Scream 5 & 6 Storyline Direction Hinted (Spoilers)

Prior to the release of Scream 4, MTV spoke with Wes Craven, who was kind enough to offer up some 4-1-1 regarding future installments. Only released now, the comments are general yet revealing…

“I imagine the core characters will continue,” he said of Sidney Prescott, Gale Weathers and Dewey Riley. “I suspect they’ll be with us until the end, because they just are the heart and soul of the movie and especially since we tend to kill off most of the other people,” he said with a hearty laugh. “They’ll be with us.”

“There will be some continuation of the drama of Sidney Prescott’s family and the ghosts that haunt it.”

Are you excited about the prospect of the core trio continuing on? And what other dark secrets will Sidney find out about her family? As always, let us know your thoughts!

Source: MTV

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123 Responses to “ Scream 5 & 6 Storyline Direction Hinted (Spoilers) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Good news!! I am hoping that they will bring back Kirby too though. I can’t even imagine what could be going on with Sid’s family next… but I trust Kevin.. and I trust Wes :)

  2. I’m excited about this!!! I like to know more and more… well, you know, I like to see it!

  3. Ghosts like what? Roman? lol How much horrible shit did Maureen DO?! I mean I knew she was a slut…..But what next haha

  4. Is Judy actually Sid’s sister? I wouldn’t be surprised if Sid’s dad slept around just like Maureen did. Who knows. Jerry Springer will probably be the killer in part 5.

  5. I’m sorry, but I always assumed her mother faked her death. I don’t know why, but maybe Maureen is still alive and just doing all this horrible shit to Sid. Motive? I have no frigging idea, but as I said, this is just something I always thought after “Scream 3″ was released. *shrugs*

  6. whats 4-1-1?

  7. Agreed with Jay_Shock. What else could Sidney POSSIBLY find out? Maureen was a home-wreckin’ hussy, who got knocked up in Hollywood and had a baby who later tried to kill Sidney, and her sister gave birth to a psycho who ALSO tried to kill Sidney. I mean, “As the Scream Turns”, anyone? Give the poor girl a break.

    As for all three returning, I’m both pleased and a little dissapointed. Seems like they’re just going to copy the first three…with Sid, Dew, and Gale all coming back, I don’t see much room for new and interesting stuff. Also, how many massacres can ONE person survive?

    Unless they start killing off the main cast, I just see the next two as being a rehash. I love the main trio, but if I want to see them in action, I can watch Scream 1,2, and 3.

  8. We’re going to need some character development between the original trio. As it is, Sidney is kinda in a holding pattern: no love life, no family of her own, and we still don’t really know what she does for a living — writing one book does not make much of a living.

    If we get more character development in 5 & 6, SCRE4M will actually end up looking like a great reboot effort. I think we’ll realize that if Part 4 was too wordy, too slow-paced, it would make the series feel tired. It needed to be chaotic in order to justify its return to the big screen.

    FYI: 4-1-1 is the phone number us Americans ring to get the operator in order to get information. Hence, “411” is slang for “info.”

  9. I loved Scre4m, because at the end, it was different and not just another relative seeking for revenge.

    But it’s time to stop. Sidney’s past was done (badly, but done) in Scream 3. As I said, I loved how Scre4m ended, but I was expecting a new central core for Scream 5 & 6.

  10. I’m excited to see what the series has in store and of course I love the main three so I’m excited to have them return, but unfortunately they either are going to die eventually, which I think would be really sad and hard to deal with if they survive the first trilogy and get through the first film 10 years later and suddenly die, or else they will survive the whole series which would be nice but would really be testing what semblance of reality the series has that everyone else gets killed so quickly and they all manage to make it through five or six movies.

    Also like others have said, what more could poor Sidney possibly have left to learn about her family?

  11. When I heard that they were making scream 4 I thought it would be cool if they had a new trio, but the old trio stayed as well. For example: Sidney=Jill(or Kirby now). Gale=Rebecca. Dewey=hicks.

  12. Can we please step away from the whole family thing? Especially sid’s? I get that she’s the main character and all but can we start FRESH???

  13. The scream movies are based around Sidney so I don’t know why people complain about them featuring her still lol.
    I really hope they can progress with this because as J.D. said
    “If we get more character development in 5 & 6, SCRE4M will actually end up looking like a great reboot effort. I think we’ll realize that if Part 4 was too wordy, too slow-paced, it would make the series feel tired. It needed to be chaotic in order to justify its return to the big screen.”

    I agree with this, i like the sound of it and that bit about S4 being chaotic makes perfect sense.
    I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  14. Mabey it has nothing to do with her mom.I think it will have to do with a plan that was never played out that was created by Jill or Roman. That was to Kill off Sidney’s family.

