Scream 4: What Did You Think?

After 11 years, it began with a phonecall – and after 111 minutes it was all over again. Before we get into our official Scream 4 review we want to know what YOU thought! Did the film satisfy, disappoint or leave you somewhere in between? Sound off below!

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260 Responses to “ Scream 4: What Did You Think? ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Definitely somewhere inbetween. Everything felt so rushed and I hated the tagged on hospital ending – it was just so goofy and Black Xmas-y (which is not a good thing).

  2. It’s wonderful, it’s the sequel that every fans have waited, much better than second and third chapter, with scream 4 we’re back at origins of the saga

  3. I loved it. Kept you on edge the whole time, rooting for the characters! Forgot what that felt like. Yes the wait was amazing but I’m glad I finally saw it. Quite surreal. My mind was blown but honestly its as if the movie was made me for me, Scream fans and everyone who HATES remakes (and SAW). What better twist than to make us think we are seeing a reboot, pass the torch, new generation etc only to turn it all around. The original gangsters for life!!!

  4. I saw it last tuesday night during a scream marathon. I was a bit disappointed. It felt rushed, I was missing some scenes that were in the trailers and the ending felt a bit goofy. Also the identity of the killer(s) was very obvious. They just spoiled too much in the trailers and tv spots and the running time was just too short. There were some things I didn’t expect, the music was good and and the acting was ok. But it was strange how Dewey, Gale and Sidney could change that much. I thought Sidney didn’t like publicity and all, and now she wrote a book and had a book tour? I know she felt a bit the same as in Screams 1, 2 and 3 after what she said to Rebecca. She just wanted to share her story and help people, but still. And why the characters acted normal after people got killed also felt strange. All in all I have very mixed feelings. Maybe I expected too much since I’m a big fan and have waited for this movie for 11 years…

  5. I loved it!!!

  6. Incredible. Woaw. It’s a must-see for every fan. I LOVED IT ! The opening scene was amazing, and the final twist is…. woaw !!!!! The best SCREAM finale !!! Go see it, you won’t regret it !!!

  7. sorry but the movie was way too short & the other 3 movies were longer & our sidney are bless her because she thort that she had a cousin who loved her but ohh not now..

  8. I enjoyed the experience though I feel 10 additional minutes of character dialogue/development would have helped to solidfy past connections and future reveals. That being said I enjoyed the efforts and await all of the discussions regarding the film.

  9. I was amazed with the turn-out of this movie, I saw it last night, I jumped a lot, my jaw dropped in a few scenes, the fact that the characters broke all the cliches was great, this movie was just amazing. The opening was great too, I just wish Aimee and Britt got a kittle more screen time. The ending was amazing. When the killer(s) were/was revealed my jaw dropped. Complete
    mindfuck and a lot of the audience gasped. as soon as the mask(s) was/were removed. I whispered ‘no!’ to myself. I didn’t see it coming.. at all.. this movie was very funny in a way that still makes the movie scary. Out if 10, There was great cast development too, I felt bad for soo many of the characters, even some with just a few scenes. Kevin and Ehren did a great job with this movie, I was also disapointed that a lot of stff that was in trailers and tv spots wasn’t in the movie, hopefully well get an extended cut.. I give this movie a 9 out of 10. it was great. The best sequel of the series by far.

  10. That is a hard question, what did I think? Well Inbetween very good and okay. First of all the opening, extremely fun idea but not very well executed (although I loved the cheesy stab characters, they were realy fun) though I wished the opening in Scream 4 was first of all longer and scarier I didn’t jump once and soo much was cut out, what happened to all of Britt Robertsons scenes in the opening? Lett me tell you if I were Herr I would have been fucking pissed that it was so cut down. Another thing I didn’t like about the opening was that we didn’t see Jenny or Marnie die, marnie dies over the phone? And with Jenny they did that stupid thing they did in scream 3 with the knife coming towards the camera and then cuts to credits. Other than the opening I pretty much loved the movie, I thought Olivias death was brutal and I genuinely felt sorry for her. I think detective Hosd dept perkins’ deaths where a lil unrealistic. I loved the stab-a-Thon scene bit I wish I didn’t watch it online a day before I saw it. I like most of the rest of the movie and the killer/s I was shocked but in some ways expected the unexpected, the ending was really cool and Clever although I did NOT like that all the teenagers died, Trevor is the Billy substitute for the new generations for teens and since the rules are turned upside down he should have lived, and to be shot in the dick like that was fucked up. Now Kirby she of all the teens should have lived, she was like the Tatum of the new generation of teens and I thought she was an idiot though for going out to untie Charlie. Other than the negatives I just said I liked the movie not perfect but definently better than scream 3 by far, good job Wes and Kevin although I hope you do better when (If) the time comes for SCREAM 5 and SCREAM 6.

  11. Just came from seeing it in UK. As a big fan of at least the first two I have to say I felt disappointed. The trailers and TV spots gave too much away as to who may bite it, as a result there’s little suspense. You just wait for ghostface to show up and cap the scene off. More annoying is the fact that they used shots from the ending in the trailers which give anybody with a degree of sense a good idea of who is behind the mask.

    The best bits for me were Dewey’s scenes and those with Marley Shelton. The worst part, the ending…duh Ghostface is the one who disappears from the movie early in the final act.

    As much as I like the series, please leave it at this installment

  12. The movie was great! Not as good as the orginal scream trilogy though, my MAIN issue is where the hell is the rest of the movie! The trailer had a lot but when I saw the movie half of the stuff in the trailers where there, the opening was VERY short and where was the scene “Time for someone new to die” and the line I was DYING to hear was “Do it if you have the guts” THIS WASN’T EVEN IN THE MOVIE!!! Is there a directors cut or something???

  13. I did enjoy the flick. I would say 3.5 out of 5. I LOVED the beginning and the end. Very Williamson. My biggest gripe was the comedy. Why does every movie need to be a dramedy or a horror/comedy. Why can’t it just be one genre anymore? I didn’t like the way they made Dewey, Gale, and the new police woman seem like complete buffons. They were made to look like cartoons. Dewey was always tough and in 4 he just looked like an idiot. I would recommend, but I would say 4 is not as good as the original or Scream 2.

  14. I think H20-fan got it l wrong. I don’t think Sidney, Gale and Dewey changed at all. Sidney is not after publicity, she’s trying to move on, and the book is helping her with that. That’s why she fires her publicist after everng starts happening again
    Anyway, I LOVED IT! I watched it twice already and thought it was spectacular!

  15. The movie was probably the best sequel and probably is better than the original.

  16. I think this movie was definitely better than Scream 2 and 3, but probably not as good as the original. Some of the characters could’ve done with more scenes (especially Trevor, who felt extremely under-developed). I liked the reveal of the killers, for me it was the best reveal since the first (because the characters felt like they were meant to be there- unlike the killers in Scream 2 and 3). I thought it was hilariously funny, especially towards the end, and built up the suspense really well. Great film and can’t wait to see it again!

  17. The opening scenes were weak. They could have been done WAY better. It was very disappointing …
    I’m pissed that so many scenes got cut. Everything happend too quick in my opinion. If they hadn’t cut those scenes in the film, I think it would have felt more like a “Scream” movie.
    The ending was great, very original, but it had it’s flaws. The ending definitely “saved” the movie. kudos to Emma Roberts! What a talent.
    I just wished there would have been more character development, more chase scenes, better death scenes, and at least some likeable new characters surviving. It feels like the franchise has now ended for good.

    I hate to be negative about the movie, but it didn’t turn out the way I had expected. Overall it was still an intelligent scary movie and the acting was right on.

  18. It was incredible.

    I loved it and the killer (s) were a complete shock to me.

    LOVED it. seeing it again tonight.

  19. I thought the film was great, it had it minor flaws, but overall it was great. I loved sid this time around, because everytime ghostface was somewhere she went and tried to fight him Neve did a perfect job.

    Also Emma deserves a freaking award. Along with hayden, and Neve but one more thing “dont fuck with the original”.

  20. I’ve seen the movie twice already and I really enjoy it. I feel the opening is the worst of all Scream movies… The stab scenes were really clever, though, but I agree that we didn’t see the “real” characters die. There wasn’t really much suspense either. There was more suspense in the Stab6 scene than in the Scream4 opening scene.

    I loved Sidney’s attitude toward Ghostface – running into fights and kicking the shit out of him/her/them. I really liked how they utilised Gale and Sidney. I feel sorry for Dewey though, he spent most of the movie in his goddamn car and how can he miss shooting Ghostface? lol.

    I actually enjoyed the comedy in this movie… not quite as subtle as Scream and Scream 2 but it was all fine,. I really liked Kirby’s character – I wish she survived (maybe she did!!). I think Kirby acted the best out of everyone, bar the main trio and Hoss and Perkins. The “new” cast’s acting was a little young. I thought Emma’s voice gets a little shrill and whiny when she yells.

    I really liked the ending. Not sure if I like it more than the others or not but I think it was the most tense out of all of them. Overall I really liked the movie, probably 4 our of 5.


  21. Somewhere in the middle. While the ending was great, and twisted and the stab scenes funny. The whole movie just felt quite “Off” to me. I honestly left the theater thinking. “this should be the last Scream”, I lost my desire to see anymore. We speculated when My Soul to Take, came out, but this confirms it. Wes has lost his touch. There was virtually no build up in this entire film.
    Scream 2 will always be my fave, followed by the original.
    I may have to tie 3 and 4.
    However, this could change when I see it again.

    I’m actually really bummed right now

  22. I must agree with other fans, it did feel a bit rushed, but to keep a new audiences attention I feel that was completely necessary. This new gen audience doesn’t pay attention to plot or story which is kind of why this film worked perfectly.
    I fell in love with the new Ghostface and like another viewer said, just that thrill of being on edge, again. I think “Scream 4″ puts you edge whether it’s your first, second, or third time seeing it. Craven just has a way with putting you on the edge of your seat, because over the course of the years we’ve learned to care very deeply for these characters. Though they killed off the ENTIRE fucking cast, I still think it was a great way to begin. As much as I’d love a “Scream 5″, though, I think it’d be best to stop with “4” before they ruin such a great franchise. Otherwise, “Scream” would just turn out to be one of the many reboots it mimics.
    All in all, though, I definitely enjoyed the midnight showing in IMAX (PERFECTION) and I’m seeing it again this evening, tomorrow, and Sunday afternoon. LOL What can I say? Sucky or not, I waited 11yrs. for a new “Scream” film, I’m not gonna’ throw my love for the genre away after one film. I think it fit, we as viewers just have to get into the new gen of things. “Scream 4″ will go down in history as either the worst or the best “Scream” film, but it WILL NOT go undiscussed.

  23. I really enjoyed Scream 4. There we’re many things I was happy and pleased with, but also somethings that were slightly disappointing.

    The good- the original gale was back and bitchier than ever, Judy hicks while cartoony was absolutely hysterical, opening stab scenes were funny and smart, kirby.

    The disappointments- jenny and marnie’s scene definately was lacking (I think more chasing in terms of marnie, and actually seeing the deaths would help), hoss and perkins were a little too “scary movie”ish (especially there death scenes), ithe CGI or special computer effects (when kirby is lying on the patio, the blood doesn’t look real.), no fountain scene.

    Those are some of my thoughts. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the movie, some things were lacking though

  24. Went to see it today, twice. Enjoyed it much more the second time. I adore the opening…best part of the movie for me. I only had one character down as a possible killer…and I was wrong. Desperately hope we get Scream 5. :)

  25. It’s unfortunate that several things seen in trailers were missing from the movie. Hopefully we get some interesting deleted scenes on the DVD.

  26. I’m with everyone else, I’m definitely looking forward to a Director’s Cut DVD release with all of the missing footage, and tons of bonuses and behind the scenes work.
    I don’t think the movie lacked, but more is always better.

  27. I noticed most of the scene that were cut ,were the ones that would have made it feel like the original Scream.
    The Downtime was cut….Which is why it was just one kill after another.
    I seriously thought until the second fakeout…that the only survivors were Jill,Dewey & Judy.(and that worried me)

  28. - I had high expectations. The film did not reach them.
    – Overall enjoyable.
    – The movie was paced TOO quickly or was TOO short, I felt.
    – Characters developments were lacking.
    – However, Olivia’s kill scene still got me. I felt sorry for her due to the extreme brutality.
    – Know for sure that with the cut scenes, the movie will be more complete. Or even bloodier. Definitely buying the DVD.

    These are some of the thoughts I have at the moment.

  29. The killer says “this isn’t a comedy, it’s a horror film.”

    NO, IT’S A COMEDY, NOT A HORROR FILM. And until I get over the fact that they went in this route, I can’t be happy about the final product.

    I’m going to see it again tonight — I really hope it gets better after repeated viewings.

  30. Somewhere in between. You can tell they cut a lot of scenes out and trimmed up. I wish it was all more fleshed out (character-development wise). It just all felt so rushed and if it was longer, I would have felt worse for some of the characters that died. I also really disliked the ACTUAL opening kill and wish they did not cut that scene so short..

    That said, the last 30 minutes were pretty insane and while it was not that believable, I did enjoy the balls it had and the motive. I guess when you are a huge scream fan, you have high expectations. Scream4 did not meet them but it was better than Scream3 and almost on par with Scream2. I have no fucking clue where they can go from here BUT if they did a Scream5- I hope its better than this.

  31. I am also pissed at how many people got killed. Sad day.

  32. Whoever says the killers were obvious needs to point out HOW and When cause to me, it was far from obvious. When revealed, I fucking lost it. I was in utter shock.

  33. I really really liked it alot.
    I mean obviously the movie was incredibly rushed, and I really don’t see it comparing to the first in terms of quality, however I could see that with Scream being very “meta”, many of these aspects could have possibly been done on purpose to try to comment on the state of horror possibly.
    There definitely was a uniqueness to it though, and It may just be one of the best horror movies of the year. I found it was easy to forget the “New decade, New rules” idea and that made it really shocking for me.
    The new characters were pretty likable but I felt they could have used more screen (or should I say scream?) time.
    The opening was very clever, but the “real-life” parts could have been more extensive for sure.
    The final act was incredibly insane, and I was really rooting for the characters to survive, however I think it was still possibly the best ending of all the sequels.
    The movie for all it’s faults is easily contender for best sequel and in someways even outdoes the original. However I really feel the series has run it’s course and I can’t see another way to continue the series. I think Scream has had the final word and another Trilogy would just be too extraneous, ending it on this note would probably be for the best.

  34. @Matt Attack I agree (obvious killer thing) sure, Charlie was slightly obvious. but also wasn’t. But Jill? Far from even being a suspect. .

  35. Dewet was by far the most underused character of the original trio. Some deaths are a little too cartoony, yet I (and the audience) couldn’t help bursting out laughing when the black cop dies. Mary McDonnell and her character were just useless (maybe thanks to the scenes which have been cut ?). Scream 4 must be the funniest of them all, but also the darkest and the most brutal of them all too, I’ve got mixed feeling about this, I’ve got to see it another time to decide if it’s balanced or not. The movie seems a little too rushed, it’s true, and I would’ve liked a more definitive end for the trio.

    But these are really minor flaws compared to the wonders Scream 4 has in store. I loved the opening scene and, frankly, that shot of Ghostface’s hand clutching the bloody knife before stabbing Marnie or Jenny or whatever her name is just before the title was WAY more frightening than the actual death would’ve been.
    Neve was unbelievable from the beginning to the end : beautiful, strong, fearless, caring, oh how I missed her ! Hayden Panettiere was simply amazing, I love her Kirby’s character as much as I loved Jennifer in Scream 3.
    The ending was excellent, though the killer’s motive is not that original, I found his/her/their portrayer(s) talented enough to convince me, and I really thought that, for the first time, the killer would finish the movie safe and sound. The hospital scene was so unexpected and tense that it was weird, but in a good way.

    Overall, way better than Scream 3, clearly better than Scream 2 (more surprising, more “dangerous”), but just behind the original (because it was the 1st time, because of Drew Barrymore, because of Rose McGowan, because of the phenomenal ending, and I could go on and on and on and on…). If Wes, Kevin and Dimension are able to shoot another sequel as clever as this one, I say : bring Scream 5 and Scream 6, I’m ready !

  36. A huge fan of “Scream” and “Scream 2″ (and parts of “Scream 3″!), I’ve been looking forward to “Scream 4″ for months. I just got back from it and I’m very disappointed. It left me cold. Darkly-lit, poorly-paced, and full of forced humour (particularly “*beep* Bruce Willis” and “wait, I’m gay” dying lines – more “Scary Movie” than “Scream”), and the characters – apart from Sid – seemed cold and emotionless (no empathy for their dead friends) and not at all scared or freaked out by what was going on. Maybe my expectations were too high but I honestly didn’t find it scary, suspenseful or funny. I just felt as desensitised to its kill-metatalk-kill-metatalk structure as the characters were to the mayhem going on around them. Gale and Dewey even disappointed me. The only thing I really liked about the movie was Sidney (Neve). And I’ll admit Emma’s portrayal was fairly good. But overall very disappointed. There wasn’t even any real character development (ironic considering this was mentioned in “Stab 7″). I just hope I warm to it after a second viewing.

  37. Sae it at midnight last night and hahaha … whats funny about this is Scream 4 is almost a joke of itself which in a way i thank wes craven, it kinda gave it away to me when at the end sydney says ,” u forgot one thing about remakes, u cant FUCK with the original” haha that was a great syd line! but it makes sense what he did, Wes knows that the others r classics especially Scream and so nothing could b done to harm the story this Scream is just for Fun.. i was kinda hopeing that there would b more to the story and really feel like the 4th one but after all im actually more glad that he didnt try that and nothing was ruinined/

  38. Not bad, but it left something to be desired. Ill try to keep it spoiler free for people that havent seen it, but I may slip up here. H20fan has it right. Killer or Killers identity will be very obvious to any serious scream, or horror fan for that matter. It was a nice attempt to put a cool plot twist, but because everything felt so forced, it is made pretty obvious who it is way before the ending. Also felt it was just a rip off of the first with certain portions of it. The whole meta-thing was getting really annoying. We get the killer is trying to do a reboot, stop referencing it every 5 seconds.

    Everyone was saying how good the opening was. It was cool and funny, but very unoriginal. It literally is the exact same thing as the opening for Wes Craven’s New Nightmare just not as serious.
    One final complaint. The Weinsteins are saying how they want to make this into a new trilogy if successful. I dont see how thats possible when they killed off literally all of the new characters that were introduced. If they make a 5th it will be very stale since it will just turn into “The Adventures of Sidney, Duey, and Gale.” Seriously they killed off Randy in the second one, it wouldve been much more shocking and surprising if they killed off one of the three main characters in this one. Instead they went for a surprise killer, who isent that surprising when it finally happens.
    Sorry for the complaints, but I was so pumped for this, and after reading the comments on here from the test screening, I was really expecting more. Overall it was enjoyable, but not on par with the first three.

  39. i felt like i was watching Scary Movie 5. Every time someone would die right before they got stabbed they would say a funny catch phrase. I seriously felt like the movie was made by totally different people. I’m very disappointed. I’m surprised Neve, David, and Courtney signed up to do this.

  40. I was so incredibly let down. Difficult I know because in the back of my mind I always knew it was going to be horrendous but even with my expectations tempered (if it’s at least as good as 2 I’ll like it well enough) I was mortified. The worst part about the whole thing is that they accentuate what they seem to think worked about the other films but it’s all of the wrong elements. The first film gave you a killer who took a slightly comical spill or two but it served the purpose of illustrating that this killer was a normal human being not a hulking supernatural juggernaut like Jason or Michael Myers, a kick to the balls or a shove down the stairs slowed him down. Here they play that up times ten to the point where this movie is essentially a cartoon. Just wait for how the killer is dispatched legit ACME looney tunes style ridiculousness right along with a “clever” one liner to accompany it.

