Scream’s Future: Remake or DTV, Says Industry Blabber

Over the past week , industry commentators and armchair pundits alike have dissected why Scream 4 didn’t set the box office on fire. It’s mostly white noise to us, but two reports do bring up the elephant in the room – the prospect of a Scream reboot.

E! Online interpret Scream 4 as a sort of dividing line in history where sequels have been officially killed off by reboots:

The opening weekend for Scream 4 scared up a so-so $18 million. But does that mean that people would rather see the birth of a baby Ghostface than the ongoing adventures of a geriatric Ghostface. Well:


“If Scream 4 proved anything other than that irony is on its deathbed, it’s that horror reboots have a better chance of survival in the current cinematic marketplace than continuing sagas,” says box office analyst Jeff Bock of Exhibitor Relations. “If there is a Scream 5, expect it to be re-titled Scream, and don’t expect David Arquette, Courteney Cox or Neve Campbell to return unless it’s in a cameo—in the form of a body bag.”

Need more proof? Numbers don’t lie. Lately we’ve had reboots of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th—and all of them just killed Scream 4 in terms of earnings. Massacre took in $28 million in its opening weekend and has earned $80 million domestically thus far; Nightmare enjoyed a $32 million opening weekend and boasts $63 million domestic dollars under Freddy’s belt; and the new Friday the 13th earned $40 million in its first Friday and Saturday and Sunday. (It’s earned about $65 mil so far.)

In contrast, Bock expects the new Scream installment to earn, “tops,” $40 million.

Moviehole also did some surveying, returning with a more dire forecast:

Over the past week or so we’ve spoken to a few in-the-know folks, one of whom is based at the studio, who had all heard the same thing : “”The Scream franchise will likely end here, at least for the moment.”

There’s the possibility that it could continue later on, “even as a direct-to-dvd franchise” says one, but this proposed new trilogy “stops here”.

The problem with the latter report is, they don’t specify which contact the DTV comment came from – the studio, or the other “in-the-know folks”, which leads us to believe it’s just industry chatter – until we know more. Let us remind you Scream 5 was never set in stone – everyone involved said it was box office dependent. Something tells us this isn’t over.

Scream 4 smartly skewered remakes – it would be an insulting fate for the series to turn around and become the very victim it rose above from. But then, the original trilogy ended with Scream 3, a movie many felt succumbed to the cliches the original laughed at.

More likely, we’re looking at another sleeping period for the franchise. Nowhere near 11 years though, surely. Even though Scream 2 was a roaring success, Scream 3 took 2 years to come to fruition. We take for granted that sequels are nowadays announced hot on the heels of opening weekend – sometimes even before.

Devil’s advocate, dear readers: Would you prefer a big budget theatrical reboot with an all-new cast, or a low-fi continuation of the Scream 1-4 timeline in your living room?

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85 Responses to “ Scream’s Future: Remake or DTV, Says Industry Blabber ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. This person said it best over at Bloody-Disgusting:

    “wait. PIRANHA 3D (which i DO like) cost $24 mill and domestically brought in $25,003,155 (foreign was $58,185,010 worldwide was $83,188,165). SCREAM 4 (budget $40 mill) has only been out for 11 days and it’s made Domestic $31,158,000, Foreign $17,932,812, Worldwide $49,090,812 and you’re already saying it’s might be the “nail in the coffin”!!???!! um, P3D is getting a sequel and SCREAM will too. i’m not saying it’s the most amazing movie in the world but it was a lot of fun.”

  2. How to decide? Direct to DVD is just insulting. That is a method more reserved for Bring It On or Wild Things–movies that were fairly successful in their originals but then spawned several sequels that just didn’t measure up at all. But as for a reboot–I don’t know, it seems a little too early to do that. If you look at just the originals, they were all made almost thirty years ago. They were released in 1984, 1974, and 1980, respectively. The shortest amount of time between the original and a reboot was Nightmare on Elm Street and they still waited 26 years to do it. Scream was done in 1996–it’s only been fifteen years. It seems a little soon to do a full reboot the way they talk about it.

  3. No, they CAN’T remake Scream! Scream made fun of remakes, and it can’t become what it was making fun of. Scream isn’t, never has been, and never will be like Halloween or F13 or any other horror franchise. It would be wrong, it would kill the series.

  4. It’s made enough to at least cover budget but they’ve spent a FORTUNE on advertising this so it’s probably still not broken even. However, with what it’s made so far and where it might go when the DVD is released, you never know. What has to be remembered is that as people get older, they don’t tend to go to the cinema as much as younger folk. It’s been 10 years, some people may have been fans of the original trilogy, but with work and family commitments now can’t go to the cinema as easily, but buying a DVD and watching from home – it’s more doable. I wouldn’t be surprised if DVD sales surprised everybody.

    Then you have to remember that with DVD release, more people could give the movie a chance. Pick it up in stores, rent it, etc. That’s how the new fan base could be extended and justify a 2nd (5th) movie and potentially get a bigger pull at the box office. This is something that I’m positive the studio are currently mulling over. I definitely wouldn’t say the ‘nail is in the coffin’ yet, and won’t be unless the DVD sales do shockingly bad. And if they’re smart – they’re going to jam pack that DVD with as much Scream goodies as they can, even original trilogy stuff if they can to make it as appealing as possible.

  5. I would rather Scream 4 be the last, than a direct to DVD movie that would no doubt have less of a budget and ultimately decrease the quality of a fifth film. Same goes for a reboot – Neve, Courteney and David are these characters.

