cool


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