  15. Still, I think it could have been nice to have Sid die in 4. And then have Gale die in 5. And then we’d all be expecting Dewey to die in 6, but instead, it’s revealed that he’s been Ghostface in 4, 5, and 6 all in an effort to bring notoriety back to Woodsboro and to make himself the great sheriff he’s always wanted to be. Not that he necessarily wanted Sid and Gale to die; it was his partner Ghostface that went off script and did those kills, which gave Dewey incentive to kill loved ones of his partner.

  16. If they plan to continue with the family storyline…which they will….Screams have always about family past and such. Only thing left with Sidney would be things on her fathers side, and Billy’s father…whatever happened to them, eh? BUT what about Gale’s family??? We’ve never seen them.
    AND Dewey’s parents… thing that’s always bothered me is Dewey’s lack off of pain from Tatums death….his mother or father are diffenetly unexplored territories…

  17. STOP!!! S4 box office is BAD!!!

  18. Good god, move on already.

  19. lets face it, sidney has an evil twin sister who is jealous because sidney is famous, oh wait that would be stab haha

  20. I love how everyone says that the box office results are bad… compared to a family movie. My wife hit the nail on the head when we were talking about the double take in that Rio had on the first weekend. A mother and father have 2-3 kids, buy 4 tickets total. Maybe they want to bring their friends, who have a bunch of tickets. So in one group you could possibly have 4-10 people going to see the movie in one shot. For poor Scre4m, you have a couple of friends 2-4, maybe a boyfriend and girlfriend 2, of course the ticket sales are going to be lower for a horror movie. I think that Scre4m will take off after a while, when Rio has had its glory. I don’t think that this outing was poor at all, and will show its blood and guts like all horror movies do in their Blu-Ray/DVD release.


  22. TBH I don’t give a shit if the movie banks or not, that doesn’t mean they need to run the franchise into the ground with a bunch of sequels that aren’t even close to as good as the original. That is why scream is going to end up just thrown in with nightmare, friday, Halloween. Not a terrible place to be but your no longer special .

  23. I loved SCREAM 4 and hope they will make 5 and 6 but i don’t think they will because of the box office. SCREAM 4 only made 2.8 million this friday and is estimated just 7 million for the weekend. Thats too big a drop, it’s final domestic gross will be what was expected as it’s opening weekend. It deserves more what happened?

  24. World wide its made more then 40 million so it made its money back

  25. So they are never moving onto a younger cast?
    It’s like a new Scream 4 each time?

  26. Scream4 pulled in 18M domestically and another 19M internationally–they almost broke even in their first weekend. Not great, granted, but not as terrible as the 7M that was originally forecast (still don’t know where that number is coming from–my guess is from daily numbers not whole weekend). From “Weekend $19.2M, Global $49.2M” Those are the numbers for the movie’s opening weekend.( I also agree with Ryan–there’s no point in even comparing these movies when they are from opposite ends of the spectrum. Of course Rio is going to net more-Slap the term “3D” on ANYTHING and it nets more because apparently people want to see something jumping off the screen at them rather than just seeing a quality movie. I wasn’t completely pleased with Scream 4, but I think overall the movie was good and made a nice addition to a trilogy that suffered horribly with Scream 3. It was surprising and amped up and the villain makes sense even if it did seem a little (SPOILER ALERT)

    Brady like lol “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!”

  27. “That is why scream is going to end up just thrown in with nightmare, friday, Halloween…”

    Well, last time I checked everyone was praising it, calling S4 the best of the sequels (for me that’s still Scream 2), so no… we’re not anywhere near that sagas yet. As long as Kevin thinks he can tell more stories, we won’t reach that level.

  28. If they make 5 I want Kirby to live.

  29. 5 and 6 maybe is the continuation of phsyco killers on the internet or how this kind of media affect people,.. like Debbie Salt said about Mickey’s character on Scream 2

    Maybe, if Scream 5 and 6 happens both movies will tell more about Jill Roberts past… not Maureen’s Prescott or maybe Kate Roberts, Sidney’s aunt.

    But let face it,.. Kill Gale and Dewey in the opening sequence. Bring new young cast along with Kirby (if she’s not dead) and in the 7th movie bring back Sidney to fulfill her story

  30. I agree, Kirby always seemed to me like the new Sid, “hello, kirby” – I loved the idea of Ghostface uttering that in Scre4m but alas it never happened… But we all know Hicks is in for sure in terms of a sequel – it’d be interesting to see if her creepiness with Sid and Dewy gets played out so that she’s a killer in the next film –

    I def. want focus on a younger cast in future films and please for the love of God include a more ethnic diverse cast – if woodsborough is in the San Francisco Bay Area like it’s suppose to be, they have to include some other races other than caucasian – I’m born and raised in San Francisco and I can tell you there are many different types of people around :)

    OH and why did they never explore Sidney’s dad’s death in Scre4m?!! He apparently died in between 3 and 4 but it wasn’t talked about

  31. oh and i forgot to add – i’d even be happy with a prequel on Maureen, that’d be interesting

  32. Come on, a Maureen prequel would look like a Lifetime Channel movie LOL

  33. Cool I wonder what they have planned and If kevin pitched the whole triology ..but if it doesnt continue that would be fine also we dont wanna make it a saw scream is big the whole concept of the movies lets see what happens!

