Scream 4 Blu-Ray & DVD: What We Know

What are the plans for Scream 4 DVD/BD? The window between theatrical and home release has increasingly narrowed in recent years, and it’s ballpark possible Dimension might want to take advantage in recouping costs. But here’s what we’ve heard…

Release Date

Back in January we saw proof Scream 4‘s home release in Mexico would be September. This week we learned Australia is getting it around August time to coincide closely with Scream 2 & Scream 3‘s Blu-Ray releases that month. So let’s say August/September until informed otherwise. That’s essentially a four month gap.

Special Features

Expect the usual Director’s Commentary, behind-the-scenes and bloopers. That’s boilerplate by now – what you really want to know is if all the removed material will wind up on the release. Luckily, Wes Craven was quoted in a recent interview as saying:

“We shot a script that was 138 pages or something like that, so we had a lot of scenes that had to go on the cutting room floor. Some were kind of redundant. Sometimes we were pointing too much at a character as a red herring. There are seven or eight scenes that will be on the DVD. All the really good stuff was in the final film.”

That means we’re sure to get the major clumps of discarded footage that we’ve been covering in our Unseen Scream 4 articles. It’s less likely we’ll get the longer versions of scenes featuring dialogue glimpsed in various trailers, just as it’s doubtful any removed material will be integrated into an extended Scream 4 cut. We’re not cynical, just realists!

Scream 4‘s home release will be distributed by Starz/Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Artwork Credit: Sonny Baker

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40 Responses to “ Scream 4 Blu-Ray & DVD: What We Know ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. What I’m wondering is whether the Scream trilogy set on Blu-Ray will also be released on dvd…..and should I buy it? I mean there will be the unevitable Scream Quadrilogy box set, right?

  2. We want a Directors Cut with the unseen scenes.
    Everybody must send wescraven a personal mail come on guys.
    give each other support

  3. I think the cover will be the ghost/knive face poster for any dvd, all character shots look to cheap & photoshopped.

    In terms of making back loses, ive got one last thing to say on that, looking back at the highest earning opening weekend horros, theres one thing clear they were all mainly opened as the only new film that weekend, therefore had no competition what so ever for high earning and top spot. This year all round is gonna kick most big blockbuster film in the nuts, and after this weekend fast five is out and from then on weve got a new blockbster every week! Every film that on a slower year would go on for weeks and be a huge success this year will likely underperform due to way to many thing sequels and francises being released together and it’ll follow on through to 2012 too, no film this year will be the success it should of been starting with scream 4 sadly.


    It’ll be released in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark) and Finland on August 16th-17th.


    Seriously, can’t we at least get a bunch of dialogue put back in? Extended driving talk with the “hooker’s perfume” dialogue would be great.

  6. @Ian, don’t hold your breath for a quadrilogy box set. The original trilogy is distributed by Lionsgate and Scream 4 is distributed by Anchor Bay, so it’s unlikely to happen unless rights change hands and since both deals were struck inside the last 12 months that won’t be any time soon.

  7. they have to do a extended cut version on the dvd surely. wes u say all the good stuff was in the final film? NO IT WASN’T. the opening and aftermath scene was the good stuff. even just have an alternate opening on and leave the rest as deleted scenes.

  8. So is scream 4 like a box office bomb?

  9. why cant they just come out with an unrated directors cut of scream 4 so we can see the original deaths of rebecca jenny and marnie and see the fountain scene from the commercial please everybody write to wes craven and kevin willimason so they can release the unrated directors cut of scream 4 and was there a reason why wes craven and kevin willamson didnt put the original deaths in scream 4 i heard that the reason why they didnt put rebeccas jenny’s and marnie’s plus the fountain scene and other scenes because it will probally make the movie a 2 hour movie anf that will be too long for theatres and that people will get bored sitting there for 2 hours like so what hallowen did it with the remake of 1 and 2 it was 2 hours and people didnt get bored well thats what heard that wes and kevin did that because scream 4 will probally be 2 hours if we add in those other scenes if you heard another thing then oh well thats what i heard

  10. On the back cover, it says “Special Features: 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio, Theatrical Trailer, Chapter Search.” Unless that is a Photoshopped DVD, I’m a little worried that the “Deleted Scenes” will not be on the first release of the film.