    The handling of the Voice on the phone. Say what you will about the original but the first time you see that film and he uses that very very calm voice and turns on Drew Barrymore at the drop of a hat it’s scary. Here there is no patience or real malice, The Voice turns in a late Nightmare on Elm St entry Freddy Krueger style performance. It’s as if they made a checklist of what they think is expected of the voice and AMPED IT UP. He’s almost immediately yelling and there’s no sense of that odd patience that made you feel uneasy. He’s busy cracking off very cheesy filmic quips (cutting room floor). The original actually took the trouble to differentiate between the two killer and their manner of speech. (go back and watch based on who was doing the killing you can tell which voice is supposed to be Billy and which Stu. In the opening you can even tell when they alternate). It’s a wash. In all of the sequels no one has ever been as terrifying as Billy and Stu, the very idea that two high schoolers could be so brilliant, determined, vicious and soulless was revelatory. The Killers aping their very original manner of framing someone doesn’t help this film it just shows me Williamson/Krueger has run out of original ideas (I don’t acknowledge the continuity of 3, watering down Billy and Stu’s ingenuity by telling me some soap opera missing sibling laid out the plan for them never sat well with me it marginalizes the shock of the first film). There were some genuinely decent moments, The closet scene was excellent, but they were few and far between for me.

    This is all coming from a massive Scream fan. The first film stands as a landmark for me and a truly genius piece of cinema. I was 15 when it was released and had a unique perspective. My parents were very free, I was allowed to immerse myself in the horror genre from the age of 5. I WAS randy I had devoured everything from Suspiria to Halloween and everything in between by the time I was 15. It makes me sad that there’s nothing left in the franchise as I have fond memories but they should just let it go.

  41. I just loved the movie, can’t wait for the scream-o-thon tonight to see it in English. I was desapointed they cut so much scenes I wanted to see in the movie. well I hope they are going to be on the DVD :) The movie is very rhushing, you can barely caugh your breathe. it’s the first time I experience the feeling of being spoiled, because I’ve been watching clips, and reading so much stuff, it did not happens in the movie as I wanted it to happen, wich was good, but for scream 5 (because to be honest there’s no way there won’t be a 5 since the 4 will rock for sure) I’ll stay away from clips and behind the scenes :) just to be more… surprise, as watching the final result. for those who did not see the movie yet, well close your computer and rush to a movie theater near you :) Enjoy!

  42. It felt to rushed to me too. and kevin williamson did what kruger did with killing off important new characters I think robbie and kirby should have lived!!!!!!!! I waited untill the end of the criedts hoping kirby would be wheeled oout of the insane aftermath lol

    And was robbie really gay? Or just saying it? Bhaha
    It ties with the 2nd one for me..

  43. @Matt Attack

    I can’t speak for anyone else ,but I figured out who the killer/s was/were nearly 10-15mins befor they were revealed.
    When you see it again you’ll notice the Killer/s conveniently leaves the room…and the Deaths start again.
    The Reveal still shocked me though.

    Also on the was it scary Q……Honestly No(But neither was Scream3).

  44. Scream Fans check out this REMIX!!!

  45. @Bret

    Personally I think Robbie was telling the truth.
    When you watch his scenes a second time you’ll notice he doesn’t pay much attention to the Girls.
    His only comment is that Olivia is smart and has boobs.
    Notice smart comes 1st.;)

  46. I saw it at the midnight screening and I STILL need time to gather myself for a proper review… THE MOVIE WAS INSANITY (In a good way) I loved it! The opening is now my second favorite of the series. OH my god. Scream 4 is an amazing movie. and for real It is my favorite of the series. I could never choose a favorite Scream until now… :)

  47. Definatly not stalking scream 5 xD

  48. @missy that’s what I kinda noticed ahaha I love how they say “now days you have to be gay to survive a horror movie” and the gay guy ends up dying…

    I’m really hoping kevin can make an even better script not killing the whole god damn cast.

    Best part when trevor sits by kirby “did I just interupt something? NO FUCKING WAY”
    AAHAHA I need to go watch it again.

  49. @Bret

    I’ve only seen it the once
    but isn’t Robbie the one who says that line?Lol

    Kirby is my Fav…but I seriously adore Robbie.

  50. I liked the movie but like most people on here the problems with it were: not enough character development, the pacing, the cheeseyness of the death of officer perkins and the killer, and the opening. This movie is somewhat tied with the second one for me.. i loved olivias death scene and the ending. They were both super intense… also jill was my favorite killer in all the series… she was truly crazy! Her motive was pooh but emma roberts reallllly sold it! I didnt have much faith in her as an actress until now…

  51. @missy I think it was trevor because after kirby’s all GET OUT OF MY HOUSE aha

  52. I liked the movie but my biggest problem with it was it clashed too much with Scream 3. I’m sure there are plenty of people here who didn’t like Scream 3 and I was part of that at first but the movie really grew on me and I came to like it.

    A lot of Scream 4 either negates what happened in Scream 3 or shows a new version of the same thing. Remember, Scream 3 Kidney was o

  53. I apologize for the weird ending to my last post. My phone changed “Sidney” to “Kidney” and when I went to fix it I accidentally posted it.

    Anyway, my point was that in Scream 3 Sidney was on set for Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro. So she was forced to relive scenes from the original movie. In Scream 4 she is actually back in Woodsboro and living out some of the same scenes. Also, without giving anything away, the killer of Scream 4 was very similar to the Scream 3 killer (think of motives and how the killers know Sidney).

    All in all it was a good movie but it really would have been better suited as being Scream 3 instead of supposedly being the start of a new trilogy.

  54. Its not what I expected but I say that in the most positive manner possible. The opening was different, not what I expected, too fast and a little lack of character but it was fun to watch and it kept me going. “New Decade, New Rules” obviously the theme was about remakes and basically not the mess with the original. I really loved that! The movie was fast, but very intense, fun and entertaining. Kept me guessing a lot. Killers: I expected one, the other caught me by surprise. CRAZY! Bottom line it was different from the others but it was great. Only question for me is if you were to make Scream 5, how would you do it with so little characters. I feel there is a possiblity Adam and Hayden could come back, hopefully. I loved Kirby and Robbie they were funny and quiriky. I dont think Robbie has a chance at coming back. Olivia’s scenes was the best! Great movie1

  55. SO i went and saw a midnight showing of scream 4 and i will say this the killing is awesome. Death scenes more elaborate. However Williamson used a recycled idea with the entire ending. i assumed one of the killers head on and the super surprise was just bland though shocking. I’m not excited about the franchise at all anymore. i think things were rushed. they took out so many scenes. they tried very hard to make u think that certain characters were the killers. at the end of the day scream 1 was more authentic. real. casting was great, script, death etc. this one was one for money making. i know they thought they had made a great movie and i think with the right person playing the surprise killer this could have been executed. but I’m BLAH with the whole thing. the opening was cut short. the re shot version was horrible….. where was Marlie’s chase? where was any chase? but i loved the 2 stab films!!!! super scary and funny.But the opening scene was a good one. and they basically lied to us. there will be NO 5 and 6 . with 4’s ending if they do it will be very uncool like jason in NY or something crazy like that.

  56. who else thinks kirby is alive!? im in denial of her death and ive look online and it just says “left for dead” they dont have her as deceased like everyone else!
    untill they say she is dead she is still alive!<3

  57. The movie shoulda been called scary movie 5 instead of scream 4. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the movie but I wish it was a little more serious then humorous. But then again the movie was suppose to be a mock of itself so I don’t know. Just a little more suspense woulda been nice

  58. Am I the only one that notice that sidney and dewey had a moment there?

  59. I LOVED it! This movie is truly an homage to the first one and they did a brilliant job IMO.. although, at one point I felt like I was personally being mocked by Wes (the scene where everyone chanted Heather Graham’s line from Stab – cause I was doing the exact same thing at that moment!!!! LOL. That line was so badly written, that it always stood out to me every time I watch Scream 2). I’m definitely going to catch Scream4 at the movies again.

  60. I loved Scream 4. It might be my favorite actually. It wasn’t really obvious to me who the killers were because I was expecting them to make another family member a killer. And people are saying because the left the room it was obvious. But they all left the scene. So there were three suspects Jill,Charlie,and Trevor.The jokes in every deathscene was unneccassry I have to agree. I could’ve done with. The movie could’ve done without. The movie was only like 8 mins. Shorter than the original so everyone saying they felt rushed? BULLSHIT. If we didn’t know the runtime it probably wouldn’t have noticed. I just wished they hadn’t killed Jill’s mom or Kirby. Jill’s mom had potential killer mastermind written all over her she was very jealous of Her sister Sid’s mom. And Kirby should’ve made it till Scream 5 or 6. I loved her. But maybe she isn’t dead.Hopefully. what everyone is forgetting is that they hired Ehruen back and he dumbed down everyone’s character. Hayden was bitching about it last summer. She had good reason. Ehruen had a light workload but he still screwed it up. Wes/Kevin Williamson did an amazing job. I was very impressed. I was very excited over the movie but I seriously didn’t expect it to be that amazing. Ehruen cut a little too much of Kevin’s screenplay etc. Out. And Wes cut too many scenes. But it’ll be on the DVD so I’m not mad about it. I love how Gangsta Sidney was. She was gunning for the killers this time. She wasn’t messing around. She whupped their asses. But Jill got the upperhand at the end. The opening was good an unexpected it was pretty original I wasn’t expecting that. I loved Gale she was back to her bitchy self. Dewey should’ve had more scenes. Hopefully in Scream 5 the 3 come back together and solve the mystery together again. I’m glad Gale didn’t die because who would’ve saved Sid? In every movie Gale saves Sid’s live and this time was no different. Dewey did get his ass whupped YET AGAIN. I loved Deputy Hicks she was a great red herring very creepy but loveable. I love Emma Robert’s acting. She went from nickelodeon to being Nancy Drew to being an evil,malicious,dark,and hating killer in Scream 4. Her aunt Julia Roberts and father Eric Roberts should be very proud of their niece and daughter. If they gave out Oscars for horror movies Emma def deserves one. I’m looking forward to Scream 5&6 I don’t know where this new story would take us. But I remember feeling that way after the first one and the third one. But this is a new trilogy anything is possible. I loved the ending. The hospital scene was fucking awesome it wasn’t to Black Christmasy because Black Christmas was stupid and in no way like Scream 4 the storylines are different,the background stories,EVERYTHING else. So I don’t know how someone could compare the two other than the fact that the endings took place in a hospital. It did remind me of Halloween 2 though. Scream 4 was terribly AMAZING. It echoed Scream 1 and 2. It completey crushed the original 3. I love the deep and dark turn they took with this one. It was so creepy and oozed with evil in the last 30mins. From the revealing of the killers until the end at the hospital. I’m ready for Scream 5. I’m gonna audition for it. And I’ll do whatever it takes to get a role. I’ll even pull an Angelina(Scream 3) and sleep with someone to get in the movie. Lol

  61. am I the only one who didnt see wes’ cameo? :(

  62. The death scenes could’ve been a little more suspenseful and the chase scenes a little better and longer.they gave us character development but then they killed everyone. That shocked me. I loved Olivia’s death scene that was my favorite besides Jill’s I kinda felt sorry for Olivia. But the way the killer threw through the window and stuck his self out the window and waved the knife at kirby was so sick haha. I loved it and they had her intestines all over the bed. I hated Anthony Anderson’s death scene.hopefully when they do the other two screams Ehruen Kreuger has nothing to do with the films at all.

  63. Personally, I thought SCRE4M was fantastic on all levels. I actually liked the new teens, whereas I kinda hated the new casts in 2 & 3. I loved the murders, they were bloody and violent and protracted (for the most part) like they should be. The killer was bold and unafraid (especially in the brain-stabbing scene…you know which one I mean, don’t wanna spoil). Sid, Dewey, and Gale were great, but I do wish there was a bit more of them together, however if you think about it Sid was the star (as she should be) and Dewey and Gale were supporting like in the original. As for the reveal, I kinda saw it coming because some goofball on this site revealed it in an earlier post (maybe it was a guess) but I still thought it was brilliant! I loved how it played off of the original version and tweaked itself into a new beautifully twisted work of violence.

    Fans, friends, we can nitpick what was cut, and what was not, our need for more character development, or whatever…but the point is that we finally have a worthy sequel to the spectacular original. SCRE4M erases the stain that was Scream 3 and patches things over the bumps and bruises of Scream 2. This new one is a masterpiece of modern horror cinema (like the original), while being a sequel too! Well done Kevin and Wes!

    Maybe it’s a good thing that we had to wait over ten years for a new one, and I would be more than happy to wait a good long chunk of time to get another sequel just as great, even if I am dying to see what happens in the next one.

    Speaking of which…ANY NEW ON 5CREAM?

  64. After reading these reviews which I love, I feel like we’re all friends here, in a room, talking about this. Possible “Scream 5″ scene. LOL
    But, I do think that Kevin Williamson, when writing this had the idea of a darker film, but of course instilled humor. I do believe the Director’s Cut version is going to be much better because it’ll be longer, another death scene with that bloody living room, and hopefully more hang time. Nonetheless, I think that Kevin Williamson intentionally mocked his own film. I mean,l don’t you get it? Cheesy remakes and he made one, but not so cheesy. Even as bad as some may think it was, you have to admit – even if you weren’t thrilled with the plot. Ghostface was a fucking monster in this movie. LOL He officially has become a Horror Movie Monster. SIDENOTE I love the new mask, the plastic, shiny material. I want it – when and where are they selling “Scream 4″ props?

  65. Also, I meant to add – this is a new group of teenagers. Of course they’re not as brilliant as Billy and Stu. What modern day teenagers do you know that’re that manipulative? The new generation just doesn’t have it. NO OFFENSE. But, I think it fit – Jill being jealous? I mean, sure it sucks for a motive, but it works – she’s only fucking 16-17y.o. All she wanted was a little fame, but let’s say she got away with it – like modern day teenagers. She didn’t think about the NOW WHAT aspect. She killed her mom, all of her friends – what’d she think was going to happen? She’d be in isolation like Sid, at least Sid walked away with Gale and Dewey.

  66. @yago YESS!!! that moment was too random.

    only comments I’ll make is that I felt the opening should’ve been AN OPENING & the ending having the killer h**t themselves was not necessary.

  67. Yeah Sid and Dewey had a strangely romantic moment.

    But again WTF was up with Kate (Mary McDonnell)? ATROCIOUS and she had 3 lines.

  68. I def did like this movie and anybody who loved the triology should also not sure where a 5 or 6 could go though…it should stay until 4 lets not make it into a SAW movie ..also sid was great I see people saying she was a superhero in this one I mean she did survive 3 other killings people she got to a point where she was not scared anymore ..I loved olvias death scene best one ..emma i had my doubts on her acting in this one she did it perfect !

  69. Ok so I loved it but then again I kinda hated the end results! Like at first I was like Trevor is a dick but by the end I was hoping he would survive, I hope Kirby is till alive and if possible Robbie because he just seemed to genuine to be killed off! I loved Emma as a killer and her motive, I probably would have hated it if this movie wasn’t about reboots and remakes. To me the end results was like what the hell? Like no new kids coming in to a sequel..just hicks! oh btw FUCK BRUCE WILLIS!

  70. The opening scenes sucked! Kristen stabbing Anna was ridiculous. I thought to myself: “What the hell was Kevin Williamson smoking when he wrote this?” Their whole scene was unnecessary.
    Shenae and Lucy’s scenes should have been longer, same for Britt and Aimee’s. This didn’t feel like a Scream opening. Those girls weren’t even given a chance at living up to Drew and Jada’s phenomenal performances in their opening sequence.

    Everything in the movie went way too fast for my taste. They shouldn’t have cut so many scenes! Were they trying to ruin this movie on purpose?
    The only death scene I liked was Olivia’s. That one was really bloody! All the kill scenes should have gone that way.

    The climax was good. Emma has really proven herself too me as an actress. She is the best killer to date. However, I’m disappointed that Judy was the only surviving new character. It should have been Trevor and Kirby. Therefor, the chances of a sequel would be bigger.
    I liked Scream 4 better than Scream 3 only because of the climax.

  71. AHHHHHHH! WOW! That was crazy. I LOVED it. S4 is exactly what I wanted it to be- a fun thrill ride. Is it perfect? HELL NO. Could things have been improved? HELL YES, but is it still an awesome? YESSSS.

    It was a fun time. S4 is NOT FOR EVERYONE. But it was definitely right up my alley. My only three complaints is that I felt it started a little too quickly, what with all the trouble starting the MOMENT Sid steps foot in town. I feel they could have waited and had us spend a little more time “caching up” with the trio. I also felt like Aunt Kate could have been introduced in a better way and she seemed really “cooky”, kinda “out there”. I also didn’t like them not mentioning Sid’s Dad. Otherwise I was a happy camper.

    I just wanna know who the hell will live to see a Scream 5? I mean Jesus, everyone died, though again, Kirby and Hoss might still be alive but I doubt. I’m sure Dewey would’ve told Jill that. But Idk, anything can happen.

    Once again, S4 is not for everyone, but I enjoyed it.

  72. When Charlie stabbed Kirbi, am I the only one who was expecting or at least hoping that the knife would slice the screen and it’d read “Stab 8″ or something? LOL

  73. T.L., I was PRAYING that wouldn’t happen. What a cheat.

  74. I loved it, but like most people I feel it was way too short. They shouldn’t have cut so many scenes and so many great lines. “Go ahead if you have the guts.” WTF, that line was amazing!

    Unlike some previous comments, I loved the ending. With Sid and Gale both stabbed and Dewey left standing, I thought maybe they reversed the roles, but then the bedpan scene… They never fail to deliver a hilarious Dewey injury :D

    The finale also had the best final quip of the series. Sure “Not in my movie” is great, but c’mon.



  75. Well Jill’s mom said “Tell Jill I’m sorry!” What does this mean?

  76. Wes Craven recently critiqued Scream 3 as being too goofy. And that’s the only word apt to describe Scream 4. Goofy. And underdeveloped. From death sequences to character development to the setting of a town obsessed with its morbid past, nothing is fleshed out. For a series that built itself upon being better and deeper than its competition, Scream 4 can be seen as nothing but a lazy, hackneyed betrayal, a film that it not so much a middle finger to the modern spate of remakes as it is to its devoted fanbase.

  77. Loved It!!! It brings a new twist and face to horror. It probably won’t create a change like the original, but I think that Scream 4 will create a change of ways in the horror genre. It fits right in between the original and scream 2 in my favorites. No Scream film can surpass the original because it was the original. Nothing like Scream had ever been done before, therefor it can never be topped. At least in my opinion. Thanks to Wes and Kevin for giving the Scream Fans another great film!!!

  78. I loved it!. My favourite Scream !. I’m off to see it again in a couple of hours

  79. man… i am about to go see it but im dissapointed because im seing words like rushed and disapointing :(

  80. It’s was a roller-coaster I didn’t imagine how the end was going to be, not even the killer! Olivia’s death terrific!
    It was something to FUCK YOUR BRAIN OUT OF YOUR HEAD!

  81. Alex, if you’re going to let what other people are saying ruin it for you, then OH WELL. You see what you wanna see.

  82. And was Kirby gay(despite being drunk and trying to kiss Charlie)?

  83. I LOVED it!! Its not perfect… but it just might be my favorite of the Scream films! I loved how well they handled the changes over the last 11 years.. the beginning was clever and awesome! When all of the 3 are meeting up and the movie is first getting started.. its kind of a little mehh but still good! The middle and climax were awesome! The reveal… OMGOSH… killers were perfect!! Motives we good… and 1 killer in particular was my favorite of any of the films yet… he/she was so brutal!! and the ending was INSANE…. “CLEAR!” I loved it! I cannot wait to see it again :)

  84. I really liked it. I agree it was missing something and need some character development (maybe that what it was missing) but I still really enjoyed it!

  85. Ohhh! and did anyone else LOVE the fact that Ghostface seemed iike he was on fucking steroids?? hahaha he is BRUTAL this time!

  86. I think what was missing was a scene where we actually got to sit and “catch up” with the trio. That’s my biggest gripe for an otherwise GREAT return!

  87. DaveIsGhost, OMG! He/She was! Waaaay more aggressive than ever before.

  88. There weren’t any midnight showings where I live but I did hit up the first showing. It was so damn surreal going in the theater. I kept thinking about how much I followed this movie. From the announcement of it and throughout the entire productioni was there. Over a year of obsessing about it and now it’s here. You guys were smart about waiting to post your review because it is indeed a mindfuck that requires time to process. My verdict: well worth the eleven year wait. That’s all I can muster up right now. I gotta cool down for a while haha. But I will say thanks a shit ton scream-trilogy for your coverage of the movie’s fruition and development. Your site has been my crack rock for the last year.


