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The Prizes:
1st Place Winner: Adult Ghostface costume
2nd Place Winner: Ghostface mask
3rd Place Winner: Ghostface mask
4th Place Winner: Ghostface mask

How To Enter:
“What’s your favorite Scream and why?” Simply use the comments section below to provide your answer, and include a valid email address (this is very important).

Fine Print:
Sorry, the contest only open to USA residents. The contest closes at end of Thursday, April 14th, 2011 (the day before Scream 4‘s US release) at which point the winning entries will be drawn randomly and announced on this site. Winners will need to contact us using the same email address as their answer below. Good luck to all!



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122 Responses to “ Scream Giveaway: Ghostface Costume & Masks ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. My favorite Scream is the first one, I love everything about. Nothing before that movie was as clever and mysterious and so eerie.
    Casey’s death was shocking to me because she seemed really sweet and had a happy life. Her death shocked woodsboro and it also shocked audiences around the world.
    Also the ending was a big shock to me, it was also very sad because they all had been friends for a very long time it seemed and bam just like that they started killing everyone around them.

    I love how the movie flowed, it was not too rushed but at the same time It was not too slow that people got bored. It had audiences at their edge of their seats with every scene that came by.
    That is why Scream is my favorite one :)

  2. What’s my favorite Scream and why? Well, I’d have to say Scream, Scream 2, and Scream 3. Simply because, Scream 1 Set the rules, Scream 2 broke the rules, and Scream 3 had no rules. It’s the perfect movie trilogy (until the 15th) and it examines the aspects horror has on each generation.

  3. I love the original Scream! I was only 10 years old when it came out in theaters in 1996. My older brother took me to see it under false pretenses. We were supposed to be going to see a comedy, but unbeknownst to me, it was Scream he had purchased tickets for. I didn’t even know what it was when the title popped up on the giant cinema screen. For nearly two hours I was taken for an emotional ride. I was fully immersed by the time Drew Barrymore had a knife plunged into her flesh. I laughed, I screamed, and I had the best movie going experience I had ever had. I can remember going home that night terrified and excited at the same time. I ran through the door to tell my mother what I had just seen, something my brother wished I hadn’t done!! I laid down to sleep that night with my heart racing, praying the phone would not ring!

  4. The 3rd one is easily deemed the weakest of the trilogy’s but i’d say it’s my favorite because it was the only one i saw in theateres, (i was 8) it scared the living crap outta me, and i loved the funny parts. I made my parents buy me the trilogy, so i could see the first two, and i’ve been a fan ever since. Scream 3 was like the first one for me(:

  5. The 3rd one is easily deemed the weakest of the trilogy’s but i’d say it’s my favorite because it was the only one i saw in theateres, (i was 8 years old) it scared the living crap outta me, and i loved the funny parts. I made my parents buy me the trilogy, so i could see the first two, and i’ve been a fan ever since. Scream 3 was like the first one for me(:

  6. Favorite Scream? “Part I”

    Why? “Why Not?”

  7. my favorite scream film was the first one. i mean this is something that can happen to anyone. you get a call and he asks Whats your favorite scary movie. when i first saw the first one i was afraid at the beginning that he would jump out but it built up to it no other scream film suprised you like the first because you knew that he was gonna kill the first characters you see.the twist at the end of scream was amazing as well i loved the whole stear you away from the truth kinda story. anyway Scream 1 forever and cant wait for SCRE4M

  8. The first Scream was definitely the best out of all of them. The first one basically sets the mood of scariness and plays around with it, adding humor. The opening scene, the innocence of Drew Berrymore’s character and the chilling, creepy, threatening voice provided by Roger Jackson as the killer. The first one sets the story in which the rest of the movies follow and it’s amazing how great they used the story to make a movie so terrifying. The mask still to this day is so scary. If you go to CVS, you’ll see all these bloody, gross, annoying masks but then you see a plain scream mask. It has a look that if you really look into it and imagine it chasing you in your house, you get freaked the hell out. Scream is the best horror movie ever made in scary movie history. I remember when i first watched it i was VERY young and i’d ALWAYS get nightmares. The movie flowed perfectly and keeps you to the edge of your seat. The great thing about it is how they use comedy, mystery, and terror. The comedy and mystery takes away from the terror so that when the terror arrives its like BANG. I love Scream the best.

  9. My favorite Scream movie is the original. My reasons are that the opening scene is so well acted and terrified me the first time I watched it because it feels like this can really happen to you in real life just like how to movie. The fact that the killer is a human being and not some alien or zombie makes it more scarier. The ending was the best part by far then any other scream movies because it was way gorier then the rest. When stu and Billy were stabbing eachother was so messed up, in a good way that is.

  10. The original “Scream” is my favorite. It was so innovative at the time of its release and it was one of the first horror movies I ever saw and really triggered my love of the horror genre.

  11. SCREAM was my first horror film that I got to see in the theaters. At the age of 17 I shouldn’t have been able to go in but thanks to the owner of this small theater who knew me well I was allowed in. This definitely wasn’t my first experience watching a horror film. At the young age of 6 I was exposed to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre with my Mom. I later got into Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, and Friday the 13th but it was those Wes Craven films that attracted me to horror. Sure they scared the crap out of me but I loved it. I wasn’t sure what to expect with SCREAM but I knew I wanted to see what it had to offer.

    It was in that almost 2 hours of film that I was blown away. It all started with the opening scene of Drew Barrymore getting killed that brought about total shock. When I seen her name attached to it I figured she was going to live. Boy I was wrong! What a shock to find out they killed a major actress in the first 10 minutes of film. I knew from that point I was in for something different. Then I was taken into the world of these kids that seemed to be just like my friends and I at high school. Just the average kids hanging out talking about the happenings of the day and of course talking horror films when the chance arose. I thought finally a film that has a cast I can relate to. The story in SCREAM just roped you in and made you care about these characters. You cared about who was going to live and who was going to die. Then there was the mystery of finding out who was behind the mask. I knew Billy had to be one of the killers but Stu was the surprise for me. Two killers working together as Ghostface was a very cool concept to me. When I first seen Ghostface besides the shock of how he first appeared I thought what a cool mask and costume. Knowing that you could actually buy the mask and costume made it that much cooler. At this time I actually owned that mask before the film came out. It was just another reason I could relate to this film. It was this combination of things that made this movie different but yet all the more reason why I loved it

    I went on to see SCREAM two more times while it was still in theaters. Then of course when it came out on VHS I got that as well. SCREAM became embedded in my mind. That’s why it’s my favorite of the SCREAM Trilogy.

  12. My favorite scary movie would be…..Scream!!! Because this movie is an oringinal and nothing else can top it! What else can I say its a classic! 2 more weeks til’ Scream 4!!!!!!!

  13. Scream 2! It’s my favorite because it proved how rule-bending the series is,by upping the body count & killing off Randy, a popular & main character.
    The suspense scenes are gut wrenching,the scene of Sidney & Hailie in the cop car gets my nerves wrecked still.
    Plus the reveal of Mrs.Loomis as the killer was totally unexpected. You could of guessed that Debi Salt was a killer but never of guessed she was Billy’s mother. That was one of the greatest twists in the entire series

    In all, Scream 2 is my favorite mainly because of higher “carnage candy”,suspense, & twists!

  14. I’d have to say Scream 2.

    Part II was the smash follow up that did great.

    It totally made a good sequel to a good scary movie; a rarity in those days of horror, and frankly these days.

    Scream 2 was so clever and scary and perfect. Witty college kids with smart mouths with beautiful faces, and Roger L. Jackson’s voice was the scariest and most dark in that one, personally.

    The movie had a chilling opening, it mirrored the reality of seeing Scream 2 opening night.

    It made fun of itself, while pulling off a really great film.

    At this point, I believe Scream 2’s feeling of nostalgia will be given off again in Scream 4. A successful series now opening to critical audiences, to be shocked by it’s quality.

    Scream 2 means the most to me because it’s my favorite of the SCREAM’s. It had the best opening, and ending in my opinion. The ending was so clever and scary.

