A Better Look: Sherrie and Trudie (HQ Video)

We frequently update older video-based articles when better sources become available, but this isn’t always apparent to those outside our Twitter stream. So here’s a gentle nudge for a reasonably high quality copy of Scream 4 movie clip #5 featuring Sherrie & Trudie discussing Tatum (not Riley). Roll clip!

We also recently posted a HD copy of the extended (but still butchered) movie clip #4 with Aimee Teegarden. Who will be in the next released clip…?

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16 Responses to “ A Better Look: Sherrie and Trudie (HQ Video) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. So this is how the dialog really go!

  2. I love her reaction. “Its for you” hahahah

  3. I can’t believe she just hands the phone over after hearing that?Lol
    I’m really looking forward to these scenes.

  4. Love this scene. The writing is just so fluid. Not at all forced. And FUNNY too.

  5. “You hang up on me and I’ll cut through your neck untill I feel bone!!!”

    Ghostface is so angry in this one lol

  6. Wow i can’t imagine scream being more brutal than the first three, but i’m a sucker for lots of blood.i’ve just noticed that scream is like a sorority movie. Pretty much scream is about stalking the girls and not the guys.

  7. Loving the satire in this clip.

  8. OK that has to be the last clip I watch until the film is released. Midnight Screening here I come!!!!!!!!!

  9. i think ghostface is super mad because he or she has missed out trying to kill sidney dewy and gale and other people in the last 10 years

  10. eat me ill cut through your neck until i feel bone who is it its for you o m g lucy hale is so funny

  11. I’m gonna guess that its a scene from “Stab”. Mainly becuz Shenae Grimes is using a sidekick. lol. But, ya never know…

    Oh and that’s not the final music score, is it? :'(

  12. @JavonMcG I think it was added to show it’s a horror movie. He mentioned that when the first 3 clips were released.

  13. I’m really thinking this is “Stab”. The music is almost comical and Ghostface’s voice doesn’t sound right – it sounds more exagerrated. But who cares, still awesome!

  14. My guess is that this sean is the opening but it’s a stab movie and when they both die it’s going to show two other girls on a couch( anna and kristen). But in order for this to work the lucy hale sean has to be rushed because every opening kill in the last three movie were 15 minuets. Mabey the opening will be at least 25 min.

  15. What is the name of the phone that Trudie is using?

  16. You get new terms all the time. Words like hip pop, pop rock, techno-pop and country pop.

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