Ghostface Abuses The Social Network In Fifth Scream 4 Clip (plus Other Videos) HQ



Updated with higher quality. We’ve got a lot of Scream 4 video action today so let’s get to it. Fifth clip! Just aired on Chelsea Lately. Listen to that Williamson dialogue roll off the tongues of Shenea Grimes and Lucy Hale. Delicious! Thanks to Charlie for the tip-off.

Canadians do it better! At least that’s the impression we get after the past 24 hours. Yesterday’s TV Spot was the best one since US spot #1. We’re still waiting for HD on that but Canadian spot #2 already leaps up out of nowhere – and already in HD too. Classy.



Neve Campbell on The Marilyn Denis Show: here’s a link to the full show – we haven’t had a chance to watch this yet, so you’re on your own as far as a timestamp goes.

Update – an extended version of the fourth clip starring Aimee Teegarden was shown during Wes Craven’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. Now in it’s own article.

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36 Responses to “ Ghostface Abuses The Social Network In Fifth Scream 4 Clip (plus Other Videos) HQ ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS

  2. Hey, there’s a typo in the title. It should be “Fourth” not “Forth”

    I think.

  3. I’m really excited to see the full version of this scene, hopefully it’s just as good as it looks.

  4. i LOVE it.

  5. Wow that scene with the duo, really brings u back to Scream 1

  6. BTW. The Marilyn Denis Show is safe, no spoilers. She confirms in a subtle way that Williamson did write S4. WOOT! :)

    And aw! She’s recovering from foot injury because of Scream! Poor Neve.

  7. I love how she’s using a sidekick. ;)

  8. I love it

  9. Sorry guys, in my excitement to update the article with yet another video my finger slipped and disabled comments. Back!

  10. That updated version of the fourth clip was so much better i thought it sounded weird originally, like something was missing…these to clips may have made my expectations to high!! Love it when that happens.

  11. Also that lucy hale clips seems the same as if somethings missing, especially around the phone part to when she says its for you, a little out of place, but i love that it means even scenes we think we’ve seen will surprise us :)

  12. Links? Pretty please?

  13. These made my night, so excited! I’m thinking that this should be enough clips tho. Getting seriously to spoilage territory…but good stuff!

  14. Loved the Shenae/Lucy clip sorta of liked Aimee’s scene but she just isn’t a believable actress when it comes to being scared I would’ve perferred it be Brittany instead of her IMO.

  15. These clips are edited and cut to death. Dialogues clearly missing in between what’s shown in the clips. As far as acting on Aimee’s part, we haven’t really been able to see what she can do, but we’ll know soon enough on the 15th.

  16. Still disapointed by Aimee’s acting so far. hopefully its just the editing. LOVING the shenea and Lucy scene, so happy to hear KW’s voice. And still waiting with for an HQ version of the awesome first Canadian trailer.

  17. Okay, here we go it is now April and now 14 days left, two weeks, really, wow. I am so intense about this sequal. The two clips above were great and the new girls with small roles seem to have fun with their characters and those scenes seem like a lot of fun. Can’t wait!!!! I am going to watch this movie at least 3 times (good or bad) in theaters on openning weekend. Am i crazy, maybe a little. Also, the Ghostface phone calls seem to be taking it up a notch, good for Kevin because I am like that brunette in clip 5, I would hang up and if that did not work I would pass it along. Stupid Californians, if they had guns in their house they would not need to be so scared, this would never happen in Texas.

  18. oh oh. ghostface’s creepy crazy voice is back

  19. I still feel like their is more to the conversation between Aimee T. character, I not talking about at the beginning their is obviously more their but I talking about before the body flys through the glass.

  20. LMAO. This is going to be hilarious! Am I the only one extremely pumped up for the Trudie/Sherrie scene? Love the dialogue and Lucy Hale kicks ass. “It’s for you” lol.

  21. that clip was hilariousssssssss hahahha

  22. I edited the clip out of the show so you can watch the solo clip here…

  23. i hope there’s midnight premieres in texas for this! so excited, CAN’T WAIT!

  24. GAH I can’t wait! 15 days for me. :D

  25. That Sherie/Trudie clip is actually really funny. I’m pleased.

  26. Oh wow, these clips are freaking amazing! I especially love the Sherrie & Trudie scene, I love the whole “Facebook stalker” thing. The audiences are going to really connect and laugh when they see it, I am SO pumped, can’t wait!

  27. Someone help me out. What does Lucy say after the picture is shown?

  28. Love those 2 clip but im confused cos doesnt ghostface tell brittany/marnie to start running in the canadian tv spot now he sayin that to aimee in the clip?

  29. She says “it’s Channing Tatum” I think.

  30. Wow… some of the earlier shots of Neve on set, really got me worried that she had aged horribly like Courtney. But watching her on Marilyn Denis’ show, really brought out her beauty! Marilyn wasn’t kidding about how gorgeous she really is. Still love you Neve.

  31. Thanx Lauren. Btw, I’m 16 too and I’m praying that I can see this movie with my friends without complications.

  32. Here’s the HD Aimee scene, sorry I didnt email it:c

  33. Hi Sean, we already posted a HD copy yesterday in the Kimmel article, thanks anyway. Now find me a HD of the Shenae/Lucy clip that ISN’T country restricted to the US? That’ll be a winner.

  34. Guys and gals, watch the clip of Neve on Marilyn Denis’ show. She is so elegant and seems to easy to speak to. I cannot believe how much time has passed and that she’s 37! She certainly doesn’t look it. I just adore Neve.

  35. If you listen to the dialog in the scene with Shenae and Lucy it sounds kinda cheesy and not like typically Scream dialog. I think that this means that the scene is taken from a scene of one of the Stab movies within the movie. Also if you notice on the IMDB page these two characters are the only two without last names.

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