    My email is:

  15. My favorite movie. Thats not a hard question. It would definitely be Scream 1. Why? Because, although it was very eerie and made you afraid, it was all so possible. Someone can easily do what Ghostface did in Scream. Anyone can get in a costume. Anyone can hide in your house when your not looking. Anyone can get a knife and come after you with it. And what makes this movie memorable? The fact that you don’t know who is on the other side of a telephone line. You pick up, and automatically, you are sucked into the conversation. You have no clue from the beginning where the conversation can go, all you know is that your along for the ride. And if you hang up, they will just call right back. The movie is so real that can easily happen to anybody, in any town, little or small. Anyone can be a victim. It all comes down to the simple terms of life. Be someones bitch and regret it later, or take action and bring the M-F’er down.

  16. The first ‘Scream’. Not only was it smart and scary but also had a great script, great acting, and great work behind the camera. Scream resurrected the slasher genre during a time when horror became too cliche and viewers had become desensitized. Scream is one of the only reasons why slashers are still made to this day. It breathed new life into the genre.

    That is why the first Scream is the best.

  17. What’s my favorite Scream and why? Of course I’m going to have to go with the original Scream. Scream basically took all of the cliches that past horrors had created and broke every single rule. Scream basically did everything you WEREN’T supposed to do, thus making it an interesting and clever movie. Kevin Williamson’s script was absolutely fantastic; amazing deaths, witty characters, hilarious dialogue. It was basically the ultimate fright fest for old and new lovers of the horror genre. And the ultimate reason is that it was my first horror film ever (I remember watching it at the age of 4 at my grandma’s house; terrified out of my mind).

    The absolute thing that the makes the movie so terrifying and that will forever put it down in horror history is the realism. I hardly ever get scared, but the ending of the opening scene is terrifying and absolutely one of the most emotionally exhausting scenes of any film I’ve ever watched. We hardly know this girl and she’s being brutally murdered by someone she doesn’t even know (or thinks she doesn’t know). Also, when her parents arrive at the house and discover that it’s been wrecked, everything just gets hard to watch. Showing the parents’ reaction to their daughter being brutally murdered for an unknown reason was absolute horror genius. You never think about how devastated the family is to find their loved one gutted and hung from a tree; but Scream showed us just that.

  18. I love the original but Scream 2 is my favorite of the trilogy. In addition to the GREAT supporting cast, the film had some of the best one-liners: “I’m having a really bad day.” (Cotton) “Why do you always answer a question with a question?” Cicil)

  19. I would have said Scream 3 because it was the only one I saw in theatres and I was really old enough (8 years old) to remember the whole experience and how much the movies affected me. But after rewatching Scream 2 a couple of times, I think that’s my favorite now. It has a LOT of really scary parts and it’s very original. It also goes right up there on the list of GOOD sequels.

  20. My favorite Scream is definitely the first one because of all the realism that was put in the movie. But what influenced me the most was the 3rd one, I was 7 years old when it first came out, and I first heard about it on TV in the Philippines. I was so excited for it to come out because Scream, even though I was super young, has influenced me already. My private school in the Philippines was pretty loose on their rules, so one day I brought my Ghostface mask to school and chased my friends around with it, and man, playing tag was never the same after that. It was great, although I never got to watch any of them in theatres, because no one would take me, once it came out on VHS, I rented it every weekend. My siblings actually got mad and tired of me going to the Video store because I would rent Scream 3 all the time. I mean come on! It was like 15 pesos to rent the movie which is equivalent to 25 cents in US dollars to rent the movie for 5 days. I remember saying my first English curse word because of the movie too, it was obviously the F*** word, I even taught my oblivious cousins the word hahah! Man, that bitter bar of soap was in my mouth for a good 4 hours. Anyways, enough of my childhood, I think Scream 3 was actually a really good movie, I never got tired of it and it’s very re-watchable (word?) for me because it’s the closest one to modern days. Although the chase scenes weren’t nearly as good as Casey Becker’s and Sidney’s in the first movie, and the suspense couldn’t really compare to the one in S2, Scream 3 will always be a big part of my childhood and my life. It triggered my love for horror movies and my admirationg to the bravery of a person like Sidney Prescott.

  21. I love all of the Scream movies, seen them as many times as a fan should but my favorite would have to be the first time someone screamed, when the phone calls began, the Scream that started it all, the one and only SCREAM. The reason, who wouldn’t love this movie, with such a powerful, yet anguished opening, where you feel as terrified as the victim and want her to survive. And the many shout-outs to Wes Craven and mention to many other scary movies. Who couldn’t love the four who survived, Sidney, with the very troubled history of her mother that is revealed, Randy, a lovable film geek who sadly will never get his dream movie, Dewey, a brotherly dimwitted cop who gets injured too many times, and, of course, who could forget, the one, the only, Gale Weathers, the bitch that you just have to love and my personal favorite character in the movies. Kevin Williamson is a genius with writing Scream, Scream 2, and Scream 4 but don’t put down Ehren Krueger for Scream 3 and the revisions to Scream 4. Scream is pure genius, nothing could have made it any better, it already had an awesome cast, gruesome kills, lovable characters, those little hints that make it pass off as parody horror (leaning more towards horror, of course), and of course a predictable yet completely surprising twist. I can’t wait for Scream 4!

  22. The first one for sure. I used to watch it with my dad all the time when I was REALLY 6 or 7. He would put it on every time before I took a nap. Because I loved it. Not because he was evil. And after he died, I always get this reminicent feeling of when wed lay down together and watch it. And now I’m obsessed with the whole series. But if I had to choose one its the first. Not to mention the ending is just epic. The beginning is too. But how often to you see something as Fvcked up as two guys stabbing eachother over and over.

  23. I love the original but Scream 2 is my favorite of the trilogy. In addition to the GREAT supporting cast, the film had some of the best one-liners: “I’m having a really bad day.” (Cotton) “Why do you always answer a question with a question?” (Cici) “It’s called a Makeover. You could use one yourself, Gale” (Debbie Salt)

  24. my favorite scream is all of them, the first one because of its originality, the second one because there is a complete twist at the end and you can never guess who the killers are( but if you watch it enough you will realize that the reporter is the killer, she just seems like an annoying person) the third one because it tied the whole thing together, why it all happened, why her mom was killed, and who got this all started, the fourth one is also going to be my favorite because there is no clue to who the killer is( my guess is rory culkin) and i hope gale bites it cause let’s face it she’s pretty annoying. P.S the only thing I didn’t like about SCREAM 2 is that they killed Randy, that was its only flaw.

  25. My favorite scream is Scream because of the opening scene with drew. I was only 8 at the tome That opening Yea we had to read it and watch it so boring but scene made me scared to answer the phone for weeks.

  26. How ironic…I just bought this last night off ebay for the Scream 4 premiere, LOL Exact same suit!

  27. scream 2 was and always will be my favorite because it shows a horror movie sequel can live up to its original.But most of all i remember being about 5 and my mom and some of her friends rented scream 2 and i snuck out my room to catch a glimpse at what everyone else is watching and when i saw just little part of the theater scene the creepy costumes caught my eye and i refused to go back to sleep so whenever a scary part would come up my mom would cover my eyes so the next night i snuck back out my room to grab the movie and watch what i missed and i was hooked on scream since then evan though i slept in my moms room for about a year since that night lol.

  28. My favorie Scream movie is the first one. Why? The first Scream was so scary and had so many fresh ideas that it sparked a new generation of horror. The film provided great characters, and amazing actors who portrayed their roles very closely. The film was filled with suspense, fright and the feeling of nervousness. When I first saw scream, I felt very nervous and scared about the different situations involved. To this day, I still get chills down my spine during Sidneys house attack scene. Amazing movie!

  29. Scream 3 is my favorite. I know it wasn’t the best one but it gave you a sense of closure for Sydney

  30. My favorite SCREAM film was the first one. I loved all of the original three… but the original was by far the best. There was just something so fresh and new about the film. From the very beginning when Drew picked up the phone, you just knew that it was going to be an amazing film. It was no longer “Have you checked the children” (When a Stranger Calls) or strange noises (Black Christmas).. instead.. the called sounded calming in a way. He seemed very easy to talk to and that’s what made it all the more scarier when he suddenly snaps into crazy mode with the classic “I want to know who I’m looking at”.

    Not only was it the new use of phone torture… it was the likability of the characters. In the short time that Drew was on screen.. you fell in love with her character. You truly hoped that she would live.. and you honestly felt sorry for her parents when they found her body. This aspect hardly ever occurs in horror movies both past and present.

