Scream 5: Where Things Stand

it’s a little too early to render Scream 5‘s chances nil, nor Scream 4 a failure as many are pegging it. The movie took approximately $18.6 at the weekend box office, but it was #2 which is more telling about the general moviegoing slump at the moment. The same results repeated on a smaller scale in Australia, plus in the UK it did hit #1!

The domestic opening weekend does means a lot to a film’s success in the company’s eyes, but so does combined profit at the end of the run, not to mention international grosses. If anything, the low weekend take has been a strong reminder that the series has been out of the spotlight for a long time. Back in 1996 Scream took a paltry 6.4 mil on opening weekend before exploding. The sequels made much more on their debut but they had the momentum of fairly recent entries to coast off, something Scream 4 didn’t have.

Right now everyone is remaining quiet – waiting to see how things pan out. We can’t imagine it’d take another 11 years for Scream 5 to happen. With Scream 4 now “recent” in the public’s mind and critically well-received, Scream 5 may actually have an easier job reaching those hallowed opening weekend numbers. Let’s say Dimension does want to jump on it – Kevin Williamson has had a contract option since day one to write Scream 5. It’s completely his choice whether he does so if asked to, but there’s a nice financial stake if he does. With Vampire Diaries and now Secret Circle taking up his time, that’s going to make for a very small window down the line in which to knock something together.

The Weinsteins may want to pursue that, because Wes Craven’s contract states has to see a script before he agrees to direct a Scream 5. Of course, once he does agree you know the script tinkering and micro-managing will begin anew – listen, we’ve got Scream 3, Cursed, and now Scream 4 to paint a picture of how movies are made over at Dimension. But if the primary talent involved can keep their heads and ride it through, we might get something on par with Scream 4, an excellent entry which Neve Campbell called a miracle considering what went down behind-the-scenes. We wonder if Scream 5 can be so lucky.

What do you want to see happen with Scream 5?

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134 Responses to “ Scream 5: Where Things Stand ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. i want a scream 5 so much :) I’m from germany…can’t wait for may 5th SCRE4M :D

  2. I just would like to hear it’s getting made then I’ll think about the plot and such. :)

  3. Wes Crave has said that he will be doing another Scream franchise, starting with Scre4m. So it will get made, soon I’m sure…personally I don’t see a need. It’s a story that gets old quick, don’t get me wrong I love the Scream films but theres only so much you can do with Ghostface!

  4. What do i want to see in S5? I’ll tell you. I want to see the same movie in theatres that they show in trailers and tv spots! Since we waited so long for part 4 and i paid my hard earned money to see it 4 times i would like an explanation why so much was cut and altered? Some people need to talk before we see a fifth entry. I think we deserve it. Heck, without us there would be no movies man! Last time i checked empty theater seats don’t put money in anyone’s pockets.

  5. I badly want Scream 5 & 6 to happen. Am so pleased Scream 4 hit no.1 in the UK! Hope is not lost yet.

  6. I don’t really care what happens in/with Scream5 as long as the original trio return!


  7. JRT,

    Movies evolve many times over from script to shooting to editing to release and Wes doesn’t make the TV spots/Trailers.

    You act like you were sold a completely different film than what you got. I mean, it’s not like you were tricked with footage of Neve only to find out she’s not in the movie at all.

    Besides, I’d prefer the trailers/TV Spots for this type of movie to be purposefully misleading. Why would I want every kill and scare ruined for me in an out-of-context commercial? So, if that means editing it to make it seem like Ghostface bursts into Jill’s room after Kirby checks the closet then fine by me. If that means showing footage they know was re-shot then fine. I’d take that any day over ruining Adam Brody’s death. Or ruining Gale’s only moment in real peril.

    I’m not Wes, Kevin or anyone connected to the production of Scream 4 but I can give you the explanation you want about why so much was cut/altered. Just because you write a scene doesn’t mean it’s needed for the movie. There are all sorts of people who find the middle section of Scream 4 to be slow. Imagine 2 or 3 more non-kill scenes thrown in– like the fountain scene, like the crime scene aftermath. It was probably just too much. Wes said it himself– There were redundencies and un-needed “red herring” moments. Why beat your audience over the head w/ character info you gave them in another scene?

    Now, the re-shot stuff… Did you ever see the original Scream 3 opening? Or the original version of the film class scene in Scream 2? Thank god they re-shot them. They just weren’t as good as they could have been. Which is why Wes changed the opening to Scream 4.

    Now the promotions… Promotions departments are completely different than production departments. They have to get people in the seats while keeping both the studio and director happy. As is, Wes and others complained the trailers/TV spots gave away too much. To you, they showed a completely different movie. It’s impossible to win. Some of those trailers and spots were probably cut or designed before the re-shoots. And even if they weren’t, it’s a way of giving your audience a taste of the story without SPOILING the story. Is it always dissapointing to find out the part you loved in a trailer is not in the movie? YES! But I also want the final edit to be one the director approves of. Not something he put out because he had to match what was in a trailer. And in the age of deleted scenes on DVD/Blu, isn’t that enough?

  8. Despite its flaws, Scream 4 proves the franchise is still alive creatively, so I hope Scream 5 will be made. Plus, this past year, following Scream 4’s coming to life has been too much fun. I want to live this journey again !
    Oh, news from my country : Scream 4 had an excellent opening day in France, being one of the first films to attract more than 100,000 viewers in theaters on opening day for a while. I really, really hope it’ll have legs !

  9. I have to say that if Scream 5 is made I hope the three main characters are not in it or are in it extremely briefly in cameo roles that they survive.

    It would really bother me to see all this time pass and them suddenly die years later. It was something I was nervous would happen in Scream 4 and I wouldn’t want to see happen later.

    I’m sure most people would say in response to keep them as stars but have them survive, but eventually that loses its realism. Sidney has been shot twice (even if she was wearing a vest) and stabbed in the stomach twice, along with several other attacks. Dewey and Gale have each been shot and or stabbed on several occasions. At some point they either have to die or stop being attacked, and I prefer the latter.

    My other worry about Scream 5 is how it will fit as the second part of a new trilogy. To me Scream 4 works better as the concluding chapter to the first four movies (or even as a re-do of Scream 3) than a start of a new trilogy. Some people are speculating that Kirby has survived but her death was too similar to Sidney’s “death” so I’m not buying that they both survived. Even if she did live I don’t know that she was meaningful enough of a character to carry two more movies on her own.

    I was very pleasantly surprised with Scream 4 and if they do make a Scream 5 rest assured I will be in theaters at midnight the day it comes out just like I was with Scream 4, but in a lot of ways I think Scream 4 has made it harder to create a quality Scream 5, not easier.

  10. I wouldn’t mind seeing another Scream movie, but the only thing is(SPOILER COMING!!!!!), that most of the cast is not going to be able to be in it. You would HAVE to put the trio back in it, it would make no sense to not have them show up. They ARE the franchise now.

    But how are they going to come up with another twist? Find a long lost family member from Dewey or Gale? What about Billy’s father, or Sidney’s dad? Whatever happened to them, I think Billy’s dad should come back and be a secret killer with Stu’s younger brother. haha.

    Or have Randy’s little sister be the killer(still don’t like her and she’s been in Hostel 2 so she’s got the scary movie thing down).

  11. Eh, I could do without it. Scream 4 was only okay, and thus far is itn’t proving to be too profitable. I love me some Sidney, Dewey, and Gale…but I don’t want the Scream franchise to become the very thing it started mocking (and they already have with 3 and 4).

    Maybe 5 and 6 could’ve happened if any of the new generation had survived, but since they’re all pretty much pushing daisies I don’t see anything fresh coming out of a Part 5.

    Also, it’s almost a horror movie rule that Part 5 of the franchise ALWAYS sucks. The Revenge of Michael Myers, The Dream Child, A New Beginning, Bloodline, Seed of Chucky…need I continue? The fifth installment is always the inevitable bump in the road, and in my own opinion, Scream 4 was kind of lacking… I say we leave the series as is and enjoy the good ones.

  12. I really want scream 4, with the original trio, it is so rare that there is main cast throughout the whole series of horror films,

    I am prayig that it slowly but surly climbs to the top and makes enough money for them to make a sequel, and I trust kevin to make something great.

    And also, ive noticed that the main trio is able to turn what would be an okay movie (scream 3) to a great one, so they could save the film if it was bad, (but I bet it would be great! :)

    PLEASE GIVE US SCREAM 5 I mean they are releasing pirannah 3d 2 and that was a flop, it made 15 mil domestically, and about 70 milion worldwide, so if it gets to at least 30 milion domestically and high in worldwide, I think itll happen, and do better. Not to mention the saw films wich dont seem to stop even when they flop.

  13. I would love Scream 5 to happen. Sure Scream 4 was awesome but it wasn’t perfect, no Scream movie is.

    The only requirements I would like for a 5th is longer chase/death scenes, more interaction and backstory to the trio, more character development and a little less self awareness. Leave the characters confused as to the rules of a 5th.

    I believe the trio have to return for the duration of the trilogy now, the passing of the torch opportunity has been and gone. I wouldn’t mind one of the trio being killed off but the final movie (Scream 6), if it happens, would need to finish with Sid to completely round off that story arc. They say that 4 was nothing to do with Sid….but it was. She has gone from victim (first trilogy) to perceived perpetrator (Scream4) and now that should be explored in 5 and 6.

    On a funny note they could always make Scream 5 about the revenge of a grieving parent (oh wait that sounds kinda familiar…..Billy’s Mom/Jill’s Dad?!?)

  14. As for the ‘opening weekend’ failure that people are jumping to conclusions on….

    …there is a gobal recession at the moment and prices are high and wages are low. For Scream 4 to make over £2m on it’s opening weekend in the UK is good going considering so many are out of work and on benefits.

