Weapons Ready In New Scream 4 Promo Photos

Hero and villain… not quite face to face, but both ready to attack. Two new Scream 4 photos popped up today, one featuring Dewey in Jack Bauer mode and a spirited Ghostface in the other.

Credits: Source 1, Source 2

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14 Responses to “ Weapons Ready In New Scream 4 Promo Photos ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS

  2. I was wondering: is the zombie ghostface mask gonna be used in the movie?

  3. Greatness!

  4. On the left, in the background of the first photo(with Dewey) people seem to be looking at something/someone on the floor. Could Gale be there? Or someone else?

  5. Oh come on April 15th. I don’t think I can wait any longer.
    PS: I saw the first Scream 4 poster on the side of an MTA but here in NYC. Yahoooo.

  6. I Love Hero Dewey :)
    I bet the Glee that Ghostface is exhibiting is because he missed killing people.Lol

  7. I think the zombie ghostface will appear but maybe in the stab movies?

  8. The lighting and colors in the photos from the Stab-O-thon look amazing!

  9. So much news spilling out lately. So exciting.

  10. Dewey is injured, or stabbed/cut in the arm. Looks like somebody is about to be saved by her knight in shining armor.

  11. I’m kind of confused he looks injured, pointing his gun yet people are just standing around?

  12. I agree. He looks really injured. Im hoping they arent looking at a body (because theyshould be running) or are dancing/doing their thing.

    And Boo boo, thats awesome.

  13. Cant wait!!!

  14. He doesn’t look injured to me… It looks me that his one arm is holding onto the ladder that leads to the upper floor, while the other is holding out the gun (duh).

    The redness on his body or arm seems to be reflection of red lights from other surfaces onto him.

    Yeah… that’s what I think anyway.

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