Early Box Office Report: Scream 4 (Update #3)

Update #3: Deadline are reporting Scream 4‘s Saturday take as $7Million, which is one under Friday’s $8M, and $19.5M is now the weekend estimate. Hopefully it reaches 20.

Update #2: Zap2It report Scream 4‘s opening day take as 8 million, #2 behind Rio the talking bird movie. “Scream 4,” meanwhile, was a bit of a disappointment on its opening day. The latest installment in Wes Craven’s meta-horror series made $8 million to finish in second — not a bad start, but lower than what most box-office watchers were expecting. It’s expected to make in the neighborhood of $20 million for the weekend, which would put it well behind the openings of both 1997’s “Scream 2″ ($32.9 million) and 2000’s “Scream 3″ ($34.7 million).

Update #1: Deadline’s Nikki Finke has edited her optimistic article with an abrupt flip flop towards the negative – now saying “Before Scream 4 was released this weekend, tracking indicated an opening in the mid- to high $20sM for this 4th film in the Scream franchise which comes 11  years after the 3rd film. But based on Friday’s grosses and weekend modeling, it may not be able to move past even the lower end of predictions.”

“…Maybe the entire franchise should have been reworked. The result is that Scream as a franchise has just a little life left in it even though the Weinsteins kept insisting for the past year that it had a lot.” -11PM

If you haven’t already, get out there and see Scream 4 – if you already have, there’s nothing like a second viewing! Take your friends! Let’s make this a success!

Original Article

Ghostface and Co. are still a force to be reckoned with in the box office! Deadline’s Nikki Finke is reporting that Scream 4 is currently overperforming in the box office for the #2 spot! The fourth installment in the horror franchise was expected to pull in $20-25 million for the weekend.

Scream 4 is [an] overperformer, looking to move past its low- and even mid-$20sM predictions for the weekend to probably reach $30M. The Miramax/Dimension/Weinstein Co’s 15-year-old Scream franchise kept the formula that made it so popular in the first place — including producer/director Wes Craven, screenwriter Kevin Williamson who bailed mid-production because of Weinstein meddling, and original castmembers Courteney Cox, David Arquette, and Neve Campbell — then added Hayden Panettiere and Emma Roberts (Julia’s niece and Eric’s daughter). The result is that Scream 4 still has plenty of life in it in those 3,305 theaters.

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92 Responses to “ Early Box Office Report: Scream 4 (Update #3) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Holy shit! BRING ON SCREAM 5 AND SCREAM 6!

  2. Is this a sign that scream 4 is only the beginning. scream 2nd trilogy is almost confirmed

  3. What happened to the low $50million weekend??


  4. I thought the predictions were 40 million? 30 would actually be pretty low.

  5. Hell yeah! Go SCREAM 4!!!

  6. I’ve seen it 2 times so far! Loved it! loved it! Very pleased! Thanks scream-trilogy 4 all the updates/ and making “scream staking” great!

  7. I could care less if we get another. To me, this ended everything on a high.

  8. i know this is off-topic but…Did anyone see Wes Cravens cameo? and what was he playing?

  9. YES!!! :D I’m so happy about this!!! :) I’m going to see it again this week-end :)

  10. @ryreyes22… Scream 5 and 6 have been confirmed! It is going to be a new trilogy! The success of scream 4 will determine how fast scream 5 gets made! Wes Craven said there is no point form another film if theh cant top the last one! So it seems like they will take a little break and then get back to work on scream 5. Gettimg kevin to write a kick ass scream 5.

    If theu do anymore then 6 it will be to much! It would just turn into halloween or friday the 13th. So i hope scream 5 is amazimg. Hope scream 6 knocks it out of thr park and ends withs a WONDERFULL way!!!

    Wes and Kevin did a great job on 4 but it could have been better.

  11. Maybe I’m out of the loop, but why are people not sure that this will be a hit? The Scream movies are a franchise. Of course this is going to make a profit. Is the series really that not well known?