    Overall I enjoyed the movie. I do agree on the pacing and the cheesy lines after a kill. Plus, we needed more survivors.

    The opening scene was cool. Although I was really excited about Anna and Kristen, I think I could have done without that scene to better buildup the actual death scenes of the two Woodsboro girls. Besides, the Stab scene with Lucy and Shanae were suspenseful enough to lead in to the actual kill.

    I wish certain characters were used more (Mrs. Roberts, Trevor) and I wish certain scenes weren’t cut to help with the pacing issues.

    For example, the fountain scene. It was used in the trailers and it would have been a perfect scene to set up the teens of the film. Plus it had a good discussion on Sidney being victim royalty or expandable. Would have loved that scene in.

    Plus, there was a screenshot of Dewey, Hicks and Hoss at the crime scene of the opening kill with “What’s your favorite scary movie?” tagged in blood. I don’t understand why that would have been cut off. Again, it would have helped with the pacing and with the mystery/suspense.

    If I were to add a few extra scenes I would have liked to see a scene where right before Kirby picks up Jill, we see her having a brief mother/daughter discussion with her mom before saying goodbye. Just to setup the mother/daughter dynamic and to later show how twisted Jill is at the end. I would have also liked a discussion with Mrs. Roberts and Sidney at the house talking about Maureen and how it’s affected the family so we can see how it’s affected the other side of the family as well. And finally, an actual chase scene at the house for Mrs. Roberts death would have been better with Sidney trying so hard to save Mrs. Roberts but fail would have been much more effective than a quick stab at the door. Plus, again, it’ll show just how twisted Jill was to have her mother specifically targeted and murdered.

    Another quick scene-add on that would have been more appropriate would have been right after Rebecca falls to her death and Dewey checks her pulse we cut to Rebecca being taken away by ambulance AND THEN Gale having her brief discussion about having everything under control and joining team Gale again. Instead of casually having that discussion over Rebecca’s dead body.

    For me, the part where Jill nonchalantly leaves the gathering to look for her phone was kinda a giveaway. Not an exact giveaway but it had me suspecting her which I don’t think was a good idea. But had they added a scene, for example, Jill going to the car and suddenly Ghostface appears covers her mouth and forces her away would have helped to take my suspicion away. Of course we wouldn’t see Jill dying just simply taken away by her partner to get things started. But with Charlie still in the living room with Kirby how would have have worked? Well, Kirby could easily ask Charlie to fix her another drink, he walks away with a “I’ll be right back” line and Kirby sinisterly saying “Don’t test you luck.” And with Trevor out the house this leaves suspects all around to have taken Jill the scene after. So when her reveal comes along we’re left WTF!

    Robbie’s death would have been much better without the whole “But, I’m gay” line. Same as for Perkins “F Bruce Willis.” Not necessary. Plus Hoss died pretty quick, how about a quick shot towards Ghostface as Perkins is going down to have a little fight before Ghostface finishes him off.

    How about some survivors? Trevor and Kirby could have survived with some added scenes. Had they have Jill only shot Trevor once on the chest and Kirby stabbed only once, this could have them survive at the end. With the action going down at the hospital, we could have had a scene with Trevor waking up to find the dead bodies and then Charlie coming back for a final knife fight where Trevor finally kills Charlie, finds Kirby and calls an ambulance.

    Then once the fight at the hospital is over, we cut to morning with the bodies being taken away, Sidney, Dewey and Gale adjusting to the aftermath and Trevor by Kirby’s gurney as she wakes ala Dewey in Scream and Scream 2.

    Which would leave Sidney, Dewey, Gale, Kirby, Trevor and Hicks as the survivors.

  90. I’m obsessed with Ghostface, he was on something, but he was just evil. Even the mask had a more “killer” look about it. Ghostface just seemed like he was harsh – when he stabbed Olivia in the hand, I’m sitting next to my mom and yelled out, “SHIT!”
    That’s not Ghostface. It was so different, I loved it.

  91. Perhaps my expectations were too high. Perhaps I am now just too old for the series. I saw the original when I was 9, Scream 2 when I was 10, and Scream 3 when I was 13. Needless to say I was scared shitless when I saw all of them for the first time. I am now 23, and I just wasn’t scared in the slightest bit for Scream 4. Again, age difference is probably a big factor there but I don’t think there was any suspense really built up in the kill scenes either, and so I strongly disagree with the fans saying that Scream 4 is a better sequel than Scream 2. Scream 2 suspense scenes: when Sid had to climb over the unconscious killer in the cop car, when Gale was being chased through the video archives, when Randy was on the phone with the killer in the quad. These scenes were much longer and built an incredible amount of suspense for me to the point where I started looking away from the screen because I was so scared. Scream 4 did not have any scenes like this. All the kill scenes just seemed rushed. I also think there was too much “forced” comedy at inappropriate times, such as “Fuck Bruce Willis”. While I thought it was a great flick overall, it seemed to care way too much about being witty and clever than about building suspense and scares. But again, maybe I’m too old for this shit.

  92. It was creepy when Ghostface killed Rebecca. He was just staring her in the face as she died. Incredibly evil, but effective.

  93. Jill shall go down in history as best female killer ever.

  94. I loved it! I feel some stuff from the trailers that was cut out shouldn’t have been. Hopefully a Director’s Cut DVD will come out with the footage added back in. Other than that, I thought it was pretty clever.

  95. Whats so smart about scream 4 is were set up to think that this is gonna be a reboot with a new set of teens. Some surviving some not. And then they all die. It’s so shocking. This movie was awesome! Defiantly better then 2. It’s genius.

  96. i thought the movie was great! sorry but none of the scream movies were ever scary so i don’t know why people expected this one to be scary. the first one is suspenseful but not scary. i dunno maybe it;s just me but most killers of horror movies don’t do it for me, not even any torture porn flick, which i do also enjoy watching. so for me to like this movie even though i enjoy movies like Hatchet and Laid To Rest, it should speak volumes. and i am sort of glad the movie was fast paced, seriously, part 2 and 3 just tried to mimic the same tension of the first and failed. so for this one to come out and be flat out just violent i felt was a good move. look back on all the horror franchises of freddy and jason and micahel….the first ones are “scary” and full of suspense and the rest are just more fun and more violence. scream 4 did the same. seriously it could’ve been a lot worse

  97. So no one in the test screenings lobbied for Kirby to survive? She could have been the new Dewey! She was the one I was hoping would live!

    Overall, I enjoyed the movie. I did feel like there were some pacing issues, and too many really unnecessary characters, and not enough time spent with the new teens. I liked the ending, not knowing what was going to happen, even though I totally predicted Jill would be the killer from the get-go. Not as good as 1 and 2, but way better than 3. Loved Sidney as the ass-kicking heroine.

  98. ab so lu te ly loved it.

    best sequel.

    the ending…wow. “don´t fuck with the original”. best best best sequel.

  99. The whole movie just felt like fan fiction. I was disappointed. The opening was awful, and the finale was dumb. Give me Milton’s mansion any day. And you would think that, with all the murders, that people would not venture outside at night, by themselves, to do stupid things like take down wind chimes (Sidney) or just wander around for no reason whatsoever (Robbie). I liked the movie, but it was surprisingly silly and unfocused. “Scream 3″ was better.

  100. You know, by latter part of the film, the number of people that survive by that point is very small. You can pretty much tell who is the killer. You pretty much only have 3 or 4 choices to guess from. (Assuming if you don’t count the original trio.)

    (The original trio is never the killer anyway.)

    With that said, I feel that the team should’ve allowed maybe 1 or 2 more new characters to add to the suspense and also, survive for the sequel.

  101. @anstahc “Scream 2 suspense scenes: when Sid had to climb over the unconscious killer in the cop car, when Gale was being chased through the video archives, when Randy was on the phone with the killer in the quad. These scenes were much longer and built an incredible amount of suspense for me to the point where I started looking away from the screen because I was so scared. Scream 4 did not have any scenes like this.”

    I love Scream 2 for such GREAT suspense build-ups.

    Scream 4 offered none of this, but went for brutality and blood.
    I don’t mind the film’s being a little longer.
    Give me some character development. So I care for them.
    Give me some suspense. So I dunno when Ghostface will enter and kill him/her.

    I really think the DVD uncut version will be a whole lot better.
    Hopefully, by restoring some cut footage, we will get a better story.

  102. It completely blew me away…I sat through it 3 times and I’m going again tomorrow – I am in love with this movie

  103. What you mean Jerry? “Give me Milton’s mansion any day. And you would think that, with all the murders, that people would not venture outside at night, by themselves, to do stupid things like take down wind chimes (Sidney) or just wander around for no reason whatsoever (Robbie)”????????? IDK What you mean?

  104. I think Ookyz summary is fairly comparable to my initial reaction. The movie was much too fast paced, with a cast lacking much real development. None of the new actors really gripped me. Moreover, count me among the many who realized who the killer was quite early on. Her character just seemed peripheral to Sidney’s during the entire movie for someone who was presented as essentially the core. I suppose that plays to the killer’s motive in a way, but made it a bit too obvious early in the film.

    The movie was also extremely nihilistic. Where the first Screams were largely about Sydney recognizing and facing her fate, #4 was seemed more about an old generation simply hanging on in a new world where rules don’t apply and there is no real redemption, just survival.

    Simply based on my first viewing, I definitely put this one below 1&2. I’ll have to see it again before I decide whether I liked it better than 3. I have no idea where they’d go from here, if they make any more, but I’m not sure I’d rush out to see a #5 at this point.

  105. Far better than any of the Scream’s. Scarier, funnier, more suspense, more tension…

  106. First of all I am a fan of the serious. So I would see any sequals that followed. I am in NO way interested in seeing a whole new set of characters being stalked by Ghostface. I agree it was rushed and many scenes from the trailers were MIA in the film. Sid once again prooved herself as lead. I am just curious did anyone catch that the blonde cop that was hot for Dewey had a very interesting conversation with Sidney in the stair way of the Robertson’s home? Or the fact that Jill took a breath just before credits rolled? What if they have set up 5cream as the blonde cop was pulling all the strings or there was a third killer recorded on web cams Gale put out? Gale and her were not friendly and she made Sidney feel very uneasy at the house. Don’t get me wrong guys I did enjoy the film. Sidney took a beating and for the first time I actually felt my heart jump thinking the main character could fall. The ending I admit I figured one of them but the other was a total surprise! And the violence was intense. Overall I think they tried to rush it and Gale and Deweys real life tension came across in their roles. I would not return to see all the characters killed off but in the end of part six if we lost one or more I believe it would finally tie up loose ends and lay the Scream franchise to rest

  107. **Spoilers Included**

    First, I was amped because this was the first Scream film I was able to actually go see in a movie theater. So initially I was a bit scared sitting there watching the opening.

    The opening scene with the Stab 6 victims (Trudie & Sherrie) was very suspenseful which ironically had more suspense than the actual Woodsboro girls murders (Marnie & Jenny). The Stab 7 scene in some way felt a little bit odd but it was a shocker. I just wish there was more suspense during the opening real life kills and we actually saw Marnie get killed.

    As everyone else has said alot of scenes from the trailers and tv spots. I wish there was a little more background on Mrs. Roberts because I felt like I wasn’t introduced to her in the proper way and the same goes for Trevor. I felt like the pace picked up immediately after discovering the cell phone in Sidney’s car. Only minor nit picking issues.

    I think Olivia’s murder probably was the most brutal within the whole entire movie…Ghostface F’d her up! LOL it’s not funny but the killer went to work on her and then throwing her throw the glass window smh just cruel.

    The deaths of Perkins and Hoss was over the top. Especially Perkins, first off after being stabbed the way he was he should have immediately just died. Hoss died wayyyyy too soon. Then “F Bruce Willis” WTF. Then the death of Mrs. Roberts was a bit unemotional for me because i really didn’t get to know who she was.

    There should have been some chase scenes or at least a bit more suspense before each death. The final act was a bit weird. Even though I had already heard about who the possible killer(s) were I was still guessing and not sure. But the final act almost made it obvious when people just started leaving the room. This was the highest death count ever in Scream history lol.

    My fav characters in this installment were Rebecca, Kirby and Sidney. Rebecca reminded me of the original Gail who was all about self and doing her job. Kirby reminded me of Randy because she was Sidney hands down takes the winner for best character. Sid kicked ass! Bam Bitch goes down! lol I loved her take charge attitude this time around.

    The reveal of the killer(s)was good. Totally insane!!! I was like WTF is going on!!!

    Overall, I enjoyed the movie. It was much better than Scream 3 as far as the murders are concerned. This installment in some ways is better than Scream 2 (the reveal and climax ending). I look forward to watching it again to catch things I may have missed.

  108. I loved it. Best of the sequels, even though it felt like it was a bit too short.
    And as many others have written – I didn’t like that they have cut away a lot of the stuff you’ve seen in the trailers and so on.
    And where was the scene with the victim hanging from the “roof” that you can see in one of the photos on IMDb??
    Hope that there will be an uncut version of it when it comes out on Blu-ray and DVD.

  109. Man, I can’t convey enough how let down I feel. (*Spoilers*)

    The weird thing is seeing how many good ideas they had. I can buy the fact of what happened during the end, given the kind
    of world we live in (though it seems like its ripping this idea straight from Scream 2). What I can’t buy is the complete
    callousness of the characters. Maybe if we had known more about Jill and her story and how her an her mom have grown
    in Woodsboro since then I’d feel inclined to care, but I don’t.

    The original Scream movies always built up suspense. The opening with Drew. Or Cici at the Frat house. Hell, even Jennifer Jolie in the third one got to me a little. They always played with your mind and wanted to draw out the fear behind the strange phone call, or that noise from upstairs. This felt so rushed like you didn’t have any time to enjoy what was going on. To be honest, this film felt like it was shot by the same guy who did My Soul To Take (director of photography, that is, I know Craven directed both these films).

    Here’s something weird though. Even though this was taking place all around Sydney’s family, that is, her cousin and aunt,
    they didn’t really figure into the major arc of the ‘Prescott’ plot. That’s something that’s always grounded the first
    three films. The first centered around Syd’s mom, the second around Billy’s mom for revenge, and the third about her half brother.
    And even though her cousin was the fall gal it just didn’t hold up the same. It’s like they forgot what happened during the first three, even though they reference it constantly. They opened
    up some questions with the aunt when she revealed that she had scars too, but I guess it was just for red herring purposes.
    That could’ve expanded some more, though.

    But the characters seemed utterly one dimensional. As if they were too concerned for living their out their new roles in this supposed reboot. Hardly any time with Olivia. No real sense of Kirby, Charlie, or Robbie. I thought Trevor wasn’t even going to show up again after his brief line in the beginning.

    And where the hell is Dewey’s limp? He was running around like he never got stabbed 10 years ago! Hell, the police dept. as a whole seemed pretty anemic. With a mass murderer running around that obviously is patterned after some pretty gruesome events, don’t the FBI get involved at some point? Doesn’t this kind of nonsense get blown up by CNN and FOX and played out for America on the big screen? I thought the world stopped when white girls got stabbed in senseless murders so everyone could stop and feel bad for our sorry state of affairs. Scream 4 has proved me wrong. Where was the connection with reality? Maybe that’s the problem, given that our reality is now consumed by reality tv and the web, because Scream 4 was all about name dropping the social networking and becoming 2.0. Isn’t that what Scream 2 was all about?

    Maybe I’m just an old timer. That I’m just trying to relive something or recapture that lightning in a bottle from the late 90?s. I saw the first Scream when I was 13. The first three just had this different feel to it. Everything from the Dimension logo
    to the soundtrack and look and feel of the cinematography. Like
    the story was building from some kind of natural place. In this, everyone else knew more would follow, yet they still acted as if they were special or couldn’t possibly be attacked.

    I guess my biggest gripe is why the majority of characters acted like they were consigned to their fates. Like they have all this history of Woodsboro and yet they continued to act as if they had no choice but to die. Even the kills didn’t win me over so much. There wasn’t anything even remotely scary. The opening scene (despite its cleverness) lacked any true suspense. Craven directed this thing like it was “My Soul To Take” meets Scream. I really hope this puts the nail in the coffin. This series doesn’t deserve to get dragged through the mud like this any longer.

  110. I still love the movie very much and no matter what, it’s a very fun movie! Of course, let’s cross our fingers for a director’s cut (unless Wes Craven actually didn’t want us to give Brittany Robinson some love).

    Stab 6/Stab 7 opening was great. Too bad Marnie and Jenny felt way too over quickly. ESPECIALLY MARNIE. Jenny had a nice chase, but was offed non-brutally and their murders didn’t really leave a lasting impact on the rest of the new group or school. I wish they would have edited like this: make Marnie unconscious, throw her out the glass door, have that Jenny chase scene, Jenny gets dragged towards Marnie and killed, Marnie wakes up, and at this point we can have all of those trailer and tv spot footage of Marnie getting chased and that nice ceiling fan of death scene! POOR BRITTANY ROBINSON OTHERWISE!

    The fountain scene should have stayed intact as well since it would have developed Olivia more. And does Olivia have a chamber in her closet because I’m pretty sure Ghostface wasn’t whispering that quietly! And while her death was very brutal, it felt weird the rest of the movie to see Kirby’s and Jill’s reaction of “Oh, I just saw Olivia get killed in front of me yesterday. That sucks. Time to get wasted!!!!!”

    Rebecca’s chase scene was AWFUL. Too many weird shots that include her feet lol. It felt rushed and lacked suspense. Plus, inappropriate time for Gale and Dewey to talk right in front of Rebecca’s body.

    The classroom scene: Gale being there is fine but Sidney is there even after Rebecca just died and Kirby is still in school even after Olivia died. Interesting…

    I actually think Hoss lives his stab wound (because Dewey could handle it. Twice.) and we didn’t see any blood on him and I know I wouldn’t mind Adam Brody sticking around if there’s another trilogy!

    Gale’s barn encounter was the genuinely terrifying chase. Maybe because you knew Gale survives and that it was edited nicely.

    Poor Mary McDonnell! Kate got the honor of being a filler kill lol.

    Trevor got a good amount of screen time and dialogue. I’m not complaining there.

    Kirby wasn’t as epic or as funny a character most people made out. I still liked her, and I always figured Hayden Panettiere would be the main girl if there ever was a trilogy from the start even before it was announced what role she played. Sidney got stabbed twice in the gut as did Kirby and I think Kirby will survive, but I understand the studio’s thinking that if this bombed, it would be okay for her to die (But if this bombed, it’s not exactly a thrilling conclusion for Sidney/Dewey/Gale lol).

    Lastly, the finale was wonderful! I have no complaints.

    Overall, wonderfully fun movie! I just actually wish they DIDN’T re-shoot Jenny/Marnie’s and Rebecca’s scene. I have a feeling the first time’s the charm. Let’s hope for Redux as I leave with these words:


  111. I liked that Craven used a reboot to end a franchise. Smart Marketing. No heart in the opening (and so many scenes cut). Stab in the head, long gagreel death?

  112. Just came back I feel a bit weird about it, don’t know, I spoiled the hell out of myself I have to admit. The film itself feels a bit too goofy at the time. The characters, dewey, gale, rebecca, perkins etc all act so over the top all the time that I was glad to see Jill & Sidney, Trevor, Robbie & Charlie were all great I have to say…The comic relief was way too much for me basically, that’s all. Also the aftermath of Brit & Aimee deaths should have been included, I really missed this although the rest of the openingscene is pretty neat. It got so weird when Dewey came to the bookstore all flustered, it was just way out of the blue. The ending I absolutely loved and the reveal of the killers was pretty neat and the most believable of the endings actually…I just wished that some parts of the films would have been handled with a little less comedy and sillyness…

  113. I agree though why did they delete so many scenes. Like ghostface attacking brittany robertson. Where did that go? And the fountain scene? Those were in both of the trailers.

  114. But with the 8 scenes included on the dvd like craven said in an interview I am not gonna complain.

  115. also, could a new rule be that the first kill (the whole opening scene [all three of them]” is no longer the big gasper, but the second (olivia’s), instead? She got the shit killed out of her.

  116. Whoops, I’ve been type-yelling Brittany Robertson’s name wrong the whole time! Apologies to Brittany Robertson…. should come in the form of a Redux cut just for the opening scene lol.

  117. Considering the first scene was about opening scenes I thought it was a cool idea. I mean no it wasn’t that brutal but it was really creative.

