‘It’s All Under Control’ in New Scream 4 Clip (HQ added)

We weren’t expecting to see a dead body on such safe TV as Jay Leno. Yet here we are. This was just shown during David Arquette’s appearance on the show.

Link/Credit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlTIJmrtl0g

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54 Responses to “ ‘It’s All Under Control’ in New Scream 4 Clip (HQ added) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I do think they are releasing too much. But I guess they are only concerned about the killers. I mean, I only care about who the killers are. They should slow down though.

  2. Gail back to her bitchy best, though what is the last line she says before walking away?

  3. People are going to fire off about spoilers, but it’s pretty obvious from the trailer that she’s one of the first to get it.

  4. Awesome.

  5. I forgot how much I missed these characters.

  6. “So let me know when your back on team Gale”

  7. Not as enjoyable as the last clip, but still good. The only slight problem I have is Dewey and Gail having what seems like a rather normal conversation right next to the dead body after it’s literally just fallen.

  8. Yeah we all know she bites it (from EVERY tv spot and the trailer) but come one. They just aren’t doing well on the promotion of this movie. I demand restitution!

  9. Well, we’ve come a long way from KennyGetTheFuckOffMyWindshield.

  10. Thank you Lance.

  11. How many more clips are they going to release, I mean we’re like a week away from the movie’s release, are these clips necessary?

    And of all clips to release. We practically know who this is who just died (although I already knew).

    Go to 00:23 and look at Adam Brody lol. His reaction was not believable. And why is Dewey and Gale having a calm conversation after this girl has been thrown from the roof?

  12. I agree with Gabriel. Something about the tone of this clip just rubs me the wrong way.

  13. gale looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL in this clip

  14. Yes, they’re releasing a lot of clips, but most people don’t actually watch every single chat show so they wouldn’t have seen each clip.

  15. WTF? In the next clip they will show Ghostface taking off the mask and revealing his identity, right?

    Anyway, Gale doesn’t seem shaken by the person who fell from building, maybe because she hates this person in the movie :P

  16. I do agree with everyones points. They are releasing too much but we already knew she died. But their acting seems fake in this clip, and how the heck are they having a conversation normally right next to a dead body. I would be in shock after seeing something like that.

  17. As for Dewey and Gail having a normal conversation next to a dead body. This is not their first scream, they have been around at least 10 dead bodies before. The whole shock facter happens to wear off after 3 or 4 dead bodies. They would have been more “wtf” if she was still alive and started moving around or something. I like this scene but is it me or did her fall seem really short and quick. I know in the trailers it is slowed down but I don’t know, they could have dragged it out a little more by inserting a few more reaction shots from the crowd of people.

  18. I think this looks good. I actually love how calm they are having that conversation next to the dead body…think about it…they have been through killings 3 times and this is the 4th time…death probably isnt the hugest issue for them guys…

  19. Frozenboyfriend, how is Adam’s reaction not believable? To me, it looks like he turns, then flinches/cringes and ducks down or rushes away. Seems fine to me for a reaction to a falling body at the most inopportune time.

  20. Lets hope HD clip comes along

  21. People hold your horses, I think this clip is once again EDITED, at least two shots of Rebecca falling are not in it..

    The only thing which I always hate is the lowzy extras(Sheriff Sheriff Sheriff!) but every film has those…

  22. I wish they’d used the other angle of Rebecca falling, where her jacket is flapping. I don’t like the side view. They showed the alternate in one of the TV spots.

  23. i agree they are releasing too much…hopefully not all the good stuff…and i agree, death probably isnt the biggest deal for these guys

  24. @Denny I meant as far as his facial expression but maybe they cut it too quick because the scene is rushed

  25. Close Up Time :)
    Love the convo…Soooo Dewey&Gale.

  26. I can`t believe they did this!!

    And I can`t believe I just had to watch this!! lol!

  27. I fon’t like to complain too much, but they should’ve acted more horrified. This is like Scream 3. I like Scream 3, but I want 4 to be more like 1 and 2.

  28. You know even these clips are still edited down right lol so you can’t really judge this scene until you see it in the actual movie.

  29. @Billy_Mickey: More like part two where the on-campus killing of a student in the middle of the day had absolutely no effect on the student body whatsoever? ;)

  30. I don’t think everyone should look at it as revealing too much–you want this film to be as big as the last 3? Well, these days, this type of promotion is necessary. If they keep promoting like this, there will be guaranteed sold out seatings on Friday

  31. Once again here is the clip ripped from the show :)


  32. oh and gale, good to have you back

  33. I like this scene — though I am going to say, the dialogue seems more Ehren than Kevin.

  34. I hope everyone is right about these clips being edited because in each one of the six or seven clips their seems be something cut out, it seems to be small but like for this scene I would expect the death to be more brutal and for the fall to be slower and since this is TV and the clip can only be one minute then maybe they had to shorten it for both time and FCC. what do you think wicked-scribe? You have done this for all 3 screams (I believe) do they usually edit the clips to make them shorter and less violent for movies? I don’t watch late night tv enough to know. Do you think their are some middle pieces in these scenes that are missing?