    And from what I’ve seen of reboots/remakes, they’re never good. Remakes and reboots, IMO, are worse than sequels, because at least with a sequel you’re moving characters into new territory with new ideas. Reboots and remakes are just recycling someone else’s ideas, there’s nothing new or fresh about them.

    If Scream 4 has to be the end, then so be it. It’s a great film and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If there are two more, then they have to be with Neve, Courteney and David, and I’m pretty sure Wes and Kevin would agree, too. I also doubt Bob Weinstein – who had issues with Sidney even being attacked in an opening scene – is going to let them go down this route.

  6. Also, just following on from Maddy’s comment: let’s not forget iTunes and the impact movie rentals and downloads have now. Cinemas are, as she pointed out, a vastly different landscape now than when the original trilogy was released.

    I don’t think the story is over yet, and remember, none of this has come from any official source willing to go on the record – hence, industry chatter. Scream 4 was always going to be monitored very closely, so I think no matter what its figures were, particularly given the current state of cinemas and movies and the various factors that contribute to a success of a film, they were never going to live up to everyone’s expectations.

  7. Maybe my point of view is too radical but I prefer not to have another Scream than to reboot it or to give it a DTV sequel. This 4th episode was good, it could be a nice stand alone (though its end doesn’t sound like an ending to the saga for me). If there is already an idea for a new trilogy, well I would be curious and glad to watch it. If Kevin’s plans have really been compromised (Wes said “some” of his plans have been, but…), well let’s stop it before it becomes a sequel for a sequel. I still hope they have some relevant and innovative ideas to bring the saga back.

  8. Tom, yeah! It’s common fact that cinema attendance is going down and down with ease of buying stuff online now so that’s very true! They’re trying to limit time between movies leaving theatre and hitting the stores/direct download for this reason. There was even talk a while back of having movies come out at theatre and DVD/Blu-ray simultaneously. Personally I hope this doesn’t happen because cinemas will die as a result and with some movies, you just HAVE to see them in cinemas to fully appreciate them! Direct Downloads, DVDs, Blu-ray, Video On Demand – I think Scream 4 could do well.

    *still hopeful* :)

  9. If I had to choose between a reboot and DTV, then my choice would be a reboot. But I am still set on Scream 5. I have full faith that it will get made.

  10. does anyone think scream 4 could have made more if it didnt come out at easter and have competition from all these family films. anyway i dnt listen to all this crap on the internet about gross earnings and how much its made so far. sure it didnt do as good as everyone hoped for but for people to say the franchise is dead is stupid. they had a $40 million budget but that doesn’t mean they spent it all,and its still not come out in a few countries until may plus DVD sales which i think will do well. its goin to bring in a profit. Now i would like a scream 5 but if there isn’t one they shouldn’t have ended it how they did with the twist. sidney should have died cos i dnt want all three of the main cast surviving. most people will probably disagree but thats just me. all maybe they just shouldn’t have made scream 4.

  11. What?!

    They can’t do that! Like why would they do they to us?! Scream would not be Scream if they do that.

    I think they can continue the franchise until the very end.

  12. Scream must never be remade. It’s the Star Wars and The Godfather of the horror genre. It’s too classic. And speaking of classic, look at what happened when Dimension remade Halloween. The second film flopped and they’re still making a 3rd one. They also made Machete even though Grindhouse was a mega flop. He’ll, even Machete didn’t do that well and it’s getting a sequel. Dimension is all about their franchises. If they remake Scream they’ll lose Craven, Williamson, and the entire cast. I would be shocked if they remake Scream.


  14. Thought SCRE4M was awesome. Talk of remaking/rebooting is a sign of lack of ideas which is just sad, The Scream franchise is still quite young compared to the other horror franchises that were mentioned in this article and I think it would be a joke to remake it now, maybe in 10 years time but not now, reboots are usually terrible e.g Halloween 1&2, Nightmare on elm street, Prom Night, Ammityville, The Fog, Last house on the left. All those I just mentined were terrible remakes the only exception’s were Friday The 13th which was a very good remake/reboot and Let Me In (U.S. version of swedens let the right one in) but that’s about it. Remake something that was terrible in the first place and make that better instead of ruining good franchises which people like. Start with the Mortal Kombat franchise.

  15. I think these are both terrible decisions. I think a reboot or remake Is just ridiculous. Especially since the first movie isnt even that old yet. I’m so sick of movies being remade, you mean to tell me that no one can come up with an awesome script for a scream 5 putting a fresh twist on what we already have?
    Writers these days are that inept that they have to remake (and usually destroy) other peoples movies over and over again?
    I want scream 5 as I dont see scream 4 as a flop in any sence.
    If I had to choose the lesser of two evils Id say direst to dvd. I have had it with remakes.

  16. I have said things along these lines already but I am actually in favor of Scream 4 being the last of its kind. Although there were rumors of a whole new trilogy, I don’t see how the movie fit into that. All the new characters died (sorry, I don’t buy the notion that Kirby survived) and I just don’t see how they are going to drag more out of the Big Three. And as I have said before, two more movies with those three is either going to result in their deaths or in us having to really ask ourselves how much sense it makes that in a franchise where only two other characters have made it even through one movie (Randy and Cotton. You can throw in Sid’s dad if you want) the three who are actually the main targets of the killers manage to survive through six movies. I don’t want to see them killed, and I’m not buying them surviving two more movies.

