The 5th Scream 4 TV-Spot & New Press Video (HQ)

These later TV Spots always go down smooth with a second video, so it’s another two-for-one special. However in this spot we counted one, possibly two new shots. It’s late and we’re not sticking around to double-check, so you do the investigating this time around and we’ll owe you one. Deal?

The usually classy Associated Press round up a blonde Emma Roberts, Wes Craven, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette for soundbytes, less about Scream 4, more like The Arquettes: True Hollywood Story. Pathos has its perks, we guess?

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6 Responses to “ The 5th Scream 4 TV-Spot & New Press Video (HQ) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. “The Arquettes: True Hollywood Story.”

    LMAO. So true.

  2. I hate that I’m 16… I want to see this so bad! I don’t think I can wait to get it on Netflix! :(

  3. In kind of an unrelated topic, I just finished reading John Wooley’s “Wes Craven: The Man & His Nightmares.” It has some interesting facts about Wes and his career. If you’re a hardcore fan, it’s probably something you’ll want to add to your bookshelf. I admit, some parts read like a lengthy college thesis paper (especially when he starts drawing parallels between Baptist religion, the idea of Hell, and the character of Freddy Krueger) so for the casual fan, it might be something you’d prefer to pick up at the library. The “background dish on the Scream movies” was a little bare; definitely stuff you already know if you’ve watched the E! True Hollywood Story on Scream, or even if you’ve read the IMDB or Wiki page for the franchise. All-in-all, it’s still nice to read about the master or horror!

  4. “…Video credit for TV spot #4 goes to Roman M. who previously provided us the first copy of spot #2 as well. Go Roman!…”

    Typo: Should be #5?

  5. Fixed.

  6. @Harrison Dizzle
    Sup dude, since ur only 16 maybe you can go see it with an adult and some friends cuz im 15 and my parents are taking me and a bunch of my friends. mite sound nerdy or whatever but itll be worth it. or if u have any go see it with an 18 yr old friend.

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