Wish You Were Here: Trilogy Characters We Wanted To See More Of

In every horror movie there’s always that one character you wanted to live just because you liked seeing them on screen. Whether it was their catchy dialogue, tenacious attitude, or even their relationship with the main character – there’s something about them that you want to explore more. With the amount of bodies Ghostface has piled up over the years, it’s no surprise that there are a few people who have fallen under his (or her, I’m looking at you Mrs. Loomis.) blade that deserved a little more time on the screen…

5) Maureen Prescott
She may not have been alive in any of the movies but she certainly did more than a lot of characters. Sidney’s mother was the genesis of all the problems, dating back to her Hollywood days as cited in Scream 3. I would have loved to see some small parts of her relationship with Sid and her father before her untimely murder. Not only could it have rooted the character a little more in the heart of the series, but also help us feel the betrayal that Sidney felt when she found out the truth of who her mother was.

4) Martha Meeks
This is really just a nitpick about the story of Scream 3 that I had- where did this magical sister come from? How did she know that the gang was in La La Land? I know that the writers basically said they created her as a way to get Jamie Kennedy’s cameo into the movie but I wouldn’t mind her having been mentioned before this point. I don’t even think she would have needed to be seen, just referred to in dialogue.

3) Jennifer Jolie
This one is purely because I thought Parker Posey was hilarious in Scream 3. She was just the right amount of ego and paranoia mixed together to create the perfect victim. While I was fine with her being killed, i just want to have more scenes with her and Gale Weathers.

2) Tatum Riley
Nothing hurts worst than losing your best friend, especially when she’s as kick ass as Rose McGowan. Tatum Riley was my favorite character in Scream and I really would have loved to see her survive and go on to Scream 2. She was feisty and a great contrast of the neutral phlegmatic attitude of Neve Campbell.

1) Cici Cooper
I don’t know what it is, but I love Scream 2‘s Cici Cooper. Not only does she have my favorite kill of the entire series, but Sarah Michelle Geller just shined in this role. I wanted to know more about Cici, I wanted to care about her and see her thrive and live. The two scenes with her had more interest than any of the scenes in Scream 3 with the ‘actor’ characters. If there is one person in the entire original trilogy I wanted more of- it’s Cici Cooper.

There you go. While my emotions ranged from loving their character to just wanting more there for exposition – it still rains true. This list may or may not update after Scream 4 – but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Who did you want to see more of? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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41 Responses to “ Wish You Were Here: Trilogy Characters We Wanted To See More Of ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Steven Stone!

  2. my favorite death in the whole series so far:) RIP Cici Cooper :((

  3. 1.Tatum-put up a good fight with ghostface would have been interesting to have seen her in another chase scene.

  4. Cici Cooper for sure and Parker. I think after Scream 4 itll definately update.

  5. I personally thought Cici’s death was really weak.. I mean the whole phone harassment was awesome… but the second she busted through the door to the balcony.. I knew that it was going to be a little sub-par for me with the whole falling to her death thing.

    One character i wished I saw more of? Randy Meeks of course! (although he had a fair amount of screen time)I think that had he lived to be in Scream 3… it would of made it a little more fun. I also really liked Mickey and wished he had more time on screen… and Cotton. :)

  6. I agree with Tatum and CiCi, I would have loved for them both to live, maybe even have had Tatum die the way Dewey almost did in Scream 2 and CiCi be the opening kill for Scream 3. Jennifer just died in a way that was unfitting her character, she should have gone with a fight, not depending on Dewey’s lesser intellect to tell him to shoot the MOVING mirror…..god I hated that scene….

  7. Martha Meeks was a little out of left field. They could have easily just have some package arrive with the tape inside from some unknown person or something.

    I wish Jennifer had a much more terrifying death scene. I did like seeing Sister Lewis and Sister Murphy. They were fun. I would have liked to see a little more of them.