    As far as a remake is concerned, I agree with previous posts that it’s too early for one, if they ever make one at all. Most remakes have been of movies that had horrible acting and/or special effects. The storyline has rarely exceeded the original, so the purists have been let down, but some have enjoyed the more modern take. There would be nothing about a remake that would be better than the original. The acting in the first was great and the characters are not outdated (with the exception of Sheriff Burke asking Billy what he’s doing with a cellular phone, and that line cracks me up now) and the gore is about what we would expect from a movie these days. Down the line a remake could make sense, but not now.

    Regarding direct to video, I agree that it would be an insult to a great horror franchise, but I also like the general concept. Let’s move past the main three characters. They have been wonderful and I thought Scream 4 was a perfect ending for them, probably better than Scream 3. Let’s find new characters to fall in love with that are victims of some psycho in some other town who watched the Stab movies and realized that the movies made him more creative. Start a new trilogy on number five. Ideally it’s a theatrical release but I promise you even if its straight to video I’ll be at Best Buy the first day it’s out to see what happens in the next chapter.

  17. It really blows that the box office isn’t going as well as expected. Direct to DVD or some sort of prequel? I wish such a high class, smart franchise didn’t have to succumb to the current trend. Scream 4 was so well done. Although I enjoy most remakes, I wish Wes and company were given the credit they deserve for giving a big “F*** you!” to the current trends and creating a film that stayed true to the original. Scream was “my 90s”, and Scream 4 showed that, although these characters may be aging, they’re still as badass as ever. To E-online and Moviehole: “Your lemon squares taste like ass!”

  18. I would definitely love to see the “Scream” films continue, but the problem today is far too many people run by word-of-mouth. People are going around saying “Scream 4″ sucked because they either (A) didn’t understand it (B) are not fans of the franchise to begin with, or (C) they expected torture and little Asian ghost girls.
    Horror respected back in ’96 when the first installment was released is now shunned upon. People don’t know how to respect the original, had it not been for “Scream” the Horror genre wouldn’t be alive.
    I hate to bring music into this, but it’s like Nicki Minaj vs. Lil’ Kim, had it not been for Lil’ Kim, there would be no Nicki Minaj. You cannot shame the originals, but we have to understand that it’s a whole new time with a whole new generation. What we love, support, and respect – they don’t. So, it’s not that the movie wasn’t liked, it’s just that the newer generation has no fucking idea what “Scream” is and to see a 4th installment 11 years later, they’re looking like, “WHAT?!”

  19. @Himbry

  20. Mabey the direct to DVD won’t such a bad idea. I rather have a straight to dvd rather than a remake, and have neve,David,and Courtney.Mabey theDVD won’t be so bad.

  21. I think this should be the last Scream. I am a HUGE fan of the series and was so EXCITED for Scream4. However, I thought this was going to be a reboot and instead, it was just another sequel. I LOVED IT!!!! Don’t get me wrong but it just doesn’t seem to me that they can keep hashing out more sequels. And if they were going to do a reboot, as intended, then there should have been a few more significant deaths, imo. But the same trio of people can only survive murderous psychopaths for so long before it gets redundant. And that’s what Scream 4 did. :( I loved the movie, I saw it twice, and I’m going to see it again this week but I feel Scream has reached it’s pinnacle. And I’m thankful that it at least rubbed out the bad memory that was Scream3.

  22. Bullsh*t..
    1. Don’t forget that this movie is rated “R”.. That prevents a big section of the audience which can’t see this movie..
    2. Don’t forget that it’s been 11 years from the last movie.. people this decade aren’t aware of the geniusity of this film..
    3. in a direct continuation to #2, People who haven’t seen the first movie, won’t enjoy it as much as people who has seen it.. And I’m saying it from experience with my friends..

    I don’t want a reboot or any cameos!!! I want a perfect loyal to the franchise SCREAM 5!

  23. I’d rather have DTD sequels than a long as the sequels don’t involve time travel..

  24. I’d rather die than see the scream franchise die over this!!! I agree with Kobiko. People today
    can’t really appreciate this film as much as we did back in the good ol’ days. If it has to
    end with Scream 4, then so be it! I will not stand a reboot/remake of the original, DON’T F**K WITH THE ORIGINAL!

  25. That’s kind of a lose-lose situation. If the studio decides to do straight-to-video then I highly doubt that Neve, Courtney, and David would return. That would be an insult to them. And a reboot? That’s terrible! The iconic feature of Scream is “whodunnit?” A reboot would just insult the fans. Gee, I wonder who the killers are, oh, it’s Billy and Stu…again. That idea is a real loser. I say give it time to see how Scream 4 pans out. Just because it’s not an instant success doesn’t mean it won’t be a success. I’m holding out for Scream 5, in theaters.

  26. A Scream reboot doesn’t even make sense. Everybody calm the f down.

  27. Wes and Kevein should protest a scream remake if it ever seriously got that stage i mean, Scream is awesome. It does not need to be taken and ruined by a remake as it will never be done right. There is no point to a remake.
    And people need to calm down and wait for official statements from Kevin, Wes or Bob instead of other people’s thoughts on Scream 5 happening or not.

  28. Honestly, I could live with a reboot or DTV. I’m a fan of the Scream formula – a murder mystery with a humorous slant. Here are my choices, in order:
    1) Make Scream 5 and release it in theaters with the original cast.
    2) Fine, release a sequel via DTV. Sure, it won’t be able to afford the star cast, but at least we’ll know whats up with Judy Hicks. I’m still suspicious of her.
    3) Do a reboot. Film a Scream movie with a brand new cast, new storyline, and no Neve Campbell. Forget Maureen Prescott. Ditch Kevin Smith & Wes Craven. Pass the torch on and let Ghostface survive in some form for the next generation.

