Anna Paquin & Kristen Bell in New Scream 4 Clip

The latest Scream 4 clip shows more of the Kristen Bell & Anna Paquin cameos then ever before – just enough to give a taste of things to come! “It could really happen…”

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26 Responses to “ Anna Paquin & Kristen Bell in New Scream 4 Clip ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Seriously Kristin can do no wrong she can act no matter what the roll but god that scene freaks me out so much other then that they have gud chemistry together, it doesnt seem forced like some scenes from previous Scream movies…..

  2. waaaaaaw that’s soo cool i can’t wait to see what happened next ” i won’t any spoilers guys please “

  3. Really? It seems way too plain for me. I’ll have to see it in context of the film, but ya, it seems very bland.

  4. It’s so obvious that Lucy Hale and Shenae Grimes are the Stab girls.

  5. @ Ava – i agree with you. At first I thought that lucy hale and shenae grimes are girls in a movie thats being watched by kristen and anna and that kristen and anna are girls in a stab movie thats being watched bei brittany and aimee, but when kristen is talking about the movie “stab” i realized that they can’t be in a “stab”-movie and so can’t being watched by aimee and brittany ^^

  6. we’ll see how it is playing out in the movie :)

  7. im a mobile user,direct link please:)

  8. Anna and Kristen are a perfect duo, this scene is gonna be great.

  9. Could I get a direct link? I’m a mobile user.

  10. Yes, I’m mobile too. Link please.

  11. I always liked Kristen Bell & Anna Paquin. Now I love them. Can’t wait for Friday.

  12. Don’t look at the comments there is a possible spoiler.

  13. Just search YouTube Kristen bell on jay Leno it should be the first one

  14. i think they could be in a stab movie and talking about the stab franchise at the same time. stab 3 was subtitled hollywood horror so someone must have made a movie about the events of the first stab movie thus creating a franchise within a franchise.

  15. is scream 4 in france today premiere? or 15.april?

  16. This is ridiculous. Now we know who are the Stab girls.


  17. Anna’s syncing seemed a little off. But Kristen’s was fine.

  18. Ohhh I saw it already!!!! And I loved that!

  19. Lucy and Shenae are from Stab because in their clip released they are talking about Shenaes facebook stalker. And thats what they talk about in the beginning of this clip..

  20. There’s still room for a surprise in spite of the information revealed in this clip. Trust me on that one! ;)

  21. Awesome clip i like it a lot. But why would you watch the clip if you don’t want know anything until you see the movie lol yes there is a little spoiler but come on its not really a big deal at all and its a no brainer if you don’t want to anything then don’t watch the clips lol

  22. *know anything* lol

  23. I met Anna Paquin & Kristen Bell at the premiere on monday!!! They were so sweet and beautiful!!! I wanna post my pictures but i dont know where to!

  24. I don’t get how it’s plain, what do you want from two girls just sitting watching a film? Perfectly played by both of them, not over-acted and the timing of the can opening is brilliant.

  25. If you play close attn, you can see Kristen’s character getting a knife from the table, and carefully checking it before Anna’s character gets back from getting a soda. ;)

    I saw those little gestures even before I went to see the film itself. It’s nice to have those little clues!!

  26. @Rique and others

    So many people assume that just because Lucy and Shenae play Stab girls, others can’t play Stab characters, also.

    That’s how the Scream Team gets ya!!

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