    I don’t really understand why people say this is rushed? I mean I personally thought scream 4 felt too dragged. Plus wasn’t this 110 minutes. Scream is 111 minutes I think so if it would have been any longer it would be surpassing scream’s length. I don’t think it was really that long. I felt like the beginning took it’s time and then the killings start and it gets more fast paced. But I don’t think it was rushed. Yes I would have liked to see longer drawn out deaths but overall it delivered for me.

  118. I meant scream 2 felt to dragged not scream 4. WHOOPS

  119. I LOVEDDDDDDDDDDDDD IT!!!!!!! now that i think of it tho, i would have liked some of the phone calls to build a little more. Kind of how casey becker’s call started off really friendly and then really scary. I would have liked 1 more call like that. and i wuld have liked the chase scenes to be a little longer. other than that. i loved it. 8.5/10 maybee 9/10. SO all in all, if half of the kills would have had 30 seconds to 1 min added, that would have been awsome. and maybe 30 seconds of talking, that would have made the film a 10, but hey, a 9 isn’t bad either. i loved it and i’m sure the next on if they make it will be great too!

  120. Fantastic film, but why does everyone like Kirby so much? She really bugged me personally. ‘Fuck Bruce Willis’ was lame, but I really enjoyed everything else in here. Jill beating herself up was messed up! I was cringing ad wincing the whole time (except the photo frame, which was kinda comical), and her brutal fight with Sidney, digging the knee into her stab wound! Ouch!

    And as someone else touched on, I really kinda got the impression that Jill wasn’t necessarily dead, especially if you keep in mind what it took to kill any single one of the previous killers. Wouldn’t be surprised to see her return. even if only to be killed in the intro to Scream 5 (fingers crossed it ISN’T 5cream)

    Whatever future films might bring, I am stoked and can’t wait!

    On a side note, I’ve loved the Scream films since I sW the 1st one back in ’96 at the age of 10. Never thought I’d see the day when I could go see one of them in the cinema on opening night. What an awesome feeling that alone was for me!

  121. i loved it, but it was too short. the film lacked character development because the scenes with those secondary characters were cut. i really think that if more scenes were left in, audiences and critics would be way more pleased with the film.

    but overall, i loved it especially the mail-slot kill.

  122. I guess it was in between but I loved it at the same time. In a way it wasn’t because of the movie but from my experience because I wanted to watch it in a room filled with people but my mom totally ruined that by buying me early movie tickets… so me and my sister watched it early… so probably most of it was because I kept thinking of how I wanted to watch it with other people.
    On the other hand I still loved it, it was so much better than scream 3 (HANDS DOWN) but after the opening it was kind of dragging along… I was expecting so much killings and suspense & I noticed how so much scenes were cut. The killers werent that obvious to me except for rory culkin’s character. I was also disappointed that none of the new generation characters survived, so I’m wondering how they’ll make another sequel IF they do.
    Overall if I would rank it, I would say Scream, then Scream 4,Scream 2 and then Scream 3 :)
    here’s hopig it does well at the box office! <3

  123. My one sentence review of Scream 4: This film was a bunch of great ideas that were poorly executed.

    The opening was extremely rushed and lacked any sort of suspense that we have come to know and love of the Scream film openings. I understand that they were trying to comment on movie-with-movie films, but it just didn’t work. Perhaps having one of the original cast die in the opening would have helped this film retain the “anything can happen” quality that the first three brought, but what we are left with is a rushed, tame sequence containing characters we know nothing about. The comedy was lost on me, and the sequence made me hope the tone of the rest of the film was different.

    Things did pick up a little bit once Sidney becomes involved, but as quick as her whole “self-help author-renewed-self” side is introduced, it is abandoned. Instead, she just goes back to being her same old self. Even though they showed Sidney self-destruct to an extent in Scream 3, her reaction to the murders starting up again back in her hometown seems to be “meh.” I mean, she sees a young woman die and finds her mutilated corpse, but later on she is putting away groceries like nothing happened. Part 3, for all its flaws, displayed her reactions perfectly.

    This movie also had too many characters. For example, the two police officers (Perkins and Hoss) could have easily been omitted for the film entirely. They had no impact on the story, and they never once were positioned as suspects for the killers. Their deaths were also awkwardly staged and missed the comedic effect they intended. No one, myself included, laughed or even chuckled when Perkins said “Fuck Bruce Willis.” Omitting them would have allowed more time to develop Dewey and Hicks, and, more importantly, position Hicks as a suspect. Her hallway encounter with Sidney was genuinely creepy (the dim lighting, her dialogue and performance), but this is never followed up and she basically vanishes from the film. I also would have liked to see how Dewey, the man who is usually not in charge, handles being the sheriff of the town now. Seeing him adapt (or crumble) under the pressure of being the one person everyone looks towards to stop the killing could have been an interesting angle.

    Speaking of omission, I was also upset at the amount of footage from the trailers that was cut from the film. I understand films are edited for time and pace and ratings etc, but I almost feel lied to based on how much shown beforehand, and how much was left out. I sincerely hope this footage appears on the DVD…

    I was satisfied with the identity and motivation behind the killers, I again just feel it wasn’t done well. Having Sidney die while Jill remains a survivor (and secret killer) would have been a much better conclusion. However, the clearly-added-at-the-last-minute-hospital conclusion ruined any hope of this. As a result, we are basically left with the same ending as 1, 2, and 3 where Sidney, Gale, and, to an extent, Dewey all defeat the killer, survive, and the movie ends. If they were going to do the same thing, why bother? With this film supposedly being the start of a new trilogy, I would have much preferred a different ending where Sidney didn’t make it.

    This film also lacked any sort of suspense whatsoever. The only real time I was wondering how and when a character was going to die was the parking garage scene with Sidney’s assistant. The commercials reveal that Ghostface drops down onto her hood, but they could have done so much more before she was killed. Remember how great it was when Sidney was locked in the car in Scream and the door locks kept popping up? Or the great scene where Sidney and her roommate must climb over Ghostface? Parking garages, though done to death is horror films, are ripe with suspenseful potential. Here, she walks to her car, screams at Ghostface, runs back where to where she entered, and dies.

    All in all, I wasn’t disappointed necessarily, I just kept thinking about all of the things they could and should have done, rather than what they did. With Scream and Scream 2, I did look back and say “Wouldn’t it have been great if they…”. I was content. I could hardly sleep after the midnight showing because my mind was racing with all of the possibilities. I hope the film succeeds and a Scream 5 is made to help amend this installment.

  124. Correction: With Scream and Scream 2, I did NOT look back and think “Wouldn’t it have been great if they…”. I was content.

  125. I think John summed up my thoughts perfectly. Some good ideas, but rather poorly executed. That’s why I’m so bummed out now. I feel like this was such a wasted opportunity. The cast could have been used much more effectively than this. Barely any suspense whatsoever in any of these kill scenes. It just didn’t seem to exist in the same reality as the other flicks. I guess this is what happens when there are no more rules to break.

  126. everyone here expects way too much from a scream movie, chill fans, you’re acting like comic book freaks. i loved it.

  127. Haven’t read all of these, but general consensus seems to be it was too short and rushed and with all the deleted stuff we KNOW was there (why wasn’t the real opening sequence longer?!? why cut Gale’s “go ahead if you have the guts” when it was such a focal point of the marketing. the fountain!) that’s disappointing.

    Still, I think they did a really great job. I really felt like we got to know these characters (apart from the two cops who were superfluous and the mother who was from another movie entirely – what was Mary McDonnell doing exactly? “the wind chimes!”) Hayden was my favourite.

    And, I give them extra props for having the balls to do what they did with the end (and I think the hospital sequence was actually great). So nihilistic and just so insane. Especially since they were spinning it as “a new generation” with Sidney 2.0 and everything.

  128. That movie was AMAZING! The shock of the year! I loved every bit of it. There was an awkward moment between Dewey and Sidney though. And I didn’t really like Charlie’s motive. Every scene was engaging. The acting was great and I really noticed the brutality of Ghostface this time. Emma Roberts deserves some kind of award because she really convinced me that she was PSYCHO. I hate that kirby died though. I loved her. The ending was the best for me. 4.5 Stars! :)

  129. BTW. When I thought Sidney died, I screamed NO! All of my friends, even the ones who have never seen a Scream movie said it was good. :) And that makes me happy.

  130. I loved it, perfect scream comeback

  131. Love your comment tr :)

  132. The opening was too fast, but got us ready for what the movie had in store for us. The beginning was not flat, long and boring! The ending was by far the most thrilling, jaw-dropping and creative part of the whole movie. I heard a man in the movie theater yell in complete joy, “Yo, this is the fuckin shit!” I agreed with him all the way. I was disappointed with Adam Brody’s role, honestly my friend is a fan of him and seeing him die off the way he did after so little useless screen time it was definitely useless to even have him in the movie. Overall, the movie is amazing, and the deaths were so modernized from the original trilogy which made it so watchable!

  133. When I first saw it, I didn’t really like it, just because I felt all the clips and trailers and tv spots made it feel like I had already seen it and I knew when ghostface would appear…I still loved the first half but I felt the second half was a bit rushed and needed to be a bit slower, just to let everyone absorb what was going on.
    The second time I saw it, I liked it alot more. In my opinion, it is the best sequel, rivalling the original. The acting was amazing and the death scenes were brutal, and I was in love with alot of new characters, such as Sidney’s assistant and Kirby. The opening was clever and the twist was great, especially the bit at the hospital, which I didn’t expect at all.
    I just wish that they explained how the killer was “patterning the murders after the original movie”, like by showing the Jenny and Marnie crime scene. I really enjoyed the opening but I think they should have made it a bit more exciting with the bit that actually happened in reality, it felt very short.
    I wish that they showed more of the kids just at school, because I felt that we didnt get to know them enough before people started getting killed again.
    My final disappointment was how predictable everything seemed in the last half of the film, apart from the scene with Kirby and Charlie (which was one of my favourtie scenes of the entire movie). The scenes like the death of the camera guy and Jill’s mum were very boring to watch, and the death scene of the policemen was awful, exactly the way it appeared in the trailer. It felt like the trailer had told me exactly what would happen to everyone and when…
    Overall, I loved this movie despite all the bad thnigs about it. Well acted, funny and exciting, I say bring on scream 5!

  134. My god! I LOVED it. Jill was pure psycho! And Sid’s line “don’t fuck with the original” had me stomping my feet with excitement. I can’t wait to see it again!

  135. This was the most hyped i’d been for a movie proberly ever, that’s why i’m so dissapointed it turned out so poorly, it almost feels more like one of the Stab movies than a Scream one.

    There’s hardly any character development, so many characters just seem pointless almost as if they’re simply there for death scenes while most of the interesting characters just dissapear behind the massacre going on, the massacre which no one seems to be mourning oddly enough.

    The deaths have to be the most boring out of all the movies, no suspense or imagination, they just seemed like typical cliche horror movie kills. The only real exceptions were Kirbys and Olivias scene, even hers was pretty obvious as soon as the killer said ‘I’m in the closet’. Brody/Anderson and Jill’s mothers deaths were just simply awful and Alison Bries death was laughable, it was so poorly executed.

    The opening scene started off really good as i didn’t expect there to be 2 Stab movies, that surprised me, but then they went and ruined it with the rushed killing of the actual Woodsboro girls.

    At the end of the movie i found myself praying one of the main three would die so that we wouldn’t have the same ending as the previous 3. The hospital scene was just indescribable because of how bad it was, i would of preferred it if it had ended with Jill surviving, being that she’s the killer, it would of completely broke all of the rules, there would of been a reason to want a 5th. Instead now we’re right back where we were at the end of 3, all of the new characters from this movie are pretty much dead bar like one, meaning a whole bunch of new characters have to be re-introduced and developed. I thought this was meant to be the start of a new trilogy not the modernised version of the originals.

  136. I liked the homour of the movie, however I hated how they used it during death scenes like Perkin’s and Robbie’s. It just seemed silly.
    I think they killed off too many characters. The idea that only the original trio and Judy survived makes it seem much more unrealistic. It would have been understandable for the original trio to survive if a new-cast trio survived as well! The survivors should have been Sidney, Gale, Dewey, Judy, Kirby and Robbie.
    I doubt they can create another great cast that we are going to love as much as they did in this movie. It is a shame that we wont be seeing any of them in the sequel…

  137. That was crazy and really good. It’s one awesome sequel. But SO many people died. They killed off practically everyone. How does Kevin plan to do Scream 5?

  138. i really dunno how i feel about scream 4, i have to agree that the suspence in a lot of the kills was lost there were far too many kills pointless ones ie the policemen and jills mom, i didnt care about them at all, the only kill which had me feeling scared and feeling something for the character was olivia. but i knew from the trailer she was gonna bite it” she always said u were the angel of death” when jill walks into the overly blood stained room.

    suprisingly kirby was my fave newbie and i thought out of all the newbies she should have lived. did they all need to die really.

    i missed gale a lot it did feel like ok guys ive got 6 weeks free lets do what we can and then not meantion me for 30 mins but she did have the best line ” your lemon squares taste like ass” was it as good as “ill send u a copy” or” thats my head stuck on jennifer anistons body” nope but she stayed true to form, as for the other originals dewey was just overly stupid and what happened to the limp ….i really enjoyed sid but she must have trained a long time to get those karate moves down. but there was something missing within her character as well especially when olivia dies and jills mom she had no emotion.

    i dread to think how the 2 scenes (opening and car park)that were refilmed and extended for more suspence were b4 the final cut as they still missed the build up and suspense. the car scenes in scream 1 and 2 had me on the edge of my seat this time it did at first but then totally lost me.the real opening was just too quick not scary enough like scream 3 maybe it was one of ethens rewrites

    loved the reveal and who and why they r killing and especially loved ” can i just say one thing Clear” the only original kill. like the cat flap and tv on head

    overall there were too many kills, it was way too self aware and too rushed and lacked character development and at least 1 new teen should have lived

    i did enjoy it but im just very passionate about the franchise and need to see it again to really take it all in, i have waited 11 years for this but it was better than scream 3 and on parr with scream 2 but i just think the internet facebook and saw have changed things too much …

  139. I completely understand the mixed feelings as I,myself, have been wondering ever since I saw the movie today. I must say I am not so sure I liked the movie, but I did appreciate all the throw-backs and the little things that really brought back the great memories of the original scream!Ghostface shutting the garage door on the girl (Tatum Riley minus the doggie door)Charley sitting in the chair outside,( bound, gaged and bloodied) like Steve in the opening scene of Scream, The “kitchen” scene at the reveal…and quite a few others that brought back those original scary, memorable moments from the first and best of the series. For that I say thanks to this film. As for the opening…not very suspensefull or bloody enough for my taste. And as for the deleted scenes…..too many were omitted that really could have provided a smoother and unrushed feeling….not the best in the series but not at all what I was expecting from this movie….I enjoy the character of Sidney but….I believe (and was looking forward) to Neve bowing out of the franchise as her survival in this one makes it feel really stale and too played out. Her character should have been killed in order to keep us all wanting to see another installment… possibly flashback cameos,etc. Scream is in my opinion the strongest horror franchise for quite a while…. I would like to see (when it ends) it end on a high and memorable note

  140. As everyone else has already said, the movie definitely had an ADHD feeling to it. There was such little character development that we (the audience) had no time to get to know these new characters. As a result, they felt like intruders into our beloved Scream franchise. Also, they gave away ENTIRELY too much in the trailer and clips released online.

    Also, it was ridiculously unbelievable. Characters would get stabbed 10 times and still be walking around and talking with relative ease (e.g. film geek, I forget his name). And who did the casting for this movie? EVERY SINGLE ONE of the new younger characters was a terrible actor/actress in this movie, with maybe Hayden being an exception.

    As for the ending…again, a disappointment. Even though I never suspected Jill throughout the movie, I wasn’t shocked. And her motive was ridiculous.

    I honestly can’t believe this movie was made by the same director and writer as the first. It felt alien. On a positive note, the movie was fucking hilarious. By far the funniest.

  141. I loved it i saw it with my 11 friends tonight…very smart and funny and i loved how it poked funny of other horror film…im fixed on seeing a 5 now..any one else agree…Saw did 7 films i think Scream could pop out at least two more…PS i Love Neve Campbell great to see her in another film again

  142. Spoiler warning.

    The humor was a little excessive at times. It was pitch perfect in the opening sequence and throughout parts of the film. However, I don’t like the fact that some characters were cracking jokes while they were being stabbed to death. I have always loved the satirical element of the franchise, but the whole point of it being a horror slash satire is knowing when to separate the two; something the first and second film does perfectly. The first two are witty and self referential, but they take the slayings seriously. Some are defending the jokes and putting it down to the humor of the characters. The way I see it is, Tatum had a fun sense of humor, but when she realized Ghostface wasn’t messing around, she was terrified. There was a time for jokes, and a time for terror. I feel like the lines were blurred in this film. I don’t want a good chuckle when it comes to the killings. Anthony Anderson, after being stabbed in the forehead, uttering some witty line about Bruce Willis was not funny, in my opinion. Having jokes made during gruesome stabbings is verging on Scary Movie territory. It sucks out all of the suspense and completely deflates any sense of believability. Imagine if Casey Becker or Maureen Evans had cracked a joke in their last moments; it would have completely destroyed the scene. Robbie’s death could have been shocking, but the jokey nature of the scene ruined it. I liked the “you have to be gay to survive” rule, and, taking that into account, his “I’m gay” plea made perfect sense; it was his last ditch attempt at survival. But the delivery was just too jokey for me. It looked silly, and, again, erased all believability.

  143. Don’t read this if you don’t want to be spoiled. I thought the openning Stab scenes were the best part of the movie. I also enjoyed the ending as well, from when Jill created the scene of the crime to the hospital showdown between Sidney and the Killer. I liked Trevor, I wish he had more to do and I was dissappointed by what happens to his character. The reveal scene could have used a little work. I am also sad about Kirby too.

    I was surprised by how it was not really that tense or scary, the only tense scene to me were the Garage scene, Kirby and Jill in the bedroom with the killer saying he is in the closet. And the reveal. Sidney never gets stabbed, well, she never gets really stabbed in the first three movies, I was happy things change this time around. The kills were too obvious in the 2nd act, young girl walks into a dark house next door to Sidney’s. Young woman walking alone in a parking garage. I also hated the real openning kills.

    I agree with most on here, the movie felt rushed, Gale’s scene at the party, the openning kill, the reveal scene. I enjoyed how the first movie spent time explaining the motive and playing around with sidney. I enjoyed all the wink, winks to all three screams.

    The technology (web cams) never paid off and in the third act, before the reveal, the writing became lazy. I mean walking alone, outside a house with a killer on the lose and drinking on top of that, Randy would be ashamed.

    The best scene was when Sidney and Dewey had a quiet moment, even a slightly romantic moment, at Jill’s house, it felt like the only real emotional scene in the movie. None of the characters seem to care that much about their friends dying, except for Sidney who is the only one who did not know the new generation guys. I liked deputy Judy Hicks, though I wished she had a bigger moment to shine in the end.

    Overall feel, I have no idea how Scream 5 would work but, I will need some serious convincing before I spend $9.50 to watch another one. I would give it 3 out of 5 stars only because the character developement to me suffered due to all the self referentialness. This movie felt like the slasher movies it was making fun of. It is entertaining at the beginning and end but the middle need some more work.

  144. It was a great!!! I loved it!!!!
    Would have like itnto be more scary! It was more funny!

    And also, something seemed off the hole film, idk if it was the pace of the film bc it went really fast and was a short movie! Would have liked it to be longer ( make scream 5 longer!! At least 2 hrs)

    And it could have been the location! They filmed in a completely diff town then the other 3 films. The location seemed off, didnt seem like woodsboro! Try and film in cali for scream 5 and 6.

    All and all tho, GREAT MOVIE!!! I LOVED IT!!!

  145. I can’t even put into words how shocked I am. Kevin Williamson did amazing and everyone involved outperformed how I thought it would. The opening scene was genius and the ending had me and everyone I went with sitting with our jaws on the floor of theater the whole ending……GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!

