Scream 4 Saturday Secrets #3

Today is our penultimate edition of Saturday Secrets! Wow, you guys really came up with some good questions this past week which made it so hard to narrow down the list… so we didn’t. We just went ahead and threw a whopping six questions at our contact. Don’t expect the number to be beat or even matched next week, but we’ll make the final edition special somehow. Now for a friendly warning: considering we do have six items on tap, you’re going to get some fringe-spoilery tidbits sprinkled throughout. A bit of everything today. Think of this as the continental breakfast edition.

Question #1: Are there any surprise cameos other than the ones we know about?

Question #2: Do you think other people in the audience enjoyed the film as much as you did?

Question #3: Did the audience scream at all during the screening during the movie?

Question #4: Are there any semi-obvious hints about who the killer is thinking back on the movie.

Question #5: How many days do the events of the film take place over?

Question #6: How would you rank the opening with the original opening? Were you satisfied with it?

Submit your questions for next round below. Remember, we cannot ask any over-the-top spoilery questions – i.e. who lives, who dies, who plays who! The key isn’t what you ask, but how you ask it. Go ahead if you have the guts…

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51 Responses to “ Scream 4 Saturday Secrets #3 ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. What foes he mean the next day? Certainally the opening doesn’t go over a course of two days?

  2. WOW, sweet, getting more pumped up for this film.

    How many gallons of blood did they use on the set of Scream 4?

  3. Answer #2 is very intriguing, wonder what this “twisted scene” is about ?

  4. Is there any scene that is just down right terrifying?

  5. This made my morning! Thanks for continuing to bring us such great coverage.

  6. Really Great Answers.
    I wish the 2weeks we have left would hurry up.

  7. Awesome answers! These are awesome and help keep us tied over for the film. :D

    My question: Are there any guttings in the film at all?

  8. This is for you wicked-scribe…dealing with all this spoilery talk you have to remove everyday, have you been spoiled of the ending yet???

  9. I’m sorry but questions 2 & 3 are stupid & basically the same thing.

  10. Why didn’t you bring back Patrick Dempsey for the 4th movie?

  11. Do we get to see any scenes from the Stab movies, like the Heather Graham or Tori Spelling scenes in Scream 2?

  12. how mutch die in the film

  13. Isn’t #6 kinda spoilery? Like, it hints Robertson and Teegarden are the new Drew? Haha I dunno. Thanks for this, though! So excited!!

  14. Whats is the body count in this one? I don’t need a specific number. Just if it’s the biggest yet.

  15. Do you think people just seeing the Scream films for the first time, would enjoy this film as much too?

  16. Awesome. You just made my day.

  17. Question: We’ve seen different climaxs’ (theatres, houses), will the fourth edition bring something fresh.

  18. That’s awesome! I can’t wait!!! I’m still kind of pissed about that April Fool’s prank. That was low. But anyway, whoooo for Scre4m!

  19. wait, is Robertson and Teegarden the opening kills? because i thought it was Hale and Grimes. someone explain?

  20. Here I go, for the third time:
    – How long is the cameos of Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell in the movie?

    – How long is the climax?

    – Were there characters with no development? Little explored? Do you cared about the characters?

    – What did you think of the quality of the acting in general?

  21. Question 1: How would you rate the climax, will we be satisfied?
    Question 2: Throughout the entire film how would you rate it out of 10? is it something you could go back and watch over and over again like the original?

  22. okay my question is: were any of the scenes from the trailer(s), ‘fake scenes’ from the movie “Stab”?

  23. Is the film worthy of getting two new sequels??

  24. Did he just spoil who the opening kills were?

  25. How epic is Kirby’s phone call scene. DO we see more to it than the promo shows

    Do any of the newbies survive?

  26. Are the characters likable enough that when one of them dies we are going to feel sympathy?

  27. Just want to ask, this isn’t spoiling anything because it won’t be saying who, but how many people survive?

  28. very nice questions today!! It gave away some awesome stuff without really giving anything away. LESS THAN 2 WEEKS AWAY PEOPLE!!!

  29. It seems from the clips and trailers that ghostface throws a lot of people through windows. Is this the case for most of the kills in Scream 4? Also, does Scream 4 mimic or poke fun at recent horror movies (Saw, Hostle…) and their brutal and somewhat disgusting kills?

  30. Does the climax of the film occur at a house or somewhere else? How many chase scenes would you say there are in the film? What’s the actual running time of the film, is it 1 hour and 43 minutes including credits or without the credits?

  31. How does the climax of the fim compare to its predecessors? Does Sidney and Gale have that cattiness that was missing from “Scream 3?”

  32. So far has any of the “supposedly leaked” information been correct?

  33. Has any deaths been similar to previous Scream deaths?

  34. How would you rank the quality of the soundtrack and score in comparison to the first three? Did the music add to the quality of scenes, or have no real impact?

  35. Are any of the houses used in this film supposed to be houses from the original film?

  36. Are there any extremely ironic scenes that are quite frightening? e.g. Randy saying “he’s behind you” when the killer is behind him, or even when Tatum says “Please don’t kill me, Mr. Ghostface” to Ghostface…

  37. In your opinion, do you think that the casting for this movie will live up to the past and to the possible future sequels?

    If there was anyone in this movie who you could recast, who would it be and why?

  38. i’ve got a couple: do you feel this film has the potential and/or ability to revamp the horror genre as the original did?….are any of the previous films’ killers mentioned in Scream 4? And lastly, Is the killer(s) motive original?

  39. Can people just jump right into the series with 4 or do you have to watch the first 3 to understand it.

  40. This is for you wicked-scribe…dealing with all this spoilery talk you have to remove everyday, have you been spoiled of the ending yet???

    For the question thing… Was the song that played at the start of the end credits, classic or new???

  41. it true that there is “someone new to die?”
    2.Is it close enough to match the scariness and the violence of the
    first SCREAM?
    3.are there death scenes much more brutal than Casey’s?
    4.Will it still feature the “Red Right Hand”?

  42. Seb: yes, I have been told pretty much every single thing about the film unfortunately.

  43. Just wondering, but could you email me what happens during the opening since I’m sure I already know, but just want to be sure
    P.S. could you say how many people survive?

  44. Where in the film, is the song ‘something to die for’ set in…a killing scene or at a party or where?

  45. im seeing it the first day it comes out (ofcourse) i wonder will the thearter be packed???? people sittiing on the floor packed

  46. Jesus, Wicked. :\

  47. @ wicked-scribe, well thats sucks, but im sure the film will still be extremely enjoyable, guess thats a downfall of having this kind of site, But im sure we all thank you for it greatly :D

    Do the question that mig said about, will red right hand feature?

  48. Is Sidney’s (or any of the main three)role significantly smaller in this film? Or is it really a nice balance of the original three and the new generation?

  49. #1 Are there any imposter ghostfaces?
    #2 Is this Scream bloody and gory?
    #3 Does anything of the past have an important role in the movie besides the anniversary?

  50. Despite all the “review-esque” talk about the film (comparing it to the others, wondering who does what when, etc) Overall did you have a GREAT TIME? Im just looking forward to having a good time with friends, get scared, Popcorn, ICEES and laugh a lot. Will we have fun? (i.e. be taken for a ride) All the other details i’ll find out when the film is released.

  51. 1) Were any of the scenes/shocks in the movie predictable, or did they catch you off-guard?

    2) How would you rank the four installments to date regarding the killer(s)’ motives?

    3) In relation to previous installments, would you say the death scenes overall were the most memorable and creative to date?

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