Kevin Williamson Finally Comments on Scream 4 Script Over-Development

Entertainment Weekly‘s upcoming cover story “the bloody battle for Scream 4″ seemed an odd choice of hyperbole which we now understand should be taken at its most literal. Hitting Friday, the latest issue grants us the most whitewash-free official comments yet on the events leading to Kevin Williamson’s disconnection from all things Scream.

As it’s too hot to keep under lock till the mag hits stands and someone else dictates it online first, EW have dropped the most burning info themselves! Here’s the preview including the first ever comment by Kevin Williamson about Scream 4 in roughly one year.

Fans should feel lucky that there’s another installment arriving at all, given how easily Scream 4 could have fallen apart. As they reveal in this week’s cover story, screenwriter Kevin Williamson and Dimension Films co-chairman Bob Weinstein clashed repeatedly and vociferously over details, resulting in a script that was in flux throughout the shoot. “I always prided myself on coming to the set with a shot list,” says Craven. “But quite often we’d literally get pages the night before, sometimes the day of. That part was very stressful.”

“Everyone was second-guessing everything, because everyone wanted it to be so perfect,” Williamson recalls. His arguments with Weinstein intensified over the months and ultimately came to a head. “Oh, I got in a big fight with Bob,” says Williamson. “We got into a massive fight creatively, and we hugged it out and then we moved on.” Weinstein, however, claims that the bitter disagreements had to do with looming deadlines. “It was a time crunch,” he says. “I think the only real fight was not creative, but, ‘We gotta get this goin’! It’s a train. It’s moving.’ From my point of view, that was our only source of tension.” (He and Williamson have not spoken since. At the time he was interviewed, Williamson still had not seen the finished film. But both men insist there’s no bad blood between them.)

The preview – which you can read here – also excerpts some points about the David Arquette/Courteney Cox breakup and promises “more on the battle over Scream 4 plus a look back at the original Scream with memories from Arquette, Cox, Campbell and Drew Barrymore”.

Thanks to Kevork, and everyone else who alerted us to this! Sleep is for pussies!

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13 Responses to “ Kevin Williamson Finally Comments on Scream 4 Script Over-Development ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I think the box office numbers for the 15th-17th will give Kevin and Bob a real indication of the fanbase and why they should continue with part 5. Gonna be strong.

  2. Kevin = Classy

    If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all. That’s what he’s prescribed to until everything was finsihed, the credits were hashed out and the movie’s ready.

    Anybody who is pissed at Kevin for not saying anything until now should be thanking the horror Gods that he’s not an ego-maniac like most in Hollywood. He wanted Scream 4 to be just his– as far as action, dialogue and characters were concerned. There’s nothing wrong with that. Losing out on Scream 3 was really tough for him. There’s nothing wrong with wanting the re-invention of the series you created to come from your hand. When it was obvious that wouldn’t happen Kevin was probably extremely dissapointed. It’s gotta be a punch in the gut. But he didn’t get out there and tear the thing apart. He respected his friends and co-workers and did his own thing.

    I’ve always maintained that Kevin probably didn’t know exactly what to say. After all, what if things changed so much after he left the production that he lost his “Written by” credit. Would be pretty embarassing to talk something up for a year and then not be credited, right?

  3. I really hope you’re right. JRT. But I don’t think Kevin returns to the franchise as a full writer of the movie. Maybe as producer or consulting, I don’t know. But if the Weisteins offers a good salary I don’t think Kevin rejects it.

  4. I’m thinking Keven realizes that another trilogy is cliche — the exact OPPOSITE of what Scream has always been about. I bet he wanted to kill off Sid, Dewey, and Gale — something that would be a surprise and not cliche. But the Weinsteins obviously want to make money if there’s money to be made in a new trilogy. BUT, since we all expect at least some (or all) of the original trio to survive in order to make part 5 & 6, this harms the franchise because “the expected is the new cliche.”

