Spoilery Scream 4 ET Coverage (HD Video – Updated with Extended Interviews)

Entertainment Tonight has aired with a Scream 4 segment that includes interviews as well behind-the-scenes footage of a new scene or two. Unfortunately, previously spoiler-conscious Dimension Films have opted for publicity over secrecy for this sequel, so you’re going to see the other side of a vital attack previously left to the imagination in the trailers.

Interviewees include David Arquette, Courteney Cox, Neve Campbell, Hayden Panettiere and Emma Roberts. Here are extended interviews:

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47 Responses to “ Spoilery Scream 4 ET Coverage (HD Video – Updated with Extended Interviews) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. bye gale

  2. well it looks like some spoilers were actually true! wow they should not have done that in my opinion

  3. So like I watched like the whole thing waiting for it and it was amazing :]

  4. I know what all of you are thinking and no! don’t think that! yeah Gale is a bitch but she is a bad ass too. she can take him:)

  5. *cue Dewey to the rescue!!!

  6. THANK GOD!!!!! I don’t think gale dies. She was thrown in a pile of hay and it shows her and dewy doing a scene and she has a bunch of hay in her hair.

    Let’s just hope I’m right ;(

  7. Cue Another one bites the dust music.

  8. Why is Courteney talking really weird? It’s like she’s on drugs or something.

  9. hmmmm, i wonder if gale dies? I’m thinking she does :( but idk if they would have given up that big of a death just for a little of publicity. and from the looks of it, it doesn’t look like naything too serius bc it more just looks like blood was smeared on her vs being stabbed. Maybe her shoulder or omething was hurt and some blook was smeard near her neckish area. IDK i don’t think they would give away that big of a death. but you never know. for all we know, she got stabbed once, dewy came back just in time and saved her. who knows. regardless. i don’t care how much i learn, i’m still pumped for the movie. My jerk brother told me the ending for scream 1 before i saw it and i still loed it and in the end i didn’t care bc i loved it so much.I don’t care what i learn, i’ll still love it. but i honestly don’t think gale’s wound is fatal bc of the whole the unexpexted in the new cliché thnkgy LOL. anywho… GO SCREAM!!!!!!

  10. i dont think she died, but there are spoilers floating around that she got stabbed in the shoulder so who ever said the other spoilers must have actually seen the screening

  11. Hi Aedan. That spoiler came from a set extra first, not a screening viewer.


  13. good catch! my mistake, i met someone online who told my the run down of the movie a while back and based off of footage released and pictures recently i’m starting to actually believe it a little.
    but i will NOT be posting spoilers or anything because nothing is certain, and I have hope that it goes differently still!

  14. Dose gale die, or dose she fake her death and is actually a killer?

  15. so we see sid in another outfit :D

    and I still say Gale will not die, at least not where they show her in the trailer.

  16. Back in April of last year, Kevin said that the only way he’d kill one of the survivors is for the surprise element. They are focusing heavily on this scene for some reason. Gale’s as safe as Meryl Streep is on the morning of the Oscar nominations every year.

  17. oh man. I thought I was safe until I scrolled to the comments… might as well watch the video.

  18. wait was my prediction correct? I’m not posting spoilers don’t worry people. I honestly just guessed from observing. I just don’t think she’ll die. If you look at her, you can see that there is no wound oon her neck, it looks more like it originated from under her jacket and smeared on her neck. that or either it’s really bad makeup bc it doesn’t look like she got stabbled, then again, maybe some of it washed away by the time the interview took place. i honestly don’t know. i don’t think she’ll die tho, that’s just my opinion, i don’t think her death would be given away that openely, but i could be wrong. We’ll all just have to wait until 4-15 :D regardless, i think the movie will be great.

  19. She’s not gonna die she’s obviously stabbed in the shoulder and fights back as you see in the footage as dewey rushes up the stairs, i think she’ll fight him and as dewey shoots at ghostface he throws her off the platform hoping for a quicky kill but she and her nine lives lands in a hay bail. Thats my guess, i never thought she’d die. I also dont think that scene of sidney and everyone in the house is the finale because there has been way to much coverage of these 2 scenes and as craven said nothing truly spoilerific has been released yet and nor would it if it were a true spoiler.

  20. okay the girl when they do the quick clip that throws her arm over her head is OLIVIA! I think she puts up one heck of a fight

  21. I didn’t watch the clip…but thanks to the dude up top….you might as well have broadcasted the spoiler gents!!! lol It’s all good though. Need i remind yuns all that craven said there are several doozies and wild twist in this new chapter. Plus, remember randy….he got shot in part 1 and lived. Haven’s watched thespoiler cus i want the imagery to be fresh on opening night. I personally think the 3 original cast members are gonna bite it….but we’ll just have to see wont we?

  22. Oh…you know i had to watch it! Dang you for teasin us man! =) No offense SC.net but that wasn’t really a spoiler at all. If you haven’t watched the clip rest assured it’s nothing at all. I don’t consider a little splatter of blood on someone a major spoiler. lol Jeez, i expected a full blown death scene to be revealed. Nothing to get worked up over. I personally find the trailer to be full of spoilers way bigger than this. I mean…showing the girl falling on the van???? Might as well reveal the ending!

  23. Oh I agree it’s a grey area. But the trailer hinged on the Gale scene – will she or won’t she be stabbed. So now we know yes, the knife goes in – regardless of survival, takes a bit of the suspense away. We might have expected Dewey to show up right after the trailer moment, to intervene.

