Scream Trilogy Deleted Scene Videos

This is a compilation of the main commercially released deleted/alternate scenes from Scream, Scream 2 & Scream 3.

The reason we’re posting this is that we’ve still got quite a lot to get through in our Unseen Scream 4 series, and we mention footage cut from past Screams as points of comparison – sometimes causing confusion. So instead of diverting off into descriptions, we’ll just link back to this page in future.

Yes, a great deal of you will have already seen these, but this is mainly for those who haven’t. Consider it a refresher anyway!

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20 Responses to “ Scream Trilogy Deleted Scene Videos ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I never noticed that when cotton gets stabbed, that there was a railing behind him, and a 100% cotton poster. Gotta love how they just edited the two separate scenes together, from different buildings none the less.

  2. I love the Scream 2 ones.

    Though the first on makes mickey to much like the killer

  3. I’m lovin’ it. Currently trying to track down MTV’s Snowed In Scream. There was a thread on the message board with it back in the day but alas it has been removed :/

  4. Cool! I’ve never seen the cut footage from Scream, but now that I have. Meh, it’s nothing major. It doesn’t change anything in the film, so whatever.

    Scream 2, I’m glad they changed the ‘sequel discussion’ scene. Mickey and Randy were so annoying in this scene… made me wanna shoot myself. AS for the 2nd scene… meh, it was alright. I wouldn’t mind if it was in it but since it wasn’t, no big deal.

    Scream 3 – I liked the first alternate opening, and a bit of the 3rd… they could’ve incorporated all 3 opening scenes and made a big one… but oh, well whatever.
    The alternate ending… again, nothing major so it’s whatever.

  5. I love when Cotton gets stabbed through the foot! I wish they’d kept that.

  6. Wait, the brother from Stab 2 is dead? Are they talking about Joel? .. when did this happen?

  7. I wish someone find the lost Sarah Michelle Gellar scene from Scream 2. There should be a little more deleted scenes from Scream 3. I’m almost positive.

  8. @Stephen Howard “I never noticed that when cotton gets stabbed, that there was a railing behind him, and a 100% cotton poster. Gotta love how they just edited the two separate scenes together, from different buildings none the less.”

    Yeah, same here. I recently watched my Scream 3 DVD and its special features again. I had the commentary on for the deleted scenes, and it was only then I realized that they stitched two scenes together. I had no idea when I first saw it in theater and the many times after on DVD. Never paid that much close attention!

  9. Except for Steven’s guts shot, I’ve seen the exact shots of the rest (Tatum, Kenny, Billy & Stu…) here in Spain. And they didn’t release it as the Uncut Version :S

  10. The UK version of scream had the exact same scenes for Tatum and Kenny as here head squish and all. The opening scene is the same as the US (No Steve’s guts dropping to the ground and the shot of Casey hanging from the tree played at double speed) and the only thing different from the Billy and Stu scene is the shot of the blood dripping on the floor when Billy says “I’ll untie pops” (Why the hell was that cut? The MPAA were seriously bonkers back in the day).

  11. I LOVE the Scream 2 clips, totally shows how Kevin Williamson was making it to seem like Mickey was killer but it was Haley and Derek in the original script :D

  12. I think the the cuts from the first scream worked out for the best, i think the steve & casey uncut scenes play out too long.

  13. scream 1 and scream 4 need director’s cuts

  14. When I first watched the Scream DVD I noticed that certain death scenes appeared less intense from what I remembered when I owned the VHS. I know I’m not crazy but the cut scenes here are the same from the VHS that I owned.

    Anyone know if the VHS really did have these cut scenes compared to the DVD? I wonder why they wouldn’t have them on the DVD nor Blu Ray.

  15. I like the closet with Christine’s body, because it would have been something new, but the earlier part of this version was too long, and felt a bit pacy, and some of the dialogue was bad, like Cotton mentioning a crazy woman in his house, as well as the you’ve been canceled and Liev’s delivery of the final line. Some great shots though, which could have made it into the final cut. The first version of this opening is better though, because it’s not as silly, and the roof top escape attempt was great. Also, Cotton’s line “I’m in the sequel” would sound better with eerie or sad music I think. I wish they would have incorporated a couple of the shots from these versions, as well as the glass roof scene, and the opening would have been better!

  16. Just forgot to add that the only downside to the glass roof scene, is that the fake glass is very obvious.

  17. I wish we could see the un-seen deleted scenes from the trilogy, like Billy and Stu debating if Sidney will go to the party from the first Scream.

  18. We really only get to see what the MPAA cut from the first Scream, not any deleted dialog scenes :(

  19. as far as the second scream 2 scene i think that was going with the original script- where there were five killers; Mrs. Loomis, Mickey, Sids Roommate (forget her name), Derrick (america’s treasure for piranha fans), and of course Cotton. I might be wrong about there being five though and derrick wasn’t a killer.

  20. Hey I love the first movie a lot. I like the second the movie too because the first and second one was the most scarest.

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