How To Make The Perfect Horror Movie Trailer

If you most of you thought the Scream 4 trailers/tv spots revealed a tad too much – Wes Craven agrees with ya!  The Scream 4 director has joined MTV Movies Blog this week, and delved into what necessary ingredients are needed in order to create an effective horror movie trailer.

“I think the studio in general — and not just the studio, quite frankly, but most studios — feel that the audience will forget exactly what they saw in that trailer when they get into the movie theater,” he said. “I think that’s probably a mistaken notion. But on the other hand, you can’t just show talking scenes where nothing happens.”

“In some cases, we showed scenes where people are getting attacked but they survive or evade death, just throwing things out there to keep a bit of the murder mystery alive,” said Wes. “In some cases, we have attacks in the film where people can’t get away completely free. We feel those kinds of situations are sprinkled throughout the trailers. So anything that people might see might or might not show the demise of a character. In that sense, we tried to leave it so that you’d see something exciting, but you don’t know exactly what’s going to happen. It may or may not turn out exactly how it looks like it’s going to turn out when you see it in the trailer.”

And Craven even gave his two cents about some of the more revealing portions of the trailer we have all seen.  “I have to say there were a couple of times — quite recently, in fact — where I said, ‘Why don’t you give the whole movie away?'” he laughed. “With Adam, well, okay, now we know he gets attacked right there at the car.”

Craven concedes there was a pivotal scene he insisted be removed from one of the earlier trailers!  “The dance number of Ghostface with Neve dressed as a polar bear, I insisted that that be taken back out of the trailer,” he laughed. “Look for that in the very last trailer!”

Scream 4 hits theaters next Friday!


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6 Responses to “ How To Make The Perfect Horror Movie Trailer ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I really hope Ghostface pinning down Gale isn’t her sign-off :/

  2. Does this mean we won’t be as “surprised” as he initially kept saying?

  3. as long as they dont show the killer revealing himself on a trailer i shuld be good lol

  4. Showing one of Britt’s significant scenes in the most recent TV spot is a mistake to me. That’s giving too much away imo as well. But oh well, it’s almost release date anyway.

    Today is Apr 8, and Scream 4 is released on 4/14 in overseas country. About 1 week or so to go. Not too bad. (I know there is a premiere on 4/11 in LA area as well. I wish I could make it :\ They get to see the film 4 days earlier!! And get to see cast/crew as well!!)

  5. What annoys me is not so much the idea of knowing whether a character is possibly killed, but that if we see them attacked it crosses them off as a suspect. Then again, I know the Scream films well enough to realize that you can’t always trust what you see, especially with the whole “two killers” scenario, but some discretion is always appreciated. They’re gonna get people in those theatre seats regardless, so let us experience maximum enjoyment.

  6. They’re gonna get people in those theatre seats regardless, so let us experience maximum enjoyment. [2]

    I think they show too much. In some spots we hardly see anything else, just repeated scenes, but some new scenes without compromising anything. After appears a spot of nowhere full of new scenes and revealing something that could have been left in secret. They could have been more careful in this case, let the fans crazier still to see the final product and get completely excited watching in the movie theater.

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