  15. I Would Like to See Someone for from the Original Films come back as the killer.

  16. I pray for 5! I had to wait 11 years and 2 months for 4 and it paid off. Probably the best sequel of all to my favorite movies/franchise. But I don’t want to have to wait like that again. Its agony! For better or worse, I want 5 and 6! I trust in kevin Wes and the trio to make it the best!

  17. I would be more than excited to see a “Scream 5″ and I actually thought of writing a novel version of “Scream 4″ and adding deeper detail, more chase scenes, etc. after viewing “Scream 4″ for my seventh time in theaters.
    I’m so proud of those movie and how it’s grown on me, I can’t get enough of it. Every time Ghostface’s blade slams down and punctures Olivia’s dresser, I KNOW I have to see this movie again. That scene is so well-delivered.
    But, on another note I’d like to see the following:

    I don’t care how, but if Annie (Halloween) can survive after getting her ass cut out and handed to her, then why can’t Kirby survive two sissy ass stabs?

    Sure, I love the idea of mimicking the originals that came before them, but some originality after 11yrs.+ would be one hell of a switch this time around.

    If we’re gonna’ be in Woodsboro again, it’s a whole new time, let’s keep seeing what Woodsboro has to offer. In 1996 we saw these enormous hills and such a great area, in 2011 we lose the hills, but we get a great inner city view. Give me more, I actually would move to Woodsboro, but when Sidney came to town I’d get the hell out of dodge.

    Give us a memorable cast that is not only witty, but fun. “Scream 4″ killed all of our hopefuls, so if given a new cast and a new trilogy is beginning – give us someone to work with, love, and pray for their survival.

    Keep Dewey, Gale, and of course Sid and you have a movie. They don’t have to survive this film, but at least bring them back and if either of the three are killed, they deserve a decent death.
    Of course Gale’s stab hit all of us in the heart, but it wasn’t enough for such a snappy character like Gale. Now, had she been killed after the “Go ahead if you have the guts,” line, that’d be understandable. Gale’s mouth can get her into trouble.

    All in all, I’d love to see a “Scream 5″, but instead of so many jokes, keep the serious Ghostface and make the characters more serious. People are dying – nothing really is funny. “Scream” in ’96 the jokes weren’t forced, it was kind of dark humor and they weren’t trying to make audiences laugh, they just kind of did. Bring back the unforced humor that we can chuckle at, but not know if we should be laughing or not.

  18. Don’t forget that overseas box office and DVD sales play a TREMENDOUS part in whether or not a sequel gets green lit.

  19. i dont want the ORIGINAL CAST to die!

  20. My only fear about two more movies in the franchise is ruining what Scream is about. It makes fun of horror movies and it conventions while also being one…but I have the fear they’ll become like the Saw movies. The first trilogy was a good one but after 3 the movies were just streched too thin and tried to hard to be anything but quick cash for the studios and it ruined the greatness of the originals. ANOTHER POINT of the sequels is the killing off of the original castmembers. I dont care if it’s un-original…we’ve invested so much with these characters I think we would all be cheated if we didnt see them (finally) have happiness and peace. Or pull some stupid Jaime Lee Curtis dies in the beginning bull-shit like Halloween Resurrection did….still angry about that. It’ll make the franchise all the more unique if the series can sustain the same three leads throughout the entire series. It’ll make the series much more than just a horror franchise. Also I think you should have a post on Scream 5 plotlines.

  21. For 5cream, I would love to see Kirby’s return.

  22. I wanted an unrelated Killer in Scream4,So Scream5 would have my long awaited unrelated killer.
    I agree with @K’s leaving the Rules unknown to the new victims…because that way the jokes wont be forced like @T.L is saying.
    I want the Original Trio back….and if possible another character from the first 4 that wasn’t seen or completely developed.
    Kirby & Robbie(Sure there dead…but they were so damn fun to watch)hell even if we get a Good Randy Vid out them I’ll be happy.
    Also I don’t want any of the Trio to die until the final chapter(Which in my head HAS to be Scream6)Scream 4 would have been the perfect opportunity to kill one of them( I would have gotten over it evetutally Lol)but they let it pass.

    OT: Do I remember Jill saying her Dad died?or was he never mentioned.

  23. Bring back Kirby. Seriously one of the best characters the Scream series has had and even then I feel like she has so much to be explored. It would be going against convention to have a non-final girl show up and be the lead of the sequel…and even then she wouldn’t have to be THE lead.

    I feel like a lot of people loved Tatum because she gave it back to ghostface and a lot of people loved seeing that side of Sid in Scream 4. We need more people in these movies who are actually fighting back hard rather than just the typical horror movie chase scenes.

  24. I’m a little dissapointed they didn’t leave anyone alive besides the Big Three and some goofy cop lady for a sequel, but I’m definately down for one. I’m a little upset The Weinsteins made them change the fact that Jill was Sidney’s daughter from her one time with Billy. Everyone was so blown away by the first draft and loved the story and it got Neve to come back, and then you see the movie, and while I loved it and it was awesome, the story itself is nothing overtly special. It’s just her cousin is crazy? No, that wouldn’t account for the way people spoke of the script in the beginning. There are tons of moments and lines in the film that point to SIdney having secretly given birth to Jill and giving he up to her aunt. (“I was born for this.”) I mean, the original Jill’s mom left after the script was changed, and they had to completely pull the hospital scene out of thin air, when the original ending (Jill revealing she knew she was Sid’s daughter.) Anywho, this probabaly wasn’t the appropraite thread to post this little rant in lol, but I guess the key to another Scream is for the Weinsteins to keep their big stupid fingers out of eveything.

    Seriosuly though, you don’t believe me about Jill being Sid’s daughter in Kevin’s orgignal script? Next time you watch the movie, think about that. It fits too perfectly. Not to mention something happened that caused Kevin and Harvey (or the other one lol) to have a giant fight, and Kevin refused to have anything to do with Scream 4 after that.

  25. @waiting I felt there was way too much cut…and things advertised that were not there. For instance, why no mention of Sid’s dad when craven mentioned it in an interview? The “Original” murders that sidney mentions in the trailers that the killer is patterning don’t gel in the final product. Now, if the original opening was left intact then at least that would mimick the casey/steve murders. S4 is not the first film to do this. Marketing and advertising companies do this all the time. They cut trailers/tv spots 6 months in advance to promote a film and use earliy footage to sell it. I would rather have a teaser trailer that shows little to no footage that way you don’t feel like you are seeing different material. And as for craven mentioning the cuts….the film was cut too much for my personal taste. I just don’t like watching trailers and getting to a film and seeing completely different scenes. Just don’t show them at all. You can clearly tell that sub-plots were changed in this film on the fly. Like i said…the murder patterning his murders after stab 1 clearly fell apart and was discarded. When sidney mentions that in the trailers you are expecting actual mimmicked murders. Not…”well casey and steve are 2 kids….so as long as we kill 2 kids in the opening then the killer is mimmicking the original murders?” But, we have Bob to thank for that. I’m not angry with the final product….just hate when they promote 1 thing and then you get there and it’s another.

  26. Well… I wouldn’t call Scream 4 “critically well-received”. It’s still categorized as “rotten” at 58% over at Rotten Tomatoes. Before the release, I had no doubt in mind that this film will fare at 70% or “fresh”. While I like the film enough myself, I don’t think “critically well-received” is merited this time around…

    Not trying to hate on the film, because I have been a loyal fan since shooting. Well, if anything, there is room to improve for Scream 5!!

  27. Oh, just to clarify, I do know that 60% or higher classifies as “fresh” at Rotten Tomatoes. I was just saying that I thought the film would get at least 70%.

  28. Id love a scream 5 but it needs….. Either Dewey and Gale, or just Sydney. Having all three but not having them interact at all was lame. At least 3 brought them together. Pick a set, stick w them, leave one out, save them for 6.

    Bloodier gorier kills: I don’t think the ante was upped enough, in a day of saw and hostel, make it a bit gory…. a simple stab is just not scary enough, want an update? Add some suspense and mind games!

    No More Random Unknown reletives!!!!

    A completely unknow cast, I knew toooooo many of these actors and knew them as other charecters, it kind of ruined me caring for them, as did their dialoge.

    Drop the word Meta or any mention of it………..

    Id have it open with a sydney attack, she survives but barely, coma or something, we do know she saw the killer, but will she wake up in time to save her friends? Plan for a 6th, let a killed get away w it for once only to me unmasked and taken down in the next part, leave a real cliffahanger, something this series has never tried. It’d be unexpected.

    Original charecters shouldn’t make old dumb mistakes, Syd should have a gun, always, shouldn’t run up to the killer, and should lock her door and not go outside to fix a windchime when someones out to get her…. how DUMB. Also Id sue the woodboro police for inproper protection and negligence after that stake out fiasco. Syd should laugh whe Dewey says a ppolice watch will happen. Really 2 dumb cops are sent outside to do nothing?? Really dewey, this is your best and brightest???????

    Leave survivors!

    Syd should stop being michal myers, or at least take a Karate Class……

  29. @Thundermatts

    I alawys took those lines as Jill was Sid Sister…in a earlier Draft.
    Like Maureen & Mr.Loomis’ Daughter or Maureen & Cotton’s Daughter.
    But I know thats just me reaching.

  30. Oh and no bad script problems, Weisteins leave your shit out of it, and don’t bring on the writer of the worste entry scream 3 to write any bit of the script, duhhhhhh

  31. critically well received? hah yeah right.

