Scream-Trilogy Deadly Digest (March 2)

“We knew who the killer was going into it”, says Nico Tortorella in an interview by MovieLine. That’s an intruiging thought, hidden in an article that otherwise deals with juicy vagaries about the early behind-the-scenes script drama. Consider that some of the past actors playing the killers weren’t even aware themselves until shooting the climax. Scream 4‘s culprit might possibly load their performance with secret tell-tale signs that become apparent later on, like Skeet Ulrich and Matt Lillard did. [Tipster: Screamingly]

ADR (dialogue replacement) should be finishing up shortly, if not already – Wes Craven yesterday tweeted “ADR today with the lovely Neve Campbell for Scream4 — April 15th is creeping up on us…”

Scream 4 has been awarded an R Rating, as was contractually obliged on these films, however here is the official MPAA ratings-box breakdown: “Rated R for strong bloody violence, language and some teen drinking.” How does that compare to the previous films? Part one: “Rated R for strong graphic horror violence and gore, and for language.” Part two: “Rated R for language and strong bloody violence.” Part three: “Rated R for strong horror violence and language.” [Tipster: yoshigetsit, Box Office Mojo]

The blu-ray releases for Scream, Scream 2 & Scream 3 now have a release date of Tuesday, March 29. Still no news on special features just yet, but our hunch is that they’ll be bare bones just to get the movies back in print and into the marketplace on time. Later on, Lionsgate can do a proper boxset with brand new features. Besides, we’re already getting a loving O.D. of new content from…

Still Screaming: The Ultimate Scary Movie Documentary has been completed, and both the trailer and cover art should be along shortly. You can find a piece of the latter at the top of the page. [Via Still Screaming Facebook] is looking for dedicated, intelligent writers to join the team! Contact us.

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9 Responses to “ Scream-Trilogy Deadly Digest (March 2) ”

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  1. I like the idea that the actors knew who the killers were. It is very Scream 1-like, which kinda of brings S4 to being the first in a new trilogy. Love it!

  2. “We knew who the killer was going into it”, says Nico Tortorella

    I thought no one was given the script past a certain page # to protect the secret? Oh well…this movie is gonna be epic no matter what!

  3. Pretty badass. Congrats to an R rating, and way excited to purchase the first of the two official Docs. Can’t wait to have them in my collection! However, the “knowing who the Killer(s)” was prior to shooting could be bad; especially for us oh-so-watchful obsessives here on And did he quote a singular usage about Ghostface…?

  4. You know…this is so exciting! With everything from the blu-ray release of the trilogy to the amazing new poster, it makes me really sad that KW is 100% cold shouldering the very thing that gave him his name! I mean, would it kill him to quit posting pictures of Julie Plec and frakkin pancakes for 2 seconds and at least be happy with his fans???

  5. Wes craven just tweeted that its the last day for ADR

  6. Wow! Americans have a rating for “Teen Drinking” weird, here in Australia we would probably fall under “Adult Themes”.

  7. yes! rater R!!! wooo! :DDDD cant wait

  8. Is that girl supposed to be Sidney? she looks like Lara Croft from the old PS1 game.. lol.. Cool artwork though..

  9. Is that suppose to be Sidney? she looks pretty i like the artwork also… Gud Job u guyz :)

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