Sidney Prescott: Media Sensation

What we might assume is a piece of viral marketing on behalf of Scream 4 production company Dimension Films, “Robert Prescott” posted a couple news clippings to “Sidney Prescott’s” personal Facebook page . They give us a glimpse at the type of attention Sidney has generated in the years since the events in Scream 3.

Among the fictional tidbits: her cohort’s yearbook sold for $700 higher than the first bid, at $1,000; Sidney-related memorabilia is quite popular; Sidney’s story has attracted national attention (hence her book); and most interestingly, there has been a run on “Where’s Sidney” t-shirts. (Where can we get one?!)

As a newspaper man myself, I can hardly get over the style errors and actual missing words in the viral clippings, but I have transcribed it as it was published (with missing or incomplete words marked in [square brackets]):

Local Yearbook sells for $1,000
By Anne Grace
Staff Writer

An unnamed buyer spent $1,000 to a Woodsboro High alumni (via eBay) for a used copy of a Woodsboro high-school yearbook with picture of victims of the Woodsboro murders (Including Randy Meeks, who died in 1997). The 1996 yearbook was advertised at about $300 for a starting bid, but ended at $1,000.

The main yearbook, featuring a solid yellow cover, was essentially completed before the murderous rampage. Simply labeled “Woodsboro High School” and subtitled “1996” in yellow, did (sic) not belong to any of the victims or murderers, but they are pictured heavily throughout the yearbook.

It’s unclear whether the [buyer] is trying to make an [investment] thinking the yearbook will [gain in] value, or whether the [pene–?] wants a piece of the national [fame?] surrounding the massacre.

The yearbook is just the [latest] piece of merchandise [bringing] attention to the only surviving [member] of her peers, Sidney Prescott.

Prescott went into [hiding in] late 1997, which resulted in a [popular?] eBay sensation: the [Where’s] Sidney?” T-shirts.

While this isn’t a spoiler, per se, it is possibly a peek into the world of Scream 4. No wonder she wrote a book — and could the yearbook buyer be the killer, or just an obsessed fan? Count us in as excited about the possibilities!

The initial clipping provides little news other than the fact Sidney seems to make the news no matter where she goes, attending some sort of family day or event.

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5 Responses to “ Sidney Prescott: Media Sensation ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Anyone wanna let Cafepress know that “Where’s Sidney?” Tshirts would sell like hotcakes :)
    Interesting “Newspaper” Clippings.

  2. Thats pretty cool. I bet it’s the killer or killers who buys all that stuff.

  3. “When into hiding”? Jeez, I hate bad grammar.

  4. Sickle cell anemia, mentioned in the lower right article, is an affliction suffered almost entirely by blacks. Anthony Anderson is really the only black character.

    What is this trying to tell us?

  5. It’s either someone obsessed with the past killings or the killer purchased it as beginning preparations for the slaughter we’ll see in Scream 4. I personally assume the killer placed the winning bid on the yearbook.

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