  32. Something I’m scratching my head about is the very brief clip near the end of the theatrical trailer. I swear when I first noticed it I thought it was a clip of jill finding a dead or dying sidney. Jill’s wearing the shirt from the ending and is it kirby’s. It just makes me wonder if sidney’s fate and jill’s role in the film were completely different at one point

  33. *is at kirby’s

  34. ok don’t be hating on me if this sounds too farfetched but the end of scream 4 kind of left with alot of to be continued, am i right yeah they mention the killers but we don’t see much

    and since the odd but creepy Judy survived which to me was a little pointless i think SCREAM 5 opening should continue from scream 4 in the hospital Sidney looking at Jill made me thing ‘what if she isn’t dead’ she only shot her in the chest or whatever right but they always finished them off by shooting them in the head

    and yes i know it’s a new movie blah blah blah but its not really they were doing alot of things from scream 1 and 2 and the Killers mentioned they were going to do what Billy and Stu didn’t finish or what would’ve happened if they were the ‘surviving victims’

    i think in scream 5 it should continue from the hospital giving us that one last Killer pop up where they finish the bitch up, then when its quiet and Dewey and Sidney are checked for what happened to them there should be people yelling like Paramedics rushing in a body

    that body should be Kirby since they ended her just there she should be rushed to the hospital where they start to/try to help her

    she should be alittle out of it but maybe saying a few words not knowing if Sidney and them survived since she has no clue who the second Killer is or if they keep her alive she should have heard the whole thing (i dunno)

    then when all feels like ‘phew we made it’ that is when an unexpected victim gets the call at home and another Ghostface is on the loose

    of course it can be a female maybe have a bf since the first three were always a couple and i kinda liked that, they can talk about how Sidney returned and all this shit went down and how so many people died by watching the news not knowing the full thing because the bf shuts the tv off cause his horny or wants to make out

    but when they get the phone calls not knowing what is going on they can in a odd way make it like Casey and Steve or Maureen and Phil the girl answers the phone and is asked some questions the girl thinking is just some creep fcuking with them so the Bf goes outside or sneeks outside to investigate (remember though the beginning is usually around 15-20 minutes) not going to kill yeah if its a bit longer since SCREAM 4 was short, anyways so blah blah blah while the bf investigates he can get killed or whatever then blah blah blah the girl gets it

    5CREAM pops up on screen and it continues still in the town and since Gale is the only one who was not hurt again she can go out and get the good coffee or something and find out two more victims were killed when she sees all the reporters and shit and this time Gale can be like the old Gale she does what she was trying to do in Scream 4 but this time actually does it, but maybe not telling Dewey and Sidney until they find out

    i dunno it could be lame sorry if it but that be kind of a good way to end scream 4 and start scream 5 cause if they add in a new cast say without the trio it’ll be lame but since Sidney was badly hurt and her stitches got ripped or started to bleed she needs to rest but not stay in the Hospital too long because she can’t do anything with another Killer running loose

    plus what happened to her Father? not saying he should be the Killer but he was never mentioned in scream 4 so i think he should come for a visit and once again want to take Sidney back home

    maybe he should be killed before reaching Sidney and she doesn’t find out till she’s out of the Hospital or hears it from Dewey or sees his body after the Killer calls her

    but it’ll be tough for the new Killer or Killers if their not related what will it be some obsessed Fan of the Stabs wasn’t that Charlie and Robbie

    someone who hates Sidney and wants her dead ‘yeah hello the reason for the Scream movies’ so the Killer motives and who they are needs to be written amazing to fit in with it all

    and i agree it should be like scream 1 where they aren’t trying to make us laugh it just comes naturally

    and i also think maybe Judy should be killed off or one of the Killers since she was creepy at the staircase telling Sidney they use to be in the same home room and maybe if she’s one of the Killers her motive is to fcuk with Gale since Gale thinks she wants to be the next Mrs. Riley since she’s so in ‘awe’ with Dewey i dunno call it lame but she isn’t only related to Sidney she also works for Dewey and maybe with an odd screen she can explain she killed the two cops in scream 4 so she can be closer to Dewey

    or maybe not i also think the trio SHOULD not die i mean come on two 12 yr olds stabbed sidney in the gut twice, Gale, Sidney and Dewey (being a cop) should by now be like superheroes killing them off would be so lame cause then what is the point of the movies its for Sidney to sit and watch helpless while innocent people die killing her off would be as lame as Laurie in Halloween 8 there was no point in the rest of the movie he got what he wanted all along his freaking sister killed so he got her why was he killing other people WHY because they were in his old house lame excuse sorry for those Halloween fans i only watched part 1 and i think H20 was ok

    then Kirby should also be released after a while she can be like Sidney in scream 3 she doesn’t have alot of screen time because she lost so much blood and when she’s released that is when the girl should shine since she was the only character out of the new cast that was enjoyable and developed out of them all

    then Sidney and Kirby can reunite with Dewey and Gale and while other people are getting killed these 4 are you 4 people

    i dunno if you want Kirby to survive this time around i would since she can be the new lead with the trio

    also i think they should bring back Detective from Scream 3 he can hear about Sidney returning and since he was sort of obsessed with her storyline return to help, maybe also get Killed or be a twist and be a Killer its been like 10 yrs since scream 3 he could’ve become a little more obsessed but i’m just rambling on

    anyways that is sort of my idea if its lame *screw you* lol sorry its just early for me right now while i write so i’m not fully awake

    funny thing is after seeing scream 4 i came home and decided to write a script with the opening scene of two girls talking about Scream 4 and what they think about it

    the one girl goes home and gets that mysterious phone call, thinking if one of her guy friends trying to scare her she tells the ‘Killer’ how the horror movies play out when the Victim gets the mysterious phone call playing it out not knowing she is the Victim till that first Stab

    anyways that’s all i have if you dont read this oh well but i’ll shut up now so moving on

  35. Kill Gale. I’m sorry but its just unrealistic that three people would keep surviving over and over again while everyone else bites it. One of the core three has to die, and I’d rather it be Gale because she’s not interesting anymore and her botox makes her face look like the Crpyt Keeper’s.

    BRING BACK KIRBY! As the new Final Girl… she could totally carry it. :)

  36. End it now. Scream 4 was a bust. Don’t tarnish this films legacy any further.

  37. Call me crazy, but I think “Scream 5″ will revolve around a third killer; as I’m thinking about it, Jill was at home on the phone with Kirby as Kirby arrived to the “Stab-A-Thon”, Jill doesn’t have a car because Kirby was her ride to school. If Jill is at home and Charlie was with Robbie hosting the “Stab-A-Thon”, who the hell was trying to kill Gale?
    There HAS to be a third killer and considering Deputy Judy’s weird obsession with Dewey and the fact that she is the only new survivor, I think she had something to do with those murders. She was all too odd, and even if she doesn’t – there has to be a third killer. If Jill can’t get there and Charlie is with Robbie, I don’t understand how Gale got stabbed. True, Jill knew about it, but maybe they all kept in contact. I don’t know…

  38. I was expecting a Scream 5 and Scream 6 before I saw Scream 4. But after Scream 4, I really don’t know where Scream 5 or 6 can go. They totally killed off every single new character (minus Hicks) and I don’t feel like being introduced to an entirely new cast. I would have prefer some survivors to carry on the next film. I mean Kirby and Trevor could have lived as well as Hoss. But they didn’t leave anyone else to carry the story to the next chapter. The Trio of course can lead any movie, but without a connection to the previous films characters, its gonna be really hard to place them in an unrelating new situation with new people who share no connections.

  39. Now tell me if this is retarded…
    But I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, and if they do a scream 5 (“5CREAM” as it looks in my head) it could be judy hicks was the one who set the first movie up, planted the idea in jills head about fame, and wants gale to die so she can be with dewey. (Maybe that’s why dewey didn’t get stabbed but gale did. Hicks also said something about how brutal shit brings two people closer.) She is THE only survivor of the new cast. Which to me is odd, I don’t know how scream 5 could turn into a meta thing to. They’ve already done one about sequels, and reboots, so itd be stupid and unoriginal to make a self aware reboot sequel…would it? Actually now that I think about it. It sounds tiring, but could take us somewhere….that’s just my it dumb wicked-scribe?

  40. Ugh, okay. I had this whole plan set up, and someone already guessed it. Muhfucker. But its a very logicall way to go about things. The only logical way I can think of.

  41. 1. dont kill off your new cast
    2. one of the main three has to die, just like randy did

  42. @Cody.William.Reints

    The only problem I see about Hicks being the one who encouraged Jill is the final showdown at the hospital in Scream 4. Jill probably would have mentioned it in some sort of way. I see why she would keep Hicks part in it secret during the showdown.

  43. Don’t want another one. Dont ruin Scream, time for a new idea Hollywood!

  44. I want à fifth Scream. The fourth one was more than excellent ! I was really shocked, scared. Amazing movie. Don’t let us with à Scream 4 without complete the new trilogy

  45. I think they ruined they’re own series with the ending of SCRE4M. If you’re going to make a movie that’s about a new decade of new rules to follow, then the fourth SCREAM film totally blew its chance of making an inventive, unexpected sequel by ending the film the way they did. (*SPOILER ALERT*) If you’re going to go as far as to stab Sidney and not have her fight back once Jill reveals herself to be the killer, then let her die. With the underwhelming opening numbers for the film, it might be difficult to get her to return for a 5th or even a 6th installment. Like her character, Neve is growing tired of the Ghostface game. I thought revealing Jill to be a killer was shocking and her motive very 21st Century. It would have been more interesting to continue the series from Jill’s perspective as a Final Girl who literally killed to be in Sidney’s shoes. But with all of the new generation characters dead (except for Judy Hicks – who is NOT a young enough actress to appeal to a new generation of fans, despite how awesome Marley Shelton is), they should let the series die too.