  12. Honestly those numbers disappoint me. A new Scream film after 11 years can’t even beat out that shitty Platinum Dunes Friday The 13th remake? I was hoping this would break the horror movie opening weekend record…. But those numbers are still good. lol

  13. I really hope they make Scream 5 way better in story and an overall longer movie. Scream4 was alright but its hard not to do a facepalm when you hear characters shit talking Saw for never giving enough character development before they kill someone off and then Scream4 does the same thing!!

  14. Bad news, guys. Deadline Hollywood has been updated, saying Scream 4 is now underperforming, looking at 19 million opening weekend. Hopefully these numbers change or the movie will have “legs” at the box office. If not, this is a big disappointment.

  15. Everyone here is forgetting that college students wanna see this and that’s not gonna happen right now with finals :/ shoulda came out earlier or later

  16. Deadline updated again, Scream 4 revised up a bit to 20 million opening weekend. Honestly, I thought it was gonna do, at the very LEAST, 30 to 40 million. I guess we’ll see. Maybe we can at least get 25 million.

  17. well considering its now spring break i’d say even if it makes 20million opening weekend, this whole week will have strong numbers.

  18. @EVERYONE-Ok get everyone you know to write letters to Dimension studios,bob weinstein his brother,and Wes Craven.there were a few things Scream 4 was lacking. It was an amazing/great film. BUT it had flaws. And they were flaws that could’ve easily been avoided. We gotta talk to them so the same thing DOES NOT happen in Scream 5&6.We can google the studios address etc.This is a serious matter. We have a duty as fans to let them know exactly what we think,and what we want out of the new trilogy. AND FOR STARTERS SCREAM 5&6 NEED KEVIN WILLIAMSON AND NOOOO EHRUEN KRUGER WHATSOEVER. No matter how light his workload is.We should also tell to them add all the scenes etc.that they took out of the movie back in it.film felt too rushed.

  19. Lol @ Davon. Write all the letters you want but one thing is guaranteed with box office numbers like the ones coming in is that there will never be a Scream 5 or 6. Its over unfortunately.

  20. Updated

  21. HUH?!
    Here’s a strong example of bad journalism! My god…

  22. I know it may not happen, but I’m hoping the studio will take fans reactions to the cut-down version of the film…and the possibly unwise release date…and realise that they can do better with Scream 5. If they are smarter, the takings for Scream 5 might rise above those for Scream 4. Mistakes were made on their end. It’s not good enough to then give up on the franchise.

  23. what about worldwide openings??

  24. @ David – yeah your right! in germany it opens not until may 5th…

  25. If everyone will recall the original Scream didn’t do that well opening weekend, so just because Scream 4 hasn’t hit that 50 million mark, doesn’t mean it won’t get to the 100 million mark by the end of the run of maybe even more. SPREAD THE WORD EVERYBODY, GO SEE SCREAM 4!!!!!

  26. Sad if it doesn’t hit it, there isn’t much else playing except for Rio and Hanna that would take people away from Scream 4. All I know is that I’ve seen it twice, once at midnight to a packed house and again last night at Alamo Drafthouse and it was also packed. Let’s hope it stays that way for a good opening weekend because frankly thats all studios seem to care about anymore, the opening weekend.

  27. So yeah this sucks but I’m not surprised that much. I went to a 10:45pm showing last night (opening night) and the theatre wasn’t even half full, but rio was slammed. This is crazy, scream 4 was such a good movie i wish more peeps would go see it instead of like a friend of mine said “waiting to Netflix it” oh well I’m satisfied, I would be more then happy if they stopped with 4, I hate over burn!

  28. Don’t worry everybody, it’s raining all over the northeast today. Everybody’s going to the movies because there isn’t jack shit on TV except for golf and hockey playoffs!

