Don’t Forget To Set The Alarm… For Wednesday 8PM

Inside Story: Scream, airing 8PM Wednesday on the BIO Channel, will present an interview with the mystery man of Scream – Roger Jackson, the phone voice of Ghostface – or “Man’s Voice” as originally designated in the screenplays. Some of you may have seen Jackson’s mug before (this week, even) but to see him speaking at length – cloaked in shadow – should be a treat. Will he demonstrate “the voice” in-person?

After the weekend, Scream-Trilogy will publish a roundtable interview with the creative team behind Inside Story: Scream.

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8 Responses to “ Don’t Forget To Set The Alarm… For Wednesday 8PM ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Well, i’m not sure if you guys have seen this picture before, but i found it on the web. Its Roger Jackson in a behind the scenes on a Powerpuff Girl DVD. Enjoy.

  2. He’s Mojo Jojo? That makes him even cooler.

  3. This must be the original part

  4. Pleas someone Youtube this special. :) I have A & E , but not the Bio channel.

  5. As if I don’t have the BIO channel…this sucks, because I really wanted to see this special. :(

    Hopefully it’ll be repeated on A&E, but I don’t think that’s likely.

  6. is it on in the U.K because i cant find it on the bio channle

  7. does anyone know if it is on in the U.K bcause i cant find it on the Bio chanle :)

  8. Is this that “Still Screaming” documentary, or a different one?

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