    I’m satisfied enough having a fourth SCREAM film that followed the SCREAM format, offered up some slasher fun, and delivered some solid killer motives. But I’m dissatisfied with the film’s inability to realize that following the exact same paint-by-numbers, beat-for-beat screenplay format is no way to introduce a New Decade [of] New Rules. If Sidney, Dewey, and Gale are going to continue to survive every Screamisode (copyrighted term, btw), then there’s no element of surprise and no new rules at all. We can expect everyone else to die and for each of them to live.

    I’d almost rather see a Scream remake than see a Scream 5.

  46. I just saw Scre4m yesterday. Even though I’m not a huge fan of the whole reboot and over using story lines of horror films I have to say I really loved it. This is one series that will never get old for me. I hope that they get to work on the next two and considering the fact from checking wiki yesterday it reached more from gross venue then how much it took to make it. (according to them it took 40 million and made 49 million +) though with how they ended it I am curious as to what they are going to do in the next one. These are good writters so I’m guessing they have it fully mapped out already.

  47. Kevin Williamson should write Scream 5 and 6 and in the end, it should turn out that there was a third killer and Kirby and Robbie should make it into 5, loved their characters! And I think that Scream 5 should be in October and at the end, there should be a Halloween party where everything goes down. Also, think it should begin with two girls getting killed at a Rocktober concert.

  48. I think Scream 5 should focus on mostly an entire new cast.With something tied in from Scream 4 and mention of Dewey,Gale,and Sydney. I don’t see any need to have Sydney in anymore of the sequels. It’s been established now that Sydney Prescott has over come. He fear from the prior trilogy so there isn’t any need for her to return again.

  49. I only want a Scream 5 only if Williamson is back FULL TIME.
    But I have no idea what they can do with another sequel. We’ve been played out (brilliantly) with the idea of a new generation for the new trilogy (I assumed one or two of the old cast would die), but we all know how that turned ot… LOL.

    And they can’t play again the reboot/remake plot. So I have no idea :S
    But I trust Craven’s words when he talked about Kevin’s treatment for parts 5&&.

  50. @Thundermatts That’s huge! where are you getting your info from???

  51. Jenny said to Marnie that STAB 5 was the worst in franchise because there’s time travel in. In my opinion, that’s a hint about Scream 5! Then Scream 5 will be about the beginning! Showing events before the death of Maureen Prescott! But with Judy as protagonist! Maybe the Ghostface in this movie wasn’t know by the three main stars (Sidney, Gale and Dewey), but Judy now him! Also, i think Judy keep some secret love for Sidney. Because she is weird and she is the only character in Scream 4 who survived and the rule was “The gay character will survive” in scream 4. LOL.

  52. maybe in scream 5(if they decide to make it)sidney should go more into detail that jill was her daughter she gave away to her aunt after scream and before scream 2, kirby should come back, sidney survived her stab wound so should kirby, dewey and gale were married in scream 4 ,they should be divorced in scream 5 with new spouses,mates!maybe deputy hicks is also a killer , maybe adam brody is also a killer he only got stabed once like dewey he could survive,

  53. also in scream 5 they could set it in woodsboro college were kirby is attending and she becomes like the new sidney!

  54. Pleasssee bring KIRBY back! Even if it’s a scene for the DVD, she could be the new lead in 5CREAM, we need a Kirby petition or something! I hope dimension realizes how big of a hit she is

  55. @Thundermatts…..Are you assuming this? Or is there something you know and we dont? And another question..did anyone watch until the end of the end credits to see if there was a bonus scene or anything? I was going to stay until the very end but the party I was with were rushing me.

  56. I’m really indifferent about another entry to the series. I like to consider Scream 4 a nice ride back to woodsboro, it was a good time but I feel we should leave it here.

    However, money talks and if they decide they made enough on this one to move ahead with Scream 5 I can’t help but shake this feeling they’re gonna’ run into the same problems again. Kevin doesn’t have time to be doing rewrites and stuff, so…I don’t know. I say let the franchise be.

    Also…what more could they really do here? LOL. Let these people go, there is nothing left for Sidney Prescott and I’m not sure what more they could squeeze out of Gale or Dewey.

  57. Where did that “Jill is Sidney’s daughter” come from?
    Sorry, but I think that’s stupid. No way in hellshe could have gave birth to her secretly between Scream and Scream 2. Well, that’s way too soap opera.

    And that leads me to this: I don’t want any more Sidney’s relatives to be the killer. I loved Bill’s mom, because that was a direct reference to Mrs. Vorhees (mentioned even in Scream), but as the whole Scream 3, Sidney’s brother was lame. If he and Billy were partners, Billy should have told Sidney at the end of Scream, when he revealed EVERYTHING to her. Roman never made sense to me.
    But, I loved the idea about Jill being the killer, I don’t care if it goes against my own rule about “no relatives”, because she was supposed to be the new trilogy’s lead, and turning her into the killer was fucking awesome and unexpected LOL

  58. @Thundermatts that would be very original and shocking all at the same time. It would’ve fit perfectly because according to the Scream 2 plot (even though the movie came out half a year later) it took place 2 years after the events of Scream 1 so that theory of Jill being Sidney and Billy’s daughter would be plausible and coming full circle to the original film would’ve satisfied me tons. Even though Jill being Sidney’s cousin is still okay for me and her motive and everything.

    The only issue I would have with Scream 5 is that everything would be so repetitive. I mean the trio survive every shot, stab wound, fall more often than superheroes in comic book stories and a lot of it doesn’t add up or make sense to the other films sorry to say. Example like Dewey getting stabbed in the back not once but twice still survives. Hoss (Adam Brody) got stabbed once in the back and he dies? SMH. If not make him a killer which in the beginning I was betting he was one of the killers make him to be one of the survivors. There is a lot of contradictions in part 4. Sidney stabbed twice in the gut but survives, Kirby stabbed twice in the gut but dies? Anotehr SMH moment. Kirby could’ve easily survived to live in part 5. The opening act would’ve made sense to the killers motives remaking Stab/Scream 1 had they left the original opening for part 4 in. Taking away from any character development which didn’t feel like Scream to me because all the other ones allowed for that. I mean taking away the fountain scene was stupid.

    The tagline “New Decade, New Rules” was a foul statement from Bob Weinstien. He should’ve never came up with that slogan. Unless it was suppose to be new decade new rules with Kevin’s script before production started and all hell broke loose with the rewrites. Because there was nothing new about this film. New Rules would be that one of the original could die or better yet the final girl or the final word that is given to the killer before they are shot dead would be like Kirby instead of Sidney. Have 3 killers. Let there be no motive (since when does a psychopath need a motive). And add twists and turns like make it seem like one of the victims early on in the film turned out to be one of the killers but had fooled everyone saying that she or he had died. Or something.

    I thought Bob or Harvey (if not both) had learned their lesson by now after messing with Kevin and Wes on Cursed. They should had faith in Kevin’s brillancy and Wes’ creativity to make Scream 4 a classic like the original. I do believe had they changed nothing at all in Kevin’s original treatment for Scream 4 the outcome would’ve been different and we would see the possibility of a new trilogy. But Bob’s stupid a** had to go in a ruin it thinking that changing the opening would’ve been better. Really? There was hardly any tension or blood. I think Ehren’s involvement also brought down layers in the script. I believe he was the one that tweaked the ending a bit and Bob made him take out the whole Jill being Sidney and Billy’s daughter off the plate. Maybe Kirby was suppose to be one of the new survivors for this film.

    I remember when or after Scream 3 came out. Kevin did an interview and stated that in his script, there would’ve been new survivors and that Sidney would’ve died to complete her story. But since she didn’t makes me wonder had he intended for one of the trio to die in this one but the Weinsteins yet again stepped in and changed it. Thos guys make me sick! I mean I know they are the ones fitting the bill when its all said and done but leave well enough alone epescially if something is good.

    But I still would want to see a Scream 5 I just don’t know what or how they can do it or what direction they can take it at this point.

  59. I don’t have any inside knowledge other than being a writer myself, (I just got my first short story accepted to be published, and was hired by a producer to work on an independant film that eventually fell through on financing.) so I look at things from a story telling perspective more than just an entertainment one, at the risk of sounding like a huge pompous D-bag.

    While watching the previews and thinking about the time line (15-16 years after the first film) I realized that the new cast would have been born around or shotly after the first film, and I had heard that Kevin’s original scipt and idea was genius, enough to pull Neve back, who hadn’t even wanted to do a third one. I guessed that Jill was Sid’s seceret daughter, and was behind the killings. Well one for two isn’t bad I suppose.

    Watching the film though, thee were at least four times during the film that my girlfriend nudged me, whispering “You’re totally right.” Then, nothing. No mention of it.

    Well lets look at the supporting facts though.

    As I said, Kev was supposed ot have a mind blowing take on a sequel. This was a great flick, but at no point blew my mind.)

    Two different actresses left, citing the script issues. My guess is that they were upset by the change.

    Kevin himself had a giant fight with Bob Weinstein, and refused to even say one word on the matter. Their fight was not just about deadline issues, as Weinstein keeps harping.

    They had to think up and create the hospital scene to replace something they cut out after Kevin left.

    Apologies for any misspellings, I suck at spelling lol. It’s a good quality for an aspiring writer to have.

  60. i am very happy with just being scream 1-3, scream 4 is entertaining but a disappointing to me; on that note it just better be better then scre4m…that is ALL i have to say!

    and if they don’t do scream 5, ill be okay with that too!

    I AM A HUGE SCREAM FAN, REALLY I AM but don’t mess up the series with lame sequels like scream 4.