    The third option literally breaks my heart, but it is what it is.

  29. Agreed with Kobiko. If they make a reboot then that will be very insulting. I want the franchise to continue to 5+6.

  30. “None of the above!” as Ghostface would say.

  31. I find it extremely amusing how this movie hasn’t even been out for a month and people are already saying this might be the end! Wtf? If I do recall it took Scream a month or so to do well – I think & hope history will repeat itself. Would definitely shut everyone up!

  32. makes me insanely sad to think how good Scream4 could have been and how a new trilogy could have started….

  33. @T.L. Williamson: Thank you!

    @Scream4fan: I agree!

  34. I think kevin williamson is so clever he could pull off a dtv scream 5, playing on the rules of a dtv, there always cheap, second rate actors, retired actors, cheesy titles. He could play on the fact that all part 5s are the worst. And the stab series is now gone dtv. He could make 5 killers who r a cult of stab fanatics who start murdering so that stab 10 will be a cinema release. But I do hope scream 5 reaches cinema

  35. Scream 4 has already more internationally than any reboot ever has, reboots overseas are failure and reboots are only really big opening weekend.
    Not that i cant see scream as a reboot, i just think a new cast would feel fresh for all of 5 mins then you’d want the old ones back, they wont reboot because unlike the other reboot/remakes ghostface is a person in a costume, not a continuation of the same monster/masked evil guy, so theres no origin to reboot, you cant really re-do the whole meta thing when screams done so much, so unless they just make it a lame slasher (itd still be cooler than most because of ghostface) theres very little new that can be done except just retracing old stuff with a new cast.

    None of these things would make more money then a sequel with the original cast, god thats the only reason it properly made so much, that and love of the series. its not sequels thats the problem its many bad ideas (release date, budget etc) and obvious lack of interest in the slasher genre.

  36. Scream isn’t ‘Hellraiser’, nor is it ‘American Pie Presents’. I’ve always heard that the Weinsteins think of Scream as “prestigious”, and the crown jewel of Dimension Films. If they feel that way, I don’t see them cheapening their famed product with direct to DVD garbage. There have been sequels in all of the famed horror franchises(Elm Street, Halloween, Friday The 13th) that have bombed. Many critics and horror journalists have all, at one time or another, mentioned how they are headed straight to home video when one bombed. They haven’t, of course.

    I think, when all is said and done, Bob and Harvey will sit on it for a while. I believe they will hear how the fans are not happy with a direct to DVD approach and scrap it. They will either go ahead with a theatrical Scream 5 (with a reduced cast and budget) or not go ahead with a new movie at all.

  37. Please. no… just no

  38. The original Scream cost $15 million to make. Scream 2’s budget was $23 million and Scream 3’s budget was $40 million. So … how in the hell was Scream 4’s budget $40 million? The studio downsized the production by filming in Michigan.

    Michigan gave the film such a great tax write-off. The studio followed all the requirements to claim the most money back from my state. So in all actuality, Dimension probably already made back the cost of the film. They are just greedy and stupid for comparing Scream 4’s gross (so far) to the past Scream films.

    Here are the requirements for Michigan Film Incentive:

    -Minimum spend of at least $50,000 in Michigan to be eligible.

    -40% refundable tax credit, across the board on Michigan expenditures.

    -Claim an extra 2% if filming in one of the 136 Core Communities in Michigan.

    -Labor and Crew: 40%-42% Resident Below the Line. 40%-42% Above the Line regardless of residency. 30% Non-resident Below the Line.

    -$2 million salary cap per employee per production.

  39. They really just need to RE-EDIT the whole damn movie or throw in extended scenes (ala Jill and Trevor’s hospital scene). Hell, make it 121 minutes instead of 111 minutes. Each of the individual scenes just run too quickly, unlike the original Scream (which was also 111 minutes) where you felt there was more thought put into each scene (and, ahem, character development). Kevin Williamson wrote Scream 4 like a two episode pilot for the CW Network.

  40. SCREAM 5-6 Should be ONE BIG EPIC MOVIE. Think Matrix 2-3 or LORD of the Rings….OR twilight where the last film is broken into two movies. They should just go for BROKE and have an amazing cliffhanger script, original cast included and a bigger budget. LOL hand the series over to Christopher Nolan and he’ll breathe life back into it im sure. :-)

  41. That’s RETARDED. If they do anything like that ill be sooo pissed, I’d rather no more sequels come out then a fucking remake or reboot. What could a remake do that a fifth one couldn’t?? Itd be the same premise.

  42. I’d accept a DTV continuation as long as they got one or two of the trio, and Hayden, to return for continuity sake.

  43. NO REMAKES THAT IS JUST DUMB!!!!!! Neve Campbell Courteney Cox and David Arquette cant be replaced or topped off on! that just doesnt make sense! No one knows if its going to go straight to video or wes might not direct but that might not even happen tons of fans deserve to see scream 5 and scream 6 in theaters not in their living room! so moviehole and E! online go shit on a tree!

  44. At this point in time, I won’t be surprised if there is not Scream 5; the ticket sales just aren’t impressive enough. The critics aren’t being the nicest with this installment, either. As for me, I am focusing my energy in getting a decent DVD release with all the deleted stuff. That will tide me over for a while. If Scream 5 does happen, great. If not… Scream 4 is another good ending point after Scream 3.

    The fact that they decided to kill off all the new, younger characters didn’t help propel the trilogy forward. On related note, I have read the Scream 5 and 6 will be focused on the trios still (from this website). And as much as I like the trio, I don’t think that’s the way to go. It’s tired and overdone. I need to freshness to my story by this point.