  34. i am very very happy that sidney gale and dewey are going to be in the next two scream movies i wonder what other secrets are in sidney’s family past.

  35. I want kirby to come back :] I loved her character :] <3 everyone I mean "EVERYONE" wants her back, don't disappoint… right?!

  36. why not just have new cast members, i agree kirby should have lived she was the best new cast member! (its randy all over again) 1 thing i hated about scre4m was that none of the new cast lived besides deputy judy who i didnt care for at all. why not make the next 2 about something else? or have the original core as background characters for the new cast to bloom (and live this time) I DON’T WANT ANY OF THE ORIGINAL 3 TO DIE!!! that would kill me

  37. Not that it will happen or anything, but I believe the best ending they should go for whether it’s 5 or 6 is probably them doing a reboot of the original trilogy in some sorts. Like you finding out Roman planned everything in the original….cool take on things. If they did that, I’d honestly see Gale becoming the twist of it all. I mean when you think about it…there were lots of little things in 4 that point to her possibly having something to do with it all. She has nothing to write about anymore, so she plans this. She and Dewey live in Woodsboro so she knows about Sid’s cousin and what not, not to mention she can be very persuasive. So she cons the kids into the reboot. She knows to drive suspicion further away from herself, she has to get hurt, she finally got hospitalized in this movie whereas in all others walked away much less hurt. Then when she realized Jill was going to get away with everything, she knew she couldn’t be kept around, so she pointed Dewey right back to her in the end. Her plot was never to have Sidney die, her close encounter with death was just a bump in the road. Because in the end now…Gale has another box office hit to write about. Dunno if anything like this would ever happen, but definitely a possibility to think about I’d say.

  38. Was Sid’s dad really just a nice guy that got screwed over by his wife? For the most part he was out of the picture for most the trilogy, even though his daughter was a celebrity victim CONSTANTLY under attack. The Scre4m synopsis said Sid was returning home for her father’s funeral, but they made no mention of that in the film. So they don’t even have to write him off. Maybe he led a dark past and held some secret that caused his wife to stray.

  39. And then Sidney and Dewey hook up and get married.

  40. The previous comment was pertaining to john’s comment.

  41. Wow Lucas that is an awsome idea. I would love to see that as the next movie. You should pitch that idea to kevin or wes. Very very creative almost gave me chills.

  42. I find it funny how people are saying Scre4m sucks at the box office, when it is in second place for the box office…..I won’t mind if they continue the storyline of Scream for 5 and 6, but could we PLEASE not focus on Sydney’s family again? It’s been done to death….next we are going to find out that she actually gave up a child because she ended up getting pregnant from Billy Loomis in the first one (sarcasm) Let’s focus on something else. We could always bring in someone trying to kill Gale for writing the books in the first place.

  43. They could make Neil the killer. Maybe even have him secretly behind some of the massacre in the first film. Plus it would be like Billy and Stu were pretending that they were going to kill Sid’s dad but they only said it to traumitize her even more before they kill her. That would also shed more light on the clues in the first film pointing towards Neil). Comment pertaining to John.

  44. Or perhaps Neil was behind it all but Billy and Stu were going to sell him out. But after surviving kept it a secret only to come back and finish off what he started. Ok I’m done now, just thought it might be a good idea.

  45. I understand they could easily make Neil the killer, but I just think it’s too obvious. It’s too predictable. I think as fans and movie goers, no one wants to see one of the classic good guys turn bad and maniacal. That’s why I see Gale as a possible.

  46. I would much like to see a main character other than Sidney. Because when they bring her back, you can hear people say, “here we go again” i would like to see another survivor like Sidney with Sidney guiding her/him on how to handle the situation. And i don’t think i could handle seeing Sidney in danger again. Scream 4 scared me enough with the thought of Sidney dying. :)

  47. How are these spoilers? they’re more like logical thoughts if you imagine what will happen next.

  48. I agree with ScreamingNow. I know people will hate me for this, but it would be cool to see Kirby (yes, I’m condoning the “She LIVED!” theory) be the new main character with Sidney as her protector or guardian, and then have Kirby ultimately die in the finale of Scream 6, leaving Sidney once again the sole survivor.

    *Prepares for incoming missles of hatred*

  49. Maybe sidneys father isnt really her father. Maybe Maureen cheated with jills father? and jills father is behind the kills because he was really in love with maureen and not jills mother. There is a motive to kill your only daughter who got ur daughter and wife killed?

