New Scream 4 Clip & Behind-The-Scenes Special

Yet another clip, this time with Gale and Dewey plus a lil’ bit of Deputy Hicks. It’s ripped from a comprehensive Scream 4 documentary that aired on UK’s SkyOne, which we’ve included for your viewing pleasure too.

This isn’t another feature culled from just b-roll footage, but an original production filmed on set with the co-operation of cast and crew, with some nice little details shown along the way.

Direct Link/Credit: Video #1, Video #2, Video #3

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26 Responses to “ New Scream 4 Clip & Behind-The-Scenes Special ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. HA HA HA Betty Crocker!!!! Gale Weathers is back! lol and I just saw a new tv spot with reviews

  2. Behind the scenes!!!! Notice the Dewey Stickers, that we all got, lol. Awesome!!!!

  3. Yes! the bitch gale is here to stay.

  4. Does anybody else think that the roof chase scene is supposed to be homage to the 1st Scream when Sidney was on the roof and Ghostface pushed her down……

  5. Neve was getting really cozy with that prop master J.P. Jones. The future Mr. Neve Campbell, methinks.

  6. This isn’t real? They never get out of character!

  7. From what im seeing Scream seems to be either you mainly love it or you mainly hate it kinda film, but its currently 61% on rotten tomatoes which means its classed as Fresh(good) hopefully it stays above 60% or higher, hopefully 70ish% but it all depends on rev.

  8. Yep, it’s real. Just watched the special. This movie is gonna be so good it won’t even matter if it’s bad!

  9. @wicked-scribe, was scream 4 better second time round???

  10. thats the way to make a joke gale-esque and not monica! :D

  11. Saw it a second time this morning and it definitely works just as good! Flaws are still readily evident, but it’s strengths become stronger and the final act is – perhaps, dare I say? – the best of the entire franchise?

  12. Glenn, I saw it a second time too this morning! Interested to discuss the (very limited in my opinion) flaws with you after US-April 15th.

  13. You can always email me if you feel like exchanging notes! You have my address.

  14. I finally got the empire magazine review of scream 4 i waiting to see as they normally are big fans of the films, But no my expectations are knocked again as they gave it 2 stars out of 5, lower than scream 3 :S. I kinda glad my expectations are knocked down though or else i might of had to high expectations…but still i doubt its weaker than scream 3!

  15. Bitchy Gale is back! That clip made me so happy :) and the behind the scenes special was really well put together. Neve is so beautiful :)

  16. For those of you that have seen the movie, please email me or reply to me, i want details on the movie and I dont wana spoil it for those of you on here that dont want to know about it.

  17. Its gonna be a Scream baby!!!

  18. Some ruined scream 4 for me randomly on twitter ;( the day I’m going to see it 12 showing I hope he’s just fucking with me because I’ve been crying :( ahha fuck

  19. OMFG!!!! I went on the official facebook page with innocent intentions and I believe the movie was spoiled for me and at least maybe one scene just by flipping thru pics that seemed innocent until u glance over captions and comments! I’m beyond pissed!!! I’m going to the midnight showing. Why can’t some people just wait to hold their comments until it is officially released in the US??? SCREAM FANS BEWARE IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET!!!

  20. I pray I am wrong about what I saw…My eyes have been tainted almost lol I’m really hurt

  21. That’s the price to pay for visiting any unmoderated website, I’m sorry to say.

  22. i hope it isnt true too the asshole just @christensenbret me randomly telling me to save my money and told me the whole movie (i hope he didnt) jack ass i want to kill him!

    and hes like it got ruined for me so im going to ruin it for eveyone who puts #SCREAM4

  23. Well, I’m still hopeful because what I saw wasn’t something I hadn’t already heard or seen before. But just the thought of being spoiled the day its released is killer. My own theories are still very strong so I’m yet hopeful and like I stated before my focus is MOTIVE after all these years of silence!!! Long Live SCRE4M!!!

  24. Saw the film overseas, and I have to say GALE IS BACK.

    I know I said Courtney is like Monica before, but those are judging from the limited footage released in clips. After watching the movie as a whole, I am confident to say, GALE WEATHERS IS BACK. At full force, even.

  25. but that is judging*
    (Sorry, typing while half awake…)

  26. GALE!!! Dude I love her!!! I mean usually you hate the bitch….. but Gale is the best part of the movie!

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