  5. So, the Weinsteins are to be blamed?

  6. @Fabrico Only time will tell i guess. I know we’ll all be back here next week either laughing at all this KW speculation/rumors or we’ll be hanging our heads in shame. I personally think this entry is gonna be better than part II. And , that is really saying a lot….considering that part II is flat out amazing. I’m on both sides when it comes to the discussion about KW. I feel like he should be left alone to create his characters, but on the flipside he seems notorious for stretching projects on and on and on. So, i’m extremly positive about part IV….what fan wouldn’t be right?

  7. Well I’m happy to know everything is fine now. I was just watching the Scream docu on bio last night and this reminds me of when Wes & his team were filming and Bob thought the mask was goofy and that the film was too light and wanted certain things changed and there was just way too many “cooks in the kitchen” (As Craven put it) but then Bob shut his mouth when they sent him the opening and he saw how scary it was. I think Bob is a great guy but this is Kevin & Wes’s baby so let them be. HOWEVER, Bob did give Kevin a ton of extensions with the script, I remember Kevin tweeting about it. So that part I believe too.

    In the end I just want my damn movie, lol. I hope Kevin and Bob really are cool with each other and that there’s no trouble. I think if Kevin comes out after S4 releases and talks about how much he loved the film and ect, then that might mean he’ll return for 5…but if he remains quiet or doesn’t show any further enthusiasm after the film is out then…I don’t think he’ll do it. At the end of the day I could live with Scream 4 being the last if need be. S5 & S6 I only want if Kevin & Wes are behind it 100%.

  8. Finally the truth came out and this is bad news, as if Kevin doesn’t talk to Bob since the abandonment of the project, Scream 5 with Kevin will be difficult :(
    But I had already imagined that internal conflicts between Kevin and the Weinsteins – he became angry and left the project and for pride, not commented on anything since then on Twitter. I didn’t believe much in that story of his contract with Vampire Diaries prevent him from talking about Scream 4 on Twitter.
    He may have his reasons, but can’t give up your franchise like this and the Weinsteins have to stop being so stupid to move a project done for him and do the shit that was Scream 3 repeat. Kevin is the creator of this wonderful franchise, he knows what he wants to tell and know what works, he’s no longer a beginner screenwriter!

  9. I’m with you Waiting… through this whole thing I’ve been on Kevin’s side. too me the Weinsteins just seem’d far too hands on. There’s just no way that kevin would have walked away from his baby the way he did unless he had no other choice.
    Even now, it seems like Weinstein is trying to sweep the creative issues under the rug despite the fact that Kevin insiste there was a creative dispute. They realize how valuable Kevin’s name is to this franchise.
    I’m almost concerned that Kevin was payed off, just to keep his name on the Script.
    Paranoid? maybe, hopefully.

  10. Scream4fan, blamed for what? The film might turn out to be AMAZING. I just think it’s ridiculous to be talking about who to “blame” if it turns out bad. It takes more than one person to ruin a movie. And what’s so funny(Maybe sad too) is that the people who hate the film are going to look for someone to blame. “Ehren & The Weinsteins ruined my movie! HOW DARE THEY?!!”. Not realizing that maybe, just maybe, there is no one to blame. You just didn’t like the film. And that’s OK.

    I just wish fans would stop acting like they know what went on set and then getting mad over bullshit theories they made up in their own heads. It’s pathetic. Who knows what they were specifically arguing about?? Maybe it wasn’t anything as big as we’re assuming.

    Long story short- stop with the blame game.

  11. @KHY Scream 4 brought the director, original actors and Original writer back, everyone who read the initial script loved it! The script is what convinced many to jump on board.
    Somehow, between the gung-ho enthusiasm for the script and shooting, the writer dropped out. Changes were made. What sounded like a no fail way to bring the series back to its Scream 1 and Scream 2 glory was now in jeopardy. Us fans have devoted alot of time and passion into this series. If Ego’s and excessive studio tampering leaves us with another Scream 3 or something even worse, then damn right we will be angry, and you better believe we’re gonna be looking for someone to blame.

  12. Then again if the movie is good, then it’s all very moot. until we get to the production of Scream 5

  13. im really glad kevin finally spoke up and is showing honor and respect to collegues and fans …i’ve regained respect for him now…i thought he was just shoving off the movie because he favored tv shows

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