  45. Clarification to my last post:

    I don’t want a reboot, either. What I meant by freshness is that the story shouldn’t still focus on Sidney anymore. Scream 4 kind of gave me hope that the story will go somewhere new IN ADDITION to Sidney’s adventures. But by the end of Scream 4, we are pretty much back to what we know from Scream 3, except with a welcome addition of Deputy Hicks… which is similar to the ending of Scream 3, actually!

    Please give us some kind of continuation without beating the dead horse for another round. I don’t think it’s realistic to keep exploring Sidney’s life until everything idea about Sidney is run out. I <3 my Sidney, but plot wise, this is overdone.

  46. I think its time to just end scream. No remake, just end it. But some campy fun DTV stab movies would be cool!

  47. I like what I saw in Scream 4 but I thought one of the original cast members should have bite the dust. It doesn’t build much suspense if our heroes never appear to be in any real peril. I think Kevin Williamson can make a great script and fuel something new and fresh for the franchise, but I hate to admit this but I think the only thing that needs to be re-envisioned is in it’s director Wes Craven.

    He’s always been a more miss than hit director, and I’m afraid his lack of freshness and his continuing fascination with hollywood cliches, and these “movie within a movie” motifs are not funny and they’re very bland for today’s sophisticated audience members. I’m not saying Weinstein should hire MTV video directors from Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes company but hire a filmmaker whose made some interesting pictures and work with Kevin to make a great movie.

    So the answer is YES, I’m up for a new Scream movie X the original cast unless they finally meet their doom, and hire a new director.

  48. I’d prefer the series to go the “direct-to-video” route rather than remake it.

    Technically, Scream 4 was a reboot, so it’d be difficult to be reboot a series that already has a reboot. :P

    Not all direct-to-video movies are bad. People need to calm down. But it all depends on the script and who’s in it.

  49. See, its shit like that that just pisses me off!!! They better not re-make Scream! Stop fucking with the original and just leave it be, GODDAMMIT!!!!

  50. Mason, it can’t be “technically” a reboot if all of the new cast members are obliterated. Rebooting a franchise is starting over like the mess A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Hills Have Eyes (which was pretty good by the way), Pirahna, The lame–The Last house On the Left, the shitty Rob Zombie Halloween films, and the Texas Chainsaw films from Michael Bay.

    Scream could go with the approach Friday The 13th remake did where it embraced the original through distorted flashbacks and start a new story.

  51. Ok.. Do the reboot.. but Don’t call it “Scream”…. now is “STAB”

    How about continuing the irony of the franchise… Bring “Stab” in the real world

    That’s all.. problem solved

  52. I can’t believe what I’m reading, the world has gone crazy!
    Scre4m was an attempted rebot already! To do a remake or reboot doesn’t make sense at all. What leads them to think people will see that, when they didn’t care for this one?

    And DTV, no fucking way. I hope they won’t dare…
    This is stupid, Scream is about to become what they have been joking about: remakes, pointless sequels…

    If they want a reboot with a fresh cast, they had the opportunity with that whole “passing the torch” in Scre4m. I loved that the film was a big parody for remakes and reboots, and how they ended it, but if they wanted this new start they should have think it first.

    And if they go with the DTV idea, at least they should have balls and call it Stab!

  53. @Ghostface HI FIVE!!! My sentiments EXACTLY!
    @Stephon I agree with you on the point that they should’ve killed off at LEAST one of the main characters. That’s the sort of ground-breaking effort I would’ve expected from the SCREAM franchise. What’s scarier than killing off a main character? It worked in the first film when everyone thought Drew Barrymore was gonna be the main character. It worked in the second film when they killed off the lovable Randy. Making your entire cast expendable adds to the suspense of the film and makes you think anything can happen. Its the possibility that NO ONE is safe, that makes it scary. To me anyway.

    I love SCREAM, I loved SCREAM 4 but I’m officially done.
    No new directors, no reboots, no DTV, no sequels. Quit while you’re ahead guys.

  54. If Dimension are putting out Piranha 3DD, they can give us Scream 5. NO REBOOTS!!

  55. @ wicked-scribe Are you yourself hoping for Scream 5/6?

  56. I think some so-called journalists just love to bash a very hyped movie which didn’t live up to expectations. These box-office prophecies are just idiotic to begin with, unless the title of the movie is “Harry Potter” or “Spider Man”.
    The idea of a reboot alone just shows how stupid this Jeff Bock is, if anything else (Analyst ?? Yeah, of course ! Like my baby sister !). The Friday, Nightmare, Halloween and other franchises were dead and almost buried commercially and especially creatively. And unless you think Scream 4 is a real turkey, the Scream franchise is nowhere near this terminal state. Plus, a reboot (the worst case scenario in my opinion) wouldn’t make sense before 2015-2020, as a lot of screamfans already pointed out.
    And, speaking of reboots, Friday 2 has been in limbo for 2 years now, Halloween 2 bombed spectacularly at all levels, and where are the other franchises now ? Where’s the sequel to the 2010 Nightmare ? Reboots/remakes are dreadful not only on the big screen but also on the small screen (the atrocious 90210 – sorry Shenae – comes to mind).
    And then, a direct-to-dvd release, even a good one, would spell the death of the franchise for the industry and for a lot of people (I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer).
    The best thing to do for the Weinsteins is to wait patiently for the final box office numbers and to calmly make a decision with everyone involved, Craven, Williamson and the Campbell/Cox/Arquette trifecta.
    I’m sure of one thing though : should they make a reboot/remake, I won’t spend a penny to watch it and, furthermore, I’ll advertise strongly against it everywhere it’s possible (yeah, this simple idea makes me that angry ;-). I’ll give a try to a DTV release but, for me, it’s essentially a proper Scream 5 in theater (thus a SEQUEL) or nothing.
    And I’ll leave the final word to Neve Campbell, interviewed on the sets of Scream 3 back in 1999 : “There won’t be a Scream 4 !”.