  61. I dont have time to read all the comments, so please feel free to not take the time to read mine. (SPOILERS!!!!)

    SCREAM5 Should focus on a whole “left for dead” idea. I think its mostly me wanting to believe Kirby and Robbie are still alive. Charlies “Im sorry it doesnt take as long as the movies” quote clicked. And seeing Robbie fall over after he was dead saying “run” was a great way to give us hope. There was no ‘supposedly dead kill comes back for one last scare’ moment which i was waiting for once the reveal happened. I feel like Charlie may not be done, but if they go with a whole “left for dead/3rd killer idea” Theres room to make the opening scene in 5 the accual end to 4. Which I wouldn’t mind…

    All I know is that they killed off all the new cast — supposedly. Kirby deserves to come back. I liked Robbie too…I really rooted for some of the new cast…So I hope someone more than Judy survived..

  62. SO i read comments and sorry for double posting, but Kirby, Robbie, and Hoss should all return. They were good characters and GREAT actors. I’ve seen cop reality shows where people are stabbed 17 times and survive. So I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  63. i’m happy with scream 1-3.
    Scream 4 is entertaining but a lame sequel at the same time;
    on that note if they are making scream 5 it better be GOOD ..
    I mean REALLY GOOD…i don’t want another lame sequel that is ALL i have to say!

    and if they don’t do scream 5, ill be okay with that too!

    I AM A HUGE SCREAM FAN, REALLY I AM but don’t mess up the series with another lame sequel like scream 4.

  64. I would love to see a scream 5 and 6 be made.. i am 30 yrs old and scream is my era!!! for a movie that hasnt been around in 11 yrs.. 18.6 million to me ant bad at all.. now that they have sparked the intrest up again.. scream 5, and 6 will do gd as long as they are made within a few yrs!!! love the franchise all toghter.. and think a gd opening scene is to kill one of the major three… sorry but sumones gots die!! lol

  65. o and yea.. have seen it 4 times already!!! lol

  66. If they kill sidney make it with her either doing it to save someone, or kill her as her and the killer fight to the death, both would be the best and most satisfying way for her to go.

  67. @Ian, I stayed until the end of the final credits and there were no bonus scenes or the usual “image flash” that Scream and Scream 2 had that signaled a sequel. Unforetunately, Thundermatts is utilizing his imagination wildly to conjure up his claims. There won’t be a 5cream or Scre6m – they stated IF it were HUGE SUCCESS they’d reboot the franchise. This was not a success by any measure. Let’s be happy we got a fourth and move on :-)

  68. Will Neve actually wanna come back for Scream 5?

  69. I feel like Scream 5 would be a challenge to create and I really want to know what Kevin planned for Scream 5 because honestly the only way I see another sequel happening is if one of the kids that died in Scream 5 like Kirby actually lived but then there would be a huge WTF from people. The main cast must be there and must survive but their struggle with the ghostface killer needs to come to an end soon either by death (the crappier option) or simply something else which has to direct more attention to a different character. And since they don’t pull random characters out of a hat. . . And long lost relatives of the main cast aren’t realistic, a character from Scream 4 would’ve had to survive. Atleast that’s my opinion.

  70. I don’t want to see a Scream 5. Please let it end, they just keep getting worse and I can’t stand to see them tarnish it forever.

  71. Dammit I wish I knew what kevin’s original concept for scream 4 was. The more I think about jill being sidney and billy’s daughter the more I think it might’ve worked (if explained and executed thoroughly) think about it, that kind of reveal would by far be the biggest wtf moment of the series and maybe in cinematic history. It’d definitely be the “luke, I am your father” of horror movies. And go back to the original scream: billy says maternal abandonment causes deviant behavior. It’d be eerie to think that those words would ultimately play a part in the future..jill’s sidney’s daughter, she learns this and it sends her into madness similar to how billy snapped. Plus sidney killing her own daughter would be intense. That’s the kind of idea that would inspire williamson to even come back to the series.

  72. DrewPR,thats what Scream 5 could do. It could be the exception to all sucky 5th movies. It could do what Scream 2 did and constantly make fun of how bad they are. It could then make it more real and be awesome.

  73. I had a theory about why Scream 4 didn’t do that well at the box office. When “Scream” came out horror was basically a non-entity at the box office, proven by the lacklustre debut of the original. Unlike 1996, however, horror is still alive and well (at the box office, if not in quality) and, I guess, audiences just aren’t into slasher movies these days, but more into the haunted house stuff like “Paranormal Activity” and “Insidious”.

  74. For 5CREAM i want to see kirby s back. They should explain she was in com for days and finally survives after long pain :-)

  75. Scream 4 is killing insidious money wise. So that agument doesn’t hold up. 18 mil is petty good for an R rated flick in the beginning of summer, IMO. Going to the theater is declining rapidly and DVD sales will be a big pat of whether or not they move forwad with a sequel.

  76. I have a feeling Kirby will be back. I liked Hayden on season 1 of HEROES (which she made the joke “I have abilities” about and i was the only person in the theatre that laughed) — Kirby was just straight up awesome. Of all the new characters she and Robbie were the best ones… “sorry it doesn’t take as long as it does in the movies” really gives me hope that Kirby survived.

  77. i sort of disagree with the whole Jill being Billy and Sid’s daughter how would that work out with scream 2 and scream 3 storylines she never mentioned it or ever brought it up, also Randy and Dewey would be around Sidney after the first one so its not like she could go in hiding for 9 months without some psycho person trying to find her if that is infact what Kevin had in mind then he should explain it in amazing details so that storyline fits with the others (Scream 2 & 3)

    i dunno i was excited to see Scream 4 but now just rethinking of the entire movie and how it played out they moved it way too quickly it would’ve been better if someone put their foot down and said something so the changes and cuts didn’t happen much i understand no one can sit for more then 2 hrs in a theatre cause the seats are bloody uncomfortable but hell Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter (haven’t seen any and i’m not hating) were like 100 hrs no not really but you get my drift hopefully

    alot of the cut scenes would’ve made the movie a little better i feel bad for alot of the characters they were cut too short

    Aunt Kate what had like 2 seconds of screen time then had her lame death

    Gale come on she’s supposed to be a bad ass she cant even wrestle with a what 16 yr old or 18 yr old come on

    Dewey was just lame, he didn’t do much but be late for the crime scenes and try to ‘control’ everything Dewey should’ve been 4 steps ahead of everyone else his a cop wth

    Adam Brody and Anthony Perkins seems very useless ‘we’re add you guys here to fill in the gaps then kill you’ characters come on a stab to the back kills you i thought cops wear bullet proof vest their staking out watching for a Killer why wouldn’t they protect themselves sorry they were just really useless

    Judy was just creepy she would’ve been a better third Killer or one of the two then Jill and Robbie sorry she just screamed ‘i’m psycho’ her surviving at the end was also lame they ‘kill’ off Kirby but keep her

    Kirby was the only character out of the new characters i liked she was rude/bitchy and reminded me a bit of Randy but with lady parts lol and what do they do they go off ‘killing’ her sorry but i hope if scream 5 is a go she survived it was a lame way to kill her off

    Olivia poor girl had about 5 minute screen time and yet her death is more then the Opening girls how lame also how did her insides come out so quickly when Sidney ran to her house if it was her insides beside her i couldn’t really tell to be honest, she should’ve been more there i knew in that scene what was going to happen i even told my friends ‘watch the killer is in her closet’

    Robbie was odd ball but he wasn’t like an OMG character i didn’t really care for him he was there and then whatever, yeah he had his camera but maybe could’ve watched some footage with gale and them and they show some of the deaths like in Scream 2 when they realized they were being filmed

    Trevor, he’s parts were cut apparently and tat just made his character another useless person all he did was complain about wanting Jill, if he cheated on her ‘listen buddy she ain’t going back to you’ i do feel bad he got shot in the balls no guy asshole of not deserves that

    Charlie sorry was a lame Killer he didn’t interest me much so i was glad Jill offed him off so quickly

    Jenny and Marnie poor girls had to come back for re shoots and didn’t even last that long their the opening scene shouldn’t their scenes be alittle longer then everyone elses

    Sidney i felt did alright she was the only one there after the Killer fighting him/her off when she had the chance, but she needs to stop feeling bad when people she doesn’t know die that’s a bit lame i know but they were just teenagers that were being killed if she wanted it to stop she should’ve stopped the Killer when she had the chance right away or else what is the point of the movie ‘its better that it was someone else but you’

    overall now that i think about it they just need to stop scream 5 would be even lamer (yes i said lamer) if they keep going with it it be like the saw movies MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIVES, but if they did they better make it so much better that there’s no re shoots cutting and it makes scream 2-4 movies that never happened, but i dunno i was excited for this one and they disappointed me i thought Wes Craven was the master of Slasher films well this just bombed in my eyes and i know its not his fault well in a odd way it is why did they have to re shoot scenes or cut of parts if i was the Director and they were changing things on me i would’ve been all FCUK YOU and stop the filming if scream 4 made Neve come back cause it was that good then they must’ve screwed up big time cause scream 4 was just as lame as scream 3 but instead of the actors of stab being killed it was teens who talked about the stab movies being killed

    i dunno they just messed this up badly alot of people say its amazing but oh well it was ok but its a bit sad it got its ass kicked by a cartoon movie but then again that just tells us where the interest of movies are nowadays cartoons and twilight

  78. I’m sure Kirby survived. She was moving and breathing the last time you saw her on screen…plus the mystery guest who crept in downstairs (and don’t tell me that was Jill, cause it couldn’t have been).

  79. What mystery guest who crept in?

  80. I would love a 5 and 6, but i REALLY DO NOT want Sid, Gail or Dewey to be the killers (or really get killed either) I think that would be too gimmicky. When anticipating part 4 a friend of mine went on and on about Gail being the killer and how sure he was that it woould be her or Dewey. LUCKILY he was wrong!!!!