  29. Ok…lemme get on this…..the film was overall a very good film/sequel….I’ve been looking on this site since 4ever but I have never commented on anything….I do agree…alot of the cuts have messed up the film in certain areas and seeing a directors cut on the dvd would be nice….i have a feeling that the Studio was involved in alot of the editing process…..so I’d point the blame at them….another thing is that we’ve all been following the movie so closely and thats why we’re a little dissapointed. it would have been better to just have waited to see the movie and not followed up on the whole process of the production and what not. I presume the dvd sales are going to great personally and that could definetly warrant a sequel although I am one of the category that think that was pretty decent end to the franchise, another sequel with the way they ended this one almost seems impossible….but you must remember that Kevin Williamson apparently had other sequels in mind when he wrote this one.

  30. I’m seeing it for my 2nd time today! And I’ll be seeing it again next weekend with a friend of mine. Really hoping this movie does well at the box office. Although I must say, as a die-hard Scream fan…even though I absolutely LOVED this sequel (and hope it succeeds), I think they should just leave it alone after this one. I honestly can’t see where the story can go after this movie, without hurting the franchise. Then again, I’m not Kevin Williamson so who knows.

  31. I think word of mouth will keep this afloat for longer than we think, ala the original film. People need reassurance it is worth seeing.

  32. when i went it was full! and everybody SCREAMed lol

  33. Im sad now! I saw it yesterday and it was amazing! They said it would make 50 million now its gunna make only 19-20 million.
    Does this mean no Scream 5 and 6??
    We gotta make this money lots of money. Everyone go again if you already saw it. I know Im going to.

  34. *movie lots of money*

  35. Blame the Weinsteins for the disappointing box office numbers. Early on, they turned Scream 4 into a public relations nightmare by being the too hands on, bull headed, dictators that they are. Having a public fall out with Williamson that was poorly covered up then bringing in Ehren Krueger (alienating the die hards who loathe Krueger and feel he ruined Scream 3–though I feel he did a decent enough job considering the circumstances). They scared off a bunch of the hardcore fans whose deepest fears were that the same thing that happened on Scream 3 would happen here involving the script.

    Then THE WORST thing they clearly did was after shooting was done. Watching the film I could literally see Harvey’s hand and scissors shredding the Scream 4 filmprint to his personal liking cutting what I believe would have been the scenes that would have made Scream 4 work even better. (Btw, I thoroughly enjoyed Scream 4, some of it was actually vintage Kevin Williamson brilliance). Scenes that were cut such as, the fountain scene, Kirby explaining to Sidney she lived in Stu Macher’s old house were great touches and homages by Williamson that was there to build character and tone. And scenes that were clearly cut from the opening making it lack tension though the brilliant commentary and parody was there in spades.

    I really think the Weinsteins are to blame here. They really need to relax and trust the artists they hire more. I really believe the things in the script changed by them was to make it more bloody and more kills and Williamson had a lot of things in there to develop characters and set up situations. THAT’S what makes a scary movie scary. Setting up the tension and care for the characters. The original Scream DID NOT have a lot of kills in it. A bigger body is not the answer.

    Meh, oh well. I still loved Scream 4. And I hope it surprises with some strong legs and word of mouth and make at least 75mil…that way we can get a Scream 5. The Weinsteins HAVE TO BACK THE *beep* OFF THOUGH! Geez….

  36. Box Office Mojo is predicting $50 million?
    I personally think the lowest it will pull is $30 million.

  37. I thought it was really good. Saw it yesterday and probably going to see again this weekend with friends. The editing in some parts was disappointing. Where was Gale dsaying”Do it if you have the guts” was that shot specifically for the previews? I also feel the rules were not explained well aside from the filming the murders and virgins can die now. Once again where was them sayimg “Sid is victim royalty”? I hope these parts are added on the dvd

  38. They were cut^

  39. dont forget worldwide ticket sales, that was only america, it could go really high like scream did

  40. Guys, remember when Scream 4 was just a fever dream? 11 years passed people! Scream 5 & 6 will happen…with or without Kevin. 4 will make its money and 5 will be greenlit before the month is out, if not the run of the picture.