  24. C’mon, guys, are you kidding me? This is a Scream movie! Wes said all the great secrets of the film was stored. They would be idiots to deliver the death of one of the trio as well. Gale will probably take a stab in the shoulder and will be taken to the hospital, so she didn’t attend the climax when the killer(s) is(are) revealed and only return at the end of the film as Dewey in previous movies, as an exchange of roles, you know? Just sharing my theory.

  25. Mozart, I know he said that, buuuuut uh, the Gale thing was one thing I would’ve been left off not knowing. Along with a lot of too spoilery moments Dimension has released.

  26. @wicked-scribe True. I guess i was sorta relieved after watching the clip that it really wasn’t a major deal. I can understand where you would call that a spoiler though. I guess i’m still sorta paranoid with those two UNBELIEVABLY BLATANT spoiler pics revealed last week….so now whenever i see a spoiler in the posts i get nervous. But….like i say…we’re almost there and i know about 2% of what’s going down on screen so i couldn’t be any happier! =)

  27. Anyone think that wes could have used the ‘no major plot points’ being revealed to get us into the theatre? I’m sure the rumors about the film are true, and he’s just saying nothing has been revealed so we still pay to see it. Just sayin’…

  28. We only discover when we arrive on April 15th (or someone has the courage to read the spoilers that will begin on the 13th when the movie starts to be displayed in Egypt and France) :~

  29. Meeh, not a big deal to me. All we know is she gets stabbed. But remember, Gale Weathers has been shot and point blank range and survived that. Means nothing. *waves hand*

  30. *Been shot AT point blank range*

    Excuse me, I’m half asleep. lol.

  31. great point Khy

  32. Hmm. I think she gets injured but thats about it. I dont think they would have aloud this big of a spoiler out.

  33. trust me , Gale will survive

  34. I don`t think this is a spoiler. I would be more worried if Courteney DIDN`T have any blood on her! ;)And we don`t know if this interview was after shooting her eventual death scene or in between her getting wounded scene. We never know. And that clip of Ghostface stabbing SOMEONE after Gale says her famous line might from a completely different scene. It`s amazing how they edit trailers to throw people of sometimes. ;)

  35. *might BE from a completely different scene.

    (sorry, lol!)

  36. Surely they wouldn’t be that idiotic & show so much if Gail does die? It would go down in movie history as a pretty stupid move.

  37. well of course one of the main 3 have to get wounded, or it would be unrealistic if they made it through the movie unharmed. i assume there will near death experiences for the main three. but i don’t really see them killing any of them off. just a theory

  38. Months ago, in the first trailer, we saw Gale on the hay bale, held down by Ghostface. I bet we all assumed back then that she’d at least get injured. So the blood on Courtney shouldn’t be too much of a shock – look at the state of Gale at the end of both Scream 1 & 2. She’s covered in blood then! Of course she gets bloody in this one – it’s a Scream movie!

    The only risky clip here is the shot of Ghostface sort of throwing Gale around on the barn floor. But when they zoom in you can see that Courtney is struggling and still reacting. If she were all limp and playing dead THEN I’d be worried. But she’s putting up a fight, true Gale stylee! It’s all good!!!!

  39. This didn’t really reveal much… we already knew that they have a confrontation and that she could possibly get hurt… but then again.. maybe that isn’t her blood?? who knows. We will find out soon enough!

  40. in the trailer for scream 4 gale says do it if you have the guts and the killer brought down the knife on her but they didnt show it the persons that i dont want to die is sidney kirby and jill

  41. my 2 theory’s are 1:she gets stabbed but comes back just like dewey in the 1st 2. 2:that was a faked death and that was her partner in the costume. p.s. kind of reminds me of scream 2 vise versa tho

  42. Wicked Scribe why was my post not put up? It is only my theories on what will happen. I find it quite offensive considering people have posted a lot worse including yourself who is having a question and answer next week with someone who has seen the movie. I mean c’mon dude are you for real??????

  43. Well Scream Origins, you never stated it was a theory at the start, you just launch into spoilers as if they are fact – I stopped reading once you started “confirming” victims, opening scene, etc. You need to be clearer in future or your comment won’t be approved. If you have any further problems with this, email me.

  44. Oh okay, no worries, can you post it then as it is only a theory and i want to know what ppl think???? Great job with the site btw.

  45. I think Gale will get hurt. I am just guessing. But remember in scream 2 she gets shot? She survived it! And I think a stab in the shoulder wouldnt kill her. But I guess we have too

  46. Ok I jus HAVE to know! Does gale die? Yes or no? Don’t spoil who the killer is! I’m counting the days til it comes out and I’m going to see it! The suspicion is killing me of who the killer is! But does gale die?

  47. Ok all I’m sayin is dewy might be the killer they have soooo many twists it ain’t even funny. But yupp after the movie stretching as long as it has someone that’s been in the other movies probably snapped and killed everyone, but Sidney will never die. What fun will the killer have chasing her if he ends up killing her? But anyways seriously I’m 15 and seen them all up to this one and I can’t wait to c it! Here’s just to REFRESH ur MEMORY in scream1: the killer was sidneys boyfriend”Billy” I have no time to explain right now you’ll jus have to watch it scream2: billys mother was the killer scream3: sidneys long lost brother was the killer scream 4: ??? Won’t kno til I see thanks for reading comment this if u for sure kno if gale dies

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