Watch Three Scream 4 Video Clips NOW! (HD)

You know we’re staring down the barrel of the Scream 4 release when not one but three scenes appear in video clip form.

Bloody-Disgusting debuted these little treats which cover a large cross-section of both new and established characters. Don’t mind the “spooky” music, from experience watching Scream 3 hit the television press circuit, this is done purely for the clips so that Joe Blow understands its a horror movie.

Now that we got that little factoid out of the way – enjoy!

Clip #1: Interogation

Clip #2 Boyfriend

Clip #3 Work Together

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68 Responses to “ Watch Three Scream 4 Video Clips NOW! (HD) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. #teamkirby<33333

    I fucking love her ahahahaha

  2. I LOVE THESE :] the interogation one is amazing :] “Did you hear that… I’m next” I love KIRBY :]

  3. There’s a new clip now with an interview from Adam Brody lol

  4. Love Kirby in the first clip “Or I mean you know from your life”. She is starting to look like a new classic scream character.

  5. Awesome!!!! Cant wait

  6. finally! you don’t see Jill much in the trailers and finally we see some Trevor as well.I have high survival hopes for Jill.

  7. such a tease!!

  8. The first one is funny!

  9. @ Bevyvan, where is that interview and new clip ?

  10. AMAZING CLIPS! Have scenes that I never thought!

  11. Oh my f****** God, sweet.

  12. Hope they don’t release TOO many clips like some movies do. Anyway, this has got me pumped more than the trailers and TV Spots. Now we can get a feel for the film. It seems to have such a nice balance of humor, it’s always there, but never screaming at the top of its lungs like in Scream 3. It’s very subtle, like the first two. Love it!

  13. @jono –
    Sorry took me a while to find it again

  14. The lines in these clips are fantastic! Sidney is looking depressed but I can’t blame her. Courtney Cox is by far my favorite character in these clips. What a great former news reporter

  15. I love Trevor climbing out the window, very reminiscent of Scream 1!!

  16. i love how kirby flips out because she thinks she’s going to die

  17. Gale Weathers is drunk?

  18. love them love the scene with trevor and jill. exactly like scream 1 with billy sayin its just me after he scares jill

  19. On the youtube channel posted by Bevyan ALL characters’ interviews are being posted right now, it’s amazing!

  20. I really dig Emma’s acting. it’s very Sidney in the first film. Fragile, but still with a little force on her end.

    Love seeing Gale back in action!

  21. just from these clips it already seems like a scream movie at its finest. cant wait! and i loveeee kirby already! and the BF through the window was a nice tribute to the original

  22. The nostalgia of the bedroom scene. Kevin Williamson is brilliant on reminding the audience and Sidney about the first Scream between Sidney and Billy Loomis.

  23. omfg aah that was fucking awesome cant wait till scre4m comes out on april 15th

  24. sidneys voice changed and so gales and dewys when sidney said to jill her cousin that you remind me of you she means that jill told him to go and he crawled out of the window just like billy in scream isnt that kinda of changed and i think he’s the killer cause heacted all suspicious when he asked her if the killer called

  25. Boo!

  26. Watch out for the youtube links on the comments section, one interview with anthony anderson just sent me to the next video on the list which was behind the scenes and actually completely ruins a scene thats been speculated about alot lately.

    If you dont want it spoiled id stay away!

  27. OR just stay here. :)

  28. Gail:”What would you say???” Robbie:”I love you” <33333 Omg this movie is going to be amazing!!!

  29. My BOO! is meant to be a oooo scary Boo! btw not a bunch of metalheads at a justin beiber concert BOO.

  30. IM LOVING IT….hurry April 15!!!

  31. Okay, sorry, but you can totally tell Courtney has had work done (to her face) in that last scene. It’s just weird to see Gale taht way!! :\

    I hope that is not the case throughout the entire movie. Because she looks quite acceptable, even good, in most interviews.

  32. SOOOO awesome! i cant wait :DDD I love Kirby already lol

  33. HOLY…. billy loomis lol

  34. Is it weird that I want to cry after watching these!?! It just looks and seems so freaking amazing! APRIL 15TH HAS TO COME LIKE NOWWWW…. okay. End freak out. Sorry.

  35. Is it just me or does Emma Roberts seem to kinda suck in this role. She’s kinda tired to me. Hayden seems to REALLY have her role in the bag.

