You’re Invited To The LA Premiere Screening of A&E Scream Documentary

The Big Bear Horror-Film Festival presents: the LA Screening of Inside Story: Scream (alternatively titled Scream: The Inside Story). One day before the anticipated documentary will air on US TV screens, the chance exists to see it in a public venue with other Scream fans – something rarely afforded to television airings.

In attendance will be the trio of director/producer Dan Farrands, writer/producer Thommy Hutson, and producer Lito Velasco who will all be open to questions.

The event is open to the public but we’ve been told it’s a case of first come, first serve so we advise attendees get in early.

Where & When:
The Bungalow Club
7174 Melrose Ave
Tuesday, April 5 ยท 7:30pm – 11:00pm 

Visit the Event notice on Facebook any late-breaking details on the premiere.
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4 Responses to “ You’re Invited To The LA Premiere Screening of A&E Scream Documentary ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Won’t be in town that day, I hope someone will ul this to YT!

  2. I’d LOVE to go

  3. So going it should be awsome

  4. Looking forward to meeting many of my fellow SCREAMers there!

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