Cut To The Chase in New Scream 4 Clip (HQ)

Fresh from Emma Roberts on Leno this evening (and hopefully we’ll have video of that shortly) comes the latest Scream 4 clip which cuts no corners on action. Yes, the classic staircase chase is back!


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57 Responses to “ Cut To The Chase in New Scream 4 Clip (HQ) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Amazing.

  2. Now I am even more excited than I already was, this clip was fantastic, reminded me so much of the original, this movie is not going to disappoint, one week left, aghhh !!!!

  3. Where did kirby go?

  4. Shit yesssss!!!!

  5. I will say…I’m glad that they’re leaking footage from all the same scenes, once this scene is over it is pretty much all NEW for us from that point on. LOL.

  6. That was the shit! Love it, best chase scene ever!

  7. Kirby ran straight across while Sidney and Jill ran up the stairs.

  8. Well, well, well Sidney tells her to get under the bed & if i was Kirby i would be heading for the next town.

  9. I’m loving these new and different shots Wes is filming GF.

    Like from far below – looking up…

  10. Awesome
    I suspect this leads to Ghostface & Sidney meeting on the roof.

  11. so sidney tells jill to get under the bed…hmmm….

  12. I was just reeborn after watching that. Lol. Sidney’s kick kinda looked fake to me but GREAT scene overall. I am “dying” to see this movie!

  13. I just creamed my pants.

  14. Wow, that was fantastic. Just fantastic.

  15. Oh, yeah. I noticed the picture still of Jill, Kirby, and Sidney all looking shocked as they stare at something out of view comes from the start of this. Nice.

  16. Oh man! I just watched that 4 times in a row! awesomeee

  17. As usual here is the clip ripped from the show! Enjoy :)

  18. sidney’s kick seems…over the top…

    she gained supernatural powers? is this part of the new rules?

  19. Sidney’s back at it again!

  20. Thanks for HQ, added.

  21. I fear Kirby’s demise in this clip simply because she split from Jill and Sidney leaving her more vulnerable. I hope she doesn’t die.

  22. Love seeing Emma and Neve together. This video was awesomeness to the max.

  23. Sidney and Jill fighting off ghostface together. Now that’s real awesome seeing Older Generation lead and New generation lead together.

  24. 1. Wow… these promo are practically giving the movie away. But I am so glad to be seeing this online RIGHT NOW. Can’t wait till 4/14 (early release date for overseas.)

    2. Somehow, I find Ghostface’s grab on Sidney and her kick not so believable. If I was Ghostface, I would’ve stabbed her right there and then. But great action nonetheless. I am sure it will be super great to watch on the big screen with loud stereo system.

  25. Why do people keep saying that there giving away the whole movie when all they have released is a few 30 second clips and a few 30 second tv spots which adds up to only like 5 actual minutes out of the movie which is about 1 hour and 45 minutes long. Lol thats not giving hardly anything away, I think some of you guys are going way over the top with the spoiler stuff lol. This is one of my favorite clips thus far its awesome.

  26. LOVE this clip. A few questions though, what does Sidney say to Jill after “it’s 2 stories,” and what does Jill give to her? I rewound several times but I’m still not hearing the audio clearly.

  27. That was one powerful kick

  28. If you look at Jill’s face when she opens the glass door it look like she’s waiting for the killer to come in, and she’s just pretending to be a victim in front of Sidney. Suspect?

  29. wtf (I am not sure if we can cuss on this thing here but if we can’t you know what I am saying) that was intense, SCREAM 4 is almost here and if this 30 second clip can make me nearly pee my pants and no one is dying in this clip. I will be the manly black guy with the gurly scream in the back, look out for me. BEST CLIP THEY HAVE RELEASED SO FAR. (no meant to be a spoiler) what happen to Kirby when they all went upstairs? (just a question)

  30. If Kirby A) does not run out that house after Ghostface goes upstairs, B) is killed after this scene because she is still in the house hiding then I will be seriously dissappointed (unless she is the killer)

  31. I think Ghostface grabbed Sidney because maybe, it is not time for her to die yet, maybe he just wants to knock her out or something because her death would be so epic!!!!!!!!! I feel like whomever the killer(s) is they want to really enjoy that moment.(remember the clip with Sidney talking to the killer on the phone) Stabbing her as she walks up the stairs seems a little too easy, though it would have made the scene more intense if she was stabbed. The kick was a little “Wonder Woman” like but don’t judge a whole movie or even this 30second clip on that alone. The kicking down of the door makes up for that weak kick anyways.

  32. OMG OMG OMG!!!! AWESOME!!!!! Man, that just gave me the willies. Can’t wait until next Friday.

  33. Enough with this kick complaining. Sidney clearly has some serious self defense skills at this point and knows kicking someone in the lower leg will make them lose their balance hardcore. It’s not fake, it’s smart.

  34. Ghostface dropped like a fucking rock. O_O

  35. @ Victor

    Jill gives a telephone to Sydney.

  36. So THATS how she hides under the bed, sid sacrifices herself as bait! Anyway, kirby is pretty suspicious just dissapearing.

  37. so I’m in love with this clip

  38. Looks Awesome! Can’t wait for Scream 4!

  39. Hiding under the bed is a bad idea!

  40. this is not a spoiler, just an assumption.
    i think Kirby ran to a closet, and thats where the “name the remake” scene will take place.

  41. It’s not the kick that makes him go flying….What happens is she kicks him and his own momentum works against him and he slides down the stairs because he loses his balance.

  42. Waaaaaazzzzzzzzuuuuuppppp

  43. OMG :] so they released another clip on Jay Leno and like its kinda spoilery… but we seen it coming :p

  44. im excited for this movie and this scene is making it even better for me but sidney’s kick is annoying me! and like in a scene that was released a while ago (angel of death) they messed up with sidney and the voice over! whats going on??? i feel like its rushed

  45. wicked-scribe if i may ask, what do you feel about this?

  46. This scene isn’t spoilery at all. I mean after all its the same scene they show behind the scenes on Entertainment Tonight back in October.

  47. Jake I think all these clips are “edited for television” to fit maximum action into very short amounts of time. But on the big screen with surround sound? We’ll feel that kick.

  48. Now she’s stuck there!

  49. Sidney’s kick was very weak but too much strong at the same time…Looks like Fake!

  50. I found the line “It’s two stories!” to be really funny… It’s like… Duh, you just ran up the stairs. lol

  51. okay thanks alot wicked-scribe i know what you mean. cnt wait to see it!!!

  52. HAHA @CJ, that made me laugh so much, I didnt even realise how silly Sids comment was. Love it!

  53. @ CJ and Matty-G, i’m frech and i don’t understand what makes you laugh ? does someone writte the whole dialogue please ?
    D-2 for french !! this is gonna be epic, i’m sure of that !

  54. What I’m really digging in the new film is that, based upon this clip, Sidney finally has family support.

  55. this chase scene was superb; every movie clip i see from Scream 4 makes me wanna see the movie more and more

  56. This is a great chase scene also there are a couple of clues to the identity of Ghostface in this scene if you pay close attention.

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