  41. It’s still pretty early in the weekend. We have the rest of today, and tomorrow. Although, the weather here on the east coast (where I am) is horrible. It’s raining really hard, storming, and we’re on a tornado watch. I don’t know how many people over here are going to want to go out in this weather. Hopefully word of mouth will spread like the first Scream did. After all, Scre4m has gotten a lot of good reviews.

  42. oh yea the CuT the group talk like in scream one ! :(

  43. I’m going to see it again tomorrow with a buddy, even though I was disappointed. The opening pretty much ruined it for me. :(

  44. I’m pretty sure if Dimension greenlit PIRANHA 3DD, they’ll greenlight SCREAM 5.

    SCRE4M’s box-office intake may end up lower than predicted, but it’s not flopping like GRINDHOUSE did.

    Let’s also not forget the international box-office will play a part as well.

    Personally, I think SCRE4M is a great way to end the series, and don’t think a SCREAM 5 is necessary.

  45. Yup, scream 5 am a bit confused weir they would take. Maybe someone gets mad they took gostface as a joke to have fame then they show people its not to get fame but to show sumthing idk lol well see

  46. i wish we know more about the roots of the mother u know it started with her!

  47. I honestly think Scream 4 was a great ending and revisiting of the old gang and everything, even despite the cut scenes. So I won’t be disappointed when I’m pretty sure they’ll obviously end it with 4. The box office and moviegoers these days aren’t like they were 11+ years ago. And EVEN if they green lit scream 5, you can’t do scream 5 without Neve or Wes, both of which, if the film doesn’t come out as high as they predicted and wanted, definitely won’t want anything to do with it. Remember Neve said after Scream 3 she was done…it took 11 years and a great script and then some convincing to get her to do 4. If 4 doesn’t go over bigger than 2 or 3 in the long run…5 and 6 will never happen. And I think thats why Williamson wrote 4 to end that way. Cause it’s easily written off as more of a comeback/revisit movie just as much as it COULD be a new trilogy movie. He wins either way with it. So in my opinion I don’t think we’ll see 5 or 6. Scream 4 ruled, can’t wait to own it on BluRay.

  48. people were worried it would be bad so they waited for the response from fans, nexzt weekend or this week it could go really high

  49. Personally, I loved the movie. Saw a midnight showing and then went and saw it again on Friday. I have plans to go on Monday with a friend and it’s also very likely I could go tomorrow if the rain (and my boredom) keep up. So jeeze… I’m pulling my weight… where are you guys?! :P Just kidding…

    I want the film to be successful so that it essentially revitalizes the horror genre again, not necessarily for a Scream 5 to be warranted.

  50. First of all if everyone is such fans they why are you saying this movie was good. Did any of you watch the 2nd or 3rd one? Dewey was suppose to be injured remember but in the 4th he is fine? Think about that.

  51. Be like Kevin Williamson on his twitter account and tell people to see it.

  52. Regarding Dewey, it’s been ten years. He must have healed and learned to walk normal again in that time…

  53. stupid comment. people recover from that kind of injuries in that long time, just as Drew said. stupid shan. hope you’re 12, then sorry :)

  54. Saw it twice. Was better the second time.

  55. What’s with everyone saying it bombed. . . seriously Scream was number 4 opening week and then weeks later shot off to number 1. . . seriously that might happen with this movie shooting to number 1 in a couple of weeks jeesh.

  56. I saw it today and love it. No, it wasn’t perfect, but it was great. I’ve been hearing mostly positive word of mouth, so hopefully, yeah, this one will have legs like the original and make a lot, so we get more. But even if 4 is the last, it certainly didn’t disappoint me, a huge fan.

  57. Damn, went to a 9pm showing (Saturday night) and the theatre was nearly empty! Frigging “The Roomate” was busier when I saw it! Damn this sucks. I hope the movie does better and has legs at the box office. I just don’t understand why it isn’t doing better. Good reviews, gread ad campaign…what happened? Maybe a combination of the release date and a struggling economy? Unemployment from the target audience is like 25 percent and the rising gas prices don’t help matters.

