Nico Reveals Why Trevor Isn’t Billy Loomis 2.0 (Maybe!)

We remember when Scream 4‘s Nico Tortorella revealed he was auditioned with Billy Loomis script pages from the climax of Scream, fans went wild. In a new interview, the actor clarifies why he was asked to go all kitchen crazy to get the job.

Tortorella auditioned a total of five times before landing the part in the iconic horror franchise and at 22-years-old, he actually hadn’t seen the original trilogy prior to his first audition. Something that may have surprisingly worked in his favor.

“I actually hadn’t seen any of the first three movies until after a few of my auditions so the first audition was the Billy Loomis scene in the end of the first movie when he goes nuts and starts killing everybody,” the actor explains. “So I had no idea what was going on. I went in with my whole own interpretation of what was actually happening, which apparently worked in one way or another.”

He clarifies that the purpose of that audition wasn’t to see if he could duplicate Skeet Ulrich’s character, but to see how far he could push himself.

“I don’t know if I necessarily had to play Billy Loomis, but they wanted to see all the guys [auditioning] interpret that scene and take it on to see how far they could really go,” he says.

Tortorella did watch the first three “Scream” films before earning the role, but made a point not to draw too much from his predecessor.

“I knew what he had established and I knew what I was walking into,” he says of Ulrich. “But Trevor’s a totally different person and 10 years later I think that everybody is a different person. I just kind of had to make it on my own. Script-wise there’s definitely the parallels, but I had to keep it fresh in one way or another.”

Tortorella is definitely one of our favorite interview names, as he always has something interesting to say about the internal process of acting.

Source: Zap2It

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6 Responses to “ Nico Reveals Why Trevor Isn’t Billy Loomis 2.0 (Maybe!) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I know this may be to obvious but i think trevor is the killer.

  2. It’s definitely the most obvious, but I dunno… it seems too much like Scream 1. After Billy they’ve never had a boyfriend or partner or close family member be the killer. You can never count Roman as a close family member.

    Granted, the unexpected is the new cliche so who knows.


  3. They’d want us to think Trevor is the killer, they want us to think everyone who isn’t the killer is..I don’t think it’s someone completly unrelated to trebr but I’ll keep my theory to myself since it’s based off of speculation and not facts..

  4. I think its trevor and Gail

  5. trevors so obvious that he isnt……if that makes any kind of scence

  6. I like Nico a lot more after all these interviews.

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