Scream 4: The Wait Is Almost Over!

Scream 4 Preview Sheet - 2009

While many of us across the world have already seen Scream 4 this week, in a few hours midnight screenings begin across the film’s country of origin USA and thus sets off the “official” forward momentum of the franchise – box office, critical & fan consensus, and possibly word on Scream 5‘s chances of happening.

This letter we received by visitor Kyle Beard best phrases many of our thoughts:

I think we can all agree that this has been one hell of a ride. Off and on for years I have randomly searched for any news on the possibility of a Scream 4. I can’t be sure when I actually stumbled across a glimpse of hope, but it wasn’t long afterward that I found scream-trilogy. Since then, I don’t think a day has gone by that I haven’t checked the site for more news.

The highlights have been numerous. From the first behind-the-scenes photos to the recent promotional interviews, we have not just absorbed this information, but shared with each other our own thoughts and interpretations. Whether it’s the definition of a spoiler or who the next Casey Becker will be, we have come together and become a part of what the Scream franchise is all about.

More often than not, my friends just offer me blank stares when I start talking about Scream 4. To them I have an addiction to all things relating to the franchise, and they suggest I join a twelve step program. I tell them to wait it out–once the movie is released my obsession will die down and we’ll go back to talking about all things less important. Maybe I am a little overenthusiastic at times, and forget that they don’t understand the implications of a new scene appearing in a TV spot or the number of outfits we see Gale wearing. That’s when I come here and see what you all have to say.

For a large number of us the journey toward Scream 4 has been a shared experience. Many of us weren’t quite old enough to legally see the original trilogy in theaters without an escort, so we now see the franchise in a whole new light. We all recall the first time we saw the original and how we managed to see the sequels, but in the last ten years our understanding of the films has inevitably developed a whole new level of appreciation and affection.

The general consensus is the best film is the first, the third film is the worst, and the second falls somewhere in between (though 3 gets bonus points for Jennifer Jolie). The fourth will probably not surpass the first, but I think the two will get pretty cozy as the front runners. I see S4 taking everything that was so great about the first and throwing in a whole new level cunning and brutality. Isn’t that what we want? Something familiar, yet expansive without the unfortunate flaws of of the second and third installments.

From what I can tell, this film will come closer than any to really showcasing our generation. We’re the ones who have grown up in the age of computers and the internet; we carry our smart phones everywhere allowing us to access the rest of the world effortlessly. I’m extremely excited to see the old gang again, but I feel the new generation has just as much to offer. This is the movie where the new cast of characters sit around the Woodsboro fountain with the ability to pull out an iPhone and sound off on “,” accept an unknown call via FaceTime, or update their Facebook status to “so tired… been running from ghost face all night.” We’re about to see characters who treat Stab the way we treat Scream. These characters are too far removed from what happened in the original trilogy, so their view of the Stab franchise is strictly entertainment.

I got a chill when I heard Kirby’s ringtone in the trailer, because that’s what I hear every time I receive a call. The new rules have me reevaluating every horror film I watch from the last decade. And the release of that picture (you know which one I’m talking about—the spoilery one) threw everything into overdrive for me. Friday can’t come soon enough.

It’s been almost a year of updates, and it keeps getting better and better. But what happens after April 15th? Here’s hoping this site becomes the destination for all things Scream 5.

A special thanks to everyone directly responsible for “scream-trilogy,” and to Khy, JRT, drewjobullo, Mozart Herbert, Liver Alone, and all the other commentators who made this past year’s wait a little more bearable.

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34 Responses to “ Scream 4: The Wait Is Almost Over! ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I am doing whatever i can to make them wanna make a scream 5 im bringing 9 people!! lol

  2. nice article btw

  3. Thanks! That got me so pumped for tomorrow and I will miss coming here daily for scream 4 news. Hopefully there is a 5 and I can continue my obsession! HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY THE FILM!!!

  4. Hello, everybody’s “Scream-Trilogy” … I live in Brazil, but through the google translator, I was months and months on this site, looking for information about this horror franchise …

    Thank you for all the updates and that our favorite scary movie, make a new trilogy for you to continue posting more and more news of the films that will follow … “Scream-Trilogy” and “Scream are the best!

  5. I remember in 08 it was hinted by Craven about getting together again. Then there was a year hiatus and then it was getting more into talks in 09 and then finally greenlit around Spring of last year. Gah, I almost died that day.

  6. You Guys/Gals, have done a great job over the course of Scream 4 opening up! Well done to you, Your rated 10/10 in my books.