  146. @ lovett uduebor…i agree with you with most of the thing u said!
    It did seem like it was rushed a little! I would have like to have more time to get the know the characters! Maybe not even kill off all the new comers, have some live and come back for scream 5! Like they did with randy.
    I feel it was more like a bloody comedy! Lol. With a few kinda scary parts.
    Opening was great!…The suprise on the killers were great to. Would have liked a longer movie!
    I look forward to scream 5 and 6 but i think kevin should sit down and put more time into the next 2 films!… Seems like its turning into all the other slasher films. Scream shouldnt be like other slasher films, its not.
    Maybe kevin is running out of ideas.
    I hope scream 5 and 6 is better, althoight i loved 4.
    Wes Craven did a great job tho! He directed a great moive!!!

  147. I really enjoyed this film. I was impressed. I was expecting to see Sid bite it as well as Gale so the entire barn scene I was on the edge of my seat and then the finale was making me nervous. I loved Hayden’s character so much! I loved the comment Sid said about “don’t mess with the original”. So good. A bunch of people started clapping at that point. Olivia’s scene was UNBELIEVABLE! Especially when they showed her body on the bed. I was like “OH MY GOD!” I do wish there was some screen time with Sid and and her aunt though. I would have liked to have seen some family history between them. But I definitely enjoyed it and the comedy was great! It’ll be interesting to see where Kevin and Wes take this if they decide to.

    To be perfectly honest, I don’t see a 5 or 6 in the works.

  148. I absolutely loved this movie! It was so brutal. I think, and it’s just my opinion, that it’s the best one since the original. The acting was incredible and the whole story was great. The ending was a shock, too. I just love this movie!

  149. Am I the only person who noticed that it seemed like this film was made by people who’d never actually seen the Scream trilogy? The killer’s motive, wanting Sidney dead to take the life and fame she’d been given, was EXACTLY the same as Roman’s in Scream 3. I suppose if you can’t be original, just copy it and pray no one notices.

    Also, I threw my hands up when one of the characters commented that the murders of two people at once and then a hot chick was just like the original slayings when the killer knocked off Casey and Steve and then Principal Himbry. Because, really, who’s a hotter chick than Henry Winkler.

  150. *****************************SPOILERS*****************************

    I really wanted to like it. But I mean it wasn’t bad. But it as not good either. There were some parts that were good though some that were not. I don’t want to see a fictional character die but as said character is dying he’s cracking jokes… REALLY??? Oh and you expect me to believe a high school tooth pick sized girl is able to beat a 40 year old man and hes not able to at least get ONE hit?!?!?

    There are things I liked. I liked Ghostface in this one. The dialog was just perfect. I just think that while one of the lines was “This isn’t a comedy, its a horror movie” just was so hypocritical. The comedy lines and horror lines just blurred way to close and didn’t make sense.

    On that note I really don’t see how there can be another after this. I mean pretty much the whole cast was killed. Other than 4 people.

    I wanted to like it but I guess I just have to watch it again to really get a sense of it all. I think that Wes and Kevin and the Weinstein’s just all had different visions of what they wanted the film to be and well they just didn’t have common ground.

  151. The truth is, even if Scream 4 becomes more hated than the 3rd, the 5th and 6th films seem almost inevitable. I mean, how fucking lame would it be to make a trilogy, and then randomly add a 4th and leave it at that? For some mediocre horror films that might fly, but I don’t foresee that happening with Scream.

  152. i loved it! changes my whole out loook on the movies! like thats what am scared of if they do make a 5&6. The 3 originals (sid, gale, dew) i didnt want them to die and i almost cried when gale and sidney almost did. Im a faired if the have more they might will die or maybe if they do they still be alive but be more smarter. i love the opening but like did i miss some parts lol some of it got cut off and swithc around and the photo they they promoted never was on the movie! i wanted to see it soo bad! mmmm Jill ? i didnt reeallli see it comin at all, but when she pulled her mask i was like realli? no for real realli? when she was telling sidney she seem goofy and was joking like i was watching SCARY MOViE 5 or sumthin smh… but it was coool, “dont fuck with the originals”! if the 3 still alive!!! i be happii and if they stay alive thru all the rest i be happii. i hope they never die! :-)

  153. I was anticipating Scream 4 for so long and honestly… it was awesome. I honestly believe if you’re a fan of slasher films/the Scream franchise period, you should enjoy it. Scream 4 was fun, entertaining, bloody, etc.

    Without a doubt, better than Scream 3 and honestly I might consider it better than Scream 2. I just need to let it all sink in before I fully agree with it being better than the 2nd. It’s definitely a must watch and I will be watching it again in theatres.

    The new cast was well casted as well. I will say, I was disappointed to see that Emma Roberts was the… since I did want her to make it into 5 & 6 but either way Emma was completely crazy as Jill (Pun Intended). Hayden Panettiere was also incredible as Kirby. The original trio were also obviously good.

    The beginning of the film was the second best opening. Obviously the original will never be topped. The ending was great as well. The fact that people will do anything for fame these days in an age where social media rules everything and people become known for the smallest of things also made Scream 4 incredible for me. This was obviously an extreme case of searching for fame but it was brilliant. Perfect for society in 2011.

    I loved it. Bring on 5 & 6… as long as Kevin Williamson is on board… and as long as Ehren Kruger isn’t brought in to do ANYTHING. Clearly you can feel his presence in certain parts. Anyways, hope you all enjoyed it.

  154. (WARNING SPOILERS!) i thought the movie was great and the acting was great! the only thing that disapointed me was the kristen bell and anna paquin scene i thought they could have put more into the opening scene. Alison Brie and the marielle Jaffe death scenes were very brutal,scary, and smart and the killers were very suprising and their story was understandable. Scream 4 also had a lot of funny scenes that made me laugh. And the fact that gale and sidney almost died me anxious to know what happens next. PS: if you havent watched it and you read this still watch the movie. :)

  155. @Ryan thanks ryan :) haha

  156. I just saw it tonight, and I’m going to see it again tomorrow! The film truly was fantastic! I have a few issues that are pretty much just nitpicking, (no “red right hand”??) I’m still in the process of deciding where it ranks in the series. Definitely better than 3, but definitely not as good as 1. I can’t decide if it’s better, as good as, or worse than 2.

    My main complaint is the beginning; the concept of it is genius but it’s execution probably could’ve been a lot better. However, I did still enjoy it, and when I see it a second time my opinion will probably change.

    The ending of the film, in my opinion, easily ties with the ending of the first film. It’s outstanding! The film very much succeeded in surprising me completely with the killer(s) reveal!

    Those are just my quick first thoughts at 3 a.m. after seeing the film for the first time. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing it again tomorrow!

    Oh, and btw, how in the freakin’ world are they going to do 5 and 6?!?!?

  157. Totally surprised that Jill was the killer. One thing that I never understood since the first Scream: Why kill all your friends? I dont get it. Why do the killers always kill their friends? I guess with the exception of Scream 2. Like Why would you want to kill your mom and all your friends?

  158. Totally had a lot of fun with S4. The characters were so entertaining, loved rebecca-my favorite of the new group we were introduced to. Ghostface was so badass. I loved the phonecalls this time around and especially liked his lack of clumsy. He was so brutal in this one! I was disappointed with how weak the reunion scene between the three amigos was, kinda like ‘oh hey, you’re back, what’s up?’ Nothing I can’t forgive, though. I don’t know if it was from expecting another ‘stab’ title card to pop up but I thought marnie and jennys opening was a little weak, felt that trudies and sherries scene was more tense- still a very enjoyable opening. I had a very hard time spotting wes, hah I think I’m the only one; that’s a third of the reason I’m going to check the movie out again. Ghostfaces identity was easy to figure but it was so great how they handled it. Hhaha what the fuck was that?! So deranged, so good. I absolutely love the soundtrack and the way the songs were used for scenes and all the way through end crediting. Every song is totally my scene, I don’t know about the rest of you. Love the new score, great spin on the original. I want to make t-shirts that say ‘american hero’ and have jills picture on them.
    Hopefully we get scream 5 next year! Can’t wait.

  159. I adore the Scream trilogy but having watched Scre4m last night I felt more and more deflated about the whole experience as the night went on.
    I was thrilled it was coming back last year and thought that there was an opportunity for the filmmakers to do something fresh again as horror films are awful these days but I don’t think Scre4m is nearly as clever or witty as the trailers and clips make it out to be.
    Positives – I enjoyed the opening I thought it was clever with the cameos but the “real life” deaths seemed a bit dull to be honest by comparison. There was some great humour in the film and the closet/ window scene was great – the best in the film.
    The negatives – there was humour but then there was too much cartoony humour that ruined any suspense and just plain ruined it for me

  160. Damn phone sorry – negatives – I felt the whole thing echoed too much of Scream 3 in all honesty. That had Stab3 : Return To Woodsboro, Jill’s motive was just like Roman wanting Sidney’s life. Overall this idea of it being a new decade felt redundant by the end because they kept referencing Scream 1 which I didn’t really get. The film was far too rushed, had barely any time to feel empathy for the characters like Jills mother. As for the hospital ending I can’t decide if it was the best in the series or the most ridiculous – everyone in the cinema was laughing out loud at that point when Jill got out of bed. I honestly don’t know where they can gobfrim
    here if there is to be a fifth. The first was superior as it balanced the suspense with a witty script but this just felt like comedy – sorry to rant I love Scream so much I guess my expectations were too high

  161. @DaveIsGhost

    Lol I felt that way seeing Jill throw Sid around in the Hospital.


    I think Kirby was just a flirt(It did come across as if she’d try anything once,Including being with a Girl).
    Like I’ve said I’m 99.9% certain Robbie was Gay.

  162. Quick Question.

    Who here can honestly say if this was released 11yrs ago as Scream3,that they’d be this disappointed?

    because Storywise it’s clear this is what Kev W. wanted Scream3 to be…until Erhen took an illfated stab at it.

  163. @Tr I agree with you lol The movie is good I like it.

  164. I loved it. Hands down, the film came close to the original…The opening was hilarious and well done. The ending was intense and well done. I loved how all the characters broke all the traditional rules. Im just hopeing ghostface left someone for dead cause — I don’t see a scream5 happening after the ‘gaurnteed third act blood bath’

  165. Are people not understanding the whole “meta” thing? This movie is about a movie about a movie. There probably won’t be 5 and 6 because they are fucking the rules and saying why does it have to end at a trilogy or even start a new one. What blockbuster horror series has quit it at 4? Also, amazing marketing as I said before. It was reverse Cloverfield- over exposure and misleading, I don’t think they care about 5 and 6. Too many cut scenes though with not enough left to make it seem like they were warranted.

  166. And Robbie was gay — thats why he told the killer he can’t die, but he forgot that he had been drinking too much…and that rule always applies.

  167. I must agree with the majority of the reviews on here about S4. I too felt let down. This movie could have been executed much better than it was. Who else agree I personally liked Lucy n Shenae as being the REAL woodsboro kills…their scene was much more suspenseful than Britt and Aimee. Too funny, too rushed. Need to watch directors cut on dvd ASAP. This movie should be the FINAL chapter in scream franchise.

  168. I’ll start off with my dislikes but I did enjoy the movie and the last 20 minutes are some of the best moments of the series. 1. Dewey was not attacked by Ghostface or in a chase with him/her throughout the film…that was my biggest disapointment. Nobody has mentioned it either. That surprised me. 2. The editing could’ve been better. I have a feeling the studio was involved in the muck-up. It left some characters somewhat undeveloped (Mrs. ROBERTS who I was anxious to see, started off creepy in her first scene and then in her next she was killed…her death was one of the three that I felt sorry about). But if you think about the teenagers we’re only killing for a high body count. 3. I’m kinda on the fence on this part….lack of survivors…i liked Kirby and Robbie….they’re character left alive wouldve been good for the sequel especially since if they want another one. BUT it also shows that “you cant mess with the original” the older cast members kicked ass and still come out alive.

  169. 4. Jill was too obviously the killer… many times are you to be told to shut the window and you dont? Especially with a killer on the loose…and to get your phone from the car? The teens were stupid in this one but not that stupid. NOW what I like. 1. THE ENDING: my only problem at first is that I sincerely thought Sidney was dead…scared me…but it was perfect…everybit. 2. The movie was so technology based and none of the technology kept anybody alive at all…oh the irony. 3. Sidney kicked ass. It reminded me of Jaime Lee Curtis is H20…when she came after Michael…it was time to finish things. 3. I liked all the new cast….such a waste dont ya think? 4. The movie is a sequel and for something that happens 11 yrs later I think it’s might good. And I think people shouldnt overly complain about something that we almost didnt get. LONG LIVE SIDNEY PRESCOTT!

  170. Damn! They already have the movie online!!!

  171. @Lauren

    I am a little worried there will be no 5 and 6 now!! :(

  173. I loved the movie i had to let the ending proccess through my head after the film because it was so crazy!!

  174. @NOOO at the end of this movie how would they do a 5&6 movie….nobody left but the trio.

  175. I did really like it overall. Kirby was the best for me, she out performed her other, new costars in my opinion. Really shocked at her death, lol.

    But I agree with others, I feel it was in need of a little bit more character development, and maybe not making the comedy not so, obvious, to make it a little bit more scary. Though, I still did jump at scenes. I also loved Sid’s assistant, she was a favorite for me too. And I wish Trevor lived/had more character development. I actually felt bad for him at the end, lol

  176. So I just read an interview that Entertainment Weekly had with Wes and another with Neve. They both said that they’re willing to do a Scream 5. Wes said that Scream 4 has to do well enough for him to get a script and Neve said that if she gets a script sooner and it’s a good one, she’ll definitely consider it. It’s going to be so interesting where they would take this second trilogy. If anything, they should bring back some characters that you believed to be dead, like Deputy Hoss and Kirby. I think Kirby deserves to be in another. Her character was excellent and I did see a comment earlier saying that you never did see Hoss die and it’s possible he could have survived the stab wound seeing as Dewy survived like seven. But Deputy Hicks did say both officers were found dead.

    And was I the only one that thought Judy Hicks was effing creepy??? I thought it was her the entire time until it was showing her at the Roberts’ house while Ghostface was at Kirby’s.

  177. everyone talks about “character development” and shit as if they know what they’re talking about.


    i’m a fan but c’mon its absurd with some of you guys, you’re acting like old people for whom NOTHING is ok EVER.

    it was fantastic, i’d love to see you try making a movie or even writing a script.

  178. if there’s ever a SCREAM 5 i hope they use this type of thing in the script…

    as they did the meta thing really entertaining in 4th, 5th should be about this type of fans for who a movie is never enough and they think filmmakers are some kind of gods who have to do everything just perfect.

    i’d love to see this type of characters get killed off in a scream movie, now that’s meta :D

  179. I saw it at Midnight and was so ready for the mayham. Scream 4 did not disapoint. I was in it till the freaky scary end. Sidney was wonderful she grew, now no longer afraid she ran into the fray rather than run away. Gale a shadow of her former self ready for a comeback no matter what. Dewey I got the feeling new at the job and trying too hard again to prove himself why single handed trying to repair his marriage. Then you have the new blood. Kirby and Jill were the standouts . And who knows Kirby may have made it she was alive shen Charlie left her.

    Jill all I will say is Emma did a great job. It was something she has never done before and she came to win this game. I loved everthing however, way too many edits on the film.

    You had Mary Mcdonnel and she was hardly used !

    It needed to be a 2 hr flick it realy did. There had better be a directors cut on dvd . See it once I have seen it twice !

  180. To all those who read this know that I respect your opinion very much so please then let my voice be heard. I have heard about every side on this movie and I have to say that the first group of course is the haters. These are those who 1 haven’t ever seen the franchise and are just hating on it, 2 have seen it but are crude horror gore fans that have nothing to do but put down Scream because it’s more subtle, and 3 those people who in general don’t like horror movies at all and just would rather see the embarrassing likes of Rio, Source code or some other film that is more conformed to their liking. Then there is the skeptics: 1 Those who love the films but know there is a possible disappointment, and 2 those who haven’t seen any and think it’s just another dumb sequel. Then the Love Affairs: 1 Those who love the franchise for it’s awesome creativity and moderation in the horror genre but may not be full on fans, 2 those who love the franchise because it’s sick, twisted and dark undertone side, 3 Those who love the film just because it’s entertaining and fun to watch and actually couldn’t care what many directions the film goes. And 4 Those who love the franchise as if it is one of the greatest films ever made in the history of movies: these are the people who love and treat it as if it was their baby. The people who stay positive and point the great things out about it but also point out judgment calls for the treatment it needs to be a full on success. The ones who might be a little obsessive but are also those who know when to spend time away from it. Those who judge the movies all from an independent view point. The ones who are so loyal they pass the movies around to everyone they know. Those who learn lessons from the films that others miss or do not care about. The ones who idolize Sidney for the great person she is. Also, those who admire ghostface as if he/she was their friend and hate to see the hatred and the spoofy destroying of ghostface. The Real life Randy’s who are fans even after they die. Those who are consiered the best fans of all time, someone like me.

    So now that we’ve defined the many sides of who is trying to effect the success or nonsuccess of the film we can focus on the real points.
    First I’d like to repeat that I consider myself as a Real life Randy there is rarely any horror move I haven’t seen and the ones I’ve skipped on I’ve had my great reasons just like Randy. I came to all these films with an independent view and yet I know everything about everything the film should be in a certain Randy like groups eyes. I take into consideration many things. I love the franchise as my baby so I would never want to without merit criticize it.
    Now for my review. (Warning I’m not responsible if spoilers follow.)

    Overall I have to say I only thought the movie was just okay. I gave it a 6 out of 10 rating and in ways I was disappointed and felt let down but mostly tricked. Coming from the Randy side I come from some may not be able to understand my critique but I voice it as follows. Looking back at having Scream be a set of films that have an overall likability because the movies are realistic and has a serious story set up, Scream 4 looks exactly what everyone calls it a reboot. Only I not only think it is a reboot I think it is an original remake and or what I like to call a “NEW BREED”. What I mean by New Breed is that the film kind of is not what I expected at all. It was a movie that made it seem like the first films were a whole other franchise. I’m talking about the fact that this installment is more of either a creative parody of the first or is an original Comedy horror that is just like the movies the characters were watching in the actual film, like Stab 6, 7 and Shaun of the dead. Or it could be and maybe should be a sectioned off sequel of the likes of Halloween III: The season of the witch and other sequels that had very little to with their previous sequels. I was unable to take the movie seriously to any extent. I was laughing at nearly every death and or normal moments that in any other Scream would be nothing but serious. From my perspective the Trailers trick me and others into think this was the normal scream premise but it was a flip. The trailers seemed scary, exciting, entertaining and serious. The movie was nearly none of the above. There were scenes that might of made some jump but there was no scare factor. The characters had no fear in their eyes, no I’m scared and I’m either going to cry or get angry. Really, no emotions. Like some reviewers said it was as if it was a movie about desensitized people and or for desensitized people. The characters didn’t care that all these deaths were taking place they just went about it as if nothing happened. The only character that showed sympathy was Sidney and the only one who wanted to take action was Gale. Dewey cared about his friends but he cared more about being sheriff. The rest of the cast either seemed not as a believable true person or a char catcher of previous people or original people. The original movies of course were movies of comedy but more situational comedy not overall moment by moment comedy like Scream 4. I agree with reviewers when they say this was not a scary movie, because it wasn’t. It wasn’t, because it was missing the serious factor and the scary and or creepiness the previous films packed in serious filming. Some reviewers even have pointed out the contrast of the light and darkness in the film and how it was too strained. Then also how the film photography was actually different then what was in the trailer or what was the essential format. Then again like other reviewers had said was that the movie was mostly rushed and didn’t take time for grieving, contemplation, and over all plot expansion. Another thing was the fact that our trio was more about doing their own thing then caring to stick together and work together again: which points on seriousness, no real friend would just leave Sidney alone with two newbish cops just watching the house like Dewey did or go investigate and leave Sidney out of it the way Gale did. Then one of the most important parts was the fact that Ghostface was given a third party act. Ghostface wasn’t the subject of attention it was just about who is the jackass who has lost their movie freaked mind and lets catch’em. Ghostface was unoriginal, didn’t play the game, didn’t even bring a killer personality to the film at all it was hello, your dead, I kill you. Then a major plot F up was the fact that the killer tells Sidney “you’ll die when I want you to your just going to have to watch them die” and the next thing you know the killer is trying to kill Sidney. Then you have the fact that the Killers were so extreme and or not serious. Billy even seemed saner than the main killer. As for the second killer it seemed more as a Stu that lives in a fantasy land whose motives actually seemed very realistic in thought but detached from realities of serious contemplation and seemed as if the second killer just did it for kicks and laughs. The main killers’ motive seemed realistic again in thought but the extreme means and chaotic-ness of the main killers overall persona was what made people feel detached and more amused than interested. Last but most important was that the film and characters themselves made the audience feel no connection and or emotion towards the people and what happened to them -except for the main trio. The film was only great in terms of taking a new perspective on it and embracing the new breed format. I only liked it because it was more new conditioned and not same old same old. I was only interested in the fact that it delivered a new perspective and turn in the franchise. It was great also for the modern conventions and the great views it expressed. The music was everything new and awesome so you liked that part but it took away a familiar and traditional feel. It’s really a film that redefines things while at the same time mocks it’s redefinition. It is actually better than other horror films but only because it brings something original to the genre. It is in my terms better than Scream 3 & 2 only in terms of seeking the new breed premises not in meta, principals and quality. It is only acceptable by taking it as new style instead of imperative foundation like the originals. The question is it enough and is it something that can grow great things? The answer is only in deeper understanding, studying , and future conditions. The film is something I really would like to take a double take at the movies for in a greater take on it. In my opinion there definitely could be a 5 & 6 only the terms and conditions would have to come from the fan base and the opinions of it. Meaning the only main reasons would be that the fan base wants more of the new breed and see what comes out of it or if the base wants a 5 & 6 to go back to the roots of the franchise and finish it off with the only quality the fans saw in the originals. In closing my review is that the film is just all right but is not what we kind of felt what we deserved. Like some have said it was good but disappointing for waiting 10 years for. So Scream 4 is satisfactory but what may come from it or what may conspire in the whole Scream franchise is just about mystery as Scream 4 had on the fans. Anything at this point is possible. Note I believe in the future my review might have more deeper insite.