  8. So sick of the Cici brigade, it’s just cause it’s SMG & SMG was Buffy.

  9. I really liked Hallie. She just seemed kinda like a wasted character to me but I lover her and wad sad to see her go (tho her death sucked)

  10. Why didn’t Kevin Williamson kill off sorority sister’s Lois (Rebecca Gayheart) and Murphy (Portia de Rossi) in Scream 2? I always wondered this because they would have made for great death scenes and a larger body count.

  11. Love this post btw. I agree that Cici Cooper was excellent in Scream 2. I loved the “When a Stranger Calls” take on her scene.

    And Tatum O’Reilly is the best part of the first Scream. Every time I watch it, I still make myself believe that this time Tatum will get out of the garage and back into the house party for help … even though I know she doesn’t. Wishful thinking.

  12. I agree about Cici and Tatum. They had my two favorite deaths but probably because I cared most for them than any of the other victims. I couldn`t care any less about the victims in Scream 3 though. And I was glad to see Jennifer being removed from the cast list, lol. Imagine HER being in Scream 4! Don`t think she would fit in there.

    And I would love to see more of Maureen Prescott! Would be awesome if the one day made a Scream Prequel!

  13. Take out Martha! Put in Sarah Darling!

  14. I wish Tatum would have lived and replaced Hallie in Scream 2. Not sure if she would’ve been such a big sorority pusher though.

  15. 5.)Jennifer Jolie
    4.)Neil Prescott
    3.)Detective Kincaid
    2.)Martha Meeks
    1.) Haille

    That’s my top 5. I think Martha, Kincaid, and Neil should be a necesity tho.

  16. CiCi all the way…Maybe it was all SMG but I don’t care, she was really cool!

    And I agree with the poster above about Sister Murphy & Lois. They would have made a great double kill scene a la Maureen & Phil~

  17. Tatum was a great character, but her death scene was awesome, and that’s kind of what these stalk and slash movies are about. Would I trade in that scene for a sequel with Tatum? Hell nah, that garage door head smoosh was a punch in the guts and really adds to the horror during the final act. You can’t have a horror movie without the horror and the fact that we care about the victims is what elevates scream above it’s frankly boring slasher brethren.

    CiCi was a cool character, but I wouldn’t want her to survive for the same reason as above. For me though, Cici’s death scene felt a bit rushed. Her actual death was pretty good, the suspense on the phone was pretty good, but the thrill is in the chase and that was cut short here.

    I agree about more Maureen back story. A tasteful but not too saccharine flashback or two. Though I could certainly have done without the ill conceived appearance in scream 3.

    Martha has no place in this list. She was a means to an end.

    Jen Jolie was the new character I liked from the scream 3, and frankly her death was boring and unworthy of her. She might as well have survived all the effect of that goofy two-way mirror scene.

    How about an article on characters who survived that you wish hadn’t? Kincaid is at the top of mine.

  18. Wow, Martha Meeks? I had more than enough of her in her brief appearance.

  19. I agree with four of your choices (I don’t care about Martha Meeks) although I would’ve put Tatum in #1 because Rose McGowan is a goddess.
    Why Cici ? Of course because it’s Sarah Michelle Gellar, but it’s got nothing to do with Buffy, just the fact that Gellar was perfect in that part.
    Parker Posey/Jennifer Jolie is one of the best element not only of Scream 3, but of the whole franchise.
    Finally, I think it’s interesting that your 5 characters are female. I also tend to like female characters more than male characters, being in a movie or a TV show.

  20. STUE!!!!!

  21. @glen Man great point on the sorority sister’s! I never even thought to use them as fodder!

  22. Cotton Weary
    By the end of Scream 2,I LOVED Cotton…..annoyed the hell out of me when they made him(and Christine) the opening kills.
    Along with everyone on the original list :)

  23. For mi it’s definitely Tatum !

  24. I think cici’s death was so fun because for starters its one where your kind of more following ghostface, you see him enter, sneak around her, you kinda get into how ghostface plays with her, right up to that perfect bit when she’s thrown and the music comes on perfectly to get you pumped as ghostface stares and wipes his knife. It all just works!
    But the best death is Randy’s because i loved that character so such that on repeat viewings i found it really hard to see him die.