  57. I have to say I’m tired of people saying that it wasn’t much of a reboot because most of the newer cast died. In Scream, only Sidney, Randy, Gale, and Dewey survived. Remember the different motives from movie to movie. Now think about the pretty big emphasis that one killer put on being the “sole survivor” in Scream 4. It would have seemed to be kind of stupid to have someone go completely nuts and hack up the three main cast but only a couple of the new ones if they wanted to be the “sole survivor.”

  58. I just read basically every comment, and geese the need to understand that the Scream series is like a diamond, and ever since they made the first one the have found a lot of diamonds (excluding the third movie), always my diamond analogy comes into play here, once you found keep digging and something better will be discovered, you can’t remake a diamond it’s impossible so just keep digging. And also I am going to try to email Bob Weinstein, ha it will probably be nothing, but I just want to show him that there are millions across the world that love this series and don’t want it to end in disaster. You guys should email him to, let’s persuade him. And lastly Kevin Willamson did say that he had planned out the trilogy, and that the writing would be fine for the next movies if they continue with them, which they will. Oh and I agree with who ever mentioned Pirahnna, ya like there making a second one and that film didn’t make much, and I am expect Scream’s final tally to be around maybe 85 million, which in today’s horror film industry, that’s not to shabby. Now I’m not saying it will get there but I’m pretty sure it will, and at that i am sure they will continue with the series as originally planned, and if makes more than great. So let’s all cross our fingers and pray for the best, and all you who are on this forum/ comment thingy, email Bob and show just how much the series is loved, together we will succeed.

  59. REMAKE!!!! It could bring a fresh new story. The old one is tired…we need something new…like a remake/reboot…no Sid or any connection of any kind. Brand new, but different.

  60. Never say it’s too soon to reboot something. Spider-Man is getting a reboot, and it’s last installment was less than 5 years ago. They are planning a Batman reboot, and they haven’t even filmed the last one in that trilogy. Granted, these are both comic book movies with many years worth of literally thousands of stories, but to say that “It’s only been 15 years” is naive. I would HATE to see a reboot as much as most of the people here, but it’s not out of the question, and with Hollywood only seeing $$$$$$$$ what we want rarely matters. Bottom line, there were several factors why Scream 4 didn’t perform as well as we all had hoped. My 4 theater tickets wasn’t one of them. If Bob would quit messin’ with Kevin’s scripts we might have had a new trilogy…

  61. In my opinion, finish what u started….I would fucking LOOOOVVVVEEE 5 and 6..make the budget a little smaller or whatever it takes. Scream 4 would be a HORRIBLE way to end the series. Just at where they left us off, and I wnat to see how the scream world dealt with jill being the actual killer, since at the end they just thought she was the hero.. At the end of the fifth one they could give an extra 20 minutes after the killer was revealed just to show us that its officially over. I would be fine with that. This is not some trashy series that goes to dtv.

  62. i agree with a lot of people especially since scream 4 is doing better in foreign markets. Maybe they should have just stoped at 3 but no reboot and no dtv. it’s becoming what it’s made fun of already without reboots or more sequels. they need to rebrand it and follow kirby’s story…they should have just passed the torch with scream 4 or just re-edit the fucking movie…it looks like there is a lot of good stuff they just didn’t use. see guys maybe erhen kruger wasn’t so bad in scream 3 cuz even tho we had kevin williamson back for 4 something didn’t work here . it’s like he forgot how to write for a movie. or however edited scream 4 needs their throat slashed by ghostface

  63. i also agree this would have done better not coming out around easter with hop and rio on it’s heels

  64. What would be the point in remaking it? That would be a fail. Just leave the series alone. I don’t want a DTV, nor do I want a remake. Though I’d take the DTV over the remake any day.

    S4 closed the series nicely. Just let it be.

  65. A reboot of Scream would be incredibly redundant.

  66. There is a lot in Scream 4 that could be expanded upon in the next movies. Did Sidney allow Jill to go down as a hero or expose her as the killer? Did Kirby survive? Will Gale re-ignite her career (as I’m sure she will)? Was Kate keeping any secrets? Scream 4 should not be the end of the franchise.

  67. the idea of remaking scream is not a good one because scream is half mystery and they would have to create an entire new story line just to keep it fresh, otherwise everyone will know exactly who did it before it even comes out. they should just keep going with the series and bring someone like Hayden Panettiere back with the story of surviving and carry on with the story through 5 and 6 (we never actually saw her die, she was just rolling on the ground holding the stab wound, same thing happened to Sidney Prescott and she survived).

  68. just to let everyone know, SCRE4M has made 67 million worldwide as of yesterday!

  69. Nope…let us the series here, it was a great run and everyone involved with the production has much to be thankful for. It started many careers and made tons of money. Isn’t Scream one of the highest grossing slasher-franchises now? Let it be, it was a good run.

    And hell to the no about rebooting without our trio, GTFO with that shit.

  70. Scream 4 hasn’t proved to be very profitable for the studio. It’s been out two weeks and has yet to make back its production budget (I believe Scream 2 and 3 made back all their money opening weekend). This studio took a chance and they took a big loss (thus far).

