The 3rd Scream 4 TV-Spot (HD)

While we wait on HD for the 2nd Scream 4 TV-Spot, the 3rd one has already debuted in relative HQ via Yahoo. We know, it’s like someone hit fast forward on the promotion machine.

Now, #3 applies the rule of thumb that each successive TV spot should have less and less new footage. But we’re nothing if not completists.
Thanks to Lovett for the tip-off.

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30 Responses to “ The 3rd Scream 4 TV-Spot (HD) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Isn’t there a new scene of an actor being thrown out a window here? Not naming who to be spoiler conscious.

  2. So much better than the others in my opinion. That new scene added is great.

  3. I dont like this tv spot, because i fairly sure it just gave us a new death that looks fairly obvious :(

  4. noooooooooooo they showed a death scene again. arghh, but im still excited

  5. Rules of promoting a 4th sequel- The promotion has got to be way more extreme. Like 15 different headlines in a single day.


    I really liked this spot. It’s my fav!

  6. Really because as much as I keep trying to figure out I cannot tell who is being thrown out the window

  7. Oops, 3rd sequel, lol.

  8. God dammit, one day and practically the Scream 4 promotion is crazy. B Roll, risky interviews, new tv spot, and new clips. lolwow.

  9. Okay, *ahem* got thrown out of the window. You can see it in this spot. The rumors are true! :D So exciting!!!

  10. You could see someone getting thrown out a window (I think I know who it is…)

  11. And it is not in the beginning of the tv spot.

  12. ahh no longer available

  13. man im loving all the news!!

  14. OK! Since the girl falling on the van is about as much advertised as the semi flip in Dark Knight i guess no one minds me asking a question about it. I swear there was a trailer or tv spot that showed the girl hitting the van and her stomach was all bloody??? Now i can’t find it anywhere. Anyone have a link or know what im talking about? Thanks guys!

  15. JRT, I remember that. Maybe(NOT SPOILERS, Just a theory) the original had Ghostface gut said character to death and threw her dead body on to the van(Which would explain the blood). But they did do re-shoots of that scene and I have this feeling maybe they decided to scrap that and decided to have Ghostface throw her off alive and screaming instead of gutting her. Idk if that makes sense, but it’s just a theory, but it would explain why she fell so stiffly and silently in the trailer but very fluid and screaming in the recent tv spots.

  16. God, I’m really going to have to stop posting without proof reading. *They, *Originally.

  17. i like this video, but i just wish that they wouldnt end EVERY video with the two cop scene!

  18. Yeah, I definitely agree with john036, all these TV spots are great, but they all end with the two cops. It’s whatever though, S4 is just around the corner anyways.

  19. Killer always likes to throw someone to the window in this time O_o

  20. @khy That’s what i’m thinking. Ill have to go back now and try and find that “Bloody-Stomach” shot. Watched both trailers the other day and didn’t see it…..i should rewatch the scream awards teaser trailer…that could have been it.

  21. That was the Canadian leak of the 2nd official Trailer. Recalled due to the bloody shot, Red Right Hand, and well, the fact that it was leaked.

  22. IS THAT EMMA falling on the glass table? she has the same shirt on !

  23. I really hope Red Right Hand and Sid’s Lament are heavily in the film. So many movies these days refuse to use the music its franchise is known for.

    I’m looking at you Friday The 13th ’09.

  24. Thanks wicked! and yes…i remember RRH being played at the beginning. Do you think they removed the blood in the usa version of the trailer due to some mpaa or other rule that applies to blood in trailers?

  25. …i only ask that because i remember in the trailer for Indiana Jones 4 they had to digitally remove one of the guns a soldier was pointing it Indy? Guess you can’t show bloody stomachs and guns being pointed at people. lol Don’t get it…but whatever.

  26. I am sure removing of the blood and the darkening of it to not like like blood *”what’s your favorite scary movie”* have to deal with the MPAA. Remember back when Harry Potter 7 P 1’s trailer was released? There was a shot of Hermoine extending her hands outward. In the trailer it showed just her bare hands. In the actual film, her hands were bloody.

  27. A lot of people going through glass.

  28. Sidney and Jill walking at the door and turning back
    can’t wait

  29. Emma Roberts is so GORGEOUS! That Scene with her and Never turning is *gasp* AMAZZZZZING!

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