    Another thing that made me love the film was the comedy. It was amazing that you could go from laughing your ass off one second (“My mom and Dad are gunna be so mad at me”) to completely terrified at the drop of a hat.. and the fact that the movie COULD actually happen. All around.. SCREAM was the PERFECT horror/slasher film in my opinion. It was horrifying, funny, and sexy all rolled into one.

  31. The first Scream is definitely my favorite because at the time there was no other movie like it! Scream is also responsible for breathing life back into the horror genre and making the slasher sub-genre fresh again! Scream is a PERFECT film IMO. I absolutely love the Scream trilogy, but part one is definitely my favorite.

    Can’t wait for SCRE4M!

  32. my favorite would have to be scream 2. personally its my favorite because i love how Sid’s character evolved in just that time from the first movie.i also love how the killer can kill the two opening kills in such a public place and not get noticed. scream 2 also had some very great one liners that i will never favorite part of the movie out of all is when i saw how Billy’s mother came for revenge because i did think mickeys plot for fame for the killings was kinda lame and if it wasn’t for Billy’s mother movie scream 2 wouldn’t have been my favorite out of the trilogy.but who knows? once scream 4 comes out i might have a new favorite.

  33. Scream 3 is my favorite scary movie of all time, hopefully my opinion will change on the 15th. Why? I grew up on the Scream series and when the third one came out, I was old enough to realize that I was extremely in love with the series. I would buy the movie on Pay-Per-View everyday without telling my parents, which cost them a fortune (ooops). I was 7 at that time, so I was a little naive, after the finding out Scream 3 was the “final chapter”, I would make little signs with school paper and crayons and drop them off in every door around my neighborhood saying “Continue the Scream movies or the world will be very gloomy”. After a year, I memorized all the lines of Scream 3 and I would act out the film along with my cousins and brothers. Scream 3 wasn’t only a movie, it was my childhood.

  34. My favorite Scream would have to be the first one. Common to say, I know, but for me it’s much more than just a movie. Back when I was a child, I had no care in the world for horror movies. It was around the release of the third movie, the mask was at every Halloween store and I was about 8 years old. I had seen the trailers often on TV GUIDE and I was scared like hell by them. My Dad, playfully, had gotten the costume and called the house numerous times, spooking me there, and then bursting out of the closet to send me running upstairs and it took him an hour to coax me out of the closet and convince me it was a prank.

    About five years later, I had watched the series with a group of friends at a Halloween party. I was still scared by the simple, yet somehow twisted mask, but I was becoming something of a slasher movie connoisseur, my favorite being Halloween. I was an expert of almost every major franchise at 15 and Scream always came a close second on my top ten list, and the reasons have grown overtime.

    First being it’s such a great acted film, the emotions in it are real. Terror, sadness, grief, remorse, humor, all these emotions to give the cast a depth that has honestly never been seen before in any horror movie. Because of this, we care about the characters and that makes it so much scarier that they are in this situation.

    Second being I had come out of the closet at 17, a hopeful screenwriter but scared that my lifestyle would stop me from reaching that goal. One day someone informed me Kevin Williamson was not only a Halloween favoriter, but also gay himself. Needless to say, he became a hero of mine then.

    I loved his work, and I couldn’t be more excited that he’s come back in the 4th. Scream will always be one of my favorites, perhaps one day even claim the top.

  35. My favorite Scream film would be the second one, because it was more fresh it seemed. Like everyone in it was starting over then BAM! ghostfaces is back and all he’ll breaks loose. I guess I chose scream 2 because I love how much more intense it got, and left you on the edge of your seat. It was way more intense than the first one, because we aren’t starting a new story, were continuing, and making it more horrific than it ever was. With them adding new faces was just great. I loved everything about scream 2.

  36. Scream was by far the most innovative and original movie of its time. it blurred the lines between suspense, thriller and horror. It was brilliantly written and couldn’t have been done without Wes Craven’s insight to the genre. I can’t think of a cast member that was out of place and the hype of Drew Barrymore being the star only to be killed off in the opening sequence is unlike anything ever seen before.

    It opened up the doors for future franchises such as the I Know What You Did Last Summer series and Urban Legends. To this day I still watch it at least once a week. After watching it and going back to review it to see the clues that Kevin left us along the way was brilliant.

  37. My favorite Scream is the first becuase first off this was before Stab was in production making the horror movie fans even more like us as they were fans of “real movies”. I also like this the as the opening is perfect not rushed like the other two are. I really liked the acting, and realistic diologue between the two( Casey, and ghostface). Another great thing is when Ghostface is shown in person he is quiet which I feel it gives the movie more suspence.

    I really liked how Kevin really cared about character devlopment instead of bodycount like in Scream 3. Also in Scream you get Tatum the sassy sarcastic girl friend/best friend. I love when she plays around with Ghostface thinking it’s Randy showing her hidden, and/or unsuspected Personality. I love how she can fight. Although I feel the best thing about Scream is how it started the franchise

  38. Favorite Scream movie? Scream 1, by a long shot. It’s such a great example of postmodern film and is equally frightening and humorous at the same time. I like s1 the best because it has the strongest motive and the tightest storyline.

    I watched Scream when I was in 7th grade and have been hooked ever since. It scared me because the story was realistic. I also loved how the killer wasn’t a specific character like Michael or Freddy or Jason… it could be anyone! It could be me! haha.

    I was borderline obsessed (and I guess I still am). I didn’t understand why there were two different masks alternating in the opening scene, so I would sit and analyze the differences. I used to sit in front of the TV and pause the VHS to make sketches of the little details of the screen-used costume because I noticed that the funworld costumes weren’t similar at all! My mom and I would discuss my “blueprints” for a proper costume, but we never got around to making it After I saw Scream 2, my buddy and I would recreate death scenes in and around my house, using big Spaghetti noodles as guts! We stained one of my Mom’s rugs with corn syrup/red food coloring… that was an interesting day haha. I’ll have to dig up those pictures for you guys. That brings back great memories.

    Anyway, it’s still my absolute favorite scary movie. I can’t describe the feeling I get when I start watching or start talking about it. I get abnormally excited and I think I’ve freaked out a few of my close friends because of it. Also, I’ve recently realized my love for movie props and Scream has sparked my interest in being a prop master. Can’t wait for Scream 4!

    Thanks for this contest opportunity!

  39. My favorite Scream was the second one. When I was younger it was the first movie I ever saved money for to buy on my own. My friends and I would watch it whenever it rained (which was alot here on the Big Island of Hawaii) and we would pretend we were at the movies watching it for the first time. It was awesome and sooo much fun. That year was also my first year buying the Scream costume and wearing it to school for Halloween. Btw I was in the 4th grade. Best Halloween ever!!! Sadly my dad thought that I was a little too into the Scream movies, so he took both my Scream 2 VHS and my ghostface costume and through it away. No joke… It was horrible and I was never forget the day when I saw my VHS fly down the trash chute at the dump… That hasn’t stopped me and my love for the franchise though and I plan on seeing SCREAM 4 asap!

  40. I know I may catch hell for this answer, but I absolutely adore Scream 3. There has always been a flair of camp in my movie tastes, so when my favorite horror movie managed to go a little campy while still creating suspense and scare the crap out of me, I was all about it. Also, it was the first Scream I saw at an age where I could fully understand the humor. The other two I was too young to get some of it and now, only as an adult, do I appreciate the entirety of the series. Also, the change from 2 killers to 1 was quite clever, especially the way it was done. Although Sidney is our ‘victim royalty’ I liked that it pulled away from her a bit and gave Dewey and Gale some more time to shine. Parker Posey can do no wrong in my book and to this day, I can quote every Jennifer Jolie line. Scream 3 is my choice for favorite, although it may change once 4 comes out since it will be the first Scream I will see in the theater.

  41. My favorite Scream movie is Scream 3. I know that most think this wasn’t as good as the first 2, but it was the first scream/horror movie I saw. I was 12 when I saw it. I really wasn’t a big fan of horror movies. My dad took me to the rent a movie and I remember I got a pokemon movie. At the counter they had the new releases on display and Scream 3 was one of them. The title caught my eye. So I asked to see the movie. I read the description and thought this seems interesting. So I asked my dad to get it too. He was hesistant but he go it. I saw Scream 3 that night with my other siblings. The opening scene was terrifying for me. I was my first time watching a horror movie. It scared me so much that I loved it! Ever since then I started loving horror movies. I returned it ang got the other two. I was hooked. I asked one of my friends at school if she had seen scream 3 and said she did. We both agreed that there would be a sequel. I waited 11 yrs for it! So yeah for me it’s Scream 3.

