Shenae Grimes Asked To Leave An Early Screening Of Scream 4!

How would you feel being asked to leave an early screening of Scream 4 with the cast at Wes Craven’s house?!  Actress Shenae Grimes experienced this first-hand and shared with Zap2it all of the details.

“I haven’t seen the full film,” Grimes laughs. “I kind of messed up. There was a screening and I invited a friend, and we weren’t allowed to bring friends because it was super super top secret, so I actually couldn’t stay. So that was kind of a let down. But it’s cool cause now I’ll get to see it with everybody else at the premiere.”

Grimes’ role in the upcoming film has been kept hush hush –unless spoilers got the best of ya! –and although she remained mum on her role, Grimes was not privy to any plot details other than her own scenes.  “I have no idea [how it ends],” she admits. “Even when I did it I never got to see a script. So I don’t know what most of the movie is about other than my scene! It’s all very hush hush.”

Zap2it also spoke with Aimee Teegarden, who had seen the final product prior to last night’s L.A. premiere.  Teegarden discussed how she avoided spilling the beans on the fate of her character to family members:

“I don’t want to give it away because it’s kind of ruining it for them too,” she tells us. “So a lot of them are like, ‘Tell me, but don’t tell me, but tell me!’ So I’ve been pretty good about keeping my lips sealed.”

Scream 4 hits theaters in 3 days!  Have you pre-ordered your tickets??

Source: Zap2it

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14 Responses to “ Shenae Grimes Asked To Leave An Early Screening Of Scream 4! ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. LOL Sheane could have given one look at internet boards months back. I am pretty sure she would have known the entire film in 5 minutes.

  2. Did she know bringing a friend was a No-No befor getting to the preview?
    Because if she did …..she messedup bigtime.
    Though I feel weird about the request it’s soooo anal, I mean I understand but clearly this was quite recently…I don’t get it.

  3. I cant see it till saturday because of work :( But ive got a group of 10 together to watch it so :)

    Also i just read my first negative review of scream 4 on yahoo australia, the woman gave it 1 star out of four, saying the starts good then it just gets worse & worse as it goes along. Dont believe it, she didnt have much of a clue and obviously wasnt a fan of the series or horror in general, does worry me though about other mainstream reviewers.

  4. i know this has nothing to do with this subject, but i just found out im getting out of school early friday because scream 4 is on at 4 o clock, which means i will be one of the 1st few hundred to see it!!!!!!!!!1 cant wait :D

  5. I went to Entertainment Weekly online and yeah, apparently I was spoiled in the comments… ugh

  6. I never really understood why people read reviews before a release, then post the reviewers remarks and then disagree with the reviewer and they haven’t even seen it? Just sorta takes all the freshness and fun out of the film if you go into it with a bunch of people’s opinions and interpretations. It’s one thing to disagree with a person’s review…but dang baby…at least wait until you scope it yourself. =) On another note…watched the premiere last night and man oh man were those two host bad. It was downright emberassing for 90% of the event. Seems like these two were just paid to stand in front of the camera and literally run there mouths just for the sake of killing time. Really sad, as this event could have been so much cooler had they actually comprised quality questions to ask the cast and not pathetic scenario questions like…”if a killer was after you would you run or fight?” 3 days gents!

  7. …and yes…i am holding my 2 tickets for opening night in my hand!

  8. By the way Seb Hope…my comment about people listening to early reviews wasn’t meant to be rude to ya. I just don’t want people getting false ideas or loosing steam before we even get there. I have a friend who reads reviews online before films come out…and this person will actually pass on a film if the reviews don’t favor it. I personally stay away from “Professional” reviews because i feel they serve very little purpose. Just people giving their opinion and getting paid while they are at it.

    Glad you formed a group of 10 people to rock out with opening weekend man! We’re all there with ya.

  9. I know you’re pumped Ryan!

    I’m going to the first showing. Hopefully at 11 AM. I’m planning to see S4 at least 4 times in theaters.

  10. I bought my tickets today and it was almost like a dream asking for tickets for “Scream 4. It’s finally here!

  11. “3 days gents!”, JRT, You sexiest pig! What about the ladies? lol, jk.

  12. I am in total awe that this is actually happening!!! I’ve waited eleven years for “Scream 4″ and now it’s finally here! When I go on Saturday with my brother, I am gonna be so PUMPED… Heck, I already am!!!

  13. @Khy lol I stand corrected. Allow me to rephrase….drum roll please…….”ladies and gents in 3 days this loyal following and fan gathering will descend upon theateres nationwide to witness a sequel to the greatest horror film ever!

  14. Bought three tickets for the midnight a couple hours ago. The lady first said, “Sorry, we’re not selling them at the moment” and my heart sank, so I asked when they would and she checked, “Oh, actually, we are. My mis-” “Three please!”

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