  181. They could introduce new people in a next film. I think they killed off everyone because, if this is the last one, only the original trio is alive, (and Judy too). They broke the cliche that when a movie is rebooted, the original stars would be killed and younger stars would take over. Thats exactly what Scream is about, breaking the cliches! I know they probably wont do this but, they could have Kirby come back and say that she lived. She was never really pronounced dead. Just dreaming here. She was one of the best characters in this movie. It was definetely the saddest death for me.

  182. I’m mixed on Scream 4. It’s better than the 3rd, but not as good as the first two. The plot is pretty good — the problems are with the execution of the plot and the sequencing of the story.

    My biggest pet peave is the short scenes — its very Scream 3. Scream and Scream 2 have long scenes that followed characters around a house, a school, or an open park. Scream 3 and 4 have short scenes spliced in everywhere that kinda breakup the story and hinder character development.

    They also do a bad job of building suspense, overall. They need to remember that more kills does not equal better — its better suspense scenes that tend to be better. They didn’t really have many suspense scenes that had peaks and valleys — it was all peak after peak. There were no scenes that had long suspense chases like Casey Beckers, Gale’s chase scene is Scream 2, or the car chases scene in Scream 2. Scenes were the music is quiet and character is trying to sneak away like Casey going around the outside of the house, Haley climbing of ghostface in the car, or Gale hiding around the corner as ghostface is sneaking up behind her.

    Scream 4 could have been amazing. The opening scene should have been retooled to have one of the girls leaving to go home and then the other one getting the phone call. The barn scene with Gale shoudl have had ghostface sneak behind her and disappear behind the hay before a chase occurred. Olivia’s scene was the closest to having a build up — but when ghostface called Kirby he was already speaking in a heated tone. He should have called beginning with a more civil tone and gradually let things heat up.

    There were also some missed opportunities like in Olivia’s scene where they talk about the cops being outside. They should have looked out the upstairs window and seen the two cops beginning to walk around the houses for their rounds — that would have helped tie in things to the plot.

    If they showed one more clip of a police car driving quickly down the road, I was going to Scream (and or take a shot). They showed a lot of that Scream 3 too…but never showed that in 1 or 2.

    Now the good things — i was happy that they showed Sidney and Jill having a heart-to-heart, and Sidney and Dewey having one. That was more of the better parts — I wish we saw more scenes like that or even made those scenes longer. Let us get to know the characters more. Let us get to understand their relationships a little better. Stretch out Sidney’s scene in the bookstore…let her talk about what she went through in 1, 2, and 3 and how see learned to trust people again after those events…there should have been something like that said.

    Some of the chase scenes were really good. Olivia’s scene was definitely one of the best parts. Kirby’s scene was pretty good though I didn’t like Sidney leaving to go find Jill.

    I really didn’t like the tagged on hospital ending. That was the part of the plot that didn’t work.

    Ok — obviously, I’m posting all my issues with this movie.

  183. Why does everyone hate the hospital ending??? It was different, it worked! “Can I have one last word? Clear.” “Clear?” “Clear.” SHOCK!!! Awesome! They’d better make a fifth film!

  184. The death scenes this time around were FUCKING BRUTAL. Some anyways, I felt bad for almost every single person. The beginning, the very first beginning anyways, was funnier than shit. All the blood made my sister say, “omfg, this movie is DUMB” then when the Stab 6 popped up she was like thank god. When he said “I never said in your closet.” My heart stopped. I LOVVVVEEEDDDD that scene. And THE ENDING. Omg, best ever. I really thought sidney died. And I almost cried. It was wonderful… Jill and charlie as a killer pissed me off and competely satified me. I hated charlies character. Which is what pissed me off he was one of them. But jill ending up being one made up for it. She was almost convincing as a psycho.

  185. Okay so I agree with most of everyone’s comments. I went to see the film again for the 2nd time last night. And I actually understood the whole concept. Clearly, throughout promotion it has been publicized that this is “New Decade, New Rules” which there were, but because of how the Scream movies work all of that was used but then thrown out the window. What I observed the second time around was that because Stab movies have become such a joke to most of the young generation that they forgot the movies were based on real events within Woodsboro. And even once the murders start happening again its clear someone is trying to remake Scream/Stab, yet none of the teens really seem to care because its all so cool to them all. Every teen in this film was totally dumb and unaware lol which was obvious. So many walked outside alone knowing a killer was on the loose.

    The opening scene for me was actually better the second time around. As many have said, I believe the idea was great but the execution failed once it came to the Woodsboro girls deaths because more suspense & elements of surprise were in Stab 6 & 7 than in the real life murders. Maybe if Marnie’s death scene was included it might have been better. I actually liked Jenny’s line about not being a dumb blonde with big tits and having a 4.0 and a high IQ lol. I also now understand why the films pace was so fast…THE WHOLE ENTIRE CAST WAS MURDERED…therefore no time for much development of some characters because the next kill was coming.

    **My Theory** I do believe that this was Kevin Williamson’s original version of Scream 3. Since he did intend to return to Woodsboro in the third installment but since he wasn’t available it took another route. Alot of the movie resembled the original which was understanding of the killer’s motive and plot of remaking the original. So this seemed like what scream 3 was intended to be but just rewritten by Kevin.

    All in All. I loved the movie because I am a fan of the Scream franchise. I do believe this film was better than Scream 3 but it has some good moments that could make it better than Scream 2 yet the second film had way more suspense and memorable opening. SCREAM WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST FILM IN THIS SERIES…”DON’T FUCK WITH THE ORIGINAL”

  186. I like how everyone who didn’t like the movie knows exactly how they would make it better and they truly believe a general audience would agree with them.

    They say the fans are the easiest to please, but really the hardcore fans are the most difficult to please because their expectations are way too high and there’s always something that they would have done different/better. Fanboys/girls will always want things to go a certain way or be more like the original, but I’m really glad things were done a bit differently this time.

    I thought the movie was great. I was expecting a reboot and it wasn’t. I was pleasantly surprised by the opening and the ending. For me, the killer will be much more memorable than the previous two films and I hope this movie makes enough money for a sequel.

  187. Also, I do see where there could be a scream 5 & scream 6. I also feel like maybe Kirby isn’t dead because she was still alive and moving after Charlie stabbed her and when Sidney was about to go back down in the basement she heard a noise as if someone was walking down there. And Jill and Charlie were both upstairs…Trevor was tied away in the pantry and Robbie was on the front porch dead. So Kirby could possibly be alive. That’s my analysis or maybe just wishful thinking lol. Also Deputy Judy Hicks is still alive and we also get a brief yet oh so creepy moment between her and Sidney.

    I have to say Allison Brie rocked her character. Rebecca also did some dumb things that made it hilarious to watch her die. LOL she’s a scream fan as well so i felt she actually did her character some good justice.

    I feel like this film could end it, but yet there are still some possibilities for two more films. I’ve got plenty of questions like: 1) Who did Trevor cheat on Jill with? Could it be Jenny or Marnie? 2) What the fuck is Deputy Judy on??? lol 3) Are all the new characters really dead (ie Kirby)?

    If Scream 5 & Scream 6 are made I will most definitely be there to watch them because I’m curious to know how they will carry on this franchise after the events of SCRE4M. I’m satisfied if this is the last film because it was better than Scream 3 ending.

  188. Highly satisfied! I thought this was the best Scream since the first one.

  189. Saw it a second time yesterday. I still enjoyed it and loved. I think I enjoyed a little better the second time around. Still wish certain scenes were added for extra enjoyment.

  190. Just got back from seeing it! I didn’t hope for anything other than an enjoyable time with my best friend. But after we watched the movie and squeezed the shit out of each others hands whenever we knew something was going to go down I realized that this movie was GREAT! I loved the opening scene! Before seeing it I had no idea what they were going to do with three different pairs of girls ( My brother actually had the idea but…yeah). I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! I knew certain things were going to happen from seeing the trailer and watching a few clips but it was still shocking and oh so amazing when things finally went down. I felt so bad for some of the deaths though. I almost had a breakdown over Olivia’s scene and with Kate’s. My friend and I had two suspects from the beginning of the movie. Trevor and Judy. WE WERE WRONG! Way off, way way wayyyyyyyyy off. We had no idea who it was going to be and when the reveal scene happened were pretty much in awe. Though I enjoyed the movie and plan to see it again in theaters, and a thousand times more once I own it on DVD, it did lack a certain something that is just Scream. It was towards the ending that I pretty much realized that although this was clearly a Scream movie it didn’t FEEl like a Scream movie. Not sure why I feel that way but I do. Regardless the movie was great and I can’t wait to see it again! And hopefully (well maybe) a Scream 5, still a little bit unsure if its a good idea.

  191. Just saw the movie a second time, it was better that time simply because I get it a lot more. The first time I didn’t know what to expect, but after knowing the twists and turns I was able to pay more attention to the film and the suspense wasn’t as high, but it still left me on the edge my seat.
    I’m definitely feeling this movie and I know a few females who think that Jill is inspiration. LOL “I’m not the girl you cheat on.” An iconic line, Jill definitely went down in history as THE BEST female killer in history since Mrs. Vorhees.

  192. I loved it. Definitely better than 3 and the final chapter we’ve been waiting for. Neve was awesome and i was so pleased she agreed to return to her Sydney roots. But what on earth has happened to courtney coxs natural beauty why did she feel she needed botox! Such a shame she looked so old. Loved all the guest appearances also, brilliantly written. Scream 5 anyone?

  193. It was good, but I was a bit disappointed. The opening and ending were both amazing and the best parts of the movie but the middle seemed rushed and choppy. None of the characters seemed to be that well developed, not even the original cast. Compared to other horror films released in the last few years, this film is much better. But compared to the original trilogy its not as good…it seems to be missing something. I hope they still make a Scream 5 though.

  194. Scream 4 was excellent. It actually felt long to me, but in a good way. Effects where great, acting was awesome. I loved it. I’m thinking it’s my second favorite of the series, after the first, or course.

  195. Scream 4 was awesome–it was everything it could have been and more. It didn’t go in a cliche direction like it could have. Everyone expected at least one main character to die and that the new ones would live on. But by killing off everyone it showed ghostface is unstoppable, and only the originals can survive, because the originals are the best. as they said at the end, “don’t fuck with the original.” how more badass and monumental can you get? and the original characters were true to their original selves–gale was funny and a bitch, but now more likable and we saw her perspective a little bit more. It was very well done!

  196. I need to see this movie again, i cant get my head around it. I know it was good but i need to take it in more, I feel like im forgetting bits but im gonna have a go at my current Pro’s & Cons…

    I went with alot of friends, 2 liked it, 2 saw no point to it, 1 thought it was crap, the other were all over the place but enjoyed it, i was finding it hard to put words together.

    The Opening…

    – Alot of the comments on films and playing with elements of OTT gore & insane plot twists (Weirdly though also a slight downfall).
    – Stab6 in stab7 mainly Paquin & bell, which sadly had been given away in clips.
    – The wink at the original with the garage door closing.

    – Too fast!!! It was over in no time.
    – Cutting out Marnie & rushing through the chase made it feel cheap and meaningless.
    – The cut was done less effectively than in scream3, and in scream3 it wasnt great!

    Main story…

    – The teens introduction & mains introduction felt very natural.
    – Gale at her best & bitchiest.
    – Good characters that were developed enough,Kirby,Charlie,Rebecca,robbie,Jill,Olivia,Gale.
    – Olivia’s death felt brutal and her death was proberly the strongest.
    – Kick Ass Sidney! I loved every scene where she went toe to toe with ol ghosty, super exciting, the film at its best!
    – The barn scene was good fun.
    – Finally someone calls the cops! When gale finally picks up the phone i cheered, there were so many scenes like Rebecca’s where they were fairly safe and instead of ringing the cops who were near they do something thats stupid and very un-scream.
    – We get a proper mourning moment between jill & sidney over loss’s which helps the conclusion.
    – Deweys chases!
    – Robbie outside is actually a good fake scare.
    – When we actually got to see hoss & perkins.
    Theres more but i cant remember this late.

    – The blood, im sorry but at some points the blood pouring out looked fake and mainly due to the fact it looks about as bloody as the OTT stab6 opening. Except Olivia.

    – Less is more!! Death overkill! Deaths that were pointless because of lack of development the characters were pointless…Hoss & perkins,trevor,the opening,rebecca,Mrs roberts!

    – More interraction & connections built between characters would of helped in a series that was so great because of these things.

    – The plot, i think there is lots going on and that on paper could appear to make it seem like a plot but there was very litte really, if theres more those next 2 need to be stronger.

    – Dewey & sidney felt under-used even though sidney was there it feels like she actually said very little and dewey ws very much in the background.
    – Hoss & perkins death was so wrong, i was hoping he’d forget about Hoss on the floor and he’d actually be alive but no such luck, i honestly dont know why Brody( wish he’d been a killer)/anderson took those roles.

    The Ending…

    – Crazy!
    – Jill’s self mutiliation.
    – More dewey & gale.
    – Charlie is a good momentary killer.
    – Emma roberts was believeable but over played.
    – Sidney’s race and unwillingness to trust anybody/ heartbreak at cousins evil turn.
    – I was double guessing the killer.
    – Jill’s set up actually made sense.
    – The twist i enjoyed & partially seeing it from the killers perspective/technically seeing what would of happened had Billy succeeded in the original.
    – Jill in the hospital at first was enjoyable and leaving it on the idea of how easily & wrongly heroes are made out of such random events.
    – They dont kill the originals!! Dont fuck with the original!! This i loved because come on…they survived their trilogy.

    – Direction, i love Wes but i felt his skills were off here, it was too dark in parts, visually it didnt resemble the previous installments, some killer shots from the killers camera perspective would of helped, the reveal just flashed by, cgi was off and the editing cut out what i think could of helped make this characters stronger.
    – More follow through on the whole filming the murders bit would of balance out certain plot details more.
    – We get it, its a remake! At some points it just gets way to close to the original, it wouldve been stronger if this had been the end of a trilogy not the possible beginning.
    – Charlie kills kirby and i dont care, and it looks fake.
    – Jill “Kills” Sidney and it didnt have the emotional impact it should’ve, Gale’s near death felt much stronger.
    – Charlie was dispatched way to quickly, same for trevor.
    – Motive was kinda confusing and felt like there should be more there, alot was going on in that motive! but again i like how it played out after that.
    – Judy hicks barely there and when she appeared in the final it just felt weird and a lil goofy.
    – Dewey beaten by a bedpan and jill gets taken out with the defibrillator.
    – Jill comes back mere seconds later, WTF! Although i do get the supernatural billy jumps back up this felt way different.
    – It just ends there, come on give us a little aftermath, the three together, a little reflection incase this is the end.

    Ive done this late im missing lots of points and really need repeat viewings… as well as spellings off and i know tomorrow i probs wont agree with some comments But overall!!

    At the moment this is A very fun installment with some great action packed scenes, some smart deaths but smarter how it plays out that could of done with more character development, less kills and more sense but it does play with peoples expectations in the end like the original played with in the beggining because, everyone thought this was a reboot cast and “CLEAR”ly its a stand alone movie. It trys to add something extra to the original structure and only barely succeeds.
    Im really intrigued how theyd make more, so go and see it!! so we can hopefully get the final two installments.

  197. Sorry to write even more!
    But to add to comments about my friends varied opinions, the problem with scream is to those who know horror films well or have seen scream from a mainly fresh horror perspective its Brilliant and funny and above most. To those who havent they see it as nothing but a cliched horror when in fact those cliche are there to be meta.

    New fans will be hard to come by as i and a few others sat there laughing while others were well emotionless.

    But i honestly believe the weakest scream installment (scream3) is still above almost any sequel in any horror francise and is still more fun & original than most of the horror films released in the last 15 years!

  198. i just saw the movie a few hours around and i agree with some people
    the movie did feel rushed and i was very disappointed some of the scenes in the trailer weren’t in the movie, i mean i understand trailers do that to make you want to see the movie but they didn’t make you feel sorry for the victims

    the deaths were way too quick in my opinion it was like omg so and so died, but no one really cried over it there weren’t alot of after affects like bodies being taken away and the characters didn’t seem to be that upset when someone died it was like let’s add talking here then someone dies, someone dies, chase/fight scene, someone dies then wtf wtf wtf wtf just happened i did like the ending (don’t sweat it i won’t ruin it) all i will say it wasn’t your typically scream ending

    i’m glad they did the way they did cause it was different and they sort of gave you little bit who do you suspect it is, but there quite alot of scenes when certain walked away then things happened and they still weren’t around

    the big reveal was kind of odd it didn’t really play at to why they were fully doing it, ok i get you want to kill sidney but you want her to be helpless and watch while you kill off people

    i guess sidney couldn’t be that upset cause it wasn’t people she knew for that long who just died she wasn’t their friends she didn’t come home to visit them she came for another reason

    also they never mentioned her father where did he go? what happened? you would think he would appear or be there for her

    they had their moments making you feel like you were watching scream 1 or scream 2 and they had their laughs but it wasn’t like you laughed for so long i do like some of the scenes they did that reminded you of other scenes

    but like i died they should’ve played out the characters just a little more, and they lied about the ways people died it wasn’t like OMG only maybe a people died different alot of the killings were off screen afterwards and i’ll get annoyed if they put actually good scenes on the deleted section on a blu-ray

    ok anyways i’ll shut up

  199. Scre4m was AMAZING!! The opening scene was genius! Ghostface was amazing!!! The climax was incredible!!!! GREAT MOVIE!!!!!!
    VERY PLEASED WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  200. I first saw SCREAM opening weekend back in 7th grade and it pretty much secured me as a horror enthusiast from that point on. I saw SCRE4M opening day, which was also the last day of college for me … so it was a pretty sentimental occasion. I definitely felt like an old man during this one though.

    Overall, I enjoyed the movie but I was very critical. My first thought was the film looked very dark. Not sure if it just the theatre screen or what but it annoyed me. Hopefully the film doesn’t look this way when it is released on Blu-Ray.

    The film felt way too rushed and much shorter than the other films before in the series (haven’t compared the actual running times though). It was like a TV edit of the actual film. The first SCREAM felt more chill and relaxed California vibe but with a feeling of dread throughout. SCREAM 2 had a perfect pacing in my opinion. There was an sense of immediacy and a warm but deadly vibe. It was campy but in the best way possible (unlike SCR3AM).

    The production value didn’t feel as high as the other films. I know they filmed in my home state due our excellent film tax incentives, but everything just felt like it was on a smaller scale. Especially when compared to SCREAM 2’s beautiful aerial shots of the fictional Windsor College campus.

