What’s Your Favorite Scary iPhone App?

iPhone users can now download the Scream 4 Voice Mask application on iTunes – following the directions on the application and you too can sound like everyone’s favorite psycho killer. The application masks your voice during each telephone conversation and gives you the option to save each recording for future laughs.  The recordings can be shared on Facebook, email or your home computer.  And if you’re worried about your number popping up on the caller ID, Ghostface has you covered!  Your telephone number will show up as “666.”  Don’t wait any longer – call and stalk your family and friends now!

Note:  The official Scream 4 website still lists the application as “Coming Soon.”  Just head over to iTunes and type in “Scream 4” to get started.

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37 Responses to “ What’s Your Favorite Scary iPhone App? ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I was dissapointed when it said it was compatible with the ipod touch also and it didn’t work. It seems like it should cause it also states that you can record and share without calling anybody. Hope they fix that.

  2. Does anyone know if it will be released on the droid market?

  3. Can’t find it in France! That sucks!

  4. Yeah, I just tried for my iPod Touch and it didn’t work either.

  5. As of right now, it’s only available for iPhone’s.

    I wish they could’ve created a Roger-esque ghostface. The one we got sounded like Shriek, I Know What You Did The Last Friday 13th ghostface haha.

  6. info on the app reads:

    ‘you will need an iPhone because this app places calls. iPod and iPad are not supported.’

    only for the iPhone as of right now.

  7. ]=
    It’s not in the Israeli store either.. \=
    Hope they will publish this app in Israel as well..
    Iv’e been waiting for something like this for years…………

  8. Does anyone think it would work for the blackberry torch?

  9. It doesn’t work that well. It didn’t mask my voice or my sister’s voice enough to be creepy or fun… :\

  10. is it only for iphone? or also for other touchscreen mobile phones like LG gd510? :)

  11. i dont think that things like these disguise your voice things to sound like ghostface will ever be good because that voice is not remakeable it is one of a kind.

  12. It’s pretty terrible, guys. I was really let down. It doesn’t disguise the voice very well and if you use it more than a certain number of times, you then have to pay to “buy minutes” to continue using it. Lame 9000.



  15. Hey I can’t find it in the iTunes store or anything and i Live in America ): somebody helppp!

  16. Jon, I’m having the same problem.

  17. Did you guys try the app called Reaper’s Call? You will find that Scream’s Reaper’s face in the app which is pretty cool!

  18. I am still having trouble finding the Scream 4 Voice App. I am in the US.

  19. can anybody tell me where i can get the scream voice app cant find it in itunes

  20. dont know why i cant find it this sucks

  21. I can’t find it on ITunes and I’m doing it on my iPhone!!!! HELP!!

  22. I think they deleted the app, and are making a new one to earn some money with it.

  23. When will it be back???? I cant find it either

  24. that isnt the ghostface app!! its just some scary voice

  25. you shoud
    ld make an app on the computer to make screams vocie !

  26. does this app work on Australian numbers + this isn’t Avalible on the Australian app store please help ?

  27. Where can I download it for my iPod touch 4 th gen??

  28. Hey ryan When is homework due!?

  29. “What’s your favorite scary movie?”

  30. not what herd its best thing awound

  31. itunes took this app down :/

  32. I wish i could get it. I WANT IT TO BE BACK TO DOWNLOAD!!! Pleeez

  33. Can you get the app on Sony Experia play phones ?
    Where do you get the masks and what season in the UK and how much do they cost?

  34. Booooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  35. I really want to be in scream 4 because it reminds me of going to be in it like right now please do it just for me thanks a lot

  36. your the Last. person. ever see dead

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