  50. It’s not too late to bring Kirby back! I’d love to see her come back. An idea for Scream 5, Kirby helped Gale write her new novel about the Woodsboro Massacre Reboot but Gale basically takes advantage of Kirby’s suffering for her fame (as she has done before), which could lead to Kirby dissing Gale on live TV. Btw Nancy O’Dell should be in that scene. Scream 5 should try to continue with the movie being made in Scream 4, but this time adding iconic horror movie scenes such as the shower murder from Psycho, etc..

  51. @screamer123 that idea sucks.

  52. The next ghost in Sidney’s Life is called : Judy Hicks!

  53. I’m pretty sure she helped to distract the cops in Scream 4! At the end she switched sides, so Jill was mad at her (“Don’t fucking tell me what to do”).

  54. BRING KIRBY BACK. that is all.

  55. I think that Kirby is Scream 4’s Jennifer Jolie, a good amount of people wish the character was alive.

  56. scream 4 made 7.1 million this weekend, a 62% drop. It’ll just scrape 40 million at this rate, at best. Lets hope people go crazy for it internationally.

  57. Im pretty sure im still pissed off about Kirby dieing so…I don’t care and won’t care about 5cream until i get some official resolution as to whether she was left for dead or not.

  58. Of the entire new cast — Kirby was the best. Great Character, Great Actress, and even greater acting. We need her back. Even go as far as to bring Robbie back. He was alive enough to tell everyone to run, i’d believe that he stayed alive long enough for rescue….Those were two great characters that could have easily taken over the next two movies…and thats about all the bad i have to say about scream4. I’ll wait for some official statement on whether Kirby was left for dead or is dead before i post again…

  59. Man, i loved Kirby just like everyone else, but no more bringing people back from the dead. I know she was left for dead but those two brutal and deeply penetrating stabs… there’s no way she survived that. If she’s brought back, won’t that just validate the comments about scream becoming too unrealistic? Kirby was great and she will be remembered along with Randy and Jennifer.

  60. I agree wit alot of people i think the next scream needs to bring bac kriby- hayden played her soo well
    and if you notice she was only stabed 2x just like syd was and yet syd was still alive wen the cops came so kriby shud still be alive too

  61. I agree that Kirby needs to return, and it will be interesting to see a character who was left for dead in one movie return for the next. I also agree that its probably time to start killing off Sidney, Gale, and Dewey, but in my opinion, Sidney probably shouldn’t die first because she’s such a great character, although on the other hand, her storyline has been exhausted at this point.

    The sad thing at the moment is the box office numbers aren’t so stellar, but hopefully the movie will do well enough to see another movie. Its a real shame when crappy movies like the Nightmare on Elm Street movie do well and Scream 4 doesn’t. I think people’s tastes have changed for the worse!

  62. I meant to say NOES remake movie there. All remakes suck, even Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The old one was a zillion times better.

  63. Horror remakes seem to earn lots at the box office because the audience that sees them are a combination of generations, but sequels pretty much rely on it’s existing fan base. Plus horror franchises earn more when a new movie is released pretty much every year to keep the momentum going. At the box office its like scream is being punished for not forcing a sequel out every year and not milking it. People complained when they did that with the SAW series but dammit it worked. SAW got more of the movies they wanted because of it, but people who wan’t a SCREAM 5 and 6 aren’t so lucky.

  64. Horror remakes seem to earn lots at the box office because the audience that sees them are a combination of generations, but sequels pretty much rely on it’s existing fan base. Plus horror franchises earn more when a new movie is released pretty much every year to keep the momentum going. At the box office its like scream is being punished for not forcing a sequel out every year and not milking it. People complained when they did that with the SAW series but dammit it worked. SAW fans got more of the movies they wanted because of it, but people who wan’t a SCREAM 5 and 6 aren’t so lucky.

  65. Apologies for the double post.

  66. If they do another one they should Sidney alone. Focus on Gale and Dewey.

  67. well neve campbell told the theatre at an advanced screening in toronto that she IS willing to return for scream 5.

  68. I want to see Sidney become the Gostface killer. It’s kind of what I was hoping for in Scream 3, but I was sadly dissapointed (PS) that was the one let down in this franchise, what was the ghost mum stuff in 3? I’m still confused.

    I’d like to see Sid go off the rails – HELLO look at what she’s been through, ain’t no way she is still sane after all of this

  69. sid is gonna find out that she was adopted

  70. If theres ever another scream it will be a remake, hate to say it but it’s true. Of course I hope i’m so wrong and there is a fifth.

  71. It’s evident Sidney’s mother side of the family tree are some F’d Up people, but we know nothing about her father’s side. Sidney definitely got her goodness from him and NOT her whore of a mother.

