Scream 4 Super Video Roundup

Our recently documented PC meltdown threw our productivity out the window like SMG, so we’re quickly making up for lost time. Also our new reporting team seems to have been snuffed out by Ghostface. Here’s your up-to-date Scream 4 playlist!

Still Screaming: The Ultimate Scary Movie Documentary gets a trailer! Perfectly cut and timed for maximum salivation. We’re not too sure when the doco’s coming out, but if you’re in Los Angeles area you may want to seize the opportunity to attend Still Screaming‘s public screening premiere one day before Scream 4 is released!

The Scream 4 cast (and Wes too) interviewed. With a twist. A really dirty set of twists. Prepare for a mix of audaciousness and awkwardness as your view of them movie star types is busted forever! Audio is NSFW! Hell yeah we warned you.


The full segment of Neve Campbell on Jay Leno AKA Gigantichin Nightly (we’ll refer to it as anything but The Tonight Show) is now up in HD. Like David Arquette, Campbell has an uncanny youth-like appearance thing going on. By the way, it’s only a matter of time before someone rips out the new clip in HD (scope it in the second video).
We also recently updated the “wind chimes” TV Spot with a higher quality copy. For more video action, watch video clips from Inside Story: Scream – Roger Jackson’s in-character line about killing Sidney’s mother, father, pet etc. is the funniest thing. Ever.

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19 Responses to “ Scream 4 Super Video Roundup ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. thats why you go mac, fuck a PC.

  2. Whoo hoo! I can’t wait to see the doc, thanks for linking Neve’s appearance I missed it. Love HER! The uncensored interview is hilarious!!!

  3. Thank you!

  4. WONDERFUL. I’m constantly checking this site for updates…(Its my homepage on my phone.) And I was getting irritated yesterday with the lack of updates lol. But this deff pays off.

  5. Two of my favorite entertainers in one room, Tracy Morgan and Neve Campbell, what are the odds.

  6. OMFG, I LOVED this interview uncensored with Carrie Keagan!

    Courteney: Is it hell yes and fuck no?
    Carrie: You can do anyway you want to.
    Courteney: Ok, FUCK YES! Fuck it!


  7. NICE!

  8. Unfortunately the Jay Leno is streamed from NBC and it´s impossible to rip their videos, it´s not even available for download like their stuff once was. So so far it´s impossible to actually rip the clip from the source… I?l keep trying though.

  9. i get this vibe…
    that the cast members arent really confident in scream 4

  10. What Neve did was great. I can’t believe he actually ate that. I probably have too with Neve sounding as sincere as she did about it tasting good. Haha.

  11. Ok this is the best I could do with the material given. Until someone uploads the whole show in HD or it appears on youtube this is propably the best quality you can rip the clip in…

  12. And Luki8701 takes home the prom queen!

  13. WTF is up with that Scream 4 B-Roll footage on youtube? How could they let that stuff leak?

  14. It’s not a leak if the studio themselves release it, Meander.

  15. What’s up with the random American Idol Interview? LOL

  16. the second NBC Jay Leno Sidney part is on the link

  17. I’m watching Idol… I didn’t want to know those two have been eliminated haha.Damn.


  18. Haha love the whole bit with the black pudding in the Jay Leno interview… It’s AMAZING stuff but he ate it cold which is just… no. DON’T eat that stuff cold.

    And I LOVE the uncensored interview. “Fuck yes! Fuck it”

  19. Who on earth is that woman in the picture at the top of this article???

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