  42. My favorite scream has to be Scream 1. The main reason I enjoyed the first Scream is the awesome opening scene with Drew Barrymore talking to and getting stalked and killed by the killer. That scene set the tone for what the audience would encounter throughout the movie.

  43. I would have to say that Scream 2 is my favorite. I lived on a s mall college campus much like that portrayed in Scream 2 except we had no Greek life. So much of the setting and dialogue speaks to my own experience like the sequel discussion in the beginning. Also, there is just so much going on, with Halie trying to be grounded for Sid but dressing like the sorority girls, and everyone that you are supposed to suspect always wearing blue while Dewey and randy both wear green and Sid is so withdrawn in her muted earth tone clothing.

    Also, I believe that Scream 2 has some of the best one liners.
    For example:

    Cici: OK Ted, What’s up?
    Voice: You wish it was Ted, don’t forget to set the Alarm!!

    Dewey: (To Gale) And if you’ll excuse me, I’ve some oozing to do…oh, one more thing, Nice Streaks!

    Gale: Oh Sidney Share with us please
    Sidney: (Smack!) I’ll Share with You
    Halie: (To Joel): Did you get that on Film
    Joel: Yes I got that on film!

    Also, the whole “I think I love you” scene is awesome, the reveal and the ending in the auditorium is really top notch and no offense to scream 3 because I love it also, but Scream 2 and the same style of death scenes as Scream 1…Scream 3 was totally different even in death scenes and just not as good comparatively.

    Can NOT WAIT for Scream 4

  44. My favorite scary movie is “Carrie”. The reason is because she is someone that EVERYONE can identify with. You feel for her and her life at home. The movie all around just had this CREEPY tone with her mother being overly religious and never letting her have a social life. Not only that but you also feel for the kids that have to endure Carrie’s rage. The fact that they all burned alive makes my skin crawl. And let’s not even mention the end, where her mother tried to “Give Her Back To God” by trying to stab her to death. The fact that the house sinks into the ground with Carrie and her mother’s body while on fire is just SO CREEPY. That whole movie just has a tone that even after you’re done watching, you just can’t get it outta your head. It may not be a traditional slasher flick, but it’s a flick that takes a while to leave you. I love movies that have an “After Creep” value.


  46. My favorite scream has to be the first one because it redefined and took the slasher genre o the next level with music and brillian writing also it gave rules about how to survive. No other movie took it to the level that scream did because it provided you with suspense,thrill,confusion with more than one killers but also the voice gave you the chills instead of some random silent killer full of anger. The awsome fact was that you didn’t know who was behind the mask and that fact kept you on your toes wanting more and it gave you more as the movie went on. Also the first one had the infamous drew berrymore kill scene which really hadn’t been done before.The first scream paved the way for horror movies today and still is on top of everyones list of top horror legends. It’s the movie that will be remembered two days even 20 years from now because it is and will always be the best horror flick that will leave you wanting more and more every time.

  47. I meant *to and *brilliant

  48. The original Scream will always be my favorite movie of the series. The memories I have of seeing it for the first time with my father are fond and I hold them near to my heart. As I remember it, I didn’t even want to see the film in the first place. I thought it looked stupid and was just going to be another run of the mill horror movie. My dad was actually the one who had interest in seeing it and offered to take me, so, reluctantly, I agreed to go and accompanied him. We went to the local theater in town rather than going to the brand new Cinemark in the heart of the city. My dad thought it would be more special to see it at a historical location; one that had been there for the past forty years and gained a reputation of excellence. Looking back on it now, the theater we went to was very similar to the Rialto Theater in Scream 2.

    So we went to the theater, got a front row seat on the upper deck, sat back, relaxed, and watched what would ultimately become one of my all time favorite films. It was amazing! I went from expecting basically nothing, to being blindsided by the most shocking, influential, and phenomenal story I had yet seen on screen. It was truly ground breaking and I knew from that moment on that things would never be the same; not for me, and not for scary movies. From then on out, I was hooked on horror films and gradually became a major horror movie buff. Now, fifteen years later, I get to do it all over again. Only this time, it’ll be me taking my father to see Scream 4. It barely seems like a blink of the eye in the grand scheme of things, and I can’t wait to return the favor! Thank you Scream for leaving such a strong footprint in my life, and thank you dad for introducing me to it.

  49. My favorite installment of the entire trilogy would have to be the very first Scream. Why you ask? Scream is my most valued film of the three because it simply takes the horror genre to the next level. The acting, the simplicity, the terror…it all puts the audience in a state of mind that craves more. Which is why the geniuses name is Wes ‘Craven’. He knows exactly what his audience craves. The first Scream took what every horror movie had missed and ran with it. The trilogy as a whole mind-swept souls across the entire world. Scream paints a vivid picture of the ideal horror film of your typical blonde-haired, blue-eyed teen. How every single moment of Scream coincides with each event is absolutely tantalizing. When Gale and Sidney brush past each other after strongly-heated words to one another at Stu’s event filled gala. AMAZING! This is why Scream is my favorite. It sets a standard that would never be surpassed by another horror movie.

  50. Well i am only 13 and i started watching this series last year and ever since i fell in love with them. My favorite would have to be the first. Not only because of ghostface but probably because of the amazing cast and characters. Williamson created a horror movie that was like no other. It wasnt just another bloody horror movie it was a scary movie where you qctually cared for the characters. And from a fan point i just love all the wes craven scares and just the whole movie.

  51. Scream 2 is my favorite scream. It has i think some of the best suspenseful scenes of the series, like Sidney and Hallie in the cop car with ghostface and Gale and Dewey in the studio with ghostface. I thought it was a very well made sequel. It was smart, funny, and one of the best thrillers I’ve seen. Can’t wait for Scream 4!!!

  52. My favorite Scream would most definitely be the original. I was in 6th grade when it came out. At that time, I was already a huge fan of the horror genre. Halloween was my favorite horror movie, and it still is. When I saw the first trailer on t.v. for Scream, I was instantly excited about it. By the time my parents decided to take me to see it, our local theater had already quite showing it. I had built myself up to watching what looked to be a monumental film only to be let down with a crash. For months I waited, rather impatiently, for it to come out on video. I reserved it and rented it the first day it was released. Me and a group of friends sat in my bed room, captivated from the first telephone ring. Looking back, and having watched the movie many times since then, I appreciate the film on so many levels. It is scary and smart. It’s held up well over the years. I have never seen a more effective opening to any film since then (though Scream 2’s theater double murder gave Drew Berrymore’s slice and dice a run for it’s money.) While being a great horror film, it is also a great mystery. It demanded the audience to be smart and participate, trying to figure out just who Ghostface was. I love love love this movie. I can’t put it any other way.

  53. Well, Scream 2 is my favorite individual scary movie, but when I answer this question more generally I just say the Scream Trilogy. The second installment is my favorite, because the thrills are heightened in scenes like Ghostface chasing Gale and the back seat of the cop car, plus it built on the fact that these were now characters you cared about. Taking that further is why my answer is usually just The Scream Trilogy. The real distinction with these films is that you care about the characters. I’m so nervous for the fates of Gale, Dewey and Sidney in Scream4 that it actually makes my gut tighten!

    As an aside, one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen outside of the Scream franchise was “Wrong Turn,” about these inbred cannibals in the mountains of West Virginia. There’s one scene where someone hides under a bed, watches the cannibals eat others from the group and then has to sneak out once they’ve eaten themselves full and fallen asleep. There’s no music in the background and it’s as tense and tense could be. I screamed bloody murder when he/she (can’t quite recall) accidentally kicked a can on the floor and made noise. Then I had to turn on every light in my apartment. Ha ha. Thank God I live in New York City!

  54. Scream 1–it is the original. The masterpiece that began the trilogy thats just now starting to scare a new generation. It is the movie that introduced to a new brand of costumed killer and new icon for me generation. Not to mention drew Barrymore was hot and her kill was fresh :-) a simple phone call changed everything and it gave us one of our most favorite horror quotes, “what’s your favorite movie?” scream 1 is my favorite movie and bravo to Wes craven for giving me everything I craved in a horror movie.