  72. I would give Gale her own Nancy Grace type cable show.

  73. I would love to see Kirby return, i thought she was so funny and entertaining. I could see the franchise focus on her. Simply a good character for Hayden Panetiere

  74. Sidney being the killer would be a nice twist, but she has no motive to. If she was gonna go insane and plan a perfect murder(s) (she could CERTAINLY do it,) but she would have done it already! I see it kind of like Bruce Wayne, after all the shit he’s been through he most certainly should have gone insane (like HIS nemesis, the Joker.) To have Sidney just lose it after all this time would invalidate all the reasons we love her so…

  75. Jill should have lived. Sid dies at end of 4. 5 is Jill in college, opens w/ ghostface killing someone and Jill pulls off mask. Then more ghostface killings and we realize that… what? It’s not just Jill, someone else is trying to be the killer at the same time! Dewey and Gail involved. Kill Dewey. Gail goes on to 6. Jill finds out duplicate killer is ??? then kills dupe-killer or joins dupe-killer, on to 6!

  76. screamer123, I like the way you think. =)

  77. Maybe Judy is Jill’s half sister same father different mother. She has 2 reasons to hate Sidney she blames Sid for her little sister going crazy and killing everyone and she also hates her because maybe she used to like Billy Loomis and she stole him away from her and she blames her for him going crazy too.

  78. Please Wes Craven, if you are reading this, then bring back Kirby!

  79. Well I think for them to continue they will have to introduce new main characters but while offing one of their already main characters I’d say between Dewey or Gale. Her cousin being the killer n 4 was cool because her type didn’t fit the killers persona at all, but 1 of the “film geeks” is automatically suspected, that’s a given. Since I am a horror fan I cant wait for 5 & 6. I also think we need 1 more sequel for Halloween 9, such an iconic series, that has been left unfinished…

  80. Some blab on that bringing back past characters is dumb but as much as I’m seeing, Kirby is the only loved character in Scream 4 next to the trio. So in 5 the only way to kick it up is to bring back Kincaid only to make him fall for Judy and get killed off. Actually and while your at it bring back Joel from S2 and only don’t make it so obvious and get him killed off. The family has been done the next killer is and should be chocolate. I think Scream fans are pissed that we haven’t seen more dark skined brothers and sisters and none have been ghostface even if it meant they were just means to and end. I was so hoping for a Aaaron Yoo cameo at least but now I’m calling for a full part in Scream 5 possibly Kirby’s new BF. Not to mention out of all the killers none has ever made good enough sense. Sure Jill and Billy are the most believable but lets cut to the chase we need a full blown mastermind that we didn’t get with roman I say of course this master mind wouldn’t show their full identaty in 5 but kind of like a wink and a knod. Plus the mastermind has to be ore creative and pic two more unpredictable killers. This time like I said at least one has to be chocolate. The other can be whatever just as long as it’s creative and believeable. Or they could go with an unexpected approuch which would be that there is three killers one dies early in the 5th movie the second and third either find a fall back killer or they end up in the ending scenes to fight Sid and the trio in a knock out drag out brawl only then When Sid goes or a main character goes for the killer they have disappeared the cops and peramedics come and Sid looks on in fear that this might never end only it will end just in 6 when the mastermind reveals themself only to find that theirs a surprise in store for the mastermind too. (Hint hint “And for some of you I’ll see you!”)

  81. I think they’d have to mention Jill’s father somewhere in there. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t think there was any mention of him in Scream 4. So yeah.

  82. @scream5, nope

  83. her mom still had secrets her dad may gale may dewey might there are a number of stuff to say you know but it just depends

  84. First, I want to say I enjoyed Scream 4. The idea of someone making a reboot of the original murders, was unexpected, but…the whole thing of it being a crazed fan of the Stab films being behind it all…was the only thing fans could come up with through out the past ten years. You would have thought Wes or Kev would have seen something about that and decided not to go through with that idea.

    Second, I don’t think Kirby is dead. Or maybe I just hope she isn’t. She was the best character added to the series and deserves to live on till the end, surving the way Sid has. But maybe Wes just didn’t want to show us this, to leave it as a surprise.

    Third, I don’t really have to many ideas in my head right now of how Scream 5 could go, because Scream 4 didn’t leave anything open for a sequel, but neither did the previous ones and Wes said it wouldn’t in the first place. So if I had to give off my thoughts on what I would want to see, I would want to see a lot of the original cast who didn’t die, return. Randy’s sister for sure, Gale’s camera man, Kinkade, Sid’s father, some of Sid’s College friends, Etc. Here’s the thing, there were lots of parents eliminated from the Scream series because, lets face it, it was about teens and then the sequels showed how they developed as adults, but maybe some parents could pop up somewhere in the next two installments. (This is left in the box, but…in Scream 2, I always thought David Warner’s part (Theatre Director), was going to be Billy’s father aka Killer, but the killer turned out Billy’s mother. But it still sticks in my head that maybe he was. But that all leads into the possibility of Billy’s dad coming forth in a sequel, because was Billy’s dad Romans father? Eww that would mean Sid slept with her half brother.)

