New Poster For Original Scream Piles on The Guts

Mondo Prints, who reinvent cult movies as high-art pop posters have chosen Scream as their latest offerings. By Alex Pardee, this in-your-face redesign will go on sale April 14th, limited to 140 copies.

A Nightmare on Elm Street has also been redefined, and can be viewed at the link below. Director Wes Craven made this statement about the posters:

“It’s an honor and great fun to be chosen by Mondo to participate in their Director’s Series. I think the posters brim with wild imagination and sly humor. Thank you so much – I’m pleased my films have earned a place in your gallery!”

Source: Badass Digest

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9 Responses to “ New Poster For Original Scream Piles on The Guts ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Wicked.

  2. I really like this. Might have to purchase!

  3. I like it, but The Nightmare On Elm Street poster is just genius. This poster seems to imply that Scream is about the blood and guts, while in reality it isn’t. Of course Casey was gutted and it was the essential highlight of the film, but I still don’t feel that it’s that appropriate. I do like that the guts actually fill out to be a part of the Ghostface mask which is very creative.

    My rating for the posters:
    Scream – 7/10
    Nightmare On Elm Street – 10/10 (amazing work)

  4. I love the idea, so creative. But the tennis shoes really bother me. Casey was barefoot. I know I’m being picky but if you’re going to make it such a focal point, get the details right.

  5. ^^ Agreed with Ashley – it’s awesome and really creative, but we ALL know it’s meant to be Casey…and she probably would’ve survived if she’d been wearing these shoes.
    But she wasn’t, so…

    But again, this poster is fantastic, I LOVE it!!!! Wow can you imagine if this (or something similar) was the actual theatrical poster back then!!! :D

  6. I liked it, but the tennis shoes broke the idea that there was Casey, after all she is barefoot and tennis shoes brought a masculine appearance. The poster of A Nightmare on Elm Street is much better.

  7. I do love Mondo, so spoiled by having them in town.

  8. This is really good! But that’s no surprise since it’s by Alex Pardee. That man is a genius.

  9. I personally like it better than the NOES poster. Both are amazing!

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