  25. Seriously? SYDNEY? On *this* site?

  26. Our apologies rick. Corrected.

  27. Just a suggestion – you might wanna take Rick’s comment off, too, because it makes reference to what was clearly said before and removed. I’m choosing not to believe everything I read in an effort to go as unspoiled as possible into Scream4 … but that’s a biggie!

    I know it’s a terribly difficult job and I appreciate how diligently you work to keep fans informed and as spoiled/unspoiled as each person chooses to be. :)

  28. This is what I love about Scream. Like how Lois and Murphy didn’t die. They don’t kill off characters just for the cheap thrill. You actually care about a majority of the victims.

  29. Definitely, I wish I saw more Cici and Tatum, they are my favorites! As someone already said, I wish Tatum would have lived and replaced Hallie in Scream 2. Despite the death scene of Cici have been tense, I wanted a chase scene so distressing as that of Helen in I Know What You Did Last Summer – after so much struggle to survive in that scene, you get pissed off when it dies :(

    I guess I’m one of the few who don’t like Jennifer Joley. She can be funny, Parkey Posey be cool, but definitely this character not fits into the genre of the franchise (at least in the first two movies). She is too caricature, too funny, too exaggerated. Like Ghostface said in the Scream 4 #1 TV spot: ‘This isn’t a comedy, it’s a horror movie!’

    Detective Kincaid could return in Scream 4, I love Patrick Dempsey :P

    And you forgot one very important: Casey Becker. Ok, I know she’s perfect as the opening death of the franchise, but I wish I saw more of her relationship with Sidney in college, would have been interesting :D

  30. Don’t hate on Cici… I love her scene it’s so suspenseful! When the killer gets her it’s over in a matter of seconds, but that’s what I love about it, the way she falls through the window is very realistic and her drop from the house too. It’s so dramatic!

    Although I didn’t really understand the whole ‘let’s put an upbeat song’ after every deathscene…

  31. I thought Tatum was awesome! She seemed more like a friend to Sidney than Sidney did to her. She was funny. She fought the best she could. I would have loved for her to have survived and been in the other sequels.

  32. Dear why_man75, I’m not sure where you’re getting a spoiler vibe from. It was merely a spelling issue rick brought up.

  33. I really liked Tatum and I did not mind them killing her off in the first movie, but I would have really liked if they would have mentioned her in the previous movies. Hopefully they will mention her in Scream 4. As for Cici I think SMG should of had a bigger role in the movie and maybe survive and come back to killed off in the opening of 3, but I still hope that footage of her will surface some day. And Parker Posey should have never died she is probably the only one that saved Scream 3 from being completely horrible, but too bad.

  34. I definitely wanted to see more Hallie. I loved her. I was hurt when she was killed.

  35. I really wanted Hallie (Sid’s roommate in Scream 2) to live. She got killed because of Sid! I loved her!! And to think, she almost made it through Scream 2.

  36. @ francisco

    Gale mentioned Tatum just before Randy’s death in Scream 2, when she makes a list of the killing of the 1st movie (and she mentioned Tatum 1st !). And in Scream 3, the stupid Jennifer’s bodyguard refers to her as Dewey’s little sister just before being offed by the killer.

  37. I totally agree that these characters – minus Martha who was just irritating as hell – were probably the most interesting characters that died, and would have been great to see more of. BUT, what makes them so epic is that they were all victims. Imagine none of these chaacters had died – we wouldn’t have their legendary death scenes to look back on. And part of the Scream appeal is the epic death scenes.
    Imagine Scream without Tatum and the garage. Imagine Scream 2 without Cici’s “phone call kill” which mirrored Casey Becker’s. I know this article talks about seeing more of the characters, but the article and its comments also says how it would have been nice to see Tatum go on to Scream 2, or have Cici as the opening death of Scream 3. I don’t understand this because if that was the case, these people wouldn’t have died originally and therefore those films would LACK Tatum/Cici/Jennifer deaths, and therefore be less great!