    I really doubt Scream 5 will ever come to fruition, unless Scream 4 kills on DVD…then surley expect Scream 5 to come to a Redbox near you…a sad, pathetic fate I hoped the Scream films would avoid.


  71. The whole point about remakes is that they haven’t done well. So regardless of whether or not it could be remade after fifteen years isn’t the point–the point is that the remakes that have been made may have made good money in the theaters but overall it seems most people agree they are inferior films (with the exception of Friday the 13th, which was mentioned somewhere above–I think :) )

  72. Don’t care. It’s still a reboot in my eyes.

  73. ok people will disagree with me and hate me

    the only reason why scream 4 (imo) ‘sucked’ or flopped in theatres is like what everyone else pretty much said it was rated r so alot of younger people who would love a good horror movie couldn’t really get into it unless they sneaked in or whatever anyways also remember alot of people probably waited to see it online so if they kept that in mind and maybe like counted how many people watched it online or bootlegs it would probably be a decent amount and not ‘flop’ in theatres

    also everyone is complainning for odd reasons but you have to remember craven and them didn’t do it right (this is where you can hate me) i’m sorry but they did it all wrong

    1. it was rated r yet other then the F word why was it rated r their death scenes were lame everyone got stabbed no rated r stuff there hell i’ve seen creepy more graphic shit go on in direct to dvd movies then Scream 4 had,

    so in a odd way i blame Craven and them he wanted it to be like the original i didn’t get that Casey has her insides on the outsides and Tatum’s head was crushed in the garage what did scream 4 have i mean come on everyone was stabbed or shot in the dick that isn’t an OMG creepy moment Olivia’s death was potential but then they cut away from it i mean was that even her insides beside her when Sidney found her body i was confused to me she looked stabbed and then stabbed some more, marnie we never saw what he did to her, everyone but trevor was stabbed it was lame so i’m sorry but i don’t blame the theatres i blame Craven and the company they could’ve made it the R they had it rated not saying it had to be like saw cause that just sucked period but their deaths could’ve been more detailed other then a stab and have more storyline to the movie i doubt that is how Kevin wrote scream 4 he is a amazing writer i mean look at the first 2 and Vampire Diaries they might’ve kept some of his work in scream 4 but i think if Kevin was there beside Craven he could’ve made the movie 10 time better

    scream 5 and reboots and prequels are just lame right now Scream 4 came out at a terrible time and they just made it not what Scream was like the scenes they had cut out sounded alot better then what we got at the end

    ‘it’s insulting’

  74. Why Remake? Why Direct-To-DVD?

    When you can do a TV SERIE ! or Web Episode ( if you feel cheap )

    After watch the 4 Scream movies back to back, make me realise that pretty much all the cast was known from Tv Industrie. So why not make a 10 episodes of 22 minutes on my Wednesday night, and I will be happy. Then sell out to oder Tv Station or Website and make a DvD Box. If you have a good respond then you can do another movie title: SCREAM. ( new start )

    BTW, for the Direct-to-DVD article, I would like to say: No Fcking way you gonna put
    V V S Production next to the title SCREAM, or associate with. That will be a big No-No.

    For me, Scream 4 make peace with the franchise, it was good, unexpected, love the end, look like it could been made in 2001 with smaller cell phone. SCREAM 3 Suck Hard and now its time to move on. Give chance for new idea, new concept. new script.

    Scream Fan.

  75. I am very interested to see how scream 4 does at home, and I expect it to do better than in theaters certainly. I think the movie has a really likable cast and even has the potential to become a cult classic if they reedited it a bit.
    I honestly felt that the movie played out just like the cheap horror sequel/reboot/remakes of today because it was supposed to feel that way as part of the Meta factor. Obviously there isn’t as big a mainstream market for slashers in today’s film going populace (with horror being able to make use of digital graphics for movies like insidious or drag me to hell) but it was smart enough and had a likable enough cast that showings else where could turn it into a guilty pleasure (like sorority row).
    If they really wanted to go on with the series, they would make up a new town, new cast, go even crazier with the killings, be even more vicious in the satire, keep sidney to a minor minor (like television interview) cameo and have some obsessed stab fan put on the ghostface mask and try to recreate the killings in his town.
    You can still keep with the spirit of scream but at the same time introduce a completely younger cast, distance the film from the percieved failure of entry 4, and make some money.

  76. I’ve been a fan of this franchise since about 2001. I was only 3 when the first movie came out, but I grew up to love horror films, and the Scream Films have become my favorite horror movies. Not ONE has ever disapppointed me. No, the third wasn’t the best of the series, BUT IT WASN’T BAD. I love these films, and I always will.

    I work at a movie theater and it seriously sucks to not sell tickets for Scream 4. In the past couple days, maybe 25 people tops have come to see a showing and it kills me. Working at the theater gives me the benefit of seeing movies for free and I’ve seen Scream 4 SIXTEEN TIMES (paid twice just because I felt the filmmakers deserved my money) since my employee showing at 10 thursday before it came out.

    I begged my managers for that screening and worked my ass off to see this movie 2 hours before most other fans. And I was FAR FROM DISAPPOINTED, and honestly FUCKING LOVED THIS MOVIE. It was a great way to start off a new trilogy, and if Williamson has ideas, God I hope they fucking roll with it.

    I HOPE TO GOD they don’t REMAKE/REBOOT these movies with a brand new cast. FUCK THAT SHIT. I will draw the line. As much as I love these movies, I’d sadly have to draw the line.