  81. @ Damien Right before Charlie attacked Sidney, she was looking down the staircase and heard someone come in through the basement-level door, but we never saw who it was.

  82. i watched SCRE4M the other day and tbh it wasnt good im 22 so i pretty much grew up with SCREAM and i really thought this new one would be good but was a huge disappointment, if they decide to make a 5th then they really have to make it WOW an inventive instead of repetitive maybe just the 1 killer this time or 3 possibly Judy the only new survivor the 3rd killer and some one from before the first film id like them to go back to before the first film for the 5th maybe a better storyline

  83. I finally got to see Scream4 last night. I enjoyed it, but nothing beats the original. The acting was great, but honestly, as a horror movie lover, I was not impressed with the reasons for the killings. Made no sense to me. Revenge is always the best motive. To kill people just because you want to be famous or because of jealousy is the stupidest reasons for me to understand. Overall, I would rate Scream 4 a B+. I would still love for a Scream 5 & 6 to be made. Just please, better reasons for the killings. :-)

  84. I have been a fan of these movies since the first I seen them. Granted, I was not even born when the first one was made, but I WAS born when the second one was. Basically, I absolutely love these movies. I could watch them all four times in a week, and I’d still be excited and involved in the story. SCRE4M was, in my opinion, the best movie in the SCREAM series, with SCREAM following closely behind. I would absolutely LOVE a 5CREAM. I just hope ONE of the three core characters will be killed, preferably Gale (nothing against her! I love her!) first, and Sidney near the end. It will be a VERY VERY saddening experience to see a core character die, but it will be shocking and a rare happening in the horror movie industry. It’s no surprise that SCREAM fans will be heartbroken when the franchise does eventually end for good, but we WILL appreciate that we got to see them at all. And, the same for a death of the main character: we’ll be heartbroken, but we’ll appreciate the nerve of the directors and writers to do something like that. To me, that would bring in more ratings and get it more critically acclaimed. SCREAM FOREVER!

  85. @Rach147:

    Um, hello!?! Gale may be bad-ass, but the person she was “wrestling” with was Charlie. I doubt she could have beat off a 17/18 year old guy. Plus, add in the fear and panic.

  86. Scream apparently made 3m on Friday, woo if it goes up to say 4m etc on sat and about the same on sunday were looking at between 9-11m which aint bad hold up for a horror movie :D

    Also can i say the motive in scream 4 makes total sense because jealous & fame are obviously brought on by jills insecurities, needing to be liked, known, loved, superior, is actually more common reason for people killing than you’d think and it kind of is a form of revenge because she’s getting back at the person who’s overshadowed her and made her this needy person sidney (sounds like revenge to me) i found the motive, fresh and i found alot of things much smarter than they appear, ie the ending, motive and why jenny was the victim at the beginning all come together, The more you watch the more you realise how deep some of williamson’s ideas really are, so basically go wwatch scream more times and you’ll start to truly understand it ;)

  87. I wish people would stop going on about the size and or strength of the killers, fine the size was wrong but this is nothing new in scream 2, mrs loomis killed randy but was the size of the van when she got out, and the only scene its really obvious is hoos/perkins deth scene because its such a wide shot, You’ve gotta suspend your beliefs a little here people, hello in every film someone gets shot and jumps back up again is that believeble, no but we love it!

    Also kirby she’s dead, dewey said so, she’s not coming back and i dont get why everyone keeps going on about it, she was good but nothing amazing, its like when everyone loved parker posey’s character is scream3, when i thought she made that film feel like an episode of scooby doo with her overacting, kirby was amazing compared to her but compared to the cast of scream 1/2…meh.

  88. One final thing…Williamson wanting to return because he has the idea jill was sid/billy’s daughter…Are you kidding me! Williamson isnt some dumb hack, that is the worst idea ever, he would never write that in a million years, thats bargain bin shit and anyone who for a second thinks that could be true must have no idea about timelines, reality or movies themselves and comparing that idea to star wars is offensive.

  89. Hope, if I may ask, what’s kevin williamson like? I just assume you know him or have talked to him since you’re so sure of what he would or wouldn’t write. And in reality, it could’ve been incorporated into the plot IF executed and written right. And while I’m satisfied with the ending scream 4 has, that type of twist would’ve been a huge shocker (which is part of what makes the scream films stand out.) Also, how exactly does believing that possible storyline make a person oblivious to timelines, reality, and movies? “Yeah that could be a cool story, I must be insane.” You need to tighten up your logic home slice. And for the record, it wasn’t a direct comparison to star wars as much as it was about the impact that jill being sidney’s daughter. Peace!

  90. *it wasn’t a direct comparison to star wars as much as it was about how the impact of jill being sidney’s daughter to horror fans would be similar to how star wars fans were affected by vader’s reveal to luke. Whoops!

  91. @ Brandon:

    Um hi, that’s fine but she’s been through 5 Killers that’s 5 and she was there for all 5 of them, just because she’s older doesn’t mean she can’t face her fears and at least knocked him off you saw Charlie he was smaller then Jill, that was the first time she got stabbed in any of the movies i really think a 17/18 yr old wouldn’t be that much a of threat to her since the first 2 were the same age were they not? Mickey, Ms. Loomis and Roman were older so Charlie and Jill can’t really be that different if Sidney could toss them around i think Gale could

    i know its just a movie and i know its been 11 yrs since scream 4 and Gale and Dewey are like probably in their 40’s they’ve been through a lot i just thought maybe there could be some fighting before that happened and don’t think i’m trying to start a fight or anything but i mean really they survive 5 Killers and yet two little children can do that something doesn’t add up there

  92. since scream3 not scream 4 my bad

  93. @nick, ill admit it was late and i wasnt completely thinking about what i was saying but, thats not shocking, thats not a brilliant twist maybe in the 1970’s when star wars was conceived, but now most would see it as a cope out, as well as being an idea thats been passed round for years, ive seen 2 scream fan fiction pieces with a similar ending. Roman turning out to be her brother in scream3 was allready a stretch that dampened a fairly entertaining installment, why would williamson suddenly go, oh you know what theres allready been one random sibling come out of no where and change the events of the first film, why not bring in a daughter even though theres zero proof in the previous 3 films especially from roman who apparently followed sidney for years, but never mentioned her being pregnant for 9 months, even though she was also in the media spotlight for a while also. So do i know williamson, no…do i know what makes sense in reaity, timeline and whats original and what would make any smart movie goer groan, yes and williamson obviously does to better than any scream fan, me, you all of us. But ive got a twist that cat that scared tatum in scream turns out to be the third killer :o thats shocking, who’d see that coming, homeslice…Peace!

  94. @hope, Hahaha! I admit I laughed at your response closing. I dig your smart ass rebuttal. On one hand, it’s true that it wouldn’t feel original (espescially if an avid soap opera viewer watched it) but that’s something that i’d be more inclined to go “wtf” at. I like how jill’s motive served somewhat as a commentary of society these days but I wasn’t completely sold on the delivery. Overall, though, it was good. And there are simple excuses that could’ve been used to cover up any plot holes had the “jill’s sidney’s daughter” been used, and I’m sure regardless of how good the excuses could’ve been, the audience would indeed have a hard time warming up to the idea. Williamson is brilliant and I don’t doubt that my eh reception to the finale was because of some modifying done by kruger. That said, you seem like an avid scream follower so I respect that. But just know I can scream-trivia your ass under the table, home slice. Peace!

  95. @nick Haha thanks, but im terrible at being such a dick, i felt bad afterwards :P. I just think it would of been to unbelievable, but i think with the motive in scream 4 it was just done rather fast actually, i think they wanted to get right back to the action after scream 3’s motive explanation dragged on a little, i think this one couldve done with a bit more explanation because theres obviously something else psychologically going on there with jill.
    Hey i take anyone on anyday, not saying id win but ive got the passion for scream and kudos as you do too.

  96. Scream 4 Box office Analysis!!!

    Scream4 looks like its only going to make 7m or 8/9 if its lucky that would put it at 50ish million by the end of the weekend worldwide. Thats not good for a 40m budget film, if this were a new film there’d be basically no hope of a sequel, predators sequel is dead(perhaps) But on that note, predators is proberly the best comparision ive seen for scream 4’s current status why…

    *Predators was made for a 40m budget, made 24m opening weekend to scream 4’s 19m, in its second week it dropped to 7m, scream looks to drop to 7-9m.

    *Predators total intake was 127m worldwide/52m domestic, atm scream looks like it has no chance at even that…
    But wait Scream has only opened in 27 countries out of 59 predators opened in.

    *Scream 4 has already either almost matched or beaten 5 countries or group of countries in just its opening weekend figures, and the rest look likely to match or come close.

    *Predators last update was in november 5 months after its release by then it had made 70m worldwide, scream looks like it could match or go a little higher, if released in all those countries, time will tell.

    *Differences predators is more an action film and should of really made more than a horror and scream could easily go cheaper for sequels, where as predators as an action film for a sequel would proberly have to go bigger on scale and budget, so a sequel would make more sense for a horror and any horror tht could possibly pull 100m worldwide is still a success.

    *So if scream 4 holds up well worldwide in the coming months worldwide and can push towards a 45-60m domestic total(possible?) We could be looking at a worldwide total of 120-40m by the time the years out. Its lower than the others but its not bad after such a long gap, and far better than it previously looked if it can just push and stay alive a little longer domestically.

    So any scream fan out there with a spare million to spend on movie tickets, Spend spend spend!

  97. @fanOfRandy
    I agree with number 3 on your list, no more stab!! They say in scream 4 how Stab got to far fetched (time travel? really?), too lame, well i reckon if Scream continues with having Stab as such a major part of the movie, its just gonna get really lame.