    But all these ideas of Gale or Dewey or even Sid being a killer later on, is stupid. Shut up you guys, because that wouldn’t happen. I don’t need to explain why I said that.

    Oh and I don’t want to see in Scream 5, a Stab sequel based on Scream 4. (…but if they do, make Sid at least find her way on set and bitch slap the writer and director…)

    I was into the gore and blood in Scream 4, even though it was way to much for the original series, but the comedy, was more slapstick and stupid. That needs a little work if they produce a sequel.

    I’m just gonna end this by spitting out who I want to be behind all this (trilogy), “NOBODY”…. There I said it. I want 4 to be the start of this trilogy where either 5 or 6 does not reveal one person being behind all the movies (1-6 or 4-6), let them all be individual killers, because they had a good motive that wasn’t based on somebody else telling them to kill because somebody else was pissed off at Sid….Make since? Maybe? Whatever?…nite.

    Brian L. Hollon

  85. I agree, kirby should be bring back. I love her character, can’t imagine what’s the outcome of scream 4 without kirby. If Dewey survived multiple stab wounds (Scream and Scream 2), how come kirby don’t?

  86. I think Kirby is alive Dewey didn’t confirm it. I think they want to keep us guessing what her fate was. I think Jill is still alive because she took a breath before the movie faded out. If she returns it won’t be in Scream 5 I think it would be in Scream 6.

  87. i think the dad has to come back at some point, and im kinda surprised he wasnt mentioned in scream 4, then again i guess sid is old enough to where her dad doesnt need to be in the picture? im just curious who they will bring up? and i love the idea of kirby NOT being dead, beside stu and randy she is my favorite scream character. maybe kinda make kirby in some what the newish sid?

  88. @Jill Roberts fan
    if judy is jills “half” sister then wouldnt she try to help jill instead of try to stop her? and how would she find out if they were half sisters? now i agree having her as a killer, like say she was jealous of sid since she got lead rolls in class and everything? but overall i think she will just be a female dewey maybe she will be an opening kill like the ill fate of cotton

  89. They could have the same father different mother. They weren’t close to each other because Judy is at least 16 years older then her teenage sister and they didn’t spend much time together. Judy may not have known Jill was insane because she hid it so well from everybody.Even though her little sister was insane seeing Sidney klll her could make Judy start to hate her even more then she did before when they were in school together.

  90. please bring back kirby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. i think i know the plan i think dewey is the killer he loves sid amd wants to get rid off his wife and all sids family he then takes sid away and makes her love him OR its not dewey but in the end him and sid hook up i dont know i think that there is always going to be a special something between dewey and sid because sid has had bad relationships previously xxx

  92. I think it would be awesome if at the end we find out Sids mom was alive that whole time, and ends up being the killer in the final scream. How much crazier and impulsive would that be? I mean Sids family is crazy enough to have that happen. In scream 5 I hope Dewey and Gale are a happy couple again. They sorta seemed like they were parting ways in Scream4. I hope not! I liked there little play arguments and always correcting each other but they always had a really cute connection, I hope we see that again more in Scream 5. I also hope Kirby comes back, I mean she did an awesome job in Scream4 and they never really announced if she was actually dead or not. Everyone seems to like her so I can assume they’ll bring her back.

  93. UHM, deff not Sid and Dewey.. There like close friends. I mean in the movie Dewey has known Sid since she was younger in high school because she was friends with his sister. I see Dewey as being like and older brother figure to Sid, I think it would be wrong and awkward to make them a couple. I really hope that does not happen. Gale and Dewey forever!! :) LOL.

  94. I think Sid should be the main character to die. This was all about her it needs to end with her. I think Dew and Gale should survive, they have made it this far and the only reason they keep getting attacked is because they help Sid. Obviously it will be sad but really shes been attacked at least a thousand times between all 4 movies, how many killers and attacks is it really gonna take to actually kill her, haha shes no invincible. I love Dewey so I do not want him to die, plus he has almost died in like all of them because of his severed nerve stuff, and Gale is not the type of person who gets killed, she just isnt. I think Sid needs to go down with some crazy OMG kill that just leaves everyone shitting there pants. hahahaa

  95. I think Deweys partner should be the killer next. What is with people bashing the idea of keeping the same crew. I hate when movie creators bring in new main people, it kills it. Scream would not be scream with out Sidney Prescott, Gale Weathers, or Dewey. It has always been about them 3. not to mention there all great actors/actresses but they make it seem real. If you dont like the way they write it dont watch it. I think Gale should get back to her reporting self, all in charge and bossy. I miss her original character the most. And all the sexual tension between her and Dewey.