  36. “I’m Kiry by the way, I’m their friend” she sounds so cute and the way she says it with her face, I love it.

  37. Neve puts Emma’s acting TO SHAAAAME.

  38. I can’t decide which I like best! They’re all great! If these are any indication of the movie as a whole, it’s going to be amazing!

  39. This just made my whole week! The second clip with Trevor and Jill was AMAZING I loved it. and the whole “I Love You..” in the last clip! hahah i just loved it all! argh! I can’t wait!

  40. Sterlin, actually she seems better than what I was expecting. I wasn’t liking the way she came off in the trailers. She seemed really dull. I know the character of Jill is a cliche, but I was hoping for someone to play her with a bit of energy. And after seeing these clips I think Emma does that. She’s not amazing, but she at least makes Jill feel a little human.

  41. Omg seeing clips is like WOW THIS MOVIE IS ACTUALLY REAL!! cuz the trailers are so rushed and together but this is just great what a treat and wow how eerie and chilling when Sidney goes “You remind me of…me”

  42. Omg but sidneys wearing the outfit that we have all speculated is the finale? its def the clip of her running all frantic in the trailer and with the killer over her with the knife so it must be toward the end of the movie?!!?!?! like calm before the finale…ahh

  43. I have a feeling I`m not gonna like the Jill character in this movie. Like someone else said, she seems dull! Kirby on the other hand is destined to become a Scream favorite!!!

    And I LOOOOVED the clip with Gale!!! You can really see in her face expression as she talks that the bitch in her is back! Love her!!!

    Can`t wait!

  44. I don’t think Sidney will be introduced to her niece’s boyfriend in one of the last scenes. This is obviously early in the movie.

  45. Or ex-boyfriend. Either way, it’s not the finale. They don’t act as if a lot of people are dead in this scene, so again, it’s not anyway near the finale.

  46. @jeff I would like to see you try to act jeff. Emma looks awesome just like the rest of the actors.

  47. my comment got deleted =(

  48. That’s correct Rick. You mentioned a spoiler and we have a very clear policy on not letting those past the moderation queue. If you wish to discuss this further please email me.

  49. You say that like I’m not an actor :)

  50. I dont get the love for kirby she was no where near great in that scene, that scene with the OMG im next, seemed really cliche ive seen that kind of scene a million times. Emma was better than hayden in both scenes and courtney blew them both out the water in her 20 secs.

  51. @jeff No i say that like you criticize good professional actors, if you even are an actor lol.

  52. @wicked-scribe
    Im glad you mentioned about the music, because i was just thinking, Man this ott B-horror movie music feels waaaaaay out of place, especially that DUUUHH! when trevor appears. Hope your right about it not being in the movie.

  53. OMG!!!!! This is awesome! I can’t believe my eyes!!!!! The acting is great (especially Sidney), they are all funny and witty. I can’t wait to see this movie. Oh, and a question for wicked-scribe, i wanna see this movie but im not sure if i can see it on the opening day. so will the first day of SCREAM 4’s income decide if there will be a whole new trilogy or is it the first week?

  54. I love Kirby! I will be devastated if she dies. Watching the second clip I did get a flash back from Scream and I saw a bit of Sidney in Jill and I thought it was ironic for Sidney to point that out.

  55. Hi Zack, probably weekend.

  56. I didn’t think it was a spoiler but it’s cool.. i understand

  57. All HD videos are gone… the account’s been closed.

  58. You need to relink the videos….the user deleted their account.

  59. Thanks, fixed. I’m not happy with the quality of the replacements I sourced – very little of them on YouTube are actually HQ. If anyone finds better quality please let me know. Did I mention we REALLY need a YouTube account so this stuff doesn’t happen?? :)

  60. Would be awesome if someone could rip all these HD videos and upload them for us to download! :D

  61. i know trevor seems like billy loomis but he reminds me more of mickey

  62. Yeah but they’ve got notation popups all over ‘em so not so good. ;)

  63. Aaah! I was under the impression those popups wouldn`t show up when the video was embedded. lol! :D

    Guess we`ll get the real HD ones somehwere any day now =)

  64. For not see the popups, just click the red balloons player ‘-‘

  65. ahh the boyfirend clip. reminded me of sid too. “it never occurd to me that, i never snuck into your bedroom window”

  66. Hahahah Gale is the shit I love her :)

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