  7. Me and this guy would be friends! I feel like a major movie dork- but I’m super excited about midnight tonight!

  8. I’m not going to the midnight screening, have to wait until Saturday. But I am still pumped! It makes me more excited that I have to wait longer! They will make Scream 5, I just know it!

  9. I just want to thank Scream-Trilogy with all the current updates and surprises. It really was a roller coaster ride like it was mentioned earlier. I LOVE U GUYS!

    Ill definitely revisit this site from time to time, but i’m sure when scream 5 comes along, i’ll see u guys REAL SOON!

    It’s a scream baby…I’ll be right back…(Ahhhhhhhh!)

  10. Great posting! I can’t believe that 11 years of waiting is almost over in just a few short hours! Never thought this day would come! It almost brings a tear to my eye lol.

  11. Ony a few more hours CANT WAITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT I FEEL EVEN A LITTLE SICK TO MY STOMACH LOL. I’m even jittery. I’m guna like faint in the openish scene LOL, this will be my first scream in theaters I see bc in 1998 when the first one came out i was only 3 years old, so i could’t see it, now my brother is taking me to see the 4th in theaters, CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this site so much, i wouldn’t have made it though the year without it. Thank you so much wicket scribe, you’re the bestest-estest-estest person ever! Now i can brag to my family in europe that i’ve seen it! woohoo, even tho they’ve already seen it LOLLLLLLLLLL. thanks again! :D :D :D

  12. In an interview somwhere this past week, when asked about a Scream 5, Wes just straight out said YES!!!! He said that he would love to do more, and that Kevin would likely write the script too..
    So basically Scream 5 was confirmed by Wes himself.
    I hope this happens!

    its at about 3 minutes into the interview!!!

  14. That info is nothing new. We need the film to be officially greenlit!

  15. @wicked-scribe
    I know. it just got me really excited there is an even greater chance now!! :)

  16. 4 more hours!

  17. I agree completely as this franchise holds a special place in my heart. I have been on facebook ranting about it, I went down tot he premiere….met Emma and saw the rest of the cast as they headed over to greet the fans….and it all seems to have gotten here very quick. I opted for a Midnight screening because I knew the real fans would be there. The ones who arent just “bored” on a friday night. Very much like Harry Potter, Im expecting Ghostface masks and convos in line with fans of the original trilogy. Whatever happens, for better or worse….we’ll experience it together. Seems kinda sad to feel that way about a movie, but, there isnt really anything like SCREAM out there and im sure we all thought when Sidney looked back at the end of Scream 3 and left the gate open….there was still something in us that said…hmmmm….this may not be over,but, lets hope so. I’m a few hours away from the Midnight screening and so far ive only watched TWO clips…just two. One with kirby,jill and that other girl with Dewey and the “Channing tatum” clip. I get to see this film with no spoilers. I couldnt even read the review because even though it had no spoilers, it started to break the film down. Im so nervous,but, hey we gotta go face the music. It’s still the beginning of a new trilogy and I know 5 & 6 will be made. Im looking forward to having a great time with my friends, getting some popcorn, getting scared, laughing and enjoying my night. Yeah….all that for a Slasher film. :-)

  18. I have been a fan of the original since I first saw when I was five years old. Yes, I was one of those demented horror movie children…but it could be my parents fault for letting me watch them…anywho, I am seeing Scream 4 tomorrow (damn those midnight screenings!). I’m even cutting school to see it. Unfortunately I still need a chaperone to see it, but my cousin is happy to take me. This will be my first Scream in theaters and hopefully not the last. I love this site and it has been a major source for everything Scream. I can’t wait!!!!!

  19. i remember when i saw iron man 2 with my friends last summer and we saw the teaser poster for scream 4 we all freaked out and took pics of it!!!!

  20. Wow, I’m in the special thanks, thanks you so much *-*
    I am glad that I was relevant sharing my views here.

    I feel proud to have accompanied all this history. I also remember well when once in a while researching the possibility of a Scream 4 and never anything official until the happiest day when I saw the movie would be done and with all that made the classic that is: Kevin Williamson, Wes Craven, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Roger Jackson, Dane Farwell and Marco Beltrami – what this franchise would be without you? Following the tweets of Kevin about the script, seeing a picture of it, Kevin and Wes together with one of the first posters and the rest we all know.

    I first met HelloSidney, an English-language website on the franchise made by a Brazilian like me, but after I met ScreamTrilogy, never spent a day without coming here for news. You became my favorite because the updates are done immediately here and you respect your readers. I also find here the best articles about the franchise and it’s great to see fans with so many opinions like us. Thank everyone here for this great job of keeping us informed and excited by the launch of this movie we all love.

