Revisiting The Scream 4 Storyboards (Spoilers)

Midway through Scream 4‘s shoot, a photo of over 30 thumbnail storyboard sketches accidentally leaked. While they were largely ignored (perhaps best for the production) and picked at for their roughness, we suspected the holy grail was right in front of us.

Now that we’ve seen the film we thought the board sketches worth a second look. Here they are again, this time numbered in case you want to take a crack at identifying scenes. Privately at the time, we figured #04 with gunplay definitely featured the killer (mistaking the culprit as Adam Brody for some reason), but now in retrospect we recognize a few finale frames (#08 “sick of living in your shadow”). What scenes can you match?

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23 Responses to “ Revisiting The Scream 4 Storyboards (Spoilers) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I remember these… my eyesight isn’t good enough. Funny that I also remembered this shot and posted it the other day:

    Can anyone with better eyesight see if they compare? ;)

  2. I remember that photo too, Doc. Looks like Kate’s death.

  3. #27 Lucy Hale’s demise?

  4. #17 is sidney using the defibrillator on jill in the hospital

  5. #22 looks like the barn scene where gail gets stabbed

  6. #28 MIGHT be kirby’s death scene but im just throwing a guess out there lol

  7. 2, 3, and 11 are the hospital scene. 18 is the parking garage.

  8. 12 appears to be Olivia’s death scene…?

  9. Yeah, I agree that 12 is Olivia’s original death scene. I always thought why Olivia wasn’t thrown OUT OF THE WINDOW like what I originally heard. It looks like, originally, she’s supposed to end up on the ground! (This all being said assuming that 12 is indeed her death story board…) What ended up on the film is better and way creepier, however!

  10. Is #4 Sid fighting Ghostface on the stairs?

  11. I still can’t make heads or tails of them. They look like a kid drew them.

  12. Number 27 looks like Trudie’s death

  13. Forget that…gives me a headache just trying to try to see what’s going on.

  14. @John

    I think your right about #22

    #13 looks to be part of the final hospital scene too

  15. this movie is a joke,,, should have had STRONGER killers

  16. And I thougt my storyboards were not that great a few months ago for a class work… LOL Now I’m relieved.

  17. 29 is Kirby & Jill watching Jill get mutilated.

  18. #20 seems to be a scene with Robbie, Kirby, and Charlie (see R K C on their shirts). But I can’t manage to find which exact scene it is refering to (if it’s in the final cut). Maybe at Stabathon or at Kirby’s…

  19. #25 looks like the scene where ghostface runs toward kate and sid

  20. #17 does look like Sid defibbed Jill.

  21. #20 It looks like the car scene with Kirby, Olivia, and Jill, except with the intention that they walk to school and almost get knocked down by a car.

  22. 20 looks like the part where Olivia gets killed while Jill and Kirby watch from Jill’s room.

  23. #2 looks like when jill was yelling at gale to get her skinny ass up and out of behind the bed

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