    Remaking this movie would cut at least 50% of it’s fanbase. SUre, we came to see Scream 4 to enjoy this movie for all it’s new cast members, but WHAT DID WE FUCKING LOVE?! WHAT DID WE REALLY COME TO SEE?!! WE came here to see Neve, David, and Courteney BACK ON SCREEN as the characters WE LOVE (Sidney, Dewy, Gale), continuing the AMAZING series that BROUGHT HORROR BACK TO LIFE.

  77. I don’t care about the money, but with the quality.
    Of course it’s good to see your favorite movie with a good box office, but how many wonderful films there are out there that underestimate and are classified as cult and adored by an audience selected?
    The terror fell today repeating that formula of the remake, doing just for the money and fuck the story, characters and fans.
    Many kids today just want to go to the movies to eat popcorn and have fun with friends, few are concerned with the history.
    It’s the reality of the new decade.

  78. Being a huge huge huge Scream fan, I personally loved Scream 4. I’ve seen reviews where people say that there were no twists in the movie and they could see who the killer was going to be before the reveal, but I for one disagree with that. I really thought it was two other characters. I did not expect the killer to be whom it turned out to be. I was kind of baffled by the reasoning behind it all, but it’s Scream after all. Anything goes. (Didn’t want to spoil anything for those who havent seen it yet!) Scream is the reason I got into horror movies in the first place and I say the studio needs to continue on with the series. Since this was a “planned” trilogy by Kevin Williamson, the fans should get at least Scream 5 & 6. Finish the new trilogy then reboot it. Give Neve, Courtney and David the respect they deserve and continue on. The only thing I didnt like about Scream 4 was that Gale and Dewey didnt get as much screen time as Sidney. Sidney has always been the main character, but Gale and Dewey are great together. I missed the puns, laughs and little arguments they used to have together. Of course I know Courtney and David were having probs during filming so in a way it was awkward for them on screen, but I miss them as main characters. Halloween and Scream both changed the way we view horror movies. Scream is fun, hip and scary. As fans, we should all rally together to get the studio to make Scream 5 & 6. Let’s show them why we love it so much and how dedicated we are to the characters and the franchise.

  79. I totally think Scream 5 will happen and I also think we will get a Scream 6. I mean come on look at the SAW movies…other than the the 1st two, the others have all bombed at the box office. SO if we can get like 7 SAW movies, I think its possible to get a Scram 5 and 6.

    And I really wish people would stop slamming the movie, its wasnt that bad, they are going to be Oscar winners, they are just fun to watch!!!!

  80. SCREAM 4 was an amazing ride of a movie. True, it didnt bring in the box office numbers it did back in the day, but this is a new generation. And SCREAM was the horror movie of the 90’s. Everyone wanted to see it and see what would happen to poor Sidney.

    Just because SCREAM 4 didnt make what insiders thought it would, doesnt mean you should write it off yet. There is the domestic and foreign numbers, plus DVD/Blu-Ray sales. Dimension will more than likely make its money back. If fans want more and the numbers are good, hopefully, SCREAM 5 will happen. I, for one, would love another SCREAM!

  81. the only scream film that should be remade is the 4th one. Don’t touch the first one.

  82. The mistake was in the advertising, IMO. This was supposed to be the start of a completely new Scream Trilogy, NOT a sequel, but it was advertised as a SEQUEL. The audience who spends the most money on these horror films, teenagers, have zero knowledge of this franchise, and don’t care to sit through three 90s films to see the latest horror sequel.
    It should have been advertised the exact way they wanted people to see it as, a REBOOT. Newcomers may not care about a 4th sequel to a dead franchise, but they may have a higher interest in a modern REBOOT to the hottest 90s horror film. Reboots and remakes are the rage these days right? Why not advertise it as such. Even take out any numbers in the title, no SCRE4M mess.

  83. Wes loves the Arquettes and Campbell too much to off them. This is the reason why I think a new filmmaker could make that sacrifice, to keep the movie interesting. Kirby would have been a nice idea to keep around if there were at least a few survivors her age to create or breath new life to a franchise I still think have great potential. That didn’t happen, so if Kirby is alive, where could the story go with her? She’s lost her surrounding background of characters. So I have to say Kirby is dead. A great potential character but nothing to support her for another movie. The film goes too far to referencing bad horror movies in this era but fail to capitolize in constructing a mystery that would seperate itself from it’s own spoof STAB.

    The series desperately needs to erase that damn spoof film from it’s expositions, since Scream 2 it’s been a boring and unoriginal sub-plot that never helped the movies progression, but instead dragged it along. Our heroes are at times stagnant telling the audience what those lame films have done to progress the mystery instead of real movie clues to why a character would consider killing or was capable of killing the cast. Again Craven have journeyed through this well before and has failed on this everytime. “New Nightmare” introduced this fascination and was brilliant but failed at the box office, “Scream 2″ re-introduced this cliche, but was fueled by a killing script and an engaging cast. “Scream 3″ dips into this shit once again but actually on the set of the film, while the “STAB mcguffin” dictates the characters next move. This is boring.

    Craven and Williamson’s spoof invention “STAB” has severely crippled the creative juices to construct a productive mystery. Thank goodness “STAB” had nothing to do with the first film. My God, what would have the film be like???

  84. I love Scream 1-3 and scream 4 was awesome! I hope they don’t do the whole direct to dvd thing that would suck..and I hope there will be a scream 5 I’m ready are you? us fans love scream lets save it

  85. Noo Please Keep The Original Cast And Story :)

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