The 2nd Scream 4 TV-Spot (HD Video)

Mostly a variation/compilation of prior trailer scenes and the 1st TV Spot, but new shots are to be glimpsed, including Aimee Teegarden being dragged into darkness – scary!

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25 Responses to “ The 2nd Scream 4 TV-Spot (HD Video) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. =) I CANT WAiT!

  2. I think he fainted lmao:)

  3. what channels are you seeing this on? i still haven’t seen it on tv.

  4. THANKS!!! Im Roman M.

  5. Was Gale walking with a limp?? I think she might have which would mean she just got hurt and didn’t die… just what I thought I saw there. But, she was in all black. Maybe she was going to a funeral (for Dewey maybe??)

  6. i posted this im Roman M. i saw it on KTLA aka The CW its been coming on there alot!!! both of them!! most places its Channel 5

  7. Where is that shot of her that is paused until you play the video. The hospital? Kate’s house? I thought it was the hospital from the alternate trailer shot of her a weeks ago.

  8. Wonder why “what’s your favorite scary movie?” Is still being shown in black.

  9. Gale walks into the poice station… show in trailer where she says “Dewey Whats going on? Its all over the internet”

  10. I gotta quit reading comments man….seems like spoilers are starting to slip through???

  11. Wow, I loved this Aimee new scene, dragged to hell! Ghostface is really angry this time :O

  12. personally i have not been spoiled anything, when i saw the trailer for the third movie, i was sure i had the story down, but then i actually saw it and i wa slike “wow was i wrong” LOL.

  13. JRT, Someone stupidly commented on the previous spoilerific article through this one instead, and I didn’t notice that when approving it. I removed it as quickly as possible. Apologies, that was a first.

  14. I kept replaying Aimee getting dragged! Soo insane, the kills will deff be more extreme!

  15. No way that’s a hospital Gale’s at. Why would there be matching mugs on the side? It’s definitely the same place in the scene before they show Gale. The one with Marley, Alison, and David. It has the same kind of selfs on the wall. In that scene in the trailer, they seemed to be at a coffee place. Seems Gale is a caffeine addict in Scream 4.

  16. “including Aimee Teegarden being dragged into darkness”

    Ugh! I wish description of these spots wouldn’t be described for those trying to avoid any hints :(

  17. Awesome awesome awesome pass out dead die love. way better than the first tv spot. glad sidneys name is mentioned. non-fans need to be aware that yes they r ALL BACK and gales walk just seems confident scared like “yeah its me….wow is this really happening again…” kinda walk


  19. Great tv spot!!
    I found this one on youtube, it`s better quality, imo. :)

  20. Gail is walking into the book shop (look what’s on the shelves).

  21. @wicked-scribe Well, you guys have done an amazing job at respecting fans and keeping 99.9% of major spoilers out of posts in the news. I’m quit frankly upset at a major horror site that posts huge spoilers without any regard to fans. Thanks for the website you run here for us. Good job!

  22. “What’s your favorite scary movie?” will remain in black due to broadcasting restrictions. Trailers rarely are allowed to show blood-especially on broadcast TV.

  23. nice tv spot are u going to put these 3 new clips on thats on the internet?

  24. I think that will be Gale’s first appearance in the movie, walking into the book store

  25. @wicked-scribe Here it is the second TV Spot in HD 720p:

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