Will Scream 4 Bring In The Big Bucks During Its Theatrical Run?

Has Scream’s 11 year absence made the heart grow fonder? Boxoffice.com seems to think so!

The website is predicting Scream 4 will rake in an estimated $50 million on opening weekend and end its run with a total domestic gross of $115 million. If this rings true, Scream 4 will become the highest grossing film in the series, surpassing the original, which currently holds the title with $103 million.

Scream 4 currently sits on a $40 million budget. If the Wes Craven flick makes its money back on opening weekend, expect those Weinsteins to greenlight Scream 5 the following day.

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19 Responses to “ Will Scream 4 Bring In The Big Bucks During Its Theatrical Run? ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Its opening up against RIO, which is a 3D kids film. Thats a good thing. With nothing else for adult audiences to see that weekend, they will all flock to Scream 4.

    However, I’m gonna be conservative and say it’ll probably make somewhere between 30-40 Million opening weekend. That’s still a great number and with the summer films not opening for at least 2-3 weeks, it has plenty of time to make its money.

  2. How accurate do these predictions tend to be?

  3. I hope so! I want a Scream 5 and 6 and I want Williamson back!!!

  4. That would certainly be awesome if it did that well. I think we all know it will do well, but I wasn’t thinking $50 million! That would just be great. Scream 5 would be a sure thing then!

  5. Only time will tell!

  6. We get these sheets at my theater too. I always hear people say they want to see it when im working because we have the teaser in the lobby. Its definately going to make that, if not more.

  7. Scream 4’s box office results will tell us if the franchis is still relevant. $ 115,000,000 ?! It would be amazing but I don’t think Scream 4 will surpass the original. Do you remember that little Fox show…hum…The X-Files ? A worldwide phenomenon in the 90s, a box office loser in 2008, only 6 years after the end of the TV episodes. I really hope Scream will come back in better shape. Anyway, I’ll be first in line on April the 13th ! I’m French, in France the new movies hit theatres on wednesdays.
    See you then, Ghostface !

  8. How accurate is this likely to be? Are BOM usually on the money, so to speak?

  9. 30 days till blast off! I’m going twice opening night and at least once saturday and sunday! Can’t believe it!

  10. Oh, I really hope so! It would be awesome to see Scream 4 making that amount of money… and it’s funny how we, Screamers, are so important for that to happen. I can’t wait till it’s finally released!

  11. I will be going Friday Saturday and Sunday opening weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Count me in for a midnight showing if they have one!!!!!!!!!

  12. This projection is outrageous.

  13. This is AWESOME news. I hope this does happen!

  14. i vote hell yes:)

  15. I think they’re being a little too generous with “Thor,” and as much as I’m looking forward to “Scream 4,” I don’t think it’ll break 100 million. Maybe 90 million.

  16. i thank that scream 4 will make 45 50 million the frist weekend or more

  17. Boxoffice.com has hits and misses when it comes to their predictions. Some days they are off by $5 million; other days it is $20 million. I’m just hoping they are spot on with Scream 4.

  18. BTW, someone recently questions the Weinstein’s decision to release “Scream 4″ one week after their own “Apollo 18″, another horror flick. The answer as to why is simple fiscal responsibility. By having “Apollo 18″ out a week earlier that gives them free publicity by being able to attach the “Scream 4″ trailer onto every print of “Apollo 18″, as opposed to just hoping a cinema will play the “Scream 4″ trailer before whatever other movies get released. They are guaranteed people will see it this way.

    They did with the “Halloween 2″ and “Inglorious Basterds” 2 years back as well.

  19. This film will slash the competition, that is for sure.

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