    As for the opening … I enjoyed Sherrie and Trudie’s scene, though it felt more like the beginning of “The Ring.” They should have been the two watching “Stab” in my opinion because they were more believable than Jenny and Marnie (Brittany Robertson is adorable btw). Rachel and Chloe’s scene was not necessary at all. I actually wish it was cut out of the film and that Jenny and Marnie’s scene was extended. Anna Paquin’s voice is so damn annoying to me.

    Gale Weathers and Kate Roberts need to lay off the fillers and lip injections. Especially Kate. Her face creeped me out more than the killer(s). There must only be one plastic surgeon in Woodsboro.

    Enjoyed Judy Hicks and Rebecca Walters, though Alison Brie’s portrayal felt more like a Kristen Wiig sketch on Saturday Night Live. Marley was actually quite creepy during the scene were she standing in the dark hallway talking to Sidney. However, her last scene in the hospital was way too campy. Speaking of campy, Deputy Perkin’s final line almost made me walk out of the movie. He along with Detective Hoss were totally useless and disposable from the get-go.

    Kirby was a standout but the other teens felt a little one-dimensional, generic and cold. Though Olivia’s death scene was very Argento inspired, which I enjoyed. Marielle Jaffe acting on the other hand, was as flat as notebook paper.

    By the way, Charlie said he is the Randy character. Uhh, I thought Robbie was the Randy character. Charlie felt more like the Billy Character. And Nico felt more like a serious version of Stu.

    The main killer at the end … all I have to say is he/she did not have the acting chops to pull off the insanity needed for the role (ala Skeet Ulrich and Laurie Metcalf). But the self-mutilation (i.e. running into the mirror, jumping on the glass table) kind of helped reel me back in and it was actually really funny. However, the motive felt more like an episode of MTV’s “Teen Mom.”

  201. I feel when it comes to film, audiences are way too hypocritical. When there is too much story, you want more action. When there isn’t enough action, you want more story. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!!! Don’t you realize that the movie was basically mimicking itself?
    Everything that they explained in “Stab 7″ happened in “SCRE4M” and the funny thing about it is, that’s how modern day murderers really are. What’s scarier than turning on the news to see that some teen boy and/or girl were murdered and the killer is still at large. Only to later find out it was some jealous ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, so he/she shot and killed these innocent kids. Motives are SO last millennium. Hello?! “New Decade. New Rules.” Isn’t this obvious, I think that Craven, Williamson, and Kruger are WAY too smart to give us a crappy film, the film had meaning behind it and you have to think in order to get it. It’s a psychological thriller – I loved it.
    You can agree or disagree with me, but this is just my personal insight on the film; I think people got way too comfortable with the original trilogy and eliminated the fact that it’s a whole new and upcoming generation. Do teenagers these days have reasoning behind any of the stupid shit they do?

  202. honestley, I loved it. but the things I didn’t like were that theykilled all of the new cast, shoulda saved kirby! and robbie :( also, the your not real scene was gone. WhY??

    oh well I guess I’ll see it in the dvd : /

  203. My only complaint other than the omission of the fountain scene was Olivia’s death. Olivia’s death was good, except for the whole gutting thing, that was just way too much. And what happened to her like jumping over the bed, I was hoping for a good chase scene with her. Why do the hot girls always get the worst death? When we saw her body on the bed it would have been perfect if she was just laying there bloody and stabbed to death and they deleted the guts, that was too much.

  204. people here need to start enjoying movies.

    everyone’s a critic now.

    my advice, get a sex life dudes…no wait, just get a life. maybe then you’ll really start enjoying it (movies included).

  205. clear?

  206. I LOOOOVVVVEEEDDDDD the movie, but the only thing I didn’t like about it was its seemed…choppy? Like, it was CONSTANTLY going from one scene to the other. I don’t know how to explain it. I just felt like it was all over the place, I loved the fact that jill was the killer but I just wish they casted some one better to play psychotic. She was PERFECT for the role of “innocent Jill” but when it came down to “crazy bitch Jill” it just didn’t feel I the only one who felt this way? And as much as I LOOOVVVEEEDDD kirby, I was thinking right when he killed her “damn mother fucker, if you’re going to kill her make it good.” Like, instead of just a little pussy ass stab, make it like olivias death scene (FUCKING BRUTAL).. I think this couldve been sooo much better than it turned out to be, not saying I didn’t love it (its prolly my favorite) but I seemed rushed. It had this different feeling to it, like, yeah, the trio is back, but it didn’t feel like SCREAM.

  207. is it me or didnt dewey have a limb in the old ones now that limb has disappered. the filmb could have been much better in all DOES NOT LIVE UP TO THE ORIGIAL TRILOG………

    Okay, I have to absolutely agree with “Hope” up there…but only on the first paragraph. My mind was SO jumbled and felt like mush because the ending was SO unexpected for me!!!!!! I absolutely never ever ever would have thought that Jill would be the killer in a million f*ckin years!!! So, I feel like I need to see it again to make a final judgment on the film, but overall I really liked it!!
    Like I said, it was so unexpected. Because we were all set up to believe that Sid was passing on the torch to Jill and all her friends to take over as the new main cast….and then they’re ALL KILLED!! I was absolutely taken aback.
    One little side thing that I loved was the connection that Sid and Jill had. I loved the kitchen scene when Sid is helping her cope and giving her advice. It was a very touching moment because this is really the heart of the two generations coming together. (Even tho Jill is a psycho killer bitch). I really really liked this scene, but the fact that Jill was the killer kinda ruined it for me because that means it wasn’t really genuine, so I don’t know how I feel about that.
    My only main flaws were that the comedy seemed too forced. I hated the stupid one-liners that Anthony Anderson and Erik Knudsen had before they died. It’s like, if you’re being stabbed and dying, you’re not going to say “Fuck Bruce Willis” as the last thing you say before you die. That actually pissed me off. Knudsen’s was a little more understandable about the “gay” thing since it was hinted at earlier in the film, but I still thought it was too much comedy for a killing scene.
    As for the opening scene, I LOVED it!!!!! It did seem a littler rushed, but I thought it was so funny, because everyone at Scream-Trilogy speculated that it would be a movie within a movie…but the movie within a movie WITHIN A MOVIE, was a little less foreseen! (Although I did have a hankering that it would happen after all 6 of those girls were hired on the spot). It did seem a little rushed, but I still liked the way it was executed. I was actually kind of scared as Aimee Teegarden was running from Ghostface. And I liked the homage to the original with the garage door closing on her!
    Overall the film did seem a littler rushed, but I think it helped to keep us on our toes. My heart was LITERALLY POUNDING for the entire final act….I mean 20 minutes of straight up just racing heart and shaking hands. I loved all the killings. They were all so brutal and WAY more elaborate than the first 3. AND SO MUCH BLOOD!!! LOVED the killings!!!!
    So, like I said, I really need to see it again to make a FINAL judgment because everything in the film was so unexpected that my mind could barely process it all as it was happening. But as first thoughts go, it was WAAAAY better than 3, and right now it’s slightly better than 2. We’ll see if that changes.

  209. The movie definately…was good. I didn’t love it, but didn’t hate it. Still gonna see it again and buy it once it’s out on DVD, but I think it could have been better. Definately better than part 3, but I wish that it wouldn’t have..been so rushed.

  210. Was it just me or did Ghostface look much taller and larger than the actual characters who were supposed to be under the costume?

    Once the killers were revealed, they were only 5’6″ and 5’4″.

  211. it was the 4 times today I watch scream 4, and more I watch it, more I love it actually. Because I’ve been seeing to much pics of the movie and some part did not play out as I was expected bogged me a little, just like when you’ve read a book and then it is different when they make a movie from it. I have overpast this feeling and now I enjoy the movie so much. I just can’t wait for the director’s cut version on bluray

  212. Scream 4. I was honestly expecting A LOT more than what we got. i was hopoing the formula would go back to the original scream and have the movie actually be scary! but it wasnt. it was more silly. I still enjoyed the whole “who is the killer this time” thing but didnt like the execution of the reveal and what was up with that ending???

  213. I really enjoyed this movie.. It almost reached the bar as the original did.. I was very impressed by the new characters acting… Wes did an amazing job with this movie and I do believe this installment was better than the second and third movie.. The ending was the biggest mind fuck in a movie for a while.. I extremely enjoyed this movie.. Everyone did an amazing job and I pray that 5cream comes out quick… I will count down The days

  214. I was disappointed when I saw it the first time, but after having seen it for the second time, I have to admit it got better. I think my expectations were just too high. This is a movie that after you’ve seen it, you’re still thinking about it days later. I’ve accepted the movie and definatly will be seeing it again.

  215. Scream 4 is a good episode. It’s a surprise. It wasn’t what I expected from this movie, for the good as well as the bad aspects.
    I really loved the opening sequence (til the real murders, too quick and simplistic; the original version may have been better…), the (most of the time) subtle and inspired lines, Ghostface brutality, the darkness of the movie, and obviously the great climax.
    I am mainly disappointed about two things. First, the lack of consistence with the rest of the saga: what happened to Sid’s father? Kincaid? on what basis is the killer remaking Stab murders?… Second, the lack of background and personality: characters are poorly developped (old and new ones), no background story (cf. Sid’s mother in Scream), no time for emotion (fear, tension, sadness… just for fun)…
    I know it is what happened in backstage, but I really feel like the movie lacks a strong and united team behind it. I know Wes was the one to bear the weight of all script changes, but he shouldn’t have done that alone. Next time (if there is), the script writer (Kevin or another one) needs to stay and check in/consistence during the shooting time.
    To conclude, I am quite satisfied with this episode. It’s clearly impressive, but so frustrating about some aspects. But I don’t know yet how to rank it among the saga because it’s such an alien…

  216. I loved it, the original is still the best, as Sidney says, “Don’t f*** with the original” but I really thought it was a good reboot and hopefully we’ll see a new trilogy, with “Scream 5″ being released in a year or two.

  217. This wasn’t just the best Scream film ~ this was the BEST film I have ever seen! The cast were BRILLIANT. Craven & Williamson are GENIUSES. And I loved all the Gale and Dewey scenes! <3 Courteney looked absolutely gourgeous, and portrayed bitchy Gale again with such grace & talent I nearly applauded her there and then in the cinema.
    Before I saw it, I was worried that the younger members of the cast would steal the limelight from the original cast members, but they were ALL amazing and all necessary to the story. Excellently written. Did not see the ending coming at all. It was the perfect mix of gore, horror and comedy ~ they successfully pulled a modern Scream movie off. The way they expanded the story with the ending scenes was also genius. I am still buzzing from going to see it earlier today! This movie ABSOLUTELY NEEDS to win an Oscar!!

  218. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!!! I was so happy and excited and scared and sad! When I though Gale died I was crying! I loved every minute of it especially Gale’s hilarious comments (mostly to Judy)It was amazing. Having Jill be the killer was sooooo unexpected I never would have guessed! It was better than the first three! (which I can quote all the lines from) and ill be sure to quote this movie too!

  219. **********WARNING: THERE MAY BE SPOILERS!*****

    I thought Scream 4 was awesome!!! I thought the opening was a little weak (THE REAL ONE. THE ONE AFTER THE TWO STAB OPENINGS). It was more tame, by comparison, than the kind we’ve come to know, love, and expect, from a Scream film, in my opinion. Other than that, the movie was excellent!!! I thought Williamson, Craven, and co. did an awesome job, and I can’t wait to see more. I am a huge fan of the original trilogy, and I hope that Scream 4 is the start of another. I really hope that The Weinstein Company decides to go ahead with Scream 5 & 6. Also, I have to say that, personally, I am very happy that Sidney, Gale, and Dewey all survive in this one, as well.

  220. I definitely think that the “Don’t fuck with the original” line is just an opening to a whole new trilogy or the closing of a saga.
    Either way, it’s had a good run thus far, and if they continue to do “Scream” films, let’s face it – at some point we’re gonna’ lose someone out of the main cast. ):
    As much as I don’t want to lose any of them, if they do a whole new trilogy, we gotta’ hold onto our seats and pray that Sid, Gale, and Dewey can defeat two more sets of killers.
    “I don’t know about you, but I feel a whole lot better.” LOL Sid is the best.

  221. Went to see it again and just realized when Jill tells Sidney all her “do you know what is like growing up in this family?” “you got all the attention” “sidney this, sidney that, sidney! sidney! sidney!”

    it’s kind of funny to think she is julia roberts niece.

    “Julia! Julia! Julia!”

  222. I just saw it for the second time and I liked it better. Two things that I really didn’t like about Scream 4:

    1. The opening scene was weak. Very weak! The cameo parts with Veronica Mars, Anna Paquin and the 90210 chick were really cool! However, after all that build-up I was expecting something really insane and memorable. Instead, we get a forgettable dumb blonde with big tits who is offed in like 2 seconds. Disappointing!

    2. Emma Roberts’ acting. OMG, this girl should thank the Lord for being Julia Roberts’ niece cause otherwise she would have never been allowed close to a feature film set. Horrible actress! I thought that the motive was very well thought-out by Kevin Williamson from the sense that it really was different than the others and it actually made me think that today, with all this exposure you can get on the internet and everybody becoming famous just cause they know the order of the days in a week, it is plausible that a person would go insane in their quest for fame and place under the spotlight. Having said that, I was really unable to enjoy the motive explanation because every goddamn time Emma soap-opera-quality-“actress” Roberts opened her mouth my body cringed with annoyance and anger.
    –And one more little thing that kept on bugging me and, having read all the comments about it, it seemed just like a sloppy job on the director’s part was the fact that they kept on saying that the murders were copying the original movie. Really? How? I know, I know – they cut a scene or two from the beginning… well, if you did that then make sure everything else in the continuity makes sense. Annoying!

    Two things I enjoyed the most:
    1. Neve Campbell. She was terrific in this movie. Her acting was great and in all her scenes with the killer you could actually read the exhaustion and helplessness and torment on Sidney’s face. I even told my friend who was watching with me that I wish they don’t do more Scream movies cause I want Sidney to be left in peace. Leave Sidney alone! I mean it!

    2. The scene towards the end where Jill is being carried out of Kirby’s house and the reporters are all over her. That was cool display of the kind of fame porn (get it?) that kids nowadays are striving towards and its just sad. I can go way deeper than this but it’s late and I’ll leave it at that. You all know what I mean. :)

    So, all in all I thoroughly enjoyed Scream 4. Definitely more enjoyable than 3 but still cannot really compare it to the rest because it’s just so different!

    Can’t wait for the DVD to come out with, hopefully, additional scenes and stuff like that.

  223. Oh, and one more thing. Hayden Panettiere was AWESOME as Kirby. I wish she lived :(

  224. honestly , this movie isnt for these “little asian ghost girl fans” …..i feel the same way like one of the previous comments , i feel it was made just for me , people dont know real movies now a days , um hello? every scream movie has its comedy , it was GREAT , i loved seeing woodsboro high again , it looked the same as if it did 15 years ago , it was amazing ….of course my favorite characters were the originals , i can also add Kirby to my list now ….although she got cut …. :( i was upset about that , the beginning of the scream movies are ALWAYS creative , i expected that …. and the ending of course …..i love Wes and Kevin for this , if u didnt watch the others you wouldnt understand …… im a die hard fan …… for example , when Sidneys visits Cinema Club ….. and after they say a girl is killed beyond recognition ….they say “what’s next?” …sidney says “a party” …. someone in the theater says …oh my god , how did she know that? i instantly got mad ….how could she not know? that was beyond irritating , and i love how the originals got a little hurt ….. showing there vulnerability …..besides dewey of course ….lmao , always getting his ass kicked .! and thats fine , dont see scream 5 and 6 ….i will see it ! twice !! like i did Scream 4 ! FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ! i wouldnt mind seeing it again , and the most powerful part of the movie is when kirby and jill are witnessing olivias death …..sidney comes in …and when she sees it for the first time , the look in her face when she backs away was amazing , that was honeslty one of my favorite parts . and kirby having to do casey beckers part all over again was very powerful

  225. I get it, now.
    Just saw the movie a third time last night in IMAX (IMAX RULES!!!), but the movie wasn’t rushed. I mean, sure they could’ve mapped it out a little longer, but it all happened over the course of two days. LOL There wasn’t enough time for them to even breathe.

  226. 3 things most have complained about…

    1# the size of ghostface compared to the killers, this isnt new its come up almost every time, the killer never really matched, especially scream 2, debbie salt apparently killed randy even though she was almost as tall as the van and had about size 11 feet. Its just in this one there were one to many wide shoots that made it too obvious and of course the killers were both similar sizes, if it had been trevor and jill it would of been more forgivable but who cares you have to suspend belief and i liked the killers.

    2# Jill’s motive, at first i was also waahhh, but come on when you really think about it, it makes complete sense! she only wants the fame because psychologically she has always felt she her family have been over-shadowed by sidney etc. this would deffinatly mess a person up, people said people dont become killers out of need for fame, no but they do out of need to feel wanted, superior, needed, loved, respected, understood… then again i could be wrong and it could be….”None of the above!”

    3# lack of characteristation and with that one ive got nothing, alot of was done almost as well as previous installments but its just a case of overkill, literally. To many deaths based on the fact tis one was shorter, im sorry you want more deaths you make it longer or at least the same, but as we all know those cut scenes proberly would of been useful, but without rebecca, hoss & perkins and Mrs roberts, the rest were fairly exceptable to great. Also the opening needed a little more reasoning and length.

  227. I thought it was a fantastic film, very intelligent actually and the twists to keep you guessing were great and all the acting was absolutely great, Dimension films, Wes and Kevin please please please make SCREAM 5.

  228. I love it. I just explained the movie to a friend who got upset with me and proclaims while I’m talking, “IT’S JUST A MOVIE!!!” LOL The funniest thing is the fact that all the people who disliked the movie sat their asses right there until the end credits. Eyes glued to the screen, they didn’t budge. Therefore, the movie is and will continue to get it’s money’s worth.

  229. i loved it okay exept it wasnt like the trilogies that i still owned anyway

  230. Please make 5CREAM soon as you can… I loved SCRE4M

  231. Okay scream 4 was awesoome but there was several things that could’ve been improved and it was so obvious I feel like it kept the movie down on a lower level.
    1. Character development (especially old characters. They should’ve brought back some information about the before movies
    2. Death scenes (too short for many. Kirby the best character had a fast death scene which didn’t give her character justice no matter how good her trivia game was).
    Those were some examples.
    I am super excited to see another scream movie if there ever is one and I think it would be best to bring back Kirby and Robbie and act like they never died. Only wounded. Possibly no Robbie but a Kirby return would be awesome.


    Scream 4 proves how SMART this series has always been. It is pure SCREAM 1 all over again. Scream 1 was a mirror on all movies of the genre before it. Scream 4 is also a mirror on all the movies of the genre before it INCLUDING and especially Scream 1.

    The opening sequence, much like Scream 1’s completely takes your expectations and blows them up!

    I also appreciate how every element in Scream 1 is also in Scream 4…..but they are all twisted around and spit back at you! But Scream 4 also treats Scream 1 with great fondness and care, even if in the form of brutality, haha.

    I mean, you’ve got someone tied up to a patio chair and a girl behind a patio door answering a question trying to save him. EXCEPT, this time the girl knows the answer to the question and she saves the guy! hahahahahaha. But guess what! BAM! HERE IS MAKING A MOVE!

    If you want the mirror image to even be more apparent, just look at Sydney down dead on the ground next to Sydney (Jill) down dead on the ground. If you say, “well, they both were not dead” …. ummm, actually they were BOTH dead and were BOTH alive. Has the mirror on mirror on mirror on mirror image become clear to ya yet? hehe. Scream 4 is like putting a mirror against a mirror….the comparisons go on forever….but with each new mirror, it takes on new meaning, self-awareness, and complexity. And of course Jill gets all the credit at the end from all the TV reporters.

    I love how much more smart and strong Sydney is. SHE goes after the killer. He is upstairs and she is chasing after HIM. But the same stuff happens! hehe. It is the exact same scene but totally not but totally yes it is! haha. It is just a mind blowing exercise this Scream business….so much inteligence and complexity.

    I also like how Sydney got Jill to go under the bed and then she made it sound like Jill had got away. That is just classic! And yet, even with all these smarts, the movie still works in the exact same way…because well, Scream 1 was so smart as well.