  55. My favorite Scream movie is the first one, because when I watched it I was innocent and then, at the middle of the movie I was like “Kill them, ghostface!” and in the end I was screaming “Kill them, Sid!”. It’s unique because it’s the only horror movie I like both victim and killer.

  56. The 1st because there would be no others without it.

  57. I personally love the original because it set the ball rolling with modern horror and gave us 3 amazing sequels that all have an incredible story. All because of that first movie. Also, I love late 90s high school movies and this is a must see in the category.

  58. Whats my favorite Scream, and why? Well that’s easy, its the first part of the franchise, and why? Well that’s such a silly question, “why not” would be a much better question. Not only did Scream revolutionize the horror, and slasher movie genre but it set a real life tone to these kinds of “typical” slasher movies. Before Scream we had the usual “indestructible” killers, the ones that no matter what, just wouldn’t go down. Scream helped me, and I bet most of us all see the hilarity in the slasher genre, while still being witty and being a slasher in itself, and quite honestly I find that to be amazing.

    Scream was a well made slasher satire with a group of characters created by Kevin Williamson to pair the movie with that weren’t just characters, they were people. People that I could relate to, and finally get behind and hoped they survived there attack from the villainous Ghostface. Sidney, the beautiful and brave final girl. Dewey, the not so bright police officer. Gale, the bitchy and scheaming news reporter. Billy, the mysterious boyfriend and of course Casey, the innocent sweet first victim, among many others were just all brought to life and were made so great that it made us care about them, laugh at there wittiness, and even go beyond and make us wonder “what if”. That’s talent ladies and gentlemen, the typical slasher movie would have had its impact for the death scene and a few minutes after wards, but in no way did the audience ever wonder in ways to which the characters could have potentially survived.

    Not only is Scream my favorite film of the original trilogy because of its amazing script & characters, but also because of its originality and concept. I just love the whole idea that was set up in this first film of the phone stalking. It brought creepiness to a whole new level, and it really made me feel like this sort of thing could actually happen to anyone at anytime. Which is why I think that Scream was more than just a thriller, it was a horror movie that was so twisted in itself that actually had a teenage girl hung from a tree only a small distance away from her parents. It had a girl getting her head crushed in a garage door, and it just brought slasher movies to its top notch level! In a few final words, Scream for me is a movie that really entertains me, over and over again. Every time I watch it, its like the first time I am seeing it and every time there is always something better and intriguing about it. As time goes on, I feel like this movie gets better as I begin to understand more about it, and because of all this Scream is my favorite Scream movie of the franchise.

  59. SCREAM is the best for the simply reason that it is what hooked me to this franchise! It was fresh! It was different! and it was so clever! I remember NOT wanting to see it, my dad dragging me, and then leaving the theatre completely obsessed with the movie. Since then, I scream for anything SCREAM related!


  60. Out of scream 1, 2, and 3 i’d have to say 1! Scream Redifined what horror is. It is scary because it gives you a sense that maybe this could happen. I mean people get Crank called alot and one out of how many could get this phone call. Its just the thought of getting a creepy phone call, the killer breaking in and u running kinda creeps u out. Scream really brought horror to a new level. Scream showed that u can have a horror movie with out strong sexual scenes and nudity.

  61. Without a doubt, the best Scream is the first Scream because it was filmed near my hometown while I was in high school, making the story hit close to home. I remember the city council members of Santa Rosa and Petaluma bickering about the violence in the film and denying Craven & Co. the right to shoot. I also remember watching it for the first time on DVD in a old house out in the country, at night, not too far from where the final scene was shot. The whole experience made Scream surreal! I still take a walk past the “Woodsboro High School” building whenever I have a chance!

  62. I would have to say Scream. The slasher genre was slowly turning dead, and this series revived it. It was one of the best horror movies out there. Great actors, with horror and bits of dark comedy. What gets better than that? I always love how the movies kept you guessing til the last minute. It wasn’t something far fetched and weird like a crazy Asian girl or anything. It was something that could happen, and happened to characters who you cared about. So that being said, the Scream series is my favorite.

  63. I’ll have to go with SCREAM 1. I think the first one really set the tone with the opening scene plus adding the self-awareness elements really helped make the series stand out from your other typical slasher films!

  64. I would have to say the first scream is my favorite movie. it was really original for its time and it was the most gory one so far. The killing scenes where much more elaborate. Also it had Kevin and Wes’s work. It was a very smart movie and very hard to top ( i like all the screams, but its just so hard to top the first one). To me, it was like the first type of movie for its time, on how you have to guess who the killer is, unlike the movie i know what you did last summer, you actually know who the killer is at the end,it makes you feel like a detective and keeps you guessing the whole movie. scream is its own genre, funny and scary and suspenseful at the same time.. Plus, scream was the first scary movie i ever saw as a little kid and fell in love with it ever since.

  65. The first movie is definitely my favorite movie out of the scream franchise. I consider the first scream almost as a visual piece of art. I say this because this movie has moments in it that stand out in your mind and are almost iconic. The death of Casey Becker scene will always stay in my mind as well as the ending deaths at the party. Another reason why I love this movie is that it’s a true slasher that incorporates love for different horror movies. I am such a big horror movie nerd. I love movies from Hitchcock films to Monster B Movies to all of the original horror classics like Halloween, Rosemary’s Baby, Rear Window etc.. so to see such a good movie kind of embrace these movies and make a good story out of it really interested me. Hearing Billy LOOMIS and the scene were they watch Halloween I just thought it was such a good homage to some of the best horror films. A final reason why I love it so much is that it seems so real. The killer doesn’t have any super powers he is just a normal psycho person who could be living across the street. I just got out of High School and saw this movie when I was really young so I could really relate to this movie so much. I go to big parties like in the movie and it just feels like it could happen and that’s one of the reasons I love it so much.

  66. My favorite SCREAM MOVIE would probably have to be part 5, the reason it would be my favorite is because that means that we will SCREAM some more! The rules continue to be made so that they are continued to be broken..

  67. My favorite Scream movie would have to be the first one because it was new and different then any other horror movie before or after it. The cast was good and so was the story and without the original Scream we wouldn’t have a Scream 2, 3, or 4 and quite possibly even a scream 5 and 6.

  68. Scream 1 because it set up all the other screams. Plus it was the horror movie that got me in to horror movies.

  69. My favorite Scream is without a doubt Scream 1. Not only is it one of the most original and influential horror films of all time it features such an amazing cast with great chemistry. Neve and Skeet really seem like they have a rocky relationship. And everyone else flows so beautifully. I think the lines are more memorable in the first one too. I could quote so much of the dialogue. Its just fresh. It has inspired me to get a portrait tattoo of ghostface on my left forearm. It is definitely my favorite horror film of all time. Cant wait for Scream 4.

  70. my fav scream is scream 3 it is very scary and funny and has a very good backstory about sidney mom.

  71. The first is my all time favorite. So far, nothing has been able to match it. It was so amazing, I must have watched the VHS about a thousand times back in the day, fantasising about what a sequel could be about.

