Stab: Coming Soon (Updated)

As many of you are aware, an account under the name Robert Prescott has popped up on Facebook. Whether or not this account is official or fan-made has yet to be determined, however, the recently posted news clippings have become quite a treat for die-hard Scream fans and has left us wanting more.

We did not have to wait long, as a new clipping has been posted. The article in question is a short preview of the upcoming horror movie Stab, which was featured in Scream 2. While this article does not include any new information, it is still nice to see how much effort was placed into the smallest of details.

The article reads:

Starring Tori Spelling, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Jolie

Filmed mostly in Santa Rosa, California, the film tells the story of the town Woodsboro, California being terrorized by a masked killer who enjoys tormenting his victims with phone calls and movie references. The killer’s main target is Sidney Prescott (Tori Spelling),¬† a teenage girl whose mother, Maureen, fell victim to a brutal murder one year earlier. The film that the form of a “whodunit” mystery, with many of her friends and townspeople being fellow targets and suspects.

The film is based on Gale Weathers’ Best-Selling book, “The Woodsboro Murders”

Update: Picture of Sidney/Tori from TV movie Alibi (1997). Thanks to DarrenMartin2 on Twitter -wicked

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13 Responses to “ Stab: Coming Soon (Updated) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I would love to see more of this film’s footage as well :)

  2. yes or at least the full version of the opening scene with Heather Graham

  3. Nitpicking …but it doesn’t make since for Stab to be a whodunnit mystery as its a true story that made headlines and people would already know…just saying.
    This is cool though

  4. Good point Meander. Tori Spelling even mentions Billy did it on that entertainment show seen in Scream 2.

  5. Meander, I never thought of that! I really wish I would’ve thought about that earlier.

  6. Man, i want that Green STAB tshirt that Robbie is wearing in the barn! Awesome!!!

  7. thats pretty nifty :) i hope we get clips from scream 4 soon. that wud be a nice treat. im enjoying the little things likethis though

  8. Is it just me or do we actually see Ghostface in the background in that picture of Tori/Sidney?

  9. i hope it becomes a real movie

  10. for theatres

  11. @Earl it already has been in theaters.It’s called Scream. Lol

  12. @ Cory Gillis “Is it just me or do we actually see Ghostface in the background in that picture of Tori/Sidney?”

    My gosh, you’re right. I didn’t see it the 1st time around. Thanks!

  13. Wow – great find! Some folks may have to turn their brightness up. Now that’s an easter egg!

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