  58. When I saw the movie on april 15th it was half empty and this was a 7pm showing which is quite popular in my town. The thing is. . . We still got a week till Water for Elephants comes out and two weeks till Fast Five and even longer till the start of the summer blockbusters so people could easily decide to still see Scream 4 and it can still make its money even if it isn’t 115 million. Cross your fingers.

  59. I do believe it will make 20 million in it’s opening weekend but that is recouping half of it’s budget in one weekend, Piranha grossed ten million in one weekend and that has a sequel in the works, so I think it’s fairly obvious that we’re going to get a Scream 5 even if this doesn’t end up grossing 175 million worldwide, which it could quite possibly do.

  60. I blame all the previews. All you had to do is watch the previews and look up who the killer was and you saw the movie.

  61. Great revenue so far and hopefully it stays that way or increases over the coming weeks. People have to remember that it’s very hard to compete with movies such as Rio as they are family orientated and appeal to a much more mass market, so it’s very unrealistic to compare the two. Nothing to worry about at all. :) It’s still a great movie in my eyes regardless of box office success.

  62. I have mixed feeling about the possibility of a Scream 4/5. I just don’t see where they could go with this without it turning into the Stab movies they spoof in the films. Anyways, what I meant to mention is the theater I attended had 85% seats available, so I’m not surprised about the weak opening. It was a great film, but it didn’t live up to the hype all these years.

  63. i watched it twice. im going to watch it a 3rd time this friday. this movie is so good!!!! ITS ADDICTING

  64. From those numbers it looks unlikely we’ll be seeing a scrwam 5 anytime soon, predators last year made around 25m opening weekend for a similar budget and a planned sequel and it seems that wasnt enough for a sequel to happen and its now off the radar, so as this is a lower opening than the last two installments it looks like for the time being Scream5 is unlikely.

    It does better buisness world-wide, remember its been 10 years alot more countrys bring in higher revenues now, that could help it push to a 170m worldwide which would make it break even with the other installments.
    College students and well all students, this week ive seen lots of students saying they really wanna see it but theyve got exams, not just america but here in the uk to, we could see it keep a steady rate over the next few weeks due to students catching up, as students are likely the reason this weekends boxoffice was rather low. i can see this falling steadily over the next few weeks. Luckily Fast & furious isnt out next week in the us like it is in the uk so it should hold steady, but the week after itll drop lets hope for at 14m next weekend and a strong week which is always bigger for adult films then kids, Rio kicked scream in the balls, sad;y. Even sadder Interest in screm is deffinatly down since scream3.
    Pray! and go watch it plenty!

  65. I’m so sad! Why SCREAM4 only $19,279,000 this weekend?
    I think it better than scream3! where are these old fans?
    I really don’t understand why the box office is so low…

  66. I went to see Scream 4 twice and the lines were longer for Scream 4, and we had to wait a while to actually get in. Whereas Rio only had a few people going in. Rio cheats with 3d prices. It’d probably be closer if it wasn’t playing at an extra 500 theaters and playing in 2d only.

  67. The PG-13 remakes of When a Stranger Calls and Prom Night both had better openings than Scream 4. That is a sad, pathetic, and fucked up fact.

  68. Rio is in 3D — higher ticket price. Also, it’s playing on more screens than SCREAM 4. All ages can enjoy Rio, while SCREAM 4 is more limited to older teens/adults. I actually expected Rio to get the top spot. I think SCREAM 4 did a good job, all things considered.

  69. Just saw it for the 2nd time today and I definitely apreciated it more upon second viewing. I think my opinion that it was a million times better then Scream 3 remains but I’m still not sure if its better then 2. I’m seeing it again on tuesday. Maybe that will tip the scales lol

  70. guys, the international numbers are in! It took in $18 million overseas and it hasn’t even opened everywhere yet, so that puts it’s gross at $37 million so far, which basically covers the budget already :) word of mouth will be good. Look what happened with insidious, it has a 63% on rotten tomatoes and Scream 4 has like a 59% and growing so they will basically have the same word of mouth results, hopefully. Alot of people didnt even know it was being released this weekend, which shocked me. I think it will hold on strong next weekend.