  72. I don’t want to be a cliché but if you asked me what’s my favorite Scream franchise movie I’d first quiver and say all but when you made me choose I’d have to say Scream. The reason being is not because of the normal everyday reasons but mostly because it’s a special thing in my life. Like people repeat it holds a place in my heart. It was exactly my first major scary movie, but it also was my first Blockbuster movie. I was 8 years old just sitting there on a Friday night with nothing really to do but watch some nick at night with my two twin cousins Christopher and Caroline when Caroline talked to her twin friends Ashley and Nicole to come over. So we talked and had normal day fun while watching tv Chris and I sitting there trying to have fun while Caroline and the twins gossiped about whatever. Then my mom came home from work and we were looking for something to do so mom suggested we make it a Blockbuster night and get a movie an popcorn. So while the girls went out to Blockbuster Chris and I stayed at home awaiting the exciting new movie we’d see. Then when they got home we were so excited we literally ran to see what they got. I was the first one to look at it and after all the weird a** movies I’ve seen before that movie Beetlejuice, ET, Drop Dead Fred, and Ghost I was weary of what movies really were all about and I thought that there were some deep meaning to them only older people could understand. So I looked at it with a eye of severe skepticisms. The cover made me think of a murder movie Drama -only at the time I didn’t even know what one was or how to spot one but that’s what I thought. I was thinking something like Xfiles, mixed with some type of drama like 90210. and the tagline, “Someone has taken there love of scary movies one step too far. Solving this mystery is going to be murder” didn’t help. I was almost about to pass on seeing it when the girls stared to talk me in o it. They were all saying Josh I don’t wanna be scared if your here I won’t be scared so I decided F*** it what else do I ave to do plus I had a small crush on Nicole. Then we popped the movie in not knowing what to expect. We turned out all the lights and cozied up next to the TV. The girls were on the bed and Chris and I were on the floor. It started and I was still sitting there as I was watching it trying to think what is this all about wel it don’t take me long to figure out it was just a nice teen scary movie with no deep meaning just a movie of fun. As I heard the callers voice I was hooked “Who is that, thats interesting” I said to myself. Then the next thing I know were all hanging on to this girl being terrorized by this unknown caller. on the call said “Because I want to know who I’m looking at” we freaked. Then we saw Steve get killed and luckily it was quick cuz we were weirded out. Then we see when the chair goes through the window, Ghostface appears in the window and grabs Drew and then he flies out of another we jumped all three times. Finally Casey’s parents are in the house and try to find her then they how the scariest part for me ever was Drew hanging from the tree I could barely look and still today I can’t look when that moment comes in the movie. That’s when Nicole was getting to scared we had to tur it off for a sec to calm her down and let her know we were there. I said I was getting something to drink and she wanted me there “no…Josh I’m scared please stay in here” so I did while Chris got me something. After that Rollercoast as scary as it was I wanted more. I think I even said“ you guys got me into this movie so we have to finish it.” So I comforted Nicole and e got back to the movie. We started to realize it wasn’t just scary it was hilarious. When Gale said “Kenny I know your about 50BLs overweight but when I say hurry please interpret that means move your fat tub of lard a** NOW!” we cracked up like nothing else and I was a real fan of comedies. Later on in the movie when Randy is watching Halloween by himself and the killer comes behind him turned out to be my favorite scene from the franchise “Jamie, Jamie look behind you!” classic. But the most of my favorite cast members I loved Tatum(Rose McGowan) the most despite the cruelness of her I knew Tatum was the best she had the smart to kick Ghostfaces a** only she failed to make a clean get away and made by far the stupidest mistake. As much as I’m angered at how blonde her death was I accepted a simple fact was that Ghostface never killed her he knew he couldn’t she ended killing herself by crawling through the garage door. She was the one who created Ghostface with the line “Please don’t kill me Mr. ghostface”. Needless to say after that movie I don’t know why but I wanted more. From then on I would fun like scare people be Ghostface for Halloween and wait for the next one to come out if there was next one. But I also loved the movie because what I saw Sidney go through the hatred of other classmates, a dead mother, and a jacka** as a Boyfriend I felt her pain and it made me want to be nice to people. Also seeing a strong girl like her it made me proud and made me want to be strong. So while others saw it as just a slasher I saw it as a movie of great lessons of pain, hatered, strength, and overcoming things. I felt connected to Sidney even though I was a guy and she a girl. Sometimes I felt like the male version of her. And another connection I had with the movie was that Sidney was a virgin until the end of course but Sidney was my Virgin mentor because I was proud to be a virgin even as a guy in high school. Scream is also my favorite because the endless iconic quotes I use as much as possible from “Would you settle for a PG-13 relationship” to my favorite of all “NOT IN MY MOVIE!”. But most importantly because it’s my generations Halloween. It’s my Coca-Cola, my guilty pleasure-obsession. My StarWars if StarWars was a horror movie. Like Coke it brings back memories from the past that you always never want to forget and when you want that same exciting feeling you can always visit it again just by popping it in the VCR and now DVD Player. As everything changes I still have my Scream movie one that I never care if anyone likes because it’s my kind of movie. It’s a movie I’ve spread around through my friends and family and just like me they love it. So a worthy salute to my favorite scary movie Scream I say “Cut casper that’s a rap”!

  73. Sorry I had a couple of typo’s ^! Please just ignore them.

  74. i imagine that the sequel could be more brutal and they’re will be more guts than from all 3 scream movies

  75. My favorite horror movie is Friday the 13th Part 2. I was so young when I saw it and it scared the crap out of me!

  76. My fave Scream movie is 2. I thought it expanded on the original in such a creative way.

  77. I don’t see how you can beat the original. Just like Psycho and Halloween before it, it is a genre defining film. It changed the way horror films were made.

  78. My favorite horror movie would have to be Halloween. It was to me, the beginning of the scary psycho slasher. It had creepy shots and brought back the horror genre. This movie also helped provide the rules for Scream and its highly referenced amongst many horror movies today. It laid out the rules and ultimatley gave birth to Scream, and so that is why I love Halloween.

  79. The first one. It redefined the genre. The opening scene is the most iconic open in all of horror. I can watch it a million times and my heart is racing during that open.

    The movie brought a genre back to life and it proved these movies could be both scary and smart. The genius post-modern setup is out of control, creating something completely new literally out of something old and making it very clear they were doing so. The film could stand alone forever. An icon of the cinema in the middle of a decade where all the rules were changing for everyone. Our world teetering on the edge of reality and virtual reality.

    These were the last days land lines and card catalogs. With each day we felt our analog lives slip further into a digital world we knew nothing about because we’d never been there before. Just like these kids experienced their lives mimicking a horror movie, but with no rules or sense of direction b/c the situation seemed old, but the landscape was new…..the virtual had become reality.

    And those times were amazing. Email was mind blowing. How could it be real? How did it work? Cell phones were crazy! Very few people had them and it was hard to comprehend how they could work and be real. The world wide web was literally on it’s first legs. There was one web browser called Mosaic and no search engines, which basically rendered it useless at the time….what would it be? What could it really do? Our whole world was about to change dramatically. The lines between what was real and what wasn’t were about to be blurred like never before.

    Scream gave a generation hope that we could navigate our own new reality while paying respect to the old security blanket that had served us so well…..until it didn’t anymore. But we keep it in the closet just in case. We love that old thing.

  80. My favorite scream has to be all of them simply because, all of them of strokes of genius in their own way. Each one symbolizes fear and terror on a whole new level. As a child the first one set my obsessions with the trilogy…drew barrymore set the classic horror genre in its place of royalty as the best opening scene in history. i could never look down my hallway again in the dark. The second one was declaring that if sidney,dewey(dwight), and gale thought it was over…..guess again. Along with ghost face return came an all new set of fear with cici,maureen,and phil stevens. with twists in the end of it. Of course the concluding trilogy chapter set most of the questions we have in place. Who new that it was sidneys own blood that placed the scream trilogy in its place. Much new cast and plot filled your soul with the fightening mood of popcorn, and a blanket up to your eyes. The fourth chapter is going to make history in the horror genre as hopefully the hghest grossing movie in horror history. SCREAM FOREVER. SET YOUR ALARMS FANS I KONW I WILL…..!!!!

  81. At first I wasn’t even going to post because EVERYONE else had said the exact same thing I was going to say but I thought why not. It’s a toss up, seeing as I’m not a big horror fan to begin with so I tend to lean towards the cheesier, Sam Raimi films like EVIL DEAD II and DRAG ME TO HELL. But if I had to pick one, I would have to go with SCREAM because, and I’m sure it’s been said, but it feels so… possible… especially after watching the MSNBC Documentary IN COLDEST BLOOD about the two teenage killers. The idea of one of my close friends snapping really terrified me. Now, since I am not a horror fan in the least, I was surprised that the movie had hooked me. I think it’s the type of film that really transcends genres. It’s fun, funny and smart. Like, The Social Network of Horror films. The script was top notch and it has an ending (coming from someone that has seen a lot of twists and turns) that caught me completely off guard. I was literally speechless at the reveal, I couldn’t believe it. And it wasn’t just WHO, it was WHY and HOW. Most movies today, even the second and third SCREAM, just point a finger at someone and say “Them, they’ll be the bad guy. Why? Who gives a crap!?” And that gets boring after awhile. To have an ending that had so much thought put in to it is refreshing! It still is in my top two best twist endings ever after *MINI SPOILER* The Prestige and FIGHT CLUB! So, after all of that, I have to say SCREAM. That is my favorite scary movie. (Also, Ghostface is just too cool and too evil!)

