Death From Above in New Scream 4 TV Spot

Our TV Spot scooper Charlie dropped us in the latest video which has at least two new standout shots: Marnie (Brittany Robertson) opening a cupboard and Ghostface dropping onto Rebecca’s (Alison Brie) vehicle. He’s not playing around anymore!





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26 Responses to “ Death From Above in New Scream 4 TV Spot ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Video doesn’t work >:(

  2. Awesome! Love the new clips. How the opening will play out is still a mystery to me…

  3. Is it me or does something about that cupboard scene seem very Stabish, i dont think it is from a stab from other things but still, if thats not stab that jump seems pretty weak in the acting department.

  4. I love everything about Scream and all but I believe that they should have released the recent tv spots like these instead of the first one that they put out because my friends judged the movie on the preview and said it looked like crap. I was highly offended. I just believe that these tv spots should have come before the first one. :/

  5. Sidney :/

  6. I love it…..haha.

  7. AMAZING! One of the best tv spots yet, by far.

  8. Best ONE yet!!! Im loving Olivia

  9. just seen this one

  10. New Brittany shot, new Olivia (on the phone, sortof), new Hayden, new Sidney, longer Aimee getting dragged and ofc Alison..

  11. i think kristen bell will die in the opening scene along with the other blonde girl

  12. Best TV promo yet, I don’t understand. How did the person know that the tv spot was going to come on at this time on TBS right then and their? Is their a website that says, hey Scream 4 tv spot on TBS tonight during Seinfeld.

  13. I think Britt and Aimee’s parts will be fine. Britt’s scream from the first trailer was… brilliant. It was phenomenal, if they don’t keep it in the film I’m going to be pissed.

  14. I love how people have already fell in love with some of the Scream 4 characters and we don’t even know that much about them other than a few 30second spots. I understand loving the actors but you don’t know if Olivia or Kirby are going to use Sidney as a human shield to save their own butts. I know some of you would not like them if you knew that is what they were going to do.

  15. O.M.G im major ticked off as yet again my post wasnt put up wicked scribe????? Why the hell not, it took me ages to write that and dont say it was because their was spoiler talk in it as i was only pointing out what i thought from the clips. Can you please post it??

  16. We have seen different scenes of many of the new characters in the movie Jill, Kirby, Trevor, Rebecca, and the six actresses that have the cameos at the beginnig of the movie. But I’ve noticed there’s hardly been anything on Marley Shelton (Judy Hicks) and Rory Culkin (Charlie) as far as the new clips and tv spots. (I know that the character of Charlie appeared in one of the clips but other than that there’s really nothing more about him)

  17. just saw a newer one on sports center and it is awesome probably my favorite hope it gets posted

  18. Lovett, no one asked for your smart mouth comment. Thank you bye.

  19. is it just me, or is at 0:25, aimee not getting pulled by ghostface? maybe someone who heard the screaming?

  20. I love it but I wish they would just stop showing the fountain scene when in fact its not in the movie. False advertisement.

  21. I don’t see anything new but the fact that Marnie was opening a cupboard. I think they gave enough already by the previous clips. We have less than 10 days to wait so i don’t think they should be giving us anymore info. They gave us enough.

  22. @Lovett Uduebor they have dish were they can rewind

  23. @john036 i see what you mean, you can see the hands of the person who’s dragging her and they seem to be wearing jeans…Interesting :)

  24. I just filmed a brand new TV spot during Late Night with Jimmy Fallon; there’s quite a bit of new footage including a bloodied Ghostface hovering over Britt Robertson and Dewey running down a dark hallway!

    sorry, I know the quality sucks, but I wanted to get this uploaded ASAP for everyone to enjoy!

  25. Jill under the bed – The shot is changed in this tv spot.

  26. yeah i said the same thing when i first saw her being dragged that it looked liked someone other than ghostface was pulling her….and to the person who doesn’t know how the person who recorded this knew that it was coming on during seinfeld; they didn’t, it’s something called tivo or direct tv that lets you rewind live tv….

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