  71. I like everybody am very disappointed at the low box office. But I also have to agree that considering that scream 4 went up against a kids animated movie, it did pretty well. And I also agree that the only reason Rio is so high is because of its 3D prices. Yeah Scream 4 has done pretty good considering its trying to resurrect a series that has been completely dormant for over ten years, and is trying to attract a completely new audience. The movie will keep going strong cause I know quite a few people who still want to see it and just didn’t have a chance this weekend. The thing is though, once Fast Five hits on the 29th, Scream is going to have a major drop, and it wont get better after that because there’s another big release every week after that. Next weekend is where we’ll get our best idea of whether or not we’ll get Scream 5 & 6.

  72. I don’t put much trust in wikipeida but it claims Scream 4 has already. Reached it’s 20 Million mark I have no doubt Scream 5 & 6 will happen. Piranha 3D flopped in the domestic market yet still got greenlit. For a sequel with the foreign market saving the film’s ass.

    I saw Scream 4 on friday it was great my only complaint.Was the new characters were not fleshed out.I didn’t give a rats ass if they lived or died. But I am curious how exactly 5 & 6 would tie into Scream 4.

  73. I’m planning on seeing it this Thursday. I can’t see it beforehand as I had hoped. My brother has seen it three times & loves it. Says it isn’t as great as the original (nothing will be), but he likes it better than Scream 2 & 3. He didn’t want to ruin the movie for me, but said it’s definitely a must see for horror lovers everywhere. Hoping it brings in the big bucks this weekend.

  74. Its at just nder 50m worldwide right now, that covers budget but not the publicity which would of cost a fair bit. But still sadly unless it holds up really well next week it could struggle to pass 100m mark, its open allready in its main markets, more still to come but not sure.

    And anyone thinking well at least its breaking even, i bet thats not what the weinsteins are thinking, they deffinatly were expecting high numbers and for the film to at least match the previous worldwide takings. Right now im doubtful of anymore screams, at least for the next few years, but it could surprise. but all i know is the production budget will be greatly cut and when studios cut that normally means any high cost stars go with it, meaning we may be looking at a proper reboot this time, unless that williamson story is really good that is a confirmed critcal success, i doubt the weinsteins being interested.

  75. i’ve talked to people who have said their tickets for scream 4 were $5.00… wtf

  76. I don’t mean to sound like a debbie downer but movie tickets these days isn’t cheap and I am sure the majority of people that love Scream or the series cannot even see it because they don’t have the money to go the movies or having to wait till it comes out on DVD.

    Another reason is the fact the way they promoted this film is outrageous. I remember when Scream 3 came out they didn’t spoil nearly as much through clips, tv spots and trailers as they did with this film. People want to be surprised and scared but how can you make that gimmick plausible when you are ruining through advertising? I mean Scream 4 barely came out so I would say wait till next weekend to see how the numbers fair.

    But on Scream 4 alone the movie is great in entertainment value but it just felt very rushed almost similar to a Friday the 13th sequel where there were kills left and right and no character interaction or development at all. I was appauld that Kate and Sidney didn’t have much more interaction then they should have after all Kate is her aunt and Maureen’s sister. The deleted scenes was entirely uncalled for, the fountain scene should’ve been there a great homage to the original among the other stuff that was cut. From a business prospective I would imagine that the Weinsteins would want to make Scream 4 as much as a success as possible considering their company is on the verge of bankruptcy also by allowing every bit of detail in Kevin’s script not to be rewritten.