  98. I don’t know if it is happening in your areas but the LA Times this Saturday edition, Scre4m’s 2nd weekend, had NO ADD for the film! It’s like they are abandoning ship because the initial take was so low. Maybe people don’t even know the movie is out yet? They should spend more on ads to remind people!

  99. for me scre4m was predictable, i noticed the similarities in each characters as the ones in scream, causing my mind to go thinking about if its jill it would be a whole “family drama” motive, and who was the geek who wanted to be cool? Charlie! didnt think for a moment it would be trevor, he was too like billy loomis, causing me to think it would be to much of a cliche to go down that road.
    what happened to deweys limp? it disappeared, i was waiting for him to get stabbed in the back and gail saying they fixed it before they can do it again! but nothing!

    a good way to go for scream 5/6 is one of the trio to go crazy on us and become the killer, syd would be the obvious choice, her life stresses and she’s killed all killers before, stu, billy, his mum, mickey, roman, jill. although she didnt kill Charlie jill did. 6/7 aint bad.
    gail, which will be after making the news for her comeback!
    Dewey, hmm… a long love connection for syd! anyone else notice the “moment” between him and syd in scre4m?
    who knows what will happen when/if 5cream or scream 6 is made, we’ll have to wait and see.

  100. This is the end of the franchise sad to say, I know it to be so. For christ sake Tyler Perry’s new movie, Water For Elephants both opened with higher box offices, this week Scream 4 is now 4th place, with even Hop beating it out in it’s 4th week in theaters!!! I hate to say it but EVERYONE knows Scream 4 is NOT the original scream, it’s not going to catch like wildfire and blow into something huge because moviegoers and society today just ISN’T like it was in the 90’s. The 90’s were WAY better all around and anyone who struck gold back then isn’t striking it a second time now. You need something new. I personally loved that i got to revisit the franchise and see the old characters and have a new twist and etc etc. I personally loved Scream 4 in all aspects. But i HIGHLY doubt we’ll see any more Screams. Franchise is finished people. Just got to accept that and love that you at least got to see our Scream family one more time.

  101. According to sources from moviehole, who got info from some weisntein employee’s, Scream is dead for now.

    I dont understand why the hell do people keep saying Reboots are bigger?? They are not scream 4 could still pull in 120m worldwide, But reboots/remakes like Friday the 13th are big for 1 week domestically (in a good release date unlike scream4)then they drop crazy big domestically and Reboots/remakes are flops internationally! Friday the 13th worldwide reboot made 91m, scream 4 will beat that, A nightmare on elm street 115m worldwide, halloween- 80m worldwide halloween 2 is the only real reboot to get a sequel, reboots make one film and are not bigger success’s than sequels especially worldwide, scream 4 will do 110m+ worldwide better than almost all reboots, not all horrors are flash in the pan hits like paranormal activity (shit). This if true is stupid analysts and movie execs (like weinsteins) faults over-spending and only basing their decisions on the first 2 weeks of a movie when in a few months worldwide a film like scream 4 will be pushing 100m worldwide, that for any film is a success especially for a horror.

    If this is true screw the weinsteins, worldwide boxoffice + Dvd sales etc would of made them basically what the previous installments made, their just fucking greedy. (i take these comments back if it turns out moviehole is reporting false info).

    Also whats strange, bob weinstein always seem very involved (lil to much) in the franchise, he liked williamsons scripts (mainly) and did want craven for to trilogies, as cravens certainly in his later years, you’d think they put aside petty major box office for the film and for the fact these could be the final films any of these people work on the scream franchise, plus the sequel would be bigger new generations have been introduced, just give it a better release date, smaller budget, and let the script be what it originally is. Also i cnat see Bob Rebooting scream, it would just be ghostface chasing random people instead of characters with rich and well known backgrounds, with some form of star power, Pray for the best!

  102. In Scream 5 I would like to be in it. I would lke to be a survivor. Scream is chasing me and i go insisde a house. then my big sister casey comes. I tell her he’s out there. then he comes in we go to the back. we brake tha door and run. then we get to ou hous.casey goes upstirs andi stay down stairs. she then cees dead bodys falli9ng out the ceiling and everywhere. i kum up. he tells me not to look. thn he breaks threw da door behind me. casey pushes me out o’ the way,e cuts my arm and i fall down the stairs. casey tries to run but he pushes her down the stairs too. she tells me to get up. then we hear sirins. the police take us to the hosital. he folows us their. then i hear screems and slashes. casey wakes up and we go out of the hospital room. we c blud everywhere. then we c him. we run out of the hospital n’ hed to r house. on the way i fall. casey helps me get up. we get in the house but he’s right behin’ us. we try 2 close da door but he pushes it bak. i run upstairs and casey falls. scream cmes up and grabs casey and she kiks him down da stairs. we get to a room and she tells me 2 get in da closit wit her. he breaks the door.he strts 2 serch da room an she tel me o get on da top shelf and get under d cover. while she gets in er hamper. screams cums in da closet and cees nothin’. then he heres casey. he noks down the hamper and she fals out. scream trys 2 stab her, but i fall on top o’ him.then i getu and we run to her bo’s house. his name is zack. i’ll let we do da rest.

  103. Jill should have lived. Sid in coma at end of 4. Kirby actually survived!

    5 is Jill in college, opens w/ ghostface killing someone and pull off mask, it’s Jill. Then more ghostface killings and we realize that… what? It’s not just Jill, someone else is trying to be the killer at the same time! Dewey and Gail involved. Kill Dewey. Gail goes on to 6. Jill finds out duplicate killer is ??? then kills dupe-killer or joins dupe-killer.
    6 is Jill killing again, out of control for attention from fickle audiences that want celebrities, and to see them fail. Sid wakes up kills her and show that audiences still loves a real hero w/ character.

  104. regardless of the box office numbers, i still think scream 5 and 6 should be made. we as fans deserve closure with our characters, closure scream 4 didnt give, i mean the final shot was of jill.

    now my ideas
    bring kirby back, i feel it was unfair to us saying “yea its all about the new cast. but yet they were all killed off with 2 of them being the killers themselves. and i thought kirby had the best chances of survival.

    also, no more family past and if so someone besides sid, granted they have made for great movies and put sid in front but i think its about time for someone elses time in the spot light. which i though jill was gonna do. but i like that twist.

    and i read on here someone wants robbie back? not gonna happen sad to say but he was bleeding pretty serveirly( i suck at spelling.)

    and i agree more races other than white. and bringing back joel would be a breath of old fresh air. im not sure what they will do though.

  105. :o
    i was just thinking on how you could do scream 5.
    see in scream 4 they gave us 3 openings right?

    well in scream 5 maybe a dream sequence

    here is what im thinking
    kirby DOES survive and say she wakes up in her room or hospital bed (up to the writers) sees a picture of jill and all the “gang” starts crying or something idk, then gets a call from ghostface threating to kill her and then she gets attacked and right before her “final stab” she wakes up violently. if not an opening deff a possibilty for an after the title sequence or something within the movie. either way i want to see kirby come back. and i also think…i know ppl will hate me. but we see LESS of sid in 5, say she decides to finish her book tour and you only see her on TV, pretty much just mentioning her. and i think dewey should in an ingtergal part in 5 as almost a lead right along with kirby, while in previous one (i guess besides 3) he was just the comedic relief. i want to see him be more of a hero. and with gail have her in as much as she usually is. and as long as new characters? how aboul old ones along with randys sister, joel, or something idk. maybe have a “whos who” of survivors, but id like to see more of randys sister, the meek name must live on! lol. oh wait…maybe less of gale due to the real like divorce between david and courtney. none of us have brough that up. but overall i think we all agree more of kirby. maybe stu or billy had a brother? or maybe a jealous ex? or maybe just some insane non motivational killer, yea that would show people. i want to hear some more rational ideas.

  106. i want kirby and judy back and i want to see them as the ghostface

  107. OK so I am in skool for conferences my mom has to conference with my little sister’s teecher. mrs ower, my teacher, has to do something and locks the door. I wait in their alone. she tells me to put papers on desks. i go by the supply closet and out of nowhere he pops out behin’ me and cuts my arm. i start runnin’ around the classroom and then i get under a dezk. he walks away. i get out from under and then smash him with a chair. i try to run out the door but he is rit behin’ me. i crack open the door but he pulls me back in the classroom. circle roun’ the class and go back to da door. he comes up an’ stab but i duk an’ he gets the nife stuk inn da door. i run to the bak o’ da room. i flip a desk out da windo. i walk on da eg o’ da roof top. then he cums up an’ nearly cuts me but he misses. i get a shard o’ glass and stab him. meanwhile my sister is jus’ comin’ up and she hears da comoshun an’ trys 2 get in. but da doors locked. she uses her hand to brake the emergenci fire ax. she gets and cuts the nob off da door. she kiks da door down and comes in. gostface pushes me offf but i hang on da eg. he rases his nife and…. my sister stabs him wit my da ax frum behin’ and he falls. my sister grabs my han’. rit then we think hes ded but then he actually is still in da class. casey waks out behin’ me and gostface brales threw da door and grabs her hair. i tell her pull it out but she thinks i’m insane. i tell her once more an’ she does. he cums out the room an’ grabs me. he chokes me on da rale o’ da stares. then i kik him and he throws me down the stairs. i fracture my arm an’ leg. casey trys 2 help me but he grabs her. my mom cums out an’ takes the ax an’ stabs him in stealth mode. then we all go 2 da hospital …


  109. jill crazy sydeny said clear clear ding

  110. man i need scream 5 plz wes craven do it for for the children for the children no but really i need scream 4 to live in this world

  111. i think that they should make scream 5 and 6 but dont wait as long and that someone that has been in all the movies should be the next killer because frankly there is no one else that knows everything about the original murders except sydney, dweey, gail and sid’s father

  112. I think if they will make another scream movie they should get kirby to comeback because they never officially confirmed that she died, they just left her for dead.

