The 4th Scream 4 TV-Spot & New Cox/Arquette Video

Scream 4 TV Spot #4 continues the upward use of previously seen trailer/spot footage.

Access Hollywood‘s video interview with David Arquette and Courteney Cox diverts away from the film and into their personal life a little too much, but it’s still part of the media blitz and it’s always good to see the pair talking up Scream.

Is it just us or has Arquette dropped about 15 years off his face? It’s uncanny.

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14 Responses to “ The 4th Scream 4 TV-Spot & New Cox/Arquette Video ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. David Arquette is looking HOT!



  2. Love the tv spot! And WOW yes: david looks so much younger! It must be the trip to rehab? lol

  3. RARE DIFFERENT TAKE OF THE “Dewey don’t take it so seriously, it’s a character in a book!” scene!!!!!!!!

  4. Alison running in the car pasrk isnt new lol it was in the 2nd tv spot… this was just a longer (better) version of the 2nd tv spot

  5. Right you are D – I’ve omitted the reference. Congrats, you trumped the wizard master.

  6. Awesome. I like this TV Spot because it doesn’t have the same ending lols. But nahh theyre all good :)

  7. Pay attention to the part when Aimee gets dragged on the floor. It doesn’t look like the person is wearing a ghostface costume to me.

  8. I can’t stand waiting anymore :(

  9. I’ve ALWAYS though David was sexy… UGGGH!!! What i’d do to him…

  10. It’s alot more clear now, it look like Aimee Teegarden’s character is being dragged by a cable or something. Reminds of one of the death scenes in Sorority Row, which to me is really reminiscent of Scream.

  11. John097: Right there with ya… Plus it looks like somebody’s moping the floor with her…

  12. Your right! you can see the person’s hands who’s dragging her.

  13. @john097 I noticed that too. They’re certainly not wearing gloves, anyway. Nightmare sequence?

  14. @Glenn: it may be a prank pulled on the girl or remember when they said that they filmed a scene with David? He could save her!

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