  96. The killer should be someone who isn’t connected to Sidney maybe it should be someone who is killing because they enjoy it and thinks it would be kill Sidney the ultimate survivor. The killer could also be someone who idolizes Jill and wants to be like her.They could also bring back Jill to haunt and taunt Sidney in her dreams or imaginations.

  97. I think that in the last scream (scream 5 or 6) that they should think that its dewy but it is really billy loomis from the first movie and he had a real life mask over his face that made him look exactly like dewy when he killed sidney and revealed everthing that was set up in the other movies to kill her but turned out unsucceful at the end and turns out gale already died in the middle of the movie and dewy got his throat slit by billy just a little bit after gale died.. when the cops come and find out that sidney died billy gets away and changes his clothes and slides in a all white lambo porsche and rides of to another city or state and takes off the mask as he rides revealing his self as he sheds a tear for sidney and his loved ones(his friends and mom who died).. the end! taadaa

  98. This is regarding to the comment T.L. Williamson wrote, I dont think sid’s mother is behind it all. I think maybe billy loomis has a long lost brother that nobody knows about and I think he may be the one behind it all to get revenge on sidney for murdering his brother. But yet again anybody could be the killer.

  99. It’s time to move away from the first no more Loomis,Macher or Bridger or Roberts/Prescott relatives. The trilogy should be about Jill’s past or something new.

  100. Did anyone not hear rebeccas suspicious phone conversation with her bf? Plus how could either of the killers have put that evidence in sids rental car? They were both in school. Rebeccas first line in the film was about killing the bookstore owners cat…wtf. Perhaps there were two separate parties plotting something but one partner got killed by the other party? And the partner who lived will appear in 5. Also Judy hicks Is suspicious but I don’t think shed be a killer. Unless it’s to protect Dewey. which reminds me, Dewey was stabbed once, then five times and still came back for the third and fourth……BRING KIRBY AND HER SEXY HAIRDO BACK!!!!!

  101. Gale does seem possible i mean jennifer jolies last words explained that gale was written as the killer in the stab 3 script. Cuz everyone knows shes ruthless. On another note Did anyone not hear rebeccas suspicious phone conversation with her bf? Plus how could either of the killers have put that evidence in sids rental car? They were both in school. Rebeccas first line in the film was about killing the bookstore owners cat…wtf. Perhaps there were two separate parties plotting something but one partner got killed by the other party? And the partner who lived will appear in 5. Also Judy hicks Is suspicious but I don’t think shed be a killer. Unless it’s to protect Dewey. which reminds me, Dewey was stabbed once, then five times and still came back for the third and fourth……BRING KIRBY AND HER SEXY HAIRDO BACK!!!!!

  102. Gale does seem possible i mean jennifer jolies last words explained that gale was written as the killer in the stab 3 script. Cuz everyone knows shes ruthless. On another note Did anyone not hear rebeccas suspicious phone conversation with her bf? Plus how could either of the killers have put that evidence in sids rental car? They were both in school. Rebeccas first line in the film was about killing the bookstore owners cat…wtf. Perhaps there were two separate parties plotting something but one partner got killed by the other party? And the partner who lived will appear in 5. Also Judy hicks Is suspicious but I don’t think shed be a killer. Unless it’s to protect Dewey. which reminds me, Dewey was stabbed once, then five times and still came back for the third and fourth……bring Kirby and her sexy hairdo back!!!

  103. Sry for the double post. Had to add something

  104. this is kind of a far stretch, but I think that when Sidney finally bites the dust, when she dies and goes to hevan or whatever, she should see everyone that was ever kied because of her , welcoming her to hevan, and letting her know they are not angry about dying. Tatum, Casey, hallie,Randy, Cici, derrick, Steve , her mother, Maureen ,I mean everyone’s gonna be there

  105. Lol “heaven” ^^ Sidney Prescott don’t ever post again, your comment is absolutely ridiculous.

  106. @Sidney Prescott

    Yeah and then when heaven’s door open, she’ll see ghostface again attacking her, ultimatey taking of his mask and being jesus himself.

    then appears maureen prescott’s ghost dressed as virgin mary revealing herself as the 2nd killer. i don’t think it’s gar stretch at aaaall!

    (no need to include a sarcasm warning, right?)

  107. i meant “far”.

  108. Loved Scream 4!!! Please make a Scream 5 and 6! I think in the fifth Dewey is killed and Gale finally is devestates. She is determined to kill the killer when she is supposedly killed but in the end comes back and saves Sidney and they become offical friends

    Also bring Kirby back! And if you can find a way to make it possible Robbie!

  109. I think it will be cool if while sindey was away she started a family of her own that no one knew about, because she wanted to protect them from what she had to go through In her life…that would be cool if that happens and she can incorprate them.