  113. Okay, i think they should continue with the SCREAM triolgy!!! I mean, there’s alot of fans of the SCREAM movies, plus me! The first time i’ve seen the 1st one, i was only 2(two) years old! I was scared at first, but i watched it again, and loved it!! I’ve been watching SCREAM ever since, and loved the 2nd and 3rd one! When i heard there was going to be a forth one, i got excited and happy! Now a 5th and 6th? Awesome, can’t wait!!!!! But please don’t wait 10 years again! I’m 15 right now and i don’t wanna be 25 when it finally comes out!! Please for the fans and me, continue with SCREAM, and Ignore the haters, listen to the fans!!!! I’m pretty shure theres more fans then haters! My whole town and family loves SCREAM!!!!! Continue, and Wes Graven, good job on the SCREAM movies, your awesome!!! Good-Bye!

  114. Okay, i think they should continue with the SCREAM triolgy!!! I mean, there’s alot of fans of the SCREAM movies, plus me! The first time i’ve seen the 1st one, i was only 2(two) years old! I was scared at first, but i watched it again, and loved it!! I’ve been watching SCREAM ever since, and loved the 2nd and 3rd one! When i heard there was going to be a forth one, i got excited and happy! Now a 5th and 6th? Awesome, can’t wait!!!!! But please don’t wait 10 years again! I’m 15 right now and i don’t wanna be 25 when it finally comes out!! Please for the fans and me, continue with SCREAM, and Ignore the haters, listen to the fans!!!! I’m pretty shure theres more fans then haters! My whole town and family loves SCREAM!!!!! Continue, and Wes Craven, good job on the SCREAM movies, your awesome!!! Good-Bye!

  115. i cant wait i love the movies but sadlly if ggail doesnt die in the 5th scream im gonna stop liking the movies

  116. i cant wait i love the movies but sadlly if ggail doesnt die in the 5th scream im gonna stop liking the movies

  117. i honestly think that Williamson and Craven need to bring back kirby into the story because she was a good plus to the movie. Scream 4 was tied with the first one as being the best. i loved it how they brought the new technology of the iphones into the movie to show that they are supporting the new technology. They should end up having Martha Meeks, or Sidney’s father as the killer to shock audiences over the world because of how people forget about the small characters in the previous films.

  118. I would love to see a scream 5 but whatever happened to that guy who saved sidney in scream 3 remember the dude from that grey’s show..bring him back for scream 5! who agrees with me on that

  119. For all the screams fans and ghostface speically im in favor for scream 5 all in favor scream lol

  120. I don’t really care what happens in Scream 5 as long it’s the same trio, no member of the trio dies (especially Sidney i love Sidney) and Ghostface number 5 still has a ‘link’ to Ghostface number 1.

  121. You can never ever kill off Sidney ok Sidney is my favourite character.. If you dont want it to be all about her then do like you did in the 3rd movie dont have her being chased and hunted the entire movie.. You should have her copping really well now not stressing about her mother or worrying about Ghostface and just have her all calm. Then you could have Ghostface do some killings and keep it quiet you know or something so that Sid doesn’t find out straight away then you could have Sid find something that tells her hes back or maybe she comes to Woodsboro for a visit or press conference/publicity thing about the book (i dont no much about the book i havent seen the 4th one)and someone asks her how she feels about the recent killings and thats how she finds out. Then you can have her imagining the Scream everywhere and maybe people thinks she is crazy cause all these killings have been silent but then the killings are more public and someone sees the actual Ghostface and then he goes for Sidney and Dewey and Gale, but they survive and then the killer can be Kirby or someone who was never actually confirmed dead or someone could move to Woodsboro or someone who you would never think would do it and make that person the obvious killer on screen so you think its not them cause the are obvious!!! KEEP SCREAM GOING AND KEEP THE TRIO GOING!!!!!

  122. as long as scream 5 fallows the original trio and starts off where scream 4 left off it would be awesome and dont kill Sidney because she is the only one who knows the how to keep staying alive because if she could stay alive for 4 scream movies then it shouldnt be a problem for a number 5 also let sidneys parents come back home because in the first scream her dad went on a bussiness trip and never came back home soo where the hell did he go ? soo tht would also be a great surprise for him to show up at her house and then end with him leaving again going back home but DONT LEAVE WOODSBORROW

  123. I LOVE ALL THE SCREAM MOVIES the scream movies are the best thing thats ever happened to me it brought me and my best friend even closer together. the movies are just amazing i pray there will be a screm 5 and 6 and mabye even 7 the actor who played sidneys dad died or quit. i remember reading something like that somewhere


    SCREAM’S BIGGEST FAN (even though im only 11);)

  125. I do think scream 4 took to long to come out only cuz i wanted to see it sooner. kirby was my favorite, i thinks she is still alive cuz when sidney came back in the house after looking for jill, right before charlie grabbed her she open the basement door and heard something like a door openning downstairs i think it was kirby pulling herself back into the basement from out side

  126. i hope kirby and robbie are in them mostly robbie because he was the film geek and randy got to the sequal so i hope robbie comes back!

  127. Wow i am a little late to this page lol. Oh well it was mention before about the 5th part of a franchise sucking, that is true. Because those franchises you named really didn’t have a true point to their stories after the original one was told. But the scream franchise is a story, with each chapter it tells more about it. So as long as the writer is staying true to it then the 5th would also be good. But i do have one story that created a 5th infact it also completed a sixth and that was star wars… which is really a 9 chapter story.

  128. I believe that there should be a fifth movie, I (personally) loved the fourth installment (especially Kirby!!!) and I have to agree that the Weinsteins should stay away from Scream. They really don’t do their jobs right, they change amazing scenes into awkward scenes and kill off every character until you’re left with nothing. If they do create a 5th movie, have more people with Tatum’s personality. SHE IS THE ONLY ONE THAT FOUGHT BACK TO THE KILLER! THE TATUM SPARK MUST BURN ON! LOL. But they should make another one. And you shoudn’t just look at the first few seconds of the movie’s release, and go all, “Oh, we didn’t make any money, so we can’t produce another one…” Well boo fucking hoo. At least give the movie a chance before you give up. Have a little faith!

  129. There should be a 5th one!
    They didn’t show Kirby completely die!
    So who says She’s dead if they didn’t show it?
    I honestly think, Sidney should crack. She becomes the killer, and Kirby becomes the new Sid.
    You do a remake to out do the original right?
    Sid survived the first one, and its almost like scream 4 would be the first one.
    So Kirby would be Sid.. The one who survived.

  130. If they make a scream 5/hope they do They should have at least 1 part have the scarecrow ghostface in it that would be cool thats it 1 part.

  131. I agree with a lot here! But, Jill is best as Sid’s cousin, sorry ppl. But,-

    Kirby does need to come back, we need someone from the “New Blood” in this new trilogy.

    Without Wes Craven Directing, Neve, Davis, And Courtney coming back to their roles there is no movie. But, one of them needs to go.

    The funny needs to be more serious and dark. Plus when it was it wasn’t suppose to be funny.

    The cast needs to fit. With every SCREAM film you could feel the connection, the third failed at that. The second was very close to failing at that. The fourth Passed as wall as the first. Keep it up!

    SCREAM 4 really didn’t leave an opening for killers and new characters, so kill Judy and show everyone exactly how Murine Prescott died and leave the writing to Kevin Williamson. Pitch ideas and suggestions if you must Bob and Harvey but don’t change his work because the audience trusts him and Wes. No really knows of the work you’ve done in order to trust you!

  132. I saw all four scream movies in one week in December for the first time. I enjoyed them and when I heard about a scream 5 I thought since becoming an actor myself, it might be something to consider. Wes Craven directed Johnny Depp in a nightmare on elm street with no experience before. It will be interesting if that will happen again with the new generation.

  133. Sidney should just be a side character in the fifth one (she’ll still be an author and take up another job as a high school guidance counselor) and be the mentor to a girl who becomes the new target of the Ghostface killings. Kirby would return in this, as well. And she’s Sid’s new assisstant (taking place of Rebecca from “Scre4m”).

    Ghostface should undergo a transformation, costume-wise. They have other versions of the ghostface mask out there. They should have Scarecrow Ghostface or Zombie Ghostface.

    Another thing they should do for Scream 5 is take someone who’s from the line of teeny-bopper, Disney channel/nickelodeon royalty and make them the killer. Hey! It’s already been done with Emma Roberts! (Anybody remember “Unfabulous”?) There’s no harm in doing it again. Plus, it’ll show versatility in the actor/actress they choose.

    Since half of the killers in the series have blood ties to Sidney, it would be awesome if Sid discovers that Roman (of “Scream 3″) had a son that no one knew about. And so Sid’s nephew would be avenging his father by going after her. I’m just spit-balling ideas here.

  134. please make a scream 5 bob wenstein listen to your bother but please make a scream 6 too so we can have a new trilogy! then kill everyone of the main characters in each scream sequel. kill gale off at the start of scream 5 then kill dewey at the start of scream 6 maybe kill off sidney maybe not! you should put a killer twist at the end.!! make an original member of scream 1 to return in scream 5 as one of the killers put another new killer in it give gale and dewey clues of who the killer is but give it a killer twist at the end wait hang on billys still alive as he takes his mask off in scream 5! billy didnt actually die in scream 1 he got shot in the head with a blank bullet! please bring an original cast member back as one of the killers in scream 5! in scream 6 kill everyone off in the next trilogy! i still think you wenstein brothers should make a new trilog!do remakes after!

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