    Also, why did they use that stupid Spanish cover art. It’s horrid. And why did they use Sherrie and Jill as the backdrop faces? Why not Sherrie and Trudie or Jenny and Marnie?

    I do like the tagline … “Someone has taken their love of reboots one step too far.”

  11. Stop calling it a Director’s cut, lol — for all we know, the cut we have now is Wes’ cut. What we want is an EXTENDED cut, with all the additional footage added into the movie.

    Please, please, please make this happen.

  12. I like “…such as Neve Campbell (SCREAM,SCREAM 2,SCREAM 3)” Is she the new “Jamie Lee Curtis”

    In my contry (france) the movie works pretty well i think.

  13. A “BOMB” is when a movie doesn’t make it’s (budget spent making it) money back. Scream 4 has already made half it’s money back domestically and it still has several weeks of theater run, worldwide grosses, and DVD sales. It’s not gonna end up being even close to a “BOMB”.

  14. @Steve B. You’re exactly right. It’s almost already recouped its investment, so far having made $36 million worldwide between both domestic and overseas grosses. It’ll probably pass the worldwide $40 million mark by Friday anywho.

  15. i’d appreciate a directors cut with over 1000 hrs of the stuff we didn’t get (i was kidding about the 1000) i don’t want them to be just in the deleted scene section i want it to be longer then the theatre version and have the scenes they cut out of it

    i’m sure they will have a Scream box but if they plan to make five i’ll wait to get the box till they are 100% sure they are done with the movies

    but directors cut with the better beginning and more whatever footage was not used in there i’d like to watch the film and be sitting there all ‘i don’t remember that part but it was good’

  16. This is the first time, one of the opening deaths isn’t on the cover in the line up. Drew is on the first Jada on 2 and Cotton on 3.

  17. Awww…that sucks….I still wonder if they’ll make another Scream….this last one pretty wraps it up….and I think personally Kevin’s reason why he walked off set could very well be a lie just to calm us down. But Wes is right…..they definetly need a WHOLE shooting script…..and stick with one writer…

  18. Thats a photoshopped dvd cover people, not official or anything lol, its pretty damn obvious.

  19. On my way home from the second time of seeing SCREAM 4, I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be cool if they put…?someone has taken their love of ‘reboots’ one step to far” on the cover? Then I thought “ah no, I bet they just stop the whole “one step to far” thing and I was sad that it would probably be abandoned as is the case with many sequels (they drop the cool intelligence/good stuff from the original).

    And now I see this!

    OMG, I just love how smart they always are!!!!

  20. Scream 4 has already grossed $49 million worldwide in four days. Its budget was $40 million so needless to say, this series can still make bank.

  21. Scream 4 will make over 100 million worldwide. No doubt about it. When Scream 5 gets greenlit, it may end up with a smaller budget like lets say Scream 2’s 24 million. Had Rio not opened, Scream 4 would have grossed larger numbers. Families make up a good chunk of therater goers, more so than horror fans. Word of mouth and DVD sales are important now. As long as it makes close to what Scream 3 did (over 70 million) it will be ok. I think it will reach around 10 million this weekend which means U.S. sales should be about 30-32 million counting weekday grosses. No major horror films coming out will help also.

    Final U.S. tally may reach 75-90 million. Worldwide 140-160 million.

  22. YAY! It also says at the bottom of the article that the cover is fan made by me. :|

  23. I’m really hoping for an extended cut.

  24. I just had a kick ass idea for scream 5. Anyone, what’s williamson’s number? Haha

  25. I love how the faux cover art is modeled after the Scream 2 dvd release. I always liked that huge widescreen banner at the top.

