Scream 4 Saturday Secrets #4

Here we are with the final edition of Saturday Secrets, in which your non-spoilery questions were answered about the film. Last week sort of stretched the limits of revealable info, so this one last time it’s a pretty safe batch. To weigh that off we didn’t go with a small amount as said last week, but a high one arrived at by adding up all the previous q&a: 1+3+6=10. To finish on a light note, we threw in a bonus question that was actually asked in our previous edition’s comments by, we’re guessing, a young fan.

Question #1: Whats is the body count in this one? I don’t need a specific number. Just if it’s the biggest yet.

Question #2: What did you think of the quality of the acting in general?

Question #3: Is it something you could go back and watch over and over again like the original?

Question #4: Is the film worthy of getting two new sequels?

Question #5: How epic is Kirby’s phone call scene. Do we see more to it than the promo shows?

Question #6: Are the characters likable enough that when one of them dies we are going to feel sympathy?

Question #7: How does the climax of the film compare to its predecessors?

Question #8: Are any of the previous films’ killers mentioned in Scream 4?

Question #9: Can people just jump right into the series with 4 or do you have to watch the first 3 to understand it?

Question #10: Is Sidney’s (or any of the main three) role significantly smaller in this film? Or is it really a nice balance of the original three and the new generation?

Bonus Question: Why didn’t you bring back Patrick Dempsey for the 4th movie?

Many thanks to our tipster, who we can now reveal was behind the first Scream 4 review back in January. And of course thanks to readers for playing along! We hope this has gone towards making the final month wait until theatrical release go down a little smoother.

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20 Responses to “ Scream 4 Saturday Secrets #4 ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Thanks for this!!

  2. These have been great. Whets my appetite just enough.

  3. There could be one quasi spoiler in there, it says Killer! of course that could be a turn of phrase. God i hope its not 1 killer, unless theyve really thought about how 1 person could get all around and still be a prominent character in the film. in Scream 3 i didnt really believe it.

  4. I really hope that answer #6 does not have to do with Sid, i’m going to cry if she dies and i’m a guy

  5. my question was answer :D

  6. Thanks for these they’ve been great! And as all the spoilery stuff is proberly near an end before the release (except the stuff that comes from reviews & previews next wekk we’ll have to avoid) Im thinking i really will be so excited about going into see the film, Ill forget most the spoilery stuff ive heard and seen, well at least until its up there on the screen and then it wont matter because..IM SEEING SCREAM 4!!!

  7. I must be the best question asker of all time. I got 3 questions answered!!! Lol. Jkjk. But anyways, I hope there’s more than 1 killer. There HAS TO BE, I think itd be cool if they had 3 like the original scream 2 script.

  8. Uhm, isn`t the answer to question two a HUGE spoiler???

    Wish I hadn`t read that! :(

  9. Not jk about my 3 questions, but about me being the best question asker ever lol.

  10. “Killer” is the preferred safe term of many to use when describing Ghostface and/or his/her real identity. “Killers” or “a killer” would have been a spoiler. All it reveals is that there’s at least one killer in the movie and um, I’m pretty sure we all knew that. Spoiler paranoia typically increases towards release date, so chill out. :)

  11. Oh, okay then! :)

  12. This has been great, no spoilers in this one and perhaps the greatest batch of questions ask out of all the entries. Thanks for this wicked-scribe, this will hold me over until some of the reviews for the film start poping up.

  13. THE killer?

  14. I like question 8. I wish they mentioned ALL the killers from the series though, to help in looking for a pattern. But whatever…

  15. LMAO, the answer to the bonus question was awesome!

  16. For wicked-scribe, I know I’ve asked this before but could you please tell me how many people survive, it won’t be giving away who, oh, and could you say how many killers there are, without giving who, cause I think that there are three killers.

  17. killer killers killets killograms whatever!!!! lol i love the questions and answers!! cant wait

  18. Awesome Q&A’s
    I fear this will be the longest week of my life. Lol

  19. Have you seen it yet? ((Wicked-Scribe)) or what time will you? I know I’m a bother, but I can’t help it.

  20. I understand the explanation for killer/killers thing…but the answer is referring to just one person’s acting hence being one killer. Also, are they talking about the acting AFTER the big reveal or before. If it’s before and there is one actor better than the rest, then we may have our killer spoiled. I wish #2 wasn’t in there. And it’s not typical jitters. I would have been acting the same was 6 months ago. Of course, I could seriously be looking too far into it but my knee jerk was SPOLER. My gut is typically right. Only time will tell.