  82. What is my favorite “Scream” movie?

    The first one, duh! “Scream” was the movie that started it all. It has the best opening scene in the series so far. I mean, the “Drew Barrymore” scene is just genius. Who knew that someone that famous would get killed within the first ten minutes of the movie?!

    Along with that, the reality that “Scream”, and the other movies, have is what scares me. “Scream” is probably one of the only horror movies that can actually happen in real life. I saw the first one when I was five years old (in 1998) and it scared the sh*t out of me! Lol. I instantly fell in love with the horror genre because of it.

    Plus, “Scream” also homages another one of my favorite horror films, “Halloween”. There are “Halloween” references everywhere you look when watching “Scream”.

    And then, there’s the infamous “Ghostface” costume. What can I say about this costume? It is, in my opinion, the most frightening costume worn by a killer in any movie. The white mask and it’s simplicity, like many of the “Scream” series stars have said, frightens you. It’s just scary seeing a person gress up in this black clothes and rope with the mask… I don’t know how else to describe it.

  83. Wow, it is so difficult for me to pick just one. Both Scream and Scream 2 are at a very close tie in my book. Scream 3 falls way behind, mostly because Kevin Williamson wasn’t involved and the death scenes were SUCH a letdown. I guess I’ll go with the original. Scream inspired my love for horror and the slasher sub-genre. My sister rented it for me when I was 8 years old and I absolutely fell in love. It was so unique and evil, especially Drew Barrymore’s classic terrifying scene. I recently realized that the scene is similar to Janet Leigh’s scene in “Psycho,” where a prominent actor and main character gets unexpectedly murdered. It’s genius! My love of horror evolved from there, and I even remember putting on “Scream” plays in my backyard with my friends. I saw the sequel in theaters with my sister the following year and I adored it as well. Kevin Williamson does such an amazing job of keeping things fresh and current while piling on the unrelenting terror and shock value. In a world where horror rarely breaks new ground, Scream will always go down in history as one of the true originals. It completely revamped the “teen screams” and the horror genre altogether. I truly believe that we wouldn’t have the horror cinema history that we do now if Scream had never been made. Thank you Wes and Kevin for keeping the nightmares alive.

  84. “What’s your favorite Scream and why?”

    Scream 3, for many reasons. It was actually the only one I saw in theatres, I was 10 yrs old. I love the opening scene. I love Cotton Weary. I love “What If” by Creed. I thought it was both funny and scary the way the killer messed with Christine by masking his voice with Cottons. I love Roman too, and finding out he was Sidneys brother was shocking. The fight between brother and sister was so intense, and the way Sidney gripped her brothers hand was so sad. I actually felt for him, and you can tell she did too.

  85. My favorite has to be the original Scream because I owned it on VHS and watched it so much that it broke. I was only around 10 at the time and I loved that movie. Made me into a horror junkie, and because of it I watched nightmare on elm street and all the other horror classics because I wanted to get all the nods in the film. “wes carpenter” is still my favorite Tatum line.

  86. To be honest my favorite was the 1st one because the beginning with Drew Barrymore’s character Casey hanging from the tree with her guts hanging out and the mother’s scream was something I had never seen in a movie, and it was sweet. To this day it was a step forward into making movies with more gore to enlighten us horror fans to death. Lol!

  87. my favorite scream is the first one because i still feel really bad for casey becker :[

  88. SCREAM (1) (WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT)….A FILM WHICH NOT ONLY REDFINED HORROR…BUT DEFINES IT!!!! Brillantly written by the wonder that is Kevin Williamson…directed by the godfather of horror Wes Craven and the best casting in a horror film ever…period! Why becuase it was not ur run of the mill horror film, it was quirky, it was suspensfull and it the who dunnit spin adds to to the expirence in halloween/friday/nightmare/2345678 you knew who the killer was from the very begining but not in scream 1/2/3…THE BEST FILM PERIOD…Can you pick me to win want ghostface mask… xx

  89. My favorite scream was the third one. I love how everything was tied back to Woodsborow and the filming of Stab 3. I really like how much Deja Vu the audience went through as Sidney visited the set of Stab. Also, the way the killer patterned his victims acccording to one of the many scripts was genius. That was what really kept me on the edge of my seat. The plot was moving, suspenseful, and full of cameos and celebrities. (and of coarse lots of laughs and screams) Plus, the finale at the house with all the secret passageways and staircases was an awesome place to be running from Ghostface. Plus, the very end scene was intense enough to end the first trilogy very well.

  90. The original scream. I saw it in the theater with my best friend from high school. It can be attributed with revitalizing the horror movie genre. It was well written, well cast, and the acting was top notch.

  91. My favorite scream would have to be actually all three…because the first is just a classic horror movie that gives thrills and chills whereas two completes the whole billy-be-killer story and of course the third film explains the whole reason, the epicness of the whole trilogy itself by showing why there was a killer in the first place…they just rock, they are the best horror movies ever :)

  92. My favorite scream would definetly be the very first one. I really liked that one cause it was so unique and original. Never have i seen anything like it before, it brought back the meaning of what awesome scary slasher flicks are. It really is one of the best scary movies out there. I can’t wait for scream 4!!!

  93. It would be a tie between Scream and Scream 2. I refuse to pick! You can’t make me! Scream was what got me into horror movies in the first place, a gateway drug if you will – and not surprisingly, it’s still my favorite scary movie.

    Scream 2 is one that I enjoy watching over and over again. We get a better idea of who Sidney is – she’s a survivor, not a victim anymore. Lots of great dialogue that I repeat on a regular basis. I love that the entire series is so full of quotable lines.

    I’ll be taking a look back at the entire trilogy before Scream 4 next week, and reliving the awesomeness. Then next Friday, I’m gonna get an all new dose of awesome.

    I can’t freaking wait.

  94. My favorite scary movie would deffinetly have to be scream cuz i watched it when i was like 5 years old and im like 13 already and love those movies best ones ive ever watched so i hope win this peace:)

  95. My favourite Scream movie would have to be the original. I was two when it came out, so I obviously wasn’t going to watch it, but when I was six my babysitter broke out the tape and showed it to me. Ghostface would haunt my dreams for nearly a decade. It was the first movie that I saw that actually scared me. It still does to this day. It also spawned an awakening in me. It brought to life my love for the horror genre. Scream was the movie that made me love and have respect for the genre that is so looked down upon today. It was so creative amd ingenius. No one had seen anything like it! Scream set up the famed “Rules of A Horror Movie” and then proceded to break them all down. Wes Craven had no idea that when he put out Scream, he would generate a following as large as it is. Who knew that people could grow so attached to characters (Randy and Dewey for me) that when they are killed off, oodles of hate mail is sent out. I respect these movies because they respect themselves and aim to please it’s dedicated fans. Scream defined my life in a way I can’t even begin to explain. It is, in the simplest way, amazing.

  96. The orginial Scream (1996) will always hold a special place in my heart. I fondly remember watching for the first time on VHS when I was 16. I had no idea what the film was about, but quickly found myself gripping the couch cushions as I was taken on an exhiliariting ride! This is the film that really turned me into a bona fide horror film fan. The wickedly clever script that transitioned seamlessly through both funny and frightening moments captivated me.

  97. “What’s your favorite Scream and why?”

    My favorite scream movie is Scream 2. I like this movie the best because I had already really fallen in love with the first one by the time the 2nd came out and I was super hyped up to see it and it not only met my expectations but it also exceeded them! The characters were true to who they were in the first movie and I loved getting to know them better in the 2nd. It is also the movie that has the most quality Gale Weathers screen time. Courteney Cox is my favorite actress and she really shined in Scream 2.

    email address:

  98. I would argue that my favorite Scream is the very first one. It was the first actual horror movie I had ever seen. I was only 4-5 when the movie came out, and didn’t see it until Scream 2 had already been out. When I first saw it I remember me freaking out over trying to figure out who killer was. I was so intertwined in the movie and was so glued to the television set. No other movie, well besides the sequels, have ever been able to keep my attention like that. It is also my favorite because even after watching it for over 100 times *I am pretty sure this is accurate… I lost count in all honest… I know all the lines to every character…. I’m horrible really hahahaha* I still get the same feeling. It never gets old and its like I am watching it for the first time, every time.

