Scary Wind Chimes in Latest Scream 4 TV Spot

The new Scream 4 TV Spot (American, Canadian, who cares as long as they end up on the net. Just sayin’) offers several noticeable new shots including Aimee/Britt on a couch (uh oh), Shenae/Lucy investigating a strange noise or something, and others… but it’s an odd cutaway to wind chimes that got to us.

That’s the key to everything, we tell you! You just wait.

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  1. The wind chimes scene was very The Strangers-esque. Really great part of the movie.

  2. The way “someone” falls through the doors is different? They like stumble this time instead of full on fly through it?

  3. Look closer at the chimes. :). Real close.

  4. Fantastic <3

  5. This website is so awesome with all of it’s updates, love it! I can’t wait for it to hit the theaters. My friend got a photo with all these Ghostfaces that were roaming around the streets of Brisbane on Friday. Here is the link if you wanna check them out, they were also in Sydney and Melbourne.

  6. The sound was better than the other one. 12 more days…. *sigh*

  7. great tv spot :D i just seen the 1st tv spot for scream 4 over here in ireland, its very short and the narrator says “being scared has never been this much fun” and rory culkins character says “awesome” it also shows alot of screaming :P sorry i cudnt record it but its hard to tell when it comes on

  8. AWESOME!!!!!

  9. CHIMEZZZZZZZZZZ. Finally an explanation Marco’s chimes in his Scream scores. I used to always make a face because I thought they were chimes from my outside. curse you, Marco!

  10. You can see Ghostface in the chimes.

  11. scary!! i just love britt she looks like such a innocent victim!

  12. It’s the subtle moments of silence that make the first Scream work. Like when the we see Casey’s empty school chair; when the school bus pulls up to Sid’s house; when Neve walks down her staircase during the early house scene; when she steps out onto her porch with the phone to her ear and birds chirp; and so on.

    I hope that they include similar scenes in SCRE4M, and that shot of the wind chimes is promising.

  13. It’s American. They’ve been showing it nonstop tonight on AMC during ‘The Killing’. It’s by far my new favorite TV spot for Scream 4.

  14. And I can probably film a better version of it during the next commercial break (if they show it, which I’m sure they will).

  15. Finally! I saw this on TV a few days ago and was waiting for it to get on here. Best tv spot yet!

  16. What would I even look up to see this on youtube? Or could I have a link please? I’m sorry. I just can’t view the vid from my phone.

  17. oh my goodness, thanks so much for putting this up i saw this the last dady or so and kept looking for it on here

  18. This TV Spot was also shown on saturday night during Saturday Night Live! This is my favorite Tv Spot thus far! It gave me chills! April 15th is just around the corner!!

  19. Only a maater of time!!!

  20. Is There A Video Of This Tv Spot On YouTube? Cuz Somehow I Can’t View It Here.

  21. Thanks Wicked-Scribe :)

  22. I just filmed this one. I’m not sure if it’s better than the one above, but anyways, here it is:

  23. this is the best TV spot to date! CANNOT WAIT!!!

  24. This is a great spot, and it seems as if they are picking different shots of the same scene, so it will be a surprise what we get in the theatre. It’s also interesting how they’re not putting any focus on Emma Roberts — all the girls seem to be getting the same billing. Every girl was featured in this one, I think.

  25. I loved the new scenes *-*
    Guessing in whose home is Ghostface on the wind chimes scene…
    And what Britt and Aimee are seeing on top…

  26. Very Cool

    The Australian one aired last night in all it’s glory.
    I noitced at the top of the Tv Spot..the reporter woman(out the front of the Police station) said something I hadn’t heard previously.
    Not going to say what she said but I found it to be interesting.

  27. So excited for this movie !! (Awesome job on the site btw; I check it daily)

  28. When I think of the chimes I think of Scream3’s last seconds where all you hear is the wind chimes out on Sid’s ranch house. You can see them when Sid walks up but the background is blured when she enters the house. But I also can’t help but remember that Sids old house also had chimes not near the house, I don’t think but in the entry outhouse entry has them. Then also a shot from Jenifers house of the hollywoodhills shows you weirdly that she has chimes. I think every house had chimes or just the main ones. I don’t think I remember stu’s house having any chimes at all. It may be a clue it may not but Ahhh… I jusst think a nice connection would be nice.

  29. People should look at the chimes scene closer. You may see something their that might catch you by surprise.

  30. I am posting this on a different comment box because I don’t know if it is a spoiler or not. I see two different Ghostfaces on those chimes outside the house. At first I thought maybe that is just how chimes are reflecting Ghostface but I am starting to doubt that the more and more I look at it.

  31. I love windchimes! Not sure if I would like to see Ghostface between them though. Lol! Very scary. Can’t wait. One week to go!!!!

  32. 1. Loving Brittany.

    2. The shot of someone falling through the door towards Aimee IS INDEED different. The way the body falls through is not the same as the way we have seen thus far.

    3. And right. “The couch” is there… :)

  33. Ok, Britt and Aimee should be hearing some strange noise upstairs or something, like Cici heard. And the scene of the wind chimes is in their house.

  34. Well said J.D! I too hope Scream 4 has subtle moments of tension as well. I love the lighting when Sidney is on her porch, as it’s very Nightmare On Elm Street like.

    Wind chimes are incredibly creepy, in the movies, but also in real life. Whenever I hear wind chimes, almost everything else seems to be silent, with only a light or heavy breaze. Even during the day, wind chimes are scary :)

  35. I think they’ve finally color corrected the Aimee’s phone call scene!

  36. Any one know what haydens saying? I can’t understand her..

  37. Now that I think of it, WEREN’T THERE WIND CHIMES at the very end of Scream 3 when the door swings open?? Maybe the shot in the clip is how SCRE4M starts!

  38. @cody.william.reints…she says, “Now would be a good time to make a move”.
    seems like she might be talking about him making a move on jill, not sure though.

  39. At Lovett. The wind chimes definitely just show one Ghostface. It looks like two, but it’s actually just the reflection. I watched that part a few times and you can see that both Ghostfaces are moving in the same direction at the same time, meaning that it’s just a reflection (unless the two killers (if there are two) have perfectly synced their movie). But I can definitely see how you thought that.

  40. This is probably my favorite Scream 4 TV spot yet!

  41. I’m pretty sure kirby says “now is a good time to make your move”

  42. why was my original comment about the photos not posted?

  43. the part when “i think its a good time to make a move” is when she’s talking to charlie.

  44. @J.D. Good point! I remember them right at the end! I wonder if there is a correlation?

  45. dontdiesid: for the upteenth time we don’t allow directions to spoilers. If you want to discuss further email me thanks.

  46. my bad

  47. Here it is in HD… sort of! lol i dont know why they’ve called it a trailer though

  48. LOVE Alison Brie’s parking garage scream as Ghostface goes all badass and jumps on her car.

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