    It also seems a trend in the comments that Martha is ill-placed on this list. I agree – and what’s interesting is that she COULD come back if they wanted her to. She is the only one on this list that didn’t feature in a famous death scene. Which again brings me back to my point that the reason we loved these characters so much was BECAUSE they died.

  38. Tatum!!

    My god she was amazing. her personalty to her clothes. Everything about her was great.

    Cici-Cause I love SMG

  39. I just love Cici, and her death scene was one of the most brutal in the entire saga. It was sad, too. I would really like to see more of her before that happened. =/

  40. I always enjoy the bathroom scene in the first Scream. Leonora Scelfo played the cheerleader and it would have been cool to see more of her in the movie. Jenny McCarthy also should have had a little more screen time in my opinion.

  41. I agree with a lot of what you said but me being at least considered a #1 fan in the range of top 10 #1 fans of the franchise I say as much as we all were pretty satisfied with his passing we should all agree on Randy being #1 in this whole list. Randy was such a complex caracher that we could not get enough of. At lease let him survive till Scream 3 or be a future killer is one of any real fans wish. #2 is of course the amazing Tatum. As much as I go back and kind of find her to be a crued person I’ve also seen the great side of Tatum and I bet had she survived her first fight with ghostfae she’d be more the wonderful person she was and made sure that her family would not have to worry about ghostface, even though I could imagine her becoming mellow Tatum and being a great person yet coming to face with a possible interaction with ghostface again getting afraid even after being so tough. I say even if that were to happen it would of made a great food for thught. Plus her death was the fakest and Blone death of them all I know that may of been the point but it was a slap in the face to me. I was more satisfided at the idea of letting all know that the reason she died that way was because Ghostface(AKA Stu) really knew he couldn’t kill her in a real fight because had he made one slip and she found out it was him which really wasn’t that mysterious she would of murded him worse than Billy did to Casey. #3 -just because- would have to be Hallie. She was the black Tatum I loved -a sister from another mother. Sure I knew her time should have come when it did but the way was just to dumb for her. From the way she couldn’t do anythng to the sounds that were made it was one of my most least favorite death scenes. It also would of made good sense to make her Scream 3’s opening because it would of meant she survived the Tatum curse and Maureens Thesis on the movie would of been blown to smitheries with a great gal like Hallie surviving a majority white movie. Plus I’m sure Gale and Dewey would of had much fun with her. #4 would have to be Derek because this was an awsome role for Jerry O’Connel and to see the chemistry between him an Sid in 3 would of been good. I wouldn’t want him to last just till the end of the opening or the second kill in 3. I know it’s a weird consept but I could of done with just a little bit more time with him. #5 Marueen Evans. Why? because Jada Pinkette-Smith would of actually made Scream 2 even more perfect than it was. Just Imagine for the first time in the series when we think some ones dead they survive. She passes out in the theater fom too much blood loss but the hospital revives her and she comes to get to know what the hell just happen and she is looking for a little revenge so she goes looking for a ghost. It just would of been classical.
    I have to add a #6 because I wanted to put him on the list but he fell to 6 #6 would be Tyson Fox because Tyson was so funny and was THE Randy of Scream 3 he tottaly should of seen his own death coming. He was not like any other black character in the series. He wanted to stand his ground and he was brave. I would of loved to of seen him just be killed in the begining of Scream 4 but I know that would of put the scene a little more less likable.
    I also would of liked to seen what had happened to Kinkaids partner. He was so funny in Scream 3 with the dry comedy was classical and yet he din’t get the time he deserved.
    As much s I liked Kinkaid I’m fine with Dempsy not going on but they should of made him first kill in Scream 4 like they did with Cotton. I agree we could of seen more Cotton but he seemed a little too conceeded. As for Cici she would be my #7 I loved her and yet hater her death scene but her part was just meant as a cameo and nothing more. I mean we really didn’t know anything about her at all. We knew more about Maureen than her. The only way I would of really wanted her was if she was Randy’s GF which would of made an even greater reason to keep her and Randy.

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