    I hope we get another journey together when Scream 5 enter in pre-production and excitement begin to grow again! After April 15, we will only have to celebrate and wait for the DVD/Blu-ray release so we can watch it at home like the characters always do in the opening scene (we love the meta element, right?) :P

  21. No, thank you guys! I’ve been reading longer than posting! This place have become my number 1 source in all things Scream. I normally check here before Bloody Disgusting or any other horror site. You guys have also created a perfectly safe environment for fans who want to experience the wait together without the fear of assholes spoiling the film for us. Great job! I’m trying to get to bed so it can be tomorrow already. LOL.

  22. And sorry for my English medium, I did as much for everyone to understand me here :P

  23. I love your comments, Mozart.

  24. hey wicked-scribe i demand you show us your face! you’re like a friend to all of us now haha.

  25. I just saw Scream 4, I was looking forward to it so much, but yeah, my expectations were abit too high. I guess it was kinda good, but really a bit of a let down, but it might just have been my expectations being pretty high. But of coarse theyre gonna be high, the first three movies were AMAZING. The end was a shock, something i defenately didnt expect, but all in all it was okay. I guess the more i think of it, my opinion improves, but I hope Scream 5 is better.

  26. Awww… Somehow, it feels as though we’re partially saying goodbye. It’s been a great year of updates. Awesome article and great work Wicked-Scribe. I’ve never seen such dedicated work such as the work you guys put in. :)

  27. OMG I LOVED THE MOVIE!!!!!! I don’t think it’s as good as the first, way better than the third, and prob tied with the secon, which is goo bc i loved the second. I liked the pacing, and i was def shocked and sad and happy and i had a myriad of emotions. I also had my expectations too high, but shockingly, the fourth met them prob 95%. The one thing i liked about the older movies is the kills were more subtle. Not the actiual kills. but the knife going in people wasn’t as graphic. This one, the way you could see the weapons in general hurting people, was different, better quality duh, and better effects. but i kinda liked the somwhat suble yet varied deaths of the first 2 films. Now that i’m home i’m kinda creeped out, which is a good thing, that means they did a good job LOL. So out of 10. I give it a 9.5. The one thing that i think would have made it better is the subtlty from the firt 2. I don’t know if i’m making sense, it’s hard to explain. Long story short lol, the movie is good, some area for improvement, but all movie have that. So def a good movie. CAn’t wait for the 5th (if they make it) and hopefully if they fix the little tics then my 9.5 will go to a 10! :D watch it, you’ll be happy! :D

  28. Can we talk about the movie now? Cuz honestly, I’m a little sad about a certain death near the end and surprised that person wasn’t resurrected in the end. Was there a post-credits sequence where that character came back?

  29. Jesse, I just need another 2 hours to make the appropriate spoiler warnings in the right places, then I’ll be removing comment moderation and you can all bleed your little hearts out over the film. :-)

  30. movie was perfect in my eyes… Killer(s) were my favorite so far… and this may be my new favorite Scream film.. I will always love the original… but idk… this is insane! i need to calm down to think logically… I cannot believe I have seen Scream 4… thank you Scribe for the news and helping me keep my sanity during the wait!

  31. Awesome! Thanks!

  32. After just coming back from the movies midnight showing and seeing this, I want to say “Thank you.” To all of you who have given us every piece of information you could scrounge up. It’s been an absolute pleasure to watch Scream 4’s development over the past year and I have to say, I liked the movie too. The author is right though…you can’t compete with the original, but I’ll be happy to add Scream 4 to my movie collection.

    You’ve all done a fantastic job and the spoiler stuff too! Thank you!

  33. Brilliant. Just brilliant. I’m so glad I discovered Scream-Trilogy last year. Now it feels like a… big screaming family ;-)
    Kyle Beard, your post is… well, brilliant, I’ve lived and felt exactly the same things since Scream 4 was announced, except I was old enough to see Scream 3 in theaters 11 years ago. It’s been a wonderful journey with you all guys, I so hope there will be a 5th Scream, if only to share all the excitement, the fears, the theories (the disappointments ?) with you all on Scream-Trilogy ! I saw Scream 4 on Wednesday and the experience was one of the most intense of my whole life : I wish everybody as much fun as I had when Sid, Gale and Dewey appeared again on the big screen after 11 years. Even if your hopes are a little too high for the movie, you won’t be disappointed overall, I promise !
    I’m French and I already plan to see the movie again tonight, so to everybody : let’s make sure Scream 5 happens ! We need the biggest box office results possible in the USA !
    Oh wicked-scribe, please don’t make us beg for your offcial detailed review of Scream 4 : I can’t wait to read it, and I’m sure I’m not the only one !

  34. @Ethandram Thank you :D

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