  99. SCREAM.

    It is the best, because it set all of the rules. It also created a new standard for horror films, comedies, and dramas. It is the best film ever and created a revolution. Wes and Kevin are gods.


  100. I’ve always had trouble deciding which one was my favorite between the original Scream and Scream 2. I love both for many different reasons, but ultimately, the original Scream is my favorite. I love everything about it. The first ten minutes of the movie are iconic. No other horror movie can beat that opening scene. The actors, setting, and music were chosen perfectly. Scream was the horror movie that brought the horror genre out of the gutter in the 90’s. No other horror movie can say that. It brought the horror genre back to life and I believe that Scream 4 will do the same thing. Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson are brilliant together and this fact is proven by watching Scream.

  101. My favorite horror movie is scream. It was the first horror movie I ever saw. I was four years old and my parents took me to see it. They themselves are horror buffs. It completely shaped my love for horror. I don’t remember see the movie in theaters, except for the part with rose mcadams. But what I do remember is jumping when ever our telephone would ring and never going into the garage alone. I loved the fear and I thirsted for move. And so I started watching more horror over the years and recommend it to my friends. And now because of scream I can say that I am a horror movie lover, and that on April 14 I will be waiting in line for that midnight showing of scream 4.

  102. While it is indeed the weakest entry in the series, my favorite “Scream” film is indeed the third one. I say this because throughout the series each film asks the question of whether or not real-life violence can be blamed on movies. The first “Scream” ponders the theory that maybe movies are to blame, the second film branches out on that with Mickey’s motive but does a 180 to ponder whether parents are to blame (i.e. Debbie Salt/Mrs. Loomis) while the third film very clearly states that nothing is responsible for your actions aside from yourself. You are the only person to blame for the crimes you commit.

  103. The first is of course the best. But the third was also great, in my opinion. It was the first I saw in a theater, and the first I waited for. The experience was amazing. Now, it’s easily the weakest, but still a great movie. I’ll always love Parker posey’s character. And while the twist at the end was a little out there, it worked.

  104. My favorite is, by far, the original Scream. I saw it when I was 8 years old and, even though I’m now almost 21, the movie scares me every single time. The twists are so unexpected and it’s such a smart horror movie.

  105. Favorite Scream – SCREAM 1
    Simply put, fans got horror back. It was new, fresh and anything but a silly sequel. For years leading up all we got were half-assed movies or sequels only put out to make studios some extra cash.

    Scream finally brought back scare tactics and a new icon of horror. Fans could finally sit down and enjoy a horror movie without moaning and groaning.

    I think the horror genre owes a little something to SCREAM for redefining it and raising it from the dead.

  106. “whats your favorite scary movie?” my favorite scary movie is obivously “SCREAM” because its what brought back the horror genre and made it real and terrifying again. another reason is because that this movie is actually scary because of how real it can be. it could be your best friend, brother or even your boyfriend. this movie has the right amount of the elements needed to make a great horror filmit is truey a work of art and by far the best movie wes craven has directed. this movie is a movie EVERYONE kows about its always in your head and SO MANY MOVIES TRY TO IMITATE IT or copy it and i would absolutely love it if i couldwin this costume i am in love with scream and no matter what i was still keep on SCREAMING <3

  107. My favorite Scream is the first one without a shadow of a doubt. When this came out, it was such a “real” movie, something that could really happen. There was no caller ID and back then prank calls were always for a goof, not a murder! A def. twist to the phone call and to the horror genre!

  108. My favorite Scream definitely has to be Scream 2. It started the rules of a sequel. More guts, more blood, more gore. No longer was this a freak incident. The killer is back for more, and this time it’s for revenge. Not only did Scream 2 open up the rules for a sequel, but provided the avenue for a trilogy.

  109. My favorite would have to be scream 2. I love the fact that it was an allusion to cassandra’s life and i think it was a great continuation from the first one, continuing to her college life and then connecting the murders to the victims from the first movie was very genios! I feel that scream 2 appealed more to college kids and kids that were about to enter college, just because they could have a little something to relate to. I like that they stayed with the same cast in scream 2 unlike other movies that haven’t.

  110. I love the whole seriers each one is just as good as the next.

    “The first one was the start the introduction the foundation telling us all about the rules the world etc” (Imagine randy said that)

    I myself believe the 2nd was the best(“cuz first is the worst 2nd is the best” Imagine Mickey Said that)had more kills better or just as good of a surprise at the end

    The 3rd since i love the series was good too i blame everyones hate for it on the writer had they brought back the original writer it wouldve been a great finale. Though i belive it was a sweet farewell until now.

    Scream 4 is my most anticipated Scream film hoping to find out the new rules see somenew deaths as well as voicechangers and where the characters have gone and become since we last saw them

  111. Personally, I love all 3 equally and they all are very special to me. If I had to pick one though, it would have to be SCREAM. It was the first, it was smart and it was scary, simple as that.

  112. My favorite is Scream 2! It took everyone to a whole different level of horror…college! It shows a real love story as well as true friendship, with a wicked twist in the end, and everyone that you thought was against her was just there trying to protect her. Most scenes really made me scream, no pun intended, but also made me wonder how great Wes Craven is to really step it up and challenge the minds of a whole new generation of horror films. Can’t wait to see SCRE4M!

  113. My favorite is the oringnal. Because it set new levels of horror. The thought of two best friends stabbing each other is just freaky. Who doesn’t like a movie about a scary movie fan who has went a little too far.

  114. The first sream was my favorite because at one minute you where scared the next you were laughing because of the comments the two killers said. It really surprise me you never knew who was doing the killing.

  115. The first Scream film was the best because it was so original, suspenseful, and hilarious and you can never bet the original of anything. Just look at Alien, Predator, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Jaws, etc. None of the sequels come close to the originals.

  116. My favorite movie of the Scream trilogy is “Scream”, as it is the one who started this franchise and redefined horror movies, also that because it adds humor to it by self-referencing it’s genre by going against all the horror cliches.

  117. My favorite Scream is of course the first. I loved everything about it. the characters, the plot, the death!

  118. I love all of them but I’d have to say Scream 3 was my favorite. I know many people think it “sucked” but I have never understood why. The ghostface costume and mask was awesome and his entrance was even more awesome. The whole Christine “What are you talking about?” Dun Dun DUN! (Knife in the air) Awesome way to start. Also I love how it is kind of revisiting the original. It shows good closure to the story. But now is the 4th!!! I am so excited!!!

  119. The original! Of course :) Every time I watch it, it just gets better and better. And it never loses its suspense and shock. Still scares me even though I know every scene and every line! Never gets old and never will! As soon as I saw that opening scene 15 years ago, I knew the whole movie was gonna be a masterpiece :D AND IT IS! WOO! SCRE4M in 1 day!! :D

  120. My favorite scream movie was scream 1. It made everyone who watched it scared out of their minds. The acting was amazing, the writing was awesome. The way the movie was layed out made everyone stay together. No one wanted to be alone. When a movie can make people turn on all their lights and not leave a room without a friend, you know you made a great movie. Knowing that the killer could be anywhere made everyone insane. Awesome movie and awesome franchise. :)

  121. I would say scream 1 is my favorite scream movie. The first time I saw scream I was 7 or 8, I had to watch it in secret because my mom said I was to little. And the moment Casey says “hello” I knew I was hooked. I love this film I could watch scream every single day. Now I’m 18 and can’t wait to see scream 4. I grew up with the scream films, so they will always have a special place in my heart

  122. My favorite Scream would have to be Scream 2. By the time the film was made, Wes and Kevin knew that it was highly sought after, since the original had become a hit, and they never let it go to their head. They effectively managed to make an extremely witty and intelligent sequel that didn’t go overboard or fall into the idea of being cliche. It remained original, maintained a fleshed out story, and contained a smart and hip cast. Scream 2 also contained the most scariest scenes of the franchise…the car crash scene is one of the most terrifying scenes I can imagine in a horror film, as well as Gale’s chase through the film dub rooms. I have never seen anything like that…not in any of the other Scream films, or other horror in general.