  26. “And why did they use Sherrie and Jill as the backdrop faces? Why not Sherrie and Trudie or Jenny and Marnie?”

    Well for Scream 2’s cast & teaser posters, they used Maureen & Sidney so why didn’t they use Maureen & Stab Casey?

  27. A director’s cut of the movie would be nice, but as long as they stuff all that missing footage onto a DVD, I will be satisfied. We have followed the movie since filming with Bananadoc on this site (well, a number of us!), I am sure we can fill in the gap ourselves.

    But again, a director’s cut would be interesting, and it makes watching the movie feel that much more complete. So I definitely encourage it :)

  28. A comment above needs punctuation! I read it in its entirety, but I am not sure what is it that I’ve read. I think I get the gist. I think.

  29. i want the extended unrated version on dvd that could not be seen in theatres because of too much violence that the mpaa removed from the film!

  30. I think 40m was a little too much for 4. Did it need to cost that much? It doesn’t look that expensive, and I don’t think the main three were that expensive. 25m should’ve been enough.

  31. An extended cut would be marvelous and i think anchor bay has a history of inputting extended cuts of films from there b-list library. Check out there continuing series of extended editions of The Army of Darkness dvd’s. If there is a commentary, i hope it’s with Wes and Kevin again talking about their movie. I do think Wes Craven has more klunkers than successes and i do think he should have read the script a little closer and had some involvement with Krueger’s revisions of the script. Krueger’s shitty writing in the film is apparent and it’s all in the lack of characterization for the characters. Sidney appears from nowhere and has a book signing and BAM a dead body is in her rented car, she also comes at a very convenient, Ehren Krueger, time to have a book signing when the police is in the middle of new Woodsboro murder. I would have appreciated some time to see the main characters reunite and have supper together. I know I’ve mentioned this before on my Scream 4 critique for Sid and Jill but it holds true for Dewey, Gale, and Sid. Woodsboro should have been in a state of calm, seeing the normal reality of the town before the chaos started. This is not the way Williamson writes movies, but Wes has so many bad movies in his bag I’m sure this is something he’s used to. Sorry but it’s true, Wes Craven directs a lot of shitty movies and YES, I’m blaming Wes Craven for the disaster called “CURSED”, and giving Kevin a slide. WHY? Because look at his tv stuff, it’s filled with characterization and depth. I’m not a fan of his vampire series but looking at a full season of it, it’s Dawson Creek stuff with fangs. The man can write when Wes and Winstein are not deeply INVOLVED in the writing process. It’s true. And let’s cut the MASTER OF SUSPENSE Bullshit title the Winstein’s are labelling Wes Craven. He’ll never make a film as good as JAWS nor any Hitchcock movie!

  32. You guys should totally have, like a DVD cover contest for the movie! When close to the release. And yay!

  33. i loved scream 4 i went to see it like as soon as it came out i dont see why people are saying it was a bomb it wasnt as good as the first 3 films. to me the worst scream was the first i didnt really like the first.but watching 2 and 3 made me a fan and then when i saw scream 4 it made me an avid fan to me each one inbroves on the one before the get better as they go on.
    i wish dewy would die i carnt stand him but that might be cause hes a wanker in real life.but if gale dies i will literally scream.sidney i dont want her to die but it honestly wouldnt bother me if she did i carnt wait for 5cream & scr6am

  34. i think scream 5 is spose to be released in 2013

  35. come on Scream 1 was the best nothin beats crazd mathew Lillard

  36. I liked the 4th scream movie alot. I’ve loved the original since I was like 10 years old. If I had to rank them…it’d be…the original…(of course)…the fourth one…the second…then the third.

    Mostly because I don’t like how the 3rd ending took away from the story of the original. P.s. that would be a great cover, if they made it! Then it wouldn’t look Photoshoped. But it looks great, I actually believed it.

  37. When will scream 4 be on dvd in the usa and when will scream 5 come out

  38. when is it comming out becase i really wanna see it again! im like the biggest scream freak in the world!!!

  39. i <3 scream :)

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