    I love how this movie paid so much tribute to Scream 1. During Scream 3, I really wanted it to go back to the beginning. I wanted some scene, some how, to be back at Casey Becker’s house. With Scream 4, we got it. And we got it back at Stu’s too! In fact, we got it all back!

    I’ll admit, the first time I saw this I was really on edge. I wanted it to be perfect. I made a point to avoid all media about it so that nothing would be given away to me. Thus, I had no idea what to expect and I felt like the movie was too fast and too brutal…..I felt like there was no big chase scene at the end or opportunity to build much suspense (like things came out of nowhere quickly and rapidly). But the second time, I must say, I just LOVED IT. It is everything it should have been and I should have known Scream would do this to us (take us back to where it all began….to actually toying with our expectations). It really makes it clear that Scream 2 and 3 were just a continuation of Scream 1. BUT That Scream 4 does what Scream 1 had actually accomplished (takes our expectations and spits that back at us) and it manages to do this all while paying great tribute to 1.
    I really love this movie. It is so smart. I cannot stop thinking about it.

    I also want to add that Scream really shows how everything in life is “constructed.” (Thus I love how the house in the beginning was not fully constructed (the walls were not completed nor carpet laid, etc.). Being that Kevin Williamson is gay, I can see why he knows this. Categories of sexuality are “constructed” as well. They are conventions that can be toyed with, turned upside down, etc. Scream 4 shows how something like “Stab” can mean many many things. It can mean “not Stab” and it can mean “Stab” and it can mean both at the same time. Just think about it. Scream 4 points this out grandly.


    i loved the hole film, it was scary, funny and bloody. i realy liked the opening scene, but i felt it was too fast, and each of the characters had only 4 minutes on the screen, i wish it was longer, i love lucy hale and i was especting a bigger scene like drew’s.
    my favorite scene was the closet at olivia’s house, i jumped out of the chair and i also got realy angry with kirby’s death.i liked the revelation of the killer, but i felt something was missing at the hospital scene, it was to goofy and unreal, but sidney said the best line on the movie at that scene “don’t fuck with te original” it was legen… wait for it DARY

  234. I loved it!!! in my opinion it’s the best, though there are some things i would like to change, but overall it was pretty good, i loved the kills, the characters, specially the girls, i loved the music, i loved everything, the opening scene is so good, i wish the marnie/jenny scene lasted a little bit longer, i felt it to rushed, but it was good, hope there’s a scream 5 =D

  235. scream 4 is better then scream 2 and 3 and my fav one of all of them.

  236. I think a lot of what people said on here is bogus. I have seen all the screams dozens of times and thought this one was better then the 3rd one. Yeah all agree that there needed to be bigger deaths scenes and more suspense because thats what Ive always loved. The new actors were great in it and when the killer was revealed no one suspected it, it was a total shock. The only thing I think would have made this movie better was more of the original people and not all the young kids because that’s why I love it, maybe some more of the scenes seen in the trailers, and it should have been longer. Wes, cox, Campbell, and Arquette are still awesome.


  237. GREAT movie. I loved all of it. The End was so unexpected. I thought it was a bit rushed I mean it was over two days and the movie should have been longer, but it was great. I really loved the original characters and hayden’s character. They were the best actors on the show. I think Dewey, Gail, and Sidney should have had more time on camera. Besides maybe a bit longer, and some more suspense it was GREAT.

    I really hope they do do the number 5 and 6 and make sure and not kill of the original three. Maybe bring back Hayden’s character. YOU NEED TO DO A NUMBER 5 AND 6 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  238. I’m beyond glad this bombed hardcore at the box office, it didn’t deserve better than a quick death and be forgotten.

    One cannot discuss some1’s liking on a film but the film itself and this was a shit movie, yeah it had some decent ideas but as a whole it was worse than the 3rd entry if that’s even possible.

    This would fit just right within the Scary Movies franchise, go figure!

    Insipid opening scene, I think the Stab6 short was stronger than the actual murder of the 2 Woodsboro girls.

    Boring and uninspired killing scenes with no tension whatsoever, yeah Ghostface lacks on imagination and it shows now.

    Dewey needs to DIE already, he’s as useless as all the scenes he was in, just driving from one location to another, wasted screen time.

    Courtney Cox is a cartoon by now, not to mention her face is so distracting at this point, almost like a serial killer’s mask…

    Neve was going by the notions and it showed, at this point make her the new killer or kill her on a memorable way just to end her character on a big note.

    How bout a whole lot of scenes missing from what was showed on the trailers and promo pictures? talking about been lied to see a movie with half the footage they promised, lame.

    Pfff, i’m exhausted…just like this franchise, oh and the final girl being the killer? done be4 and way better, how bout Amanda from Sleepaway Camp? talking bout some pretty scary bitch, huh? hell, even Rebecca Gayheart was a more fun killer at the end of Urban Legend.

    I’m done. oh, and this is not a personal attack on those who have low standards for this type of movies, this is just me, being the over the top horror douche I am, no hard feelings.

  239. Just seen it here in Spain.
    I survives unspoiled all this loooong five days LOL.

    LOVE IT! At the second act I was thinking, maybe it’s not that great, but when the ending came… oh my god!

  240. I am disappointed with the 4th scream…don’t get me wrong it was fun, entertaining and Olivia’s death scene was brutal and i enjoyed that.
    But what i didn’t like is that it felt rushed, scenes where cut out so much that i didn’t have any sympathy for any of the victims. The opening seen was clever with the stab movie but the real kill was left short and not scary or pity for those girls.
    I would of been happy with just scream 1,2,3. scream 4 didn’t do justice.
    Now i understand why Kevin Williamson was unhappy with the final script. The only fans that may like this movie so much would be the more younger crowed. For me it takes more then a sequel to make a good movie.

  241. my previous comments were on target but I saw it again and I think I like it even more, but more on the entertaining side than anything.

  242. I´m happy with the final product, I´m sure some things could have been done better , but it is a very good sequel. I hope Kirby is still alive for Scream 5, loved that character, didn´t care that much about Adam´s character.
    I did realize who were the killers when Charly wanted to get inside the house and he wasn´t allowed.I wish I had been surprised, but I enjoyed the film overall.

  243. i agree with everything elijah said…me and my friends facebooked about it all and we said exactly the same things

  244. It was great! It was cool and scary at the same time and I think it’s a really good sequel.

  245. It was so much better than Scream 3 that I can’t complain too much about what i saw. Scream is and always will be about teens cynicism to graphic violence and increase apathy towards violence. Making it a hollywood movie within a movie was done much better in Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, and hated the casting of the whole thing. Also Neve Campbell had such a small role in the third film and the revelation of the director being the killer and her long lost brother was very boring.

    Scream 4 couldn’t go that retarded, but I thought the film was edited for time reasons and the flow of the film didn’t feel true. I know I love the first half of the film very much, it felt like Williamson’s material all the way and then during the middle to the end it had that Ehren Kruger boring-retarded feel to it ala Transformers 2, The Ring 2, Scream 3, and every other shity movie he’s done. I don’t understand why hollywood continues to hire this no talent writer.

    Most of all, I’m lost at the reduction of Neve Campbell’s role in these Kruger scripts, she’s an excellent actress who did some great stuff in both Scream and Scream 2 but I thought there should have been more time on screen between Sidney, Jill, and Kate. I mean Sidney hasn’t been there for 12 years or more and all we see of them is nothing??? Not even a dinner scene chatting about old times about her mom and dad. NOTHING. I wanted a connection with Jill before the big REVEAL or better yet I hoped to be duped before the big reveal. Instead I get Hayden Panetierre coming off as the main character in the movie. She literally steals the show in the movie, I wish Craven and Kruger had that same investment in Sidney or simply kill the character off if there’s nothing left for them to say for the character. I know Williamson was credited for the movie but I’ve heard the break up between Winsteins so I doubt this is the vision of Williamson it’s very Kruger rewritten and I hope there’s an uncut version of the piece on dvd or Blu Ray.

  246. At the first time I watch Scream 4, I admit I feel a little bit lost and disappointed. After the second and third viewing, I have changed my mind completely because of one thing: the different but still strong and humane Sidney, my favorite icon in the modern horror genre and entire film history.

    Sidney has spent lots of time hiding and running during the last three Scream films. In Scream 4, however, she begins trying to save other people’s lives actively (Olivia’s Death). On the roof when Sidney confronting the Ghostface, Sidney’s face looks surprisingly calm, confident and, fearless. Although Sidney has been victimized and experienced lots of deaths of her loved ones, she still cares people around her, including her family, friends, and of course her readers, with a big and open heart.

    In contrast, Jill, who wants to become her, only cares about herself and 15 minutes fame. Shame on Jill because she doesn’t realize Sidney’s past, and can’t look past the surface of things just like some of the teenagers in the era of Facebook and Twitter. I feel heartbroken when Sidney said “I know how you feel” to Jill. If I were Sidney, I would like to say to Jill exactly the same words Sidney has said to Roman in Scream 3: “You Spineless Bastard.”

    Being a die-hard fan of the Scream franchise, I feel empathy for Sidney. However, she tries to be a living example not to play a victim, and become a real fighter and survivor not only to protect those she cares about, but also not to isolate herself from the crowded.

    Maybe Scream 4 is not the best in the Scream franchise, thanks to Neve’s back to play Sidney again, modern audiences and Scream hardcore fans can witness the shining light of Sidney that Neve wonderfully delivered: the most powerful, strong, and unforgettable final “woman” (or, goddess!) in the cinematic world.

  247. I like this Scream the best out of the movies. The movie was fast paced and it was suspenseful. Even though I kind of figured that Jill was Ghostface when I saw how different her and Kirby reacted to Olivia’s murder it was still kind a OMG oment when she pulled off the mask because she had strange evil look on her face. I thought Emma playing a psycho.

  248. I meant to say I thought Emma was great playing a psycho killer.Jill was the best Ghostface because she just so evil and deranged. No one would ever think a pretty 16 year old girl like Jill would be a sick and twisted serial killer.

  249. anybody that liked this movie is not a real scream fan. real scream fans should demand that they remove this shit from theaters right now and redo it. it is a joke. the killers are soooooooooooo annoying. such a joke. we deserved a real killer not some little 6 year old girl and a movie nerd. this movie is trash. i don’t understand how people like this. A good horror movie should have a good story and SCARE u. this failed miserably in both. people that liked it seriously get real. compared to the other killers in the original 3 these 2 are JOKES. emma roberts does not belong in horror movies. It sucks 2 see this story turn into a cheap joke. hearing somebody thats supposed 2 b a killer bitch about her boyfriend was unbelievably annoying. I can’t believe that the makers thought that this was a good way 4 the story 2 go. they are washed up. I would have rather seen the script problems shut this down than see this piece of shit sequel. a joke. REAL scream fans would agree.

  250. @Scream fan r u kidding. she is the biggest joke of a killer. A little anorexic girl as the killer is such a f*cking joke. how can u possibly say the she was the best killer? I have never been so annoyed by a killer in my entire life. when she kept b*tching about sid and her bf I wanted 2 put a bullet in my head. This actress doesn’t even belong in horror movies,,, But 4 these people 2 put her in and as the killer, please. Doofy from scary movie was a better killer and that was intended 2 be a joke. all the original killers were unbelievably better than this little twit. u should apologize 2 the actors of the previous killers 4 disrespecting them. saying that jill was the best killer is about as dumb as saying that bin laden was a nice guy.

  251. Loved it. Totally satisfied. Certainly has flaws, but thought they did a fantastic job and it will be remembered as a cult classic. A review I read called it arbitrary and full of self-loathing. “Meta-arbitrary is still arbitrary,” it said. I agree that it was arbitrary, but it was also really intelligent, having no more self-loathing than the generation on which it focuses. Scream 4 fills a niche and it does so well. To criticize it for not being a masterpiece is just silly…it’s like pointing out the grease in an In-And-Out burger. Filet mignon? No. Effing delicious? Yes.

    So yeah…i thought it was great.

  252. so you are asking if i liked scream 4?

    and the answer is YES i loved it, i saw it twice.

    old characters-i loved seeing dewey, gale, and sidney all together again. it was refreshing to see this kind of movie again with reoccuring characters that you love and want to see go all the way. now saying that, i wish that dewey had more to do with the movie, it seemed like he was always on the run and just missing out until the very end and even then he got knocked out for the majority of the battle. i liked how gale went rouge i missed her bitchyness and the way that people might view her as the killer sence she has wrote all these books and they arent as popular as sidneys.i thought sid did really well once again the star in the middle of someone wanting to kill her and her friends(why kill someone so hott aha)

    new characters-now at first i was curious about the casting of emma roberts since all i knew her was on nicklodeon and hotel for dogs and all that kid stuff, but she put her big girl pants on and did a great job. but my favorite charater is a tie between robbie and kirby. i thought that robbie was more of randy then charlie (charlie was like a less crazy stu) i liked how kirby was movie smart, i think that made me like her character that much more, in saying that i thought hayden panettiere did a great job. now here is my theory that kirby isnt dead i think that the ambulance was able to revive her like they did with sidney, i mean they(sid and kirby)were stabbed in the same place, so it seemed, but sid was stabbed 3 times while kirby was stabbed twice. (SPOILER ALERT)and i just want to throw out i saw rory culkin being a/the killer since casting, idk why i thought him but i was right lol. i liked how trevor in somewhat of a way seemed like this generations “billy” but it was flipped and he wasnt. now i would have liked to see more between kirby and charlie it seemed like as soon as she starts liking him he well…stabs her haha happened to fast.

    problems-i wish a few scenes werent cut like the fountain scene, i think it would have introduced us to the new characters better and got more in depth like in Scream, i wish the line “do it, if you got the guts” shouldnt have been cut, shows what gale is like in the brink of loosing her life. i wish they had the song “red right hand” by either artic monkeys or nick cave and the bad seeds play some where in the movie (i think the artic monkey version would have gone well with this movie) and the font from the first 3 was missing kinda confused me lol.

    but overall i loved the movie and when it comes to DVD i am deffinatly getting it so i can see all the behind the scenes, hear what wes has to say about it and same with kevin.

    overall for me 10 out of 10 stars :)

    see yall for scream 5! (hopefully!)
    (everyone is a suspect)

  253. i also loved it..but i think i would like it more with the original opening sequence…that couch-killing-scene and brittany watching it and in the aftermath the crime scene where brittany is hanging from the ceiling…i hated the fact that brittany is murdered off-screen and you hear her just over the phone for a second…..but the whole other movieparts where great :D

  254. People that didn’t like Jill just don’t underwhat the character was all about she was supposed to be evil,bratty,spoiled and psychotic and Emma nailed it.Thank god Wes picked Emma over Ashley Greene. Ashley would not had been able to play a complex role like this.The only killer that needs to say sorry ot the other psychos is Roman he was the worst killer that is a fact. I still can’t believe Billy Loomis even listen to someone like him.

  255. I agree that people that don’t like Jill don’t understand what she was all about she was the most complex villain in all the Scream movies.Kevin Willaimsaon hit a home run when he created her.Also BTW Jill is thought to be the most poupular of all the killers.The only killer that comes close to her in popularity is Stu.

  256. i know i am late on this but i dont think i have ever really given my real thoughts on scream 4. i will now.

    i loved it, it was something the horror of this decade really needed, something real feeling, something more tense and that builds character. you can watch all of these saw movies and be gored out, i mean at some point it just get to be too much. it seems like now it is all about just gore no real story, the same concept goes for movies like the human centipede, its sole purpose is to be a gross out movie. in the back of your mind you know no one would have the real time or money to pull of stunts like jigsaw, or the equipment to attach 3 people ass to mouth. but with scream a lot of america already has some sort of ghost mask and apps on their phones to change their voice, and im sure just about every home has at least a kitchen knife. to me scream is much scarier than saw.

    the acting i believe was on par, sometimes i forgot i was actually watching a movie, and wicked was right dewey and gale and sid are all like family to us which made it hard to see both gale and sid get stabbed! (mainly sid) emma roberts did a great job as a psycho cousin who kills her ex AND the girl he cheated on her with. but the thing i liked most was how quick she did what she needed to do, kill her accomplice frame him, let sid know why and then stab her again. and she was crazy enough to injure herself. kirby and robbie were my favorite newbies with robbie more of like randy than charlie claimed aha. trevor made for a great red herring, the cops hoss and perkins were good for your typical goofy cop buddies. judy was a good but creepy add, the 6 opening girls all did great at their respected parts, and rebecca…i saw her as great eye candy! lol

    the kills is what really made the movie for me, nothing too over the top yet stayed somewhat classy, hearing the knife enter the body is what scream is all about hearing that crunch sound too perfect. my favorite (as im sure everyones)was olivia’s, such destruction so much blood, carnage candy us (the core audiance) just expects it ;)

    i thought the reveal was great, however for some reason once i saw rory culkin casted as charlie i couldnt help myself but think he was a killer and i really dont know why. but i remember coming here and reading what it might be and how jill is pretty much the new sidney i did NOT expect her, scream deff threw a monkey wrench with that one. the last time i remember my jaw dropping at the twist this good was saw 1, but with jill it made such a great impact, a sweet little nice looking girl a,d BOOM nope she is a killer!

    i thought the motive was very original, becoming sidney and get famous for pretty much nothing, that is how our world is set on today IE jackass, at first i was confused, and didnt pay attention too much to the motive the first time around because for the first time in my life i was in the theaters to see a scream movie! fuck me wow! now i wasnt TOO sure on charlies real motive, as far as i know he was lovestruck, or he just wanted to make a stab movie and go down with the killers he loved.

    now i do wish the rules were set up better rather than just in an open discussion in cinema club, all i got from it was, the kills had to be 10xs more intense, the killer should be filming, the unexpected is the new cliche, and overall you pretty much have to be gay? i guess those are the rules? i just preferred when randy counted them out and just straight up told you the rules aha

    so overall i really loved the movie, my first time watching was just about watching and seeing if i liked it, now i keep watching to notice little stuff and pick up on the foreshadowing and watching the killers expressions as certain things happen. i rank it right with scream 2 maybe just a TAD bit more but not by too much.

    thank you for your time
    <3 gannon1op :)

  257. After all these months I still haven’t changed my mind Scream 4 is still my favorite movie of the Saga. I am still convinced that Jill is the best killer,she is also the only killer who hurt Sidney emotinally and physically. I really also still wish people would forget Jill’s size because size doesn’t matter when someone is deranged.

  258. i loved scream 4! i thought it was brilliant but it still could have being better. i loved the 3 opening scenes… when kirby and jill were in the room and the killer said he was in the closet , but he was in olivias closet, when gale got stabbed was also a good scene , when kate was stabbed through the letter box was an amazing. the plot was class which fooled me and the ending was good too. but it tought the cops deaths were a bit lazy …., scream 4 was very rushed which alot of people said,.. it did’nt like robbie or rebeccas death scenes… they were different and unusual for ghostface. my overall intake on the movie was very good but it could have being fantastic!!!!!! maybe wes could surprise us a little more if theres a scream 5 or 6 as scream can be very predictible…

  259. My mind wasn’t “blown” because of the fact is that I saw the first Scream film and wasn’t actually thrilled with it. The only good thing that was in the movie was a few of the actors and actresses I enjoy watching. And the Alice Cooper song School’s Out.
    I could see everything in Scream 4 coming from a mile away. The first stabbing didn’t startle me one bit. In fact I watched it in the dark. And I didn’t like the fact that the writer ripped into the Saw films. Which were very creatively written, because there were messages in there about people who didn’t appreciate their lives, those who say all the time “I wish I were dead” and those who don’t appreciate their blessings.
    Now I realize my comment may perhaps be deleted or not posted… but I only saw the reason why the writer ripped into the saw films was because he couldn’t write any dialogue.
    Another reason why I found the saw films creative was not only because of the “unique way he ‘kills’ his victims” but because he didn’t use a ghostfaced mask which you can buy from a store, and the cloak he wore was turned inside out.
    I find it very poor-taste to rip into a film series/Franchise that was as successful as the Saw films, and as creative. All the twists and turns in the Saw films kept me guessing, I had no clue as to what was coming next. Not to mention the first Saw film when John rose off the floor had fans standing up out of their seats… Now had I seen the first Saw film instead of the third, I would’ve been as surprised.
    I’m also not pleased with the writer doing that because the Writers of The Saw Series deserve RESPECT!

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