    When Wes tweeted about going back to reshoot the opening scene and the scene with Alison Bree (Rebecca) he specifically said Bob told him more blood is no problem….um….there was hardly none, Scream 3 opening had much more than the opening in this one. And what happened to the TENSION? That’s what made me love the Scream films. Like example the tension scene with Cici in Scream 2 before the killer popped out or the cop car scene in the same movie. There was none in this. And no epic chase scenes. I was expecting at least one with Olivia or maybe Kirby. But Noooo……

    I just hope if Scream 5 is made they make it longer, they dont mess around with Kevin’s script and they bring back what made Scream 1 and 2 so successful entries because if they cannot what is even the point?

  77. I know its all about boxoffice mainly but there is another factor which wasnt really in full steam back when Scream 3 was released, DVD & Blu-ray, i rented scream 3 on video back then. Theres a bigger market now and films can be made by there dvd etc sales, the movie kick ass was. As matthew said although deffinaltly not the complete reason, less people will head to the cinema for certain movies and the price, though the fact paranormal activity has made so much more confuses me, which makes me still think alot of students etc are off doing studies and scream 4 will fare well next weekend without much competition and older audiences shifting from Rio to scream 4 and vice-versa. I can see scream 4 being a big seller on dvd, on demand, rentals etc most people like to see scream films at least once my dad isnt a fan of horror but he buys scream just for the mystery.

    But still these days…its all about the box-office but theres still alternative hope!

  78. The reason why it didn’t do so well is because its a rated R movie and most teenagers under 17 needed and I.D. That was the majority of the population going to see the movie like me. I’m 16. I had to buy a tic to that stupid bird movie and sneak into Scream 4. That’s probably what most teens under 17 had to do, causing Rio to have an over $40 mill box office. Which should have belonged to Scream 4. It’s bull.

  79. It’s official: Scream 4 earned $19.28 at the box office this weekend debut :(

  80. I agree Hope. What is Paranormal Activity compared to a Scream movie? Its just a cheap version of a ghost movie surviving on only jump scenes. Hopefully its because students are busy and not because they would prefer Paranormal Activity crap over Scream 4. May I mention there will be a 3rd Paranormal Activity?

  81. Does anyone know what Scream 4 would have to bring in at the box office for there to be Scream 5?

  82. By the way Scream 4 is now the #1 searched movie on IMDB so it sounds like its gaining in popularity.

  83. Scream 4 actually made 18.7 million.

  84. Wow scream 4 = Box office flop!

  85. :(

  86. I read the budget of this film was just 40 Million, which it has already made half of which back, plus it has several weeks of release to gross more and worldwide grosses and DVD sales. It make it’s money back and then some.

  87. It’s just strange considering a few weeks ago it was apparently tracking for a possible 50 million opening. This years box office is unpredictable. I mean insidious will probably end up making more domestically.

  88. I think if it makes at least 50 milion domestic it will sucseed, and who knows, maybe it will in worldwide and will make 100 mil and we get 5

  89. I’m gonna throw this out there…I like Scream 3….I dont see why people dont like it all that well. Albeit it plays out like well written fan fiction and it couldve used more Sidney…but overall not bad. And people complain about its humor and Scream 4 has way more humor than # 3. I like this one better and I think (if this is the last one) it’s a great final chapter. But the 3rd one isnt all that bad.

  90. I went wednessday april 20th There was only like one more person than me and my couzin(we are 12) It was the best sequel by far it made me laugh cry and yes scream at the movie theater this movie is a phsicotic cometidic slasher film so good after it finish we went to see my sister in rio and it was full i only saw the climax and the end and i was like how can people see this is so stupid scre4m was so better.
    I will always be a horror film fan!!!!!

  91. maybe its more of a sign of the movie slump going on with higher gas prices and not many people going to the movies in general but it probably would have made much more if it opened around september/october! it was number 2# which is great still no movie cant beat animated films these days, if it wasnt for rio it would have been number 1# easily but im hoping for it to be on top this coming weekend!

  92. forget seeing scream 4 now cuz no movie theaters in nebraska are showing it now which pisses me the fuck off cuz me and my mom were gonna see it and now the stupoid box office was rolling i hate scream haters its all their fault i cant go to the movie theater with my mom to see scream 4:(

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