  35. It’s just Gale’s face after Dewey says later. It’s just funny.

  36. My sister and I both think Courtney is just playing a bitchier version of Monica. We think, since Scream 3, Courtney’s mannerism is just not cutting it for Gale. Sure, she’s bitchier in Scream 4, but still has a hint of Monica.

    If it was up to me, Gale should be less animated (with less lil subtle movements of head, hands, etc.). It makes her look too spunky to be Gale. She should also speak with more assertion in a colder tone, and and have colder stares. But that’s just me. The way she yells at Joel in Scream 2, THAT’S GALE. “Do NOT fuck with me.” That’s Gale!!!

  37. It seems cut-down a bit, mostly the body being thrown.

  38. @Frozenboyfriend Maybe it is the editing or something. I just don’t see how it’s exactly unbelievable because I don’t know what it’s like to be in that situation. So ducking and cringing seems like it might be a natural reaction.

  39. Most of the clips they release are kind of ruining it for me. They just seem very….I can’t think of the word. The acting a lot is maybe what bugs me, like, the clip where gale is talking to the cinema guys and they way she says, “very good” or the “You’re not real” or sidneys kick. Something from these clips just (like someone said above) rub me the wrong way. I HOPE to god I’m wrong, but I may have raised my expectations retardedly high since I’ve been looking up scream 4 news Everyday since last may? When ever they announced kevin was working on a draft. I just want this to be the best one out of the WHOLE series. Also, Wicked-scribe.. Do u know yet if there you’ll be able to review the movie in 2 days or not?

  40. I won’t know the terms until I attend tomorrow.

  41. There not even trying to hide her death anymore

  42. i agree with the acting, with sidney’s kick, with gale-monica, with the ehren and not kevin dialogue….i too hope i’m wrong when i finally see the film. :(

  43. just watched it again. at least gale is more gale than in scream 3. definetely.

    btw, 0:53-54 would make a great gale gif haha.

  44. Yeah, we can’t judge till we see the whole movie….

    Anyway, no Saturday Secrets #4?

  45. Hmmm I wonder where Gail was coming from? Makes me wonder. It would be interesting if Gail in some way had something to do with the killings or at least a certain someone’s death. I’m so hype about this film no tv spot or clip will ruin the experience of seeing this opening night. Come on April 15th!!!

  46. i live in ireland, over here its a day ahead of america, so i will be seeing scream 4 before all of you americans :D

  47. It clearly has to be edited. For one, it seems in the trailer that there is an extended falling scene of Alison Brie. Also, another reason I believe this is edited, is why would the crowd gasp before the scream? They’re supposed to be looking a Dewey, then everyone behind Gale gasps, then the scream….not likely. I agree with everyone else, I hope this scene has been cut-down for the preview and longer in the movie!

  48. Didnt read all the way down, but i got to the point of “they’re having a normal conversation right next to a fresh body…” and just had to post. Listen Gale and Dewey have been thru this, Im sorry, but if i’ve spent 10 years watching friends get hacked up, after a while you become numb. I think the fact that they have that non-chalant conversation sells it, it reminds us that “hey they’ve been in this kind of sh*t before, they handle it in a way a normal person wouldnt” — How many times did an episode of scooby-doo have the same reactions and zoinks as the previous…cmon. Sid, Gail, and Dewey — are now professionals at the survival horror. Put them in a Resident Evil VIDEO GAME and they’d be as kick ass as Leon S. Kennedy.

  49. Yeah but Gale has changed since the first movie. She’s been married to Dewey for 10 years, and she’s just starting to get her bitchy groove back. She hasn’t played Monica Gellar in 7 years, so I’m not sure why all these Monica comparisons keep coming back.

  50. @rick “She hasn’t played Monica Gellar in 7 years, so I’m not sure why all these Monica comparisons keep coming back.”

    Because her mannerism is very “Monica” in this scene, but I do have to admit that some very Gale-ness also came out. From the way she yelled out Dewey to her excessive head and hand movements, that reminds me of Monica from Friends a lot. Then when she got mad and was breathing hard, that was very “mad Gale”. But since the dialogs were somewhat goofy as well, I think it made her look like Monica more than Gale.

    I guess you could argue she’s somewhat Jules from Cougar Town as well. But Jules is so happy-go-lucky, while Monica has this controlling nature that is shared by Gale.

  51. I/m proud to say i haven’t watched 1 clip…..friday awaits!

  52. Too funny,tell me when your back on team Gail!:P

  53. i love love love the movie scream 4 and all scream movies there like so awsome and tight i wish i could meet all of the cast one day in my hometown of los angeles and california my friends bria karina carlos and karinas boyfriends monty are so very supported of me to me and i love them ford that thank you and for other things goood bey.

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