The First Scream 4 TV-Spot (Updated with HQ)

We were just wondering when the Scream 4 TV-Spots were starting… and now here we are. The first spot aired on Comedy Central’s Donald Trump Roast and has made its way to YouTube. Update: HQ copy now added.

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27 Responses to “ The First Scream 4 TV-Spot (Updated with HQ) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Yes! Finally something good on tv

  2. Amazing!!! Aimee Teegarden is so HOT!!!

  3. YAY! TV SPOTS ARE HERE!! Takes me back to the days when S3 was about to be released and I remember staying up at all hours of the night trying to catch a TV spot. Good times. :)

  4. I was watching that Roast last night but had to leave for work. I wish I’d DVRd it.

  5. OMG LOL, I love the “It’s a not a comedy, it’s a horror film!” line. I think this movie will be a bit more on the slasher side with maintaining awesome humor. LOVE THE NEW FOOTAGE OF THE GIRLS!

  6. OMG! I can’t wait for the movie!!! I feel like we Scream fanatics have waited SO long for this movie and it’s finally here next month. :D

  7. Lovin the footage of the four girls, we haven’t really gotten ANY but this certainly makes up for it!

  8. finally we get to see more of the girls. can’t wait. (:

  9. Wow…i swear someone in the comments last night was asking for a tv spot and here it is!

  10. Wow…there’s a lot of new footage in there! =)

  11. @khy Man, i did the exact same thing! It seemed so much more special when you had to sit in front of the tv for hours just to catch a glimpse.

  12. needs more sidney tbh!!! but love the shot of the victim falling from the roof! such a scarier angle! so exciting!

  13. That shot of GF flipping the mask around is awesome!

  14. Thats was breathtaking. To here the Announcer say “Scream 4″ literally made me cry…IDK why, don’t you even dare ask me why. CAUSE I JUST DON’T KNOW! ITS SO POWERFUL! LOVE these so much more then the trailers.

  15. ummm….instead of a chair like in the first Scream, did Ghostface throw one of the girl’s through the window instead….lol…i love it!!!

  16. ive always wondered if it’s the same exact people that do the announcing for trailers…

  17. These are pretty long TV spots. NICE.

  18. Glad to see Aimee and Brittany in the spots. They are gonna be great (potential) victims ;)

    However, for us HARDCORE fans, we have seen too much footage to know what happens in the movie now, lol. Not sure if this is a complaint or not. Always itching and happy to see new stuff, but always wanting to be truly surprised by the film also ;)

  19. God theres still a month to go and me & my mates have already decided, what we’re doing for it. I wish it came out on the 14th in the uk because im working evenings 15th! that leaves a whole day of possible spoilers before i see it :(.

  20. This is great! Finally some action with Aimee Teegarden! The girl falling off the ledge from that angle is definitely a plus and I appreciate how they made sure to add a lot of minor characters in this. . . It feels like there’s going to be a huge bodycount, which of course, there will be.

  21. It appears that the rumored opening scene (Aimee Teegarden and Brittany Robertson) has been changed. You see someone crashing through a glass door or window and it looks like Brittany Robertson than it scares Aimee Teegarden.

  22. O-M-Jizzle! That TV spot is freakin awesomely amazing!!!!!!! Okay i never get jumpy for scary movies or trailers or tv spots for that matter. and i mean never!!! i’ve been watching scary movies since i was a little kid but when i saw the AWESOME shot of the person falling from the roof i screamed out “oh my god!” i wasn’t scared but surprised and excited and NO scary movies get that type of strong reaction from me. even tho it didnt scare me i have a feeling this movie will be way scarier than the previous films. i cnt wait!!!

  23. I bet that right before Ghostface says “this isn’t a comedy its a horror film” someone says “is this some type of joke?” and in the beginning when the news reporter is reporting the news (lol) she says “__________ killed the exact day of . . . ” who knows what name she says?

  24. @JRT Yes man! It’s nice to see the TV spot, but it’s nothing like seeing it on your very own TV! That’s when I’ll truly die of happiness. *Turns on comedy central*

    If we’re this excited, imagine the casual fans who just happened to turn on their TV caught this spot. Epicness.


  26. @Randi The Reporter Says “Two Girls Killed The Exact Day”

  27. wow a great tv spot cant stop watchin it. this is going to be the longest 4 weeks ever. cnt wait

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