Scream 4 Anna & Kristen Full Scene (Spoilers)

We added 24 screenshots of Rachel & Chloe to StabFlix, but if you have the courage, watch the whole scene legally… in Spanish. A bit of a double-edged hunting knife, no?

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17 Responses to “ Scream 4 Anna & Kristen Full Scene (Spoilers) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. This wasnt show on the US??? Mexico did!

  2. Shut the fuck up and watch the movie.

  3. This part always is creepy the way Kristen looks and just grabs the knife and BAM! She did a great job.

  4. It’s always creepy this scene lol.

  5. mmmm? this was shown in the movies.

  6. scream 4 looks like it was written by 13 year old girls that cut themselves for attention.

  7. This seen was shown in the french version.I know it because i’m unfortunately french lol

  8. This scene would have been a MAJOR surprise to me if I hadn’t read it by some douchebag reviewer the day I went to go see it. Fucking piece of shit.

  9. To all y’all above:
    The scene was shown in the USA.
    The OP is talking about watching it LEGALLY if it’s Spanish.
    (The Spanish countries probably approved this as part of promo?)
    Anyhow, I think this scene made it to the theater in all countries unscathed.

  10. As I said back in the forum (about this showing full on a spanish website):

    “croboy82 wrote:
    Isnt that illegal?

    Well, my whole country is illegal LOL.
    It’s crazy, but you can’t picture how many things like this are done without consequences (and this is one of the top newspapers here).”

  11. An absolutely brilliant opening!

  12. love the opening

  13. I loved this opening, it was the most original scene in scream 4, it was fun, shocking and full of self parody. Funniest lines as well, “I guess these days it would be twitter”and ” stick a fork in 1996″ and “now shut up and watch the f88king movie” some people said it was to funny for scream and made the killing straight after feel redundant. But I think its just what scream fans needed after all we all know “ghostface” kills the girl in the first scene.

  14. This scene would have been a MAJOR surprise to me if I hadn’t read spoilers :(
    Probably the most creative scene in Scream 4 *-*
    Who’d have thought someone would kill her friend without Ghostface mask and suddenly?

  15. And this knife? Huge, not one that used Ghostface yet.

  16. I loved that opening when I saw the movie at the theater Veronica Mars goes Pyscho and kills Sookie Stackhouse LOL!

  17. Was this in the original first scream 4 script?

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