  110. Could you imagine if there came about Scream 7?! :O

    Just putting you in that place… How AWFUL would that be?! We only want 5 and 6 :)

  111. maybe billy or stu survived thee first scream without sidney knowing or maybe we will see mr.loomis or mr and mrs. monker stu’s parents come in or maybe sidney snaps and kills someone or maybe she finds out she has a stepmother her father married awhile back with telling sidney and the the step mom only hears mr.prescot talking about sydney sydney sydney and she goes nuts and kills…..

  112. I like the idea of making the parents of Stu as the future killers in SCREAM 5!… but I like more of the idea of making them as targets… That would be so obvious in making them as killers… may be from the start of the film they will act as beasts, and on the climax they will become best, heroes ever… How good is that, huh? I love more of the idea of making Randy’s mother or father as killers…. they will act as friendly species at first and at the crowning point they will become the scary monsters… the motive will be, “Sid, you’re asking why we want to kill you? My son tried to feel his love for you since you were babies, but you never try to embrace it. He just die without having a true lover. He just hugged the essence of having SEX to Karen Kolchak!!!!… ” the mother answered the question of Sidney… Of course Martha is there to give signs for Sidney that her parents are the next athletes of Sid’s bloody Olympics… Plus!!!, Martha will be killed accidentally, and that will make their motive scarier… God!!! I’m imagining it already!!!… Please Kevin and Ehren, start to write another sequel!!! or sequels, or trilogy, for that matter, for Wes will also start to direct it… … I love the SCREAM franchise!!!! Whoooh!!!

  113. It would be good for kirby to return and as much as it will be upsetting, one of the core characters should die. Its also possible to bring back robbie, which will be shocking, as we saw him collapse but he could have survived. Jill should come back too but be the one behind the next killing.

  114. Jill was not shot on forehead… Probably, she’s still alive!…

  115. Kirby could of survived her stabbings bring her back for Scream 5. have less comedy we want to see a serious scary horror film not hear silly lines like “fuck bruce willis” and “wear the vest save your chest”

  116. I personally disliked the twist in scream 4, when I watched it I was not surprised at all. In scream 5 it should be really creepy with so many twists that link back to the other 4 movies so they all make sense. Kirby should still be alive and it should be focused mainly on her, seeing as Sidney’s been in 4 and it’s getting played out. I wrote a scream fanfiction called “Scream your heart out”. The title was based on a lyric in a song. This is not me trying to promote my story, I just wanted to get my ideas across :)

  117. hi i think they should bring billy back on a video before he died giving as a warning of all the rules perhaps sidney didnt really kill billy in scream 1 and she stabbed his twin brother thinking it was billy and she shot him in the head i think they should bring back billy besides he always says i want to be in the sequel. bringback skeet ulrich to play him again the original actor! i would like billy to kill jill in scream 5.and billy to survive in scream 5 and 6.

  118. hi i think billy loomis should have a daughter seeking out revenge for killing billy! i want this to be focused on sidneys mum! i really think you should base this on sidneys mum otherwise you mess up the storyline! please bring back billy pretend hes really dead or perhaps bring back mickey from scream 2 and bring him back he only got shot in the chest and perhaps he was wearing a bulletproof vest!

  119. from watching all 4 films i just noticed that jamie kennedy’s character was ahead of his time. whether it was planned or not his character predicted the killers in all the movies even after his death.. he said the Gale Weathers would make sence in being the killer in the 2nd one. and it turned out that a reporter was the killer. he then says that Sidney Prescott can be a killer and he was also right. his cousin who sidney says “you remind me of me when i was your age” and he also says he or Dewey Riley would be a killer.. and he was right. a movie nerd was also the killer in scream 4.

    so the other list of possible killers listed by jamie kennedy’s character is a cop. so dont be surprised if the killer is a cop

  120. I think they should also bring back billy Loomis father.He should want revenge on sidney for killing his wife and son.Also maybe they should have it where her father has a bastard child like sidney mom did. It could be said that sidney father had a dark side that his wife and daughter didn’t know about, & as a result, there was a child made.

  121. In Scream 5, JILL should return as the killer.

  122. What if Tatum from scream 1 was the third killer follow me here at the fountain scene Tatum says stu was with her all night for all we know billy was just the caller and stu and Tatum killed Steve and Casey to prove them selfs now what your your thinking is if Tatum was one of the killers why did she die because it was either Dewey or Billy stu loved her And billy was the final 2 survivors kind of guy Dewey could have killed her because he was under appreciated and “bullied” by Tatum so he finally went over the edge and killed one of the main spices of her problem Makes some sense

  123. I hope in scream 5 or 6 that mickeys little sister should be the killer and she was the mastermind of the 2nd woodsboro murders and she encouraged Sidney’s cousin Jill Roberts to kill Sidney and have a partner to do it with her just like roman bridge Sidney’s half brother did with Billy Loomis he encouraged Billy to kill Sidney’s mom

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