Character List For Scream 4

Read the roster of character names as they appear in the Scream 4 film credits. It’s true the list in order of appearance is already “out there”, but we’ve arranged them alphabetically by actor name so as not to spoil plot events like the opening scene.

Anthony Anderson – Deputy Perkins
David Arquette – Dewey Riley
Kristen Bell - Chloe
Justin Brandt – Film Geek
Alison Brie – Rebecca Walters
Adam Brody – Deputy Hoss
Neve Campbell – Sidney Prescott
Courteney Cox - Gale Weathers-Riley
Rory Culkin – Charlie Walker
Dane Farwell – Ghostface
Shenae Grimes – Trudie
Lucy Hale – Sherrie
Roger Jackson – “The Voice”
Marielle Jaffe - Olivia Morris
Erik Knudsen - Robbie Mercer
Mary McDonnell – Kate Roberts
Gordon Michaels – Deputy Jenkins
Nancy O’Dell – TV Host
Hayden Panettiere – Kirby Reed
Anna Paquin – Rachel
Emma Roberts – Jill Roberts
Brittany Robertson – Marnie Cooper
Marley Shelton – Deputy Judy Hicks
Aimee Teegarden – Jenny Randall
Nico Tortorella – Trevor Sheldon

Yes, Ghostface has a credit in the cast list now. All we can say is, it’s about time.

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17 Responses to “ Character List For Scream 4 ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Awesome!
    Interesting that Marnie’s surname is ‘Cooper’.

  2. Deputy Judy Hicks huh… She is The only deputy but Dewey having the first name on the list… (she probably has a bigger part then the others deputies) She knew Sidney from High School, she looks like a good suspect :-)

  3. The characters without a last name are most likely characters in the Stab films.

  4. AGH! I so wanna see “order of appearance” version lol.

  5. Oh and I’m not sure if this comment is spoilery or not, but if you dont want to see it in order of appearance stay away from IMDb. Well at least I think its in order of appearance over there, I’m not quite sure.

  6. Doh! I shouldn’t have looked at the IMDB cast list. There’s at least one obvious “mystery guest” spoiler (a character who appeared briefly in the sequel) and possibly a character who is related to one of the original opening victims from Scream. Does anyone know how reliable IMDB is with information? Is it like Wikipedia where anyone can alter the contents, or are they more strict?

  7. Thanks for responding to my question! This site rocks.

  8. I am not 100% sure but there looks to be a name in the credits on IMDB that gives away a nice surprise. Not a spoiler really but probably better to wait till youv’e seen the movie once.Just a heads up for the true fans that have the patience to wait for the film.

  9. I’m not sure I wanted to see this. My own fault for reading it, but now I know that there aren’t any surprises. The only character I’d not heard of is Deputy Jenkins, and I didn’t know Chloe or Rachel’s names, so that’s cool, but at the same time I now know that no-one else is in it. Although this can’t be right, surely, the news anchor isn’t credited here and we know she’s in it in the trailer, so maybe there will still be some new faces…

  10. @Hypnosis

    We’re clearly thinking the same thing.
    Lets hope it’s true…it was something I’d been looking forward too.

  11. Hmmm… I saw the list on IMDB long ago; however, after seeing it on this website as well, now I feel confident to say Aimee is playing Jenny.

  12. Marnie Cooper!
    Maybe she’s CiCi’s sister? Brittany looks like Sarah!

  13. I finally looked. And it’s not too surprising… @danstheman: that’s what I feel too. just another tidbit making it more obvious

  14. So i think that “mystery guest” at the bottom of the list isnt actually in the movie cuz she wouldnt be playong who shes listed as… i think its cuz they show her in stab at the stabothon

  15. I meant on the imdb list and also wit Marnie Cooper and Jenny Randall… i think thy are being killed for their names like maureen and phil in the beginning of number 2… Marnie for Cici and Jenny for Randy (im pretty sure his real name is Randall, like her last name) also randy dies right after cici in the movie…. so it seems plausable

  16. Scream 4 movie tv tonight

  17. they should make dewey the new killer

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