EW Scream 4 Article Summary & New Still

Some lucky readers are already getting their bloody mits on Friday’s Entertainment Weekly, and here’s the complete rundown as well as a new official still of Gale showing Deputy Judy Hicks (Marley Shelton) which Riley really calls the shots in Woodsboro.

Apart from the revelatory information you’ve already heard from Kevin Williamson himself via EW in the last 24 hours (see our previous article), below is our summary of new info:

-Kevin Williamson’s breakthrough in working out a storyline for Scream 4 was when he realized bringing Sidney back to Woodsboro would allow Gale, Dewey and a bunch of new teens to all appear
-When he called Weinstein to pitch the storyline, he already had the plots of Scream 5 and Scream 6 pieced together
-One early draft of Scream 4 had Sidney attacked in the opening scene, it was a key problem for Bob Weinstein who wanted it changed
-In another draft Gale and Dewey had a baby but that was another change they wanted because of the awkward nature of a baby around dead bodies
-Everyone wanted changes because they wanted it perfect and that’s why Kevin and Weinstein’s arguments increased
-Many people close to the production including Neve Campbell were never clear on what was happening with Kevin and the script, she says she was never given a very straight answer
-Neve also says the shoot was stressful because of the changes to the script but says she’s really pleased with how the film ended up, all things considered
-The shoot date being pushed back to June and Courteney’s Cougar Town schedule caused the time crunch for Kevin to get the rewriting done
-Weinstein was the one to bring in Ehren Kruger, who worked on the film as a favor and “punched up” the dialogue, but had a much smaller workload than on Scream 3
-Rewriting was still going on during filming. Wes Craven wouldn’t receive script pages until the night before, or actual day of, their filming, and found that stressful at times
-It was hard for David/Courteney to be filming a script about a married couple with relationship issues while behind the scenes the plot was mirroring their own lives
-The result of test screenings were that two suspense¬† scenes (featuring Aimee Teegarden and Alision Brie respectively) weren’t coming off as strong as they were supposed to so that’s why the additional filming was done
-Craven says he’ll need to see a finished script before he signs up to Scream 5 (of course, he said the same thing about Scream 4 after Cursed. We hope he finally gets a break with a smooth shoot on the next one!)
-Weinstein justifies the script changes with the fact that Scream is considered the definition of Dimension
-Weinstein also says he is over the moon about the film and wanted to deliver for the fans

Our basic descriptions are of course no match for the real quotes from the real people, so we suggest you chase up the new issue of EW magazine for a great read, including fantastic photo shoot pics of both new and veteren cast members.

Thanks to ISeeTheMaroon from the forums for the image

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9 Responses to “ EW Scream 4 Article Summary & New Still ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Sidney was once the opening scene? Well, I’m sure they have changed many things since then but…that almost confirms her death was originally planned. Oh well, not like some of us here didn’t see that coming.

  2. With all this behind the scene drama with the script being perfect and all you can tell these guys really care about the fans and really want to deliver a movie more powerful than the okay (but boring) Scream 3. This gets me excited because whatever it is we are going to see next Friday sounds like it will be epic. The description of Gale and Dewey having a baby and Sidney getting attacked in the openning scenes are two plot points I remembered being rumored alot last April.

  3. No one said Sidney died in the opening Scream 4 scene originally, Scott. She was simply present. It wasn’t a traditional opening scene at all and that’s probably what rubbed Weinstein the wrong way. Have to agree with him in this one case, as 10 years later, an opening scene has to remind audiences of what’s expected.

  4. I see what you mean Wicked. Plus, apparently this movie is going to be changing some things in the rules. Yes, it seems bob made a good decision there.

    Still…I can’t shake this feeling…

  5. I suppose another reason would be if Gail & Dewey had a kid/baby and people started to drop, why the hell wouldn’t either or both of them get the hell out of town with their child.

  6. I see what you mean Wicked. I think that would have been awesome. To have Sidney be the opening scene, everyone thinking she would die because of it, but actually survive. It would been pretty badass.

  7. I heard a rumor that gale and dewey had a daughter called tatum, I liked that I idea. When the killings got serious Dewey could have gotten his mother to take her out of town or something like that but I think
    It would have been nice for dewey have a daughter he named after his sister Tatum

  8. I agree on taking out the Dewey/Gale child idea. I imagine Kevin thought of the idea as an homage to ‘Jamie’ from ‘Halloween’, but that was in “movie world” and in “real world” Scream if Gale and Dewey had a child and the murders started happening, they know they would be instant targets and would get the hell out of town which results in either taking out two of the main loved characters, or making them seem like absolutely horrible parents.

  9. this is great just bought it yesterday

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