Guess What’s In This Post

Life after Inside Story: Scream? Wes Craven’s fan poster contest results? A new Scream 4 TV spot? Video of David Arquette on Leno? It’s one of those, right? …All of the above!

The photos are in from Inside Story: Scream‘s LA premiere during the week (and more of those yummy cookies from The Velasco’s). If you watched it on BIO let us know what you thought! We haven’t been in a position to see it ourselves yet, but plenty of others are and several more airings are scheduled. Once a DVD release is secured you can expect to read about it on the official Facebook, and Scream-Trilogy of course!

Wes Craven has picked the winners to his mother of all contests! We’re pleased to pass on that PL Boucher is a grand prize winner, along with Caode and CGNinness respectively (winning entries above, left to right). Scream-Trilogy has championed Boucher’s Art for almost as long as we’ve existed. So many times has his fanart has been mistaken and used as official (most recently we heard an overseas distributors has been using them, and one also turned up on a US talk show this week). You can see the rest of the winning entries on Wes Craven’s Photostream – ironically, one of the second prize winning entries simply recycled one of Boucher’s other posters. We’d call for the entrant’s disqualification if we weren’t so jazzed Boucher is finally getting some official recognition for his talents!

We’ve lost count of how many TV Spots are out there, but here’s the latest capture, with the sole new addition being “That was awesome” from Charlie Walker. Direct Link

Now let’s get down to new media interviews from the past 24 hours! At time of posting, Jimmy Fallon’s website had URLs for their interview segment with Anthony Anderson but the videos themselves weren’t available, so check back later here & here).

David Arquette @ Jay Leno


Want more latest media videos? How about Hayden Panettiere & Emma Roberts @ Yahoo, or David Arquette and also Neve Campbell @ PopSugar. Phew!

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19 Responses to “ Guess What’s In This Post ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I finally got to see Scream: Inside Story last night at a friends house. It was SO great!

  2. love the Fan Posters

    David is so Damn Adorable.

  3. Inside Story: Scream was awesome! I spent 4 hours of my life watching it twice. I learned a lot of cool stuff that I didn’t know before. It was great and it kept me interested the entire time :)

  4. i think the first winner of the poster contest should have been the official poster its everything the official should have been

  5. wow.. I know Chris aka CGNInness!

  6. Any one else worried about Scream 4’s Box office competition? I know it’s silly, but I fear Rio the movie might be a tough contender since its a cartoon and it’s 3D and parents will drag their brats in droves to see it. Then the next week is Water For Elephants and that new Madea film. I hope S4 can stay on top for a while but…I’m getting worried.

  7. My guess was totally wrong, Is it too late for questions; Is there more than 2 killers, it would be great if they had 4 killers this time

  8. That was one short commercial…

  9. I don’t know if its me, but the dialogue seems a bit cheesy but it’s a great clip. They need to STOP sending more clips. It’s so hard to resist to not watch these and it will make us watch half the movie.

  10. @Khy,cineplex wont bother with that, yes theres a 3 dollar extra charge. However the AVX theaters that cineplex have [Wall to wall screen, triple the sound, recliner seats, reserved seating, etc]are 3 dollars more. Scream 4 is expected to go in them. At least in most.

  11. Has anyone seen this interview of Courteney for PopSugar?
    She said she couldn’t talk much about the new movie, but there’s a scene of self mutilation that is intense :O
    This is probably a reference to torture porns like Saw. I think this scene can only be with Anna/Kristen or the killer at the end in reference to Stu/Billy at the end of Scream.

  12. The Scream 4 prop auction has some really cool stuff to check out! Some of it might be a little spoiler-y. Like, certain character costumes (that we haven’t seen in the trailers or in photos) are soaked in blood, etc. Wish I had more expendable income. I’d buy up everything!

  13. Sydney:you forget one thing about Billy loomis
    Mickey:yeah and what’s that?
    Sydney:I fucking killed him!
    Probably best quote ever

  14. apparently there were only supposed to be two grand prize winners im glad there were three…i wish i could have entered but im not and wont be in LA pretty cool posters tho

  15. for anyone interested – a Polish TV spot is up.

    At first look nothing new, just a mix of previously used scenes from trailers and US spots, but I might be wrong. And we can hear there a very unfortunate tagline, which the movie was given in Poland – “This will be your last Scream!” I hope not!

  16. Neat spot, I’m glad those dirty pollocks didn’t mess something up for once. (I kid, because I’m half pollock)

  17. Hey what happened to the final showdown of saturday secrets?

  18. It’s still Saturday in the US, which is a large seg of our audience, so we generally go off that. In any case, just finishing up and it will go live within the next 10 minutes, if not sooner.

  19. I was really unimpressed with the poster results. There were a lot of good entries and I never guessed those ones would win! There’s 3 great one (one of which is Butcher’s) but those other 2 grand prize winners I don’t agree with. Most were unoriginal or retro entries (which made no sense to me with them advertising the NEW decade factor!). Wes said to make them original and then reminded us “New Decade. New Rules”.

    However, I was psyched Mad Butcher got props! Big fan of his awesome work so that kinda diminishes the pain of not even winning a poster.

    My submissions:

    Most of my school are now using the bloody arm one as their computer desktop background – and I don’t know half of them! I go to a media (visual effects/